Nikon announces N1-CL1 close-up lens adaptor

Nikon N1-CL1 Close-up Adaptor

Nikon Australia announced a new N1-CL1 close-up lens adaptor for the Nikon 1 mirrorless camera system:

"Simply by attaching the N1-CL1 to any 1 NIKKOR lens that features a 40.5 mm filter-attachment size, minimum focus distance of the prime lens is shortened, and you can capture subjects at a larger size. Even when using a lens with longer minimum focus distance, you can get closer to subjects, enabling image expression utilizing background blur. When attached to a lens such as the 1 NIKKOR VR 10-30mm f/3.5-5.6 or 1 NIKKOR VR 30-110mm f/3.8-5.6, you can take shots like those achieved with a micro lens. Even the 1 NIKKOR VR 10-30mm f/3.5-5.6 that originally features a high reproduction ratio achieves a clear effect. This accessory is ideal for those who want to easily take close-up shots of flowers or for tabletop photography, for example.

When the N1-CL1 is attached to the 1 NIKKOR VR 30-110mm f/3.8-5.6, you can approach the subject as close as approx. 0.24 m from the tip of the N1-CL1 and the maximum reproduction ratio of the prime lens is increased, making the image of the subject larger by approx. 3.8x.

With its approx. 10 g weight and 7 mm thickness, superior portability is ensured. Because you can instantly get closer to subjects simply by attaching it to the tip of a 1 NIKKOR lens, you won't miss decisive shutter opportunities.

The frame delivers a natural color tone and refined texture. Its well-balanced design, achievable only by a genuine Nikon accessory, is perfectly demonstrated when attached to a 1 NIKKOR lens."

I am not sure why this adapter was announced only in Australia. Pricing is not available at that point. Here is a sample image taken withe the new Nikon N1-CL1 close-up lens adaptor:

Nikon announces N1-CL1 close-up lens adaptor sample image

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  • Dan Tree

    Or, you could always just buy these:

    For what will be half the price. (been using mine for a few weeks and love them)

    • groucher

      They look excellent for insects in flight photography thanks to that 60 fps electronic shutter. The Nikon 1 gets even better.

  • syd

    Hmmm uses patented cpu contacts so no other 40.5mm screw on diopter filter works. (sarcasm factor high)

    Come to think of it, I’ve not heard of a 40.5 screw on filter so maybe size achieves same effect

    • Mike M

      You’ve not looked around enough then, several lenses for Leica were 40.5, as is at least one micro 4/3 lens (14-42) and 1 sony lens for the NEX cameras (16-50). There’s already a decent selection of 40.5mm accessories made and I’d guess we’ll be seeing more.

    • I got a set of 40.5mm filters for my V1 — plenty of choices.

    • mel

      40.5mm filter size has been used by Nikon and various other lens manufacturers for at least 40-50 years that I know of. Nothing weird or unusual about the size at all.

  • Spy Black

    Considering how much pseudo-pro junk and hype Nikon is making for the 1-Series, I’m surprise they didn’t make a series of extension tubes with electrical contacts for the 1-Series. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if Kenko will step in and cover Nikon’s fail.

    • HotDuckZ

      Extension tubes = light loss + inconvenient to use + big size + lot weight then it will not great for Nikon 1 user. Is Nikon really fail?

      • Spy Black

        Inconvenient to use by brain-dead people perhaps. Light loss perhaps, but maintaining the optical integrity of the lens. Big size? You mean not small the the 10-100mm f/4.5-5.6 PD-ZOOM? A lot of weight? You mean not light like the aforementioned lens or a 10-100mm f/4.0-5.6 VR or the 32mm f/1.2?

        Sure it may be convenient to use. You might have a point, depending on the target user, but then again, who is the 1-series target user? That’s quite the mystery, no? Typical snapshooter? Maybe. But then what typical snapshooter would spend $900 on a lens for their snapshot? What typical snapshooter would shoot a film with a Nikon 1 camera, as Sean Kennedy Santos has done?

        So yes, the typical snapshooter might buy the close-up ring and be done with it. But if there is anyone (and that is a good “if”) that actually takes this system seriously enough to buy the crap that Nikon keeps manufacturing for it, they may very well prefer an extension tube over a close-up lens.

        • Maji

          From empirical observations, the N1 users are typically women who want better IQ than P&S and/or cellphones, but do not or cannot carry around dSLR gear. When I was in Japan earlier this year, I was surprised by the number of young ladies carrying N1 and other Mirrorless cameras. For them, the filter seem to be a good option.

        • HotDuckZ

          Yes big, please use your brain to compare extension tube with 40.5x7mm filter.

          • Spy Black

            Exactly. You can’t compare the image quality. That’s why there’s extension tubes. I say macroballz has a better argument than either tubes or rings however.

            • HotDuckZ

              Do you ever used good filter?

            • Spy Black

              A good filter will only minimize the problem. They don’t make extension tubes for nothing. A macro lens is really the better option, and I’m surprised Nikon hasn’t made one yet.

    • There are extension tubes with electrical contacts available from a company named FOTGA. I am waiting on two to arrive in the mail, a 10mm and 16mm extension. Optical quality should be better than using a screw on filter.

  • Eric Calabos

    But we need to get closer to D400

  • Pixyst

    Nikon please give us a way to trigger strobes from the V1/

    • Neopulse

      There isn’t? :S (seriously had no idea) what about the ebay triggers? No update for PWs that include the 1 system?

