86 Nikon Image Space accounts compromised, Nikon issues an apology


Nikon issued a statement that a total 86 Nikon Image Space accounts were compromised. The issue is now fixed, but those 86 users will no longer be able to login to their accounts (full details after the break). Nikon Image Space offers 20GB of free online photo storage if you own a Nikon camera. New Android and iOS apps for Nikon Image Space were released few months ago.

Announcement of, and Apologies for, Problems with "NIKON IMAGE SPACE", Nikon's Image Sharing and Storage Site

June 20, 2013

Nikon Corporation (Makoto Kimura, President) reports that a problem with "NIKON IMAGE SPACE", the image sharing and storage site managed by Nikon, has resulted in mutual account accessibility for 43 pairs (86 users) of new accounts registered under certain conditions. Random account access by various users is not possible. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience, concerns, or worry this may have caused.
After this problem was detected, we identified the cause and implemented measures to prevent recurrence, and finally confirmed that it had not occurred with any other users than those originally identified.

The issue

It has come to our attention that new accounts for 43 users created between 12:10 pm, Thursday, June 6, and 10:00 pm, Tuesday, June 11, 2013 (all dates/times in Japan Standard Time) can be accessed by another 43 users, and vice versa. This means that accounts for a total of 86 users can each be accessed by two users—the actual account holder and one other user. This is the result of a problem with the "NIKON IMAGE SPACE" system. After examining the system, we found evidence that the images and membership information (name, nickname, e-mail address, telephone number) of 32 of those users had been accessed in some way without the user's knowledge.

*Worldwide distribution of 32 affected users: 8 in Japan, 11 in the U.S., 3 in Italy, 2 each in Spain, Germany, and Australia, 1 each in the U.K., France, Belgium, and Malaysia


There were problems with the "NIKON IMAGE SPACE" internal program updated on June 6, 2013 (Thursday). Usually, with new membership registration, a unique number, used for internal management of accounts, is assigned to each member. Over the span of several days, however, several of the same numbers were assigned to two new members.

Emergency response

Immediately after this problem was detected, we identified the cause and implemented measures to prevent recurrence, and confirmed that it had not occurred with more than the 32 users identified. Finally, the internal program was corrected at 6:30 pm on June 14, 2013 (Friday) to ensure that these unique internal management numbers are not assigned to more than one user or account.
However, to prevent the situation from becoming any worse for the original 86 users affected by this problem, those 86 users remain unable to log-in to their accounts. We have e-mailed these 86 users individually with a report of the problem and our sincerest apologies.

Measures to prevent recurrence

Nikon takes this problem very seriously indeed. Not only will a revision of system design and quality standards be implemented, but the monitoring system and items monitored to ensure consistency of data will be reinforced to prevent future inconsistencies and restore reliability.

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  • Jorge

    Nikon should really stick to cameras. And heck, they an barely do that right, and leave software to the pros

    • gr8fan

      You are right for the software but I disagree for the second par of your comment, although I agree that lately QA was under pas.

      • gr8fan

        I meant ‘under par’, of course. Sorry for the typo…

        • AM

          It’s ok this time, but don’t ever do it again.

  • Sundra Tanakoh

    A BBS would be too difficult for them.

  • m35g35

    Works just fine for me.

  • Aldo

    _________<—-cool bashing comment that I couldn't think of goes there.

  • LarryC

    Wow! 43 new users in only 5 days! That’s over 10 new users per day!

    • sshoihet

      I figured that 86 accounts was everyone using Image Space 🙂

    • AM

      I understand your sarcasm, but man, you need to go back to elementary school.

      • Calibrator

        He doesn’t need it. He only works with emails at the NSA.

  • Pat Mann

    This will be a serious setback, with Image Space so critical to workflow for so many Nikon users.

    • Global

      Thank god they prioritized this over sensor issues and fixing bugs in camera firmware. Pheeewww!

  • Ernesto

    How about apologizing to the thousands of D600 owners with the dirty Ensor problem ? Or the D800 owners with the left focus issue ?



    • patto01

      They don’t need to apologize to me, I like my D600 just fine. I had to clean the sensor a couple times (no big deal) and haven’t had the problem since. Of course, the D800’s left focus problem was much more burdensome for some people. For others, they didn’t even realize it was there.
      As for their reputation, I’ll take a Nikon with either problem over any other manufacturer’s dSLR with no problems!

  • obnoxious

    Nikon is becoming another word for disaster!

  • lorenzo

    Hey, you liked the CLOUD… now ask Saint Peter to help you!

  • Global

    They should have blamed hackers. How come Nikon can admit errors and fix it when it comes to their stupid services, but not when it comes to their main products?

    • fred

      I am suprised at the openess of Nikon on this (rare) occasion. Too bad this openess does not extend to camera body issues! Their general rule is usually ‘admit nothing, maybe the problem will quietly go away’.

      • koenshaku

        Have they gone away can I purchase a D600 or D800 this year with confidence?

    • trinidad

      pretty simple: as Nikon still doesn’t have any lens news, their marketing department ordered them to find something else to get some attention, before their DSLR customers think, Nikon got lost somewhere

    • Calibrator

      Because people have to pay for their hardware but get this magnificent online service for free?

  • the dude

    Nikon should just give up the camera business and go back to making lenses for everyone else. Glass is the only thing this company knows how to do.

    • mikeswitz

      Dude, why hang out here if you hate Nikon so much? Go buy a Canon and be happy

  • brn

    The negativity by some posters is astounding. This was a relatively minor issue. The numbers were small and no real harm was done. It’s pretty much non-news.

    • Will you fix my account? I’m one of the people with this “relatively minor issue”.

      • patto01

        I thought Image Space was just an image sharing site, is it really that big a deal for you? I’m not being sarcastic, I really want to know.

    • robert

      minor issue in who’s eyes?

      if it was your email account im sure it wouldnt be minor. troll

  • I’m one of the 86. I just got the notice. Now what?

    • Well, I guess you lost your login and all uploaded images.

  • robert

    Look at the size of that apology!

    now if they only admitted and apologized about all the QC issues theyve had on many products that were recently launched..

    only after the public finds issues and complains about it do they try to downplay them.

    nikon is not the company they once were. I respected them more years back.

  • outkasted


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