Deals of the day: refurbished Nikkor 70-300mm lens for $349, 24-85mm for $389.95

Two new deals on refurbished Nikon lenses:

The best think about buying refurbished lenses? You can pretty much get your money back when you sell them.

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  • Aldo

    Not a bad deal on that telephoto.

  • George Kalogeris

    Just purchased the standard zoom.
    Just for back-up

  • yrsued

    IMHO, the 70-300 VR is one of Nikons best kept secret!! I have done lots of work with the one I had and it has been published several times on full Page ADs and on Catalog Covers.

    • FDF

      It’s a bit soft past the 200mm mark, but it’s still a strong alternative for any 70-200, especially with that price. I only wish I could stop myself from zooming all the way to 300.

      • Jon McGuffin

        I agree with this statement 100%. Up to 200, if you don’t need 2.8 speed, this lens is a great match to the 70-200 2.8. Once past 200mm you start to pay then sharpness penalty. That doesn’t make it a bad lens. It’s just more like a “great” slow 70-200 with an optional extra 100mm that in a pinch can be quite useful and still deliver excellent pictures.

  • Jon McGuffin

    I own the 70-300 and can vouche that $350 for that lens is a complete steel and aside from the 50 1.8 is probably the absolute best value for a Nikon lens.

    • Mike

      50 1.8 is highly not valuable. So many people buy it, there’s no resale value anymore.

      • Jon McGuffin

        Yea, it’s just that when I buy lenses I actually use them on my camera so when I refer to it as a good value it’s from the standpoint of shooing pictures not reselling the lens I just bought. The 50mm 1.8G is the best valued Nikon lens available IMO.

        • /

          Don’t even sell yourself out by adding a polite IMO. You speak the truth 😉

      • /

        Mike, you are narrow minded. There is a difference between valuable and best value. Original boxes are valuable to some, I just thow those “gems” in the garbage. Also, Jon did not even mention about resale and I quite often see the things go quickly used since they are even a greater VALUE on the used market. $100 for a lens that is sharp and 1.8 now that is value.

  • Neopulse

    Purchased a refurbished one from Adorama (or was it B&H?) a few months back for my old man’s D7100 and D60. He loves it.

    • I prefer to purchase refurbished and never had an issue.

    • Joseph Li

      Refurbished from Nikon is like new, just less warranty and retail box. You get all new accessories and manuals. Most of them are basically store returns that gets repackaged

      • I have bought refurbished Nikon gear with original boxes in the past.

  • PaulL

    Would the 70-300 work with my D7000? Amazon says it “may not”.

  • anon

    It’s a great lens for what you can get them for refurbished, but it’s not even comparable to the 70-200 for general tele use. And of course that is to be expected when looking at a $2400 lens versus a $600 lens.. I get sharper shots with the 70-200 at 200/2.8 cropped to the equivalent 300mm than I do with the 70-300 at 300/8. That said, I still own one as a secondary lens since the reproduction ratio is much better than the 70-200. That is one thing the 70-300 really has going for it, and that isn’t one of the more talked about features of this lens. It makes an ok somewhat-macro lens if you don’t want to spend the extra money to buy a dedicated one. I just bought a refurbed 70-300 for my in-laws. They love it. It’s a very good buy for $350.

  • Spy Black

    I wonder if they can GIVE those 24-85’s away. I can’t imagine how many are returned that you always see these pop up on the refurbished list.

  • Josh

    How does the Nikon 70-300 compare to Tamrons version? Was planning to get Tamron, but I’m open to the Nikon.

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