Nikon Coolpix A $200 price drop?


A reader just emailed me a link to BestBuy's website that lists the new Nikon Coolpix A camera for $899.99 which is $200 less than the originally announced price of $1,096.95. Maybe with the Nikon D7100 kit instant savings, on March 14th Nikon will also drop the price of the Coolpix A as well?

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  • St.

    Nikon are going crazy in the remaining days to March 31st.
    I can make them my list of stuff I need to lower those too. 🙂

    • Exactly – I think this is good time to buy anything Nikon. I suspect that most of those offers will be gone after March 31st (the end of their financial year).

      • JimP

        It would be a good time if Nikon were offering anything I want. Like a D400 or an 8-1/2 pound 600 f4 VR. Instead they’re introducing photo bling like the A, consumer lenses for FX and the quick and dead iterations of Nikon 1.

    • Larry Gray

      At corporate level, that is already factored into the quarter. That pipeline has already been filled with pre-stocking for late March releases. Same way with the discount sales as dealers order prior to the sale release. Re-stockins of depleted retailer inventory won’t hit until next quarter as it filters back through the pipeline.

      • Thom Hogan

        There are indications that this isn’t true. Initial shipments of new product don’t tend to sit in inventory, anyway; they immediately transship out of UPS Louisville. Traditionally, NikonUSA takes a week off shipping at the end of March to do a full inventory. They appear to have moved shipments from April into the week before they go on inventory halt, and that would suggest that they’re trying to get unit volume up for this quarter.

      • f/2.8

        The terms are “Sell In” and “Sell Through.” Sell In is when you ship them out to the distributors. Sell Through is when eventually the retailers sold to the customers.
        There is to an extent where a corporate can fudge the numbers – “Stuff the Channel” is the term. But eventually the actual sales will have to be reported. You can only fudge so much for so long.

  • Maybe the price drop has to do with the rumored compact APS-C from Pentax:

    • Robert Frank

      I doubt that anyone in the camera biz is paying the slightest attention to anything Ricoh/Pentax is doing these days, unless they like to see things circling the drain.

    • tertius_decimus

      So, I’m curious what is the cost of making Coolpix A. $250? Really interesting.

      • Camaman

        $90 tops for materials…
        Sensor being the most expensive part, by far…

        • Scott

          OK, so don’t forget to factor in the R&D plus hard tooling.

        • kyle

          correct me if I am wrong, but I believe a DX sized sensor costs about $50, while an FX sensor is closer to $500

          • Daniel

            Those sensor prices are about five years old and were guesses anyway. We’ll have to wait for a teardown to know more, but my guess is the camera costs something between 100 – 300 USD zu make. That $90 guess for the parts alone might be right.

  • Zorro

    Can’t wait to get mine.

  • NoSense

    Is Nikon run by teenagers?

    • Eric Calabos

      put the “hipster” before the last word of your brilliant comment to make it perfect

    • Nikon user

      Not really….the problem is they think their customers are teenagers

  • Nikon Ninja

    good start.

    • I think anther $100 off will make this an excellent buy.

      • Fry

        it will be an excellent buy when nikon slashes the price by 50% like with the V1.
        Wouldn’t spend more than $600 if I was in the market for something like this. A cheap Nikon 1 body with 2-3 lenses would still be a better choice.

      • Eric Calabos

        Nikon, please add admin’s $100 off to your already $200 off, and come down another $100 and l’m in

      • Pat Mann

        With the finder included in the kit, you gotta deal at that price.

      • Fred

        If it had at least a decent viewfinder built in and was priced realistically at around the $600.00 – $700.00 mark I would have one as soon as they hit the shelves.

      • I’d be so tempted to buy the camera at 700!

  • Spy Black

    They should add $200 off to the D600…

    • How about including a free Nikon Coolpix A with each D600?

  • denz

    Cant wait for this one.

  • Jorge

    899 for a freakn’ point n shoot?! I don’t think so. I just sold my D800 and got me a X-E1 with the 18-55 and a 35 F1.4 and I couldn’t be happier. Screw Nikon. They truly soured the entire dSLR experience with the issues (fixed by Nikon) I had with the D800 and terrible customer service. Many years ago, when I used to shoot with a Finepix S2 Pro I walked in to the Fuji service center in Edision NJ, dropped off my S2 on Thursday, and received a call on Monday morning that it was ready to be picked up — they replaced the sensor, and shutter assembly, out of warranty by two years, at NO CHARGE. Amazing customer support. Screw this Nikon crap.