      • Pixyst

        It is indeed a sad omission. The accessory shoe is non-standard and I can understand why – it provides a way to attach a wider range of accessories without having multiple jacks all over the (small) body. The only adapter to a regular hot shoe is a ‘dumb’ one i.e. no electrical contacts. This would be an excellent camera for product macro photography since the sensor is small enough to get plenty depth of field but large enough that the image quality in good light is excellent. Not to mention numerous other off camera flash applications.

        • Neopulse

          Interesting… thanks

    • ActionJunky

      According to Nikon, the Nikon 1 is not part of the CLS system, but you can use the SB-N5, place the remote strobe in SU-4 mode and optically trigger remote flashes. However, they would have to be set manually. Almost every photography I know, sets the power of the flashes manually, including Joe McNally, so I do not see much of a drawback here.

      • Pixyst

        The problem with optically triggering strobes using the SB-N5 is that you then have a light coming from the camera position – which does not work for every lighting setup. The p7000 was CLS compatible so what is their excuse and by the way Joe McNally also uses CLS in full auto TTL – I know this from his videos and workshop which I have attended. Manual is good some situations but auto is better for others.

        • Mr. Mamiya

          One problem is for sure: If they provide a standard hotshoe adapter for the multi-port, will it be strong enough to hold a SB-900 for regular usage? If not, people will of course complain that their camera or speedlight got broken. My guess: it won’t work.

          Nevertheless I’d love to see a way to use radio triggers on the V1 such as my Elinchrome skyport, too. Or at least an adapter with a pc sync port.

        • PModeGenius

          Just be glad we don’t have to use flashcubes anymore.

          What you can do is swivel the head of the SBN5 on your camera toward the flash you want to trigger and put a FunFoam snoot on the SBN5 so that it blocks the light from hitting your subject.

          I also wonder if you could use the old trick of taping a piece of unexposed film over the flash to hide the visible light but allow the infrared through thus triggering the other strobes.

      • Csaba

        I don’t think Joe McNally walks up to each of this flashes to set power manually on them. That’s the whole point of Hot Shoe Diaries – you don’t have to do that with CLS (and he’s a big fan). Yes, you can trigger remote flashes with a torch if you wish in SU-4 mode, and it’s fine for a single flash setup or small projects, but when you need more flexibility, it sucks.

        I think leaving CLS out of the 1 system is a mistake. You have CLS support on the Coolpix p7xxx!

        You may have confused setting manual power level vs iTTL with the ability to control flash power remotely? Anyway, SU-4 mode simply doesn’t cut it for a whole lot of setups. And when the subject-camera and/or subject-lights distance may change, iTTL is a huge help. In fact, in much of his book Joe McNally recommends using iTTL and CLS.

  • Aldo

    more cool stuff i’ll never own.

    • fjfjjj

      cool story bro

  • FotoTaker

    As it is for a Nikon 1, the price will probably be $600.

    • preston

      Let’s be fair here – only the bodies are way overpriced. All of the lenses are the same or cheaper than their dx equivalents in field of view and aperture (so no need to bring up the cost of the new 32mm lens because Nikon doesn’t have any other f/1.2 lenses – this is NOT a discussion about depth of field).

      For example:
      10-100mm – $550 while the 18-200mm is $850
      6.7-13mm – $500 while the 12-24mm is $1000 (and you get VR on the 6.7-13 but not on the 12-24)
      All the others are basically the same in cost (30-110 and 55-200, 10mm f/2.8 and 28mm f/2.8, 18.5mm f/1.8 and 35mm f/1.8, 10-30 and 18-55).

  • Pat Mann

    I guess because the Canon 500D and 250D closeup lenses designed for full-sized Nikkors don’t come in 40.5mm?

  • Macro-Man

    FT-1 + AF-S 40mm f/2.8 seems a better (albeit more expensive) solution.

  • TheRealist

    This awesome little accessory proves they have a long range plan to get out of DX and move everyone to either FF or CX. We will never see a D400 …. Anyone want to buy my 12-24 f/4?

    • fred

      DX is all you need, just ask ken rockwell…
      With that thinking, a D400 – being the best-est ever DX wonder machine – it will be all you willl EVER need!

  • Joop

    Also available in the Netherlands

  • Ken Elliott

    I guess I’ll be adding these to my V1 kit. This is a better solution than my FT1 + 105mm f/2.8 macro. Gotta admit, I’m having a blast with my V1. It does look funny with a 14-24mm f/2.8 mounted…

  • macroballz

    I have yet to be impressed with any close up filters. If you want to take macros then just buy a macro lens. I know there are valid arguments why to go this route but it seems like we over compensate in some equipment choices and totally miss the mark in others. Photography isn’t cheap and a poor quality capture of an otherwise amazing image is less than inspiring……. Sorry I just despise these things.

    • macroballz

      I understand there are also camera system limitations too.

  • Sleeper


  • fred

    Weight is only 10 grams. Is that right, for close-up lens this size?

  • fjfjjj

    “Nikon 1: For people who think a close-up filter is news.”(tm)

    • ActionJunky

      Nikon 1: For photographers that use the right tool for the right job, realizing the end product is a result of skill, not gear envy.

  • ActionJunky

    When and where can I get one of these? I’m in.

  • nawab

    40.5mm! can we screw this on a Nikon coolpix p7700?

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