    • El Aura

      $900 is cheaper than the Fuji X100(s). Would you describe the X100 also as a point’n’shoot? Or is an EVF what differentiates a point’n’shoot from a real camera?

      • Jorge

        I didn’t say I would by a X100 or X100(s). I actually own the Fuji X-E1, 35 f1.4,and the 18-55 zoom. And I have to say I haven’t had so much fun shooting in many, many years! My D800 is for sale now.

    • Dave

      RX1 is almost a P&S and cost twice more.

      • Dave


  • Pat McGroin

    They must be getting ready for the Full Frame Coolpix Q which will be out on April 1 for $5300.

  • peteee363

    it is a cool camera, i can see having one, but i will wait, 5 – 600 is more like what i am willing to pay for this. a used d300 would be cheaper then 899.

    • Eric Calabos

      Agree with your price but…
      You can put the D300 in your pocket?

      • peteee363

        nope, but that is why camera straps were invented.

      • RamesesThe2nd

        Maybe he has really big pockets.

    • sideswiped

      5-600 is less than a RX100 which only has a 1″ sensor. The A’s senors stops all over the D300’s at high iso and comes in a camera that is almost as small the the RX100.

  • HomeRentalPro

    Sorry … still overpriced by at least $300 US!

  • Alan

    I think you’re all undervaluing Nikon’s proprietary 1x optical zoom technology.

    • Pat Mann

      And this is a PRO zoom at f/2.8!

  • Nikon is changing the way folks perceive its MSRPs. It will likely never again be able to move product at MSRP.

  • Eeyore

    A little lower on the price and this would make a nice camera to own. Maybe replace my GRD 4 somewhere down the line.

  • ScottnLaguna

    According to WSJ today, the Japanese yen has lost 11% to the dollar this year. If that continues, look for more good deals on the horizon.

  • Rock Kenwell

    $499 max for Coolpix A or not wasting any time on any review. Looks like Nikon marketing team is reading the nikonrumors site!

    Hey Admin,
    Is it possible to vote on the how much Coolpix A is worth? And maybe a distribution of how much nikon rumors readers are willing to pay? And of course, no spamming of low ball prices.

    • That is the problem – everyone will low ball he price and it will not be meaningful, and then it doesn’t make sense to do it.

      • Thom Hogan

        There are ways to deal with this in surveys, but it takes multiple questions to do so.

    • $500 is the price of compact cameras with much smaller sensor. I would say $800 is a fair price – let’s not forget, it’s stil a DX sensor. I am also curious to see how this sensor will compare to the 16MP sensor from Fuji.

      • Thom Hogan

        “Fair price” is basically what people would pay for it.

        Pricing is always tricky in tech. Since TI invented the model, the basic assumption is that prices eventually always go down in tech: the more you make, the more you get benefit from volumes when semiconductors and even things like LCDs are involved. Even customers now know this model through experience with tech pricing. To introduce new models you either (a) lower price; or (b) add features/performance at the same price point. Sometimes both.

        The Coolpix A is actually a D7000 in a slightly modified Coolpix body: older Sony 16mp sensor, EXPEED2. Some people are smart enough to realize that Nikon is playing a little trick here. Nikon has extended the volume of components they’ve been using with a little repackaging, which means those components should cost them less than normal. The big R&D effort here is the lens, which shouldn’t be a big deal for them, since they’re an optics company. Thus, peoples expectations are lower than normal on this. Had the Coolpix A appeared when I wrote my Coolpix Challenge article, it would have been unique and greatly pushed features/performance from expectations, which is about the only time you can raise prices without complaint. People will pay more for more.

        But considering we’ve already got large sensor compacts at a lower price, and will be getting more soon–especially coupled with the repackaged components–and people’s price expectations of what’s “fair” are lower than the introductory price, I think.

        Beyond that, there are established price points in play. US$499, US$599, US$699, US$899, and US$999 are well established at the moment. There’s a remarkable number of capable cameras at those price points. So to charge more than that you need to convince people that there’s something absolutely compelling about the product that will make you want to pay more. As I write this, a D7000 body + 35mm f/1.8 lens is the same price as a Coolpix A. In essence, you get less (not a DSLR, no viewfinder, no dual card slots, not f/1.8, etc.), but you get something that’s smaller and lighter for the same price. What I’m hearing from people is that they don’t think that’s an even tradeoff, and I’d agree.

        • denz

          Thom try sticking that D7000 in your pocket.

          How many large sensor compacts do we really have that are this small with a APS-C sensor?

          I did read somewhere that this sensor is a little different than the D7000’s. But does it really matter?

          I have had a Ricoh GRD for years that is designed much like this cam but with the 1/1.7-Inch sensor. The camera size has been great for many moments on the street.

          Considering the sensor and build it seems priced about right to me.

  • This camera is crap. It should have had an EVF, it should have had a zoom lens with VR, it should have had phase detection AF, it should have had a full metal body, it should have costed 899 from the beginning, it should have had the possibility of attaching lenses, like a telezoom, a standard prime, and a 10x zoom which is still compact, it should have had a flash acessory wich would be still small, but keeping the pop-up flash also, it should have had a grip for gripping the camera. BUT IT SHOULD HAVE NOT BEEN NAMED NIKON V2!!!

    • El Aura

      You mean it should have had a sensor size like the RX100? Or do you mean it should be as thick as the Canon GX1? Because thin like the RX100, APS-C sensor, and a zoom aren’t physically possible.

  • 5DollarFootlong

    Most likely a price error. This camera is freaking SMALL, I have no clue how they made that sensor fit. IMO for such a compact camera it is worth the 1099 msrp. It’s a niche product that’s not for everyone.

    • Pete

      Cause printboards can be very small these days there is room left for other stuff, like a bigger sensor unit.

  • Jay

    I would consider this camera at $499, even thats a stretch

  • RamesesThe2nd

    This is getting pathetic. Nikon needs to get its act together.

  • ci-lee

    Knock it down a little more and I’d consider it…but at this price I’d still lean towards an X100, either new (seems like a few left in the US) or used, for less money. In fact if Nikon had announced it at $799, Id prob cancel my pre-order on the X20 as the ‘travel’ complement to my X-Pro1 kit…

  • Bay8

    Can we ignore the overpriced camera and just roast bestbuy “Jeff Foxworthy” style?
    You might be a big box retailer with no knowledge of cameras if…. You list a camera with a prime lens as having a “1x optical zoom”. Who’s next?

  • Steven Bodo

    Looks like it has one of those protruding little dick lenses. For 1G, it should be more professional than that.

  • EnticingHavoc

    V1 price drop of 70% last year was Nikons statement about depreciation.
    Coolpix A is following this doomed path.
    Nikons statement to all buyers : Our products have no value. We are launching at an insane price level and then serve an insane price drop.
    Nikon effectively is destroying not only its brand reputation but also the last bit of trust from customers.

  • keyan lv

    with ovf and hood, please…

  • f/2.8

    They wouldn’t have to drop the price if it has a zoom lens or a f/1.8 lens.

  • hector

    Things i like of the coolpix A:
    -Truly pocketeable real performance and Smaller than the p7700
    -Flat lens when off, better than a pancake lens(possibly due to theres no mirror the lens can fold to the inside of the body)
    -prime lens, 18 is what i most use for family’s and friends group photos from my 18-200. I think you can crop the image to 12 or 10 Mp and still have better quality than the photos taken with the nikon 1 cameras and thats a1.25x post kind of zoom. 2.8 is ok with me, anyway is better tan my 18-200 again(even though not near the 35/1.8).

    Things i would like:
    -Interchangeable lenses or at least a tele/wide adapter(s) that not degrades the image quality
    -3x zoom

  • hiplnsdrftr

    I’m writing this in disbelief… Nikon introduces what appears to be the lightest, smallest APS-C compact camera with a built in flash, a high resolution screen in a simple elegant package and nearly every comment is deriding it?

    I just pulled up a side-by-side comparison of every compact camera with an APS sensor I could think of and overall the Nikon A holds its own against much larger cameras. Honestly, the Nex-7 and the X100s barely qualify as compact. The EOS-M can’t focus and lacks a flash. The X2 is twice the price of a Nikon A and I’m not sure what the Sigma cameras are all about… (in any case, I’m not buying a Sigma.)

    I can care less that the lens is fixed. Even if I bought a Nex-7 or an EOS-M I would just stick their pancake on it and leave it on forever. Even at F2.8 the lens is in the range of most of the other brands pancake primes.

    Furthermore, I don’t need a viewfinder. If I want a camera with a viewfinder I can use my 1Dx… or my 1Ds3. Shooting using the screen is

    I have been dieing for a truly compact digital camera to essentially replace my Contax T3 and this is the closest thing so far. The Contax T3 was $1,000 in 1999 and you still had to buy film and pay for processing!!! The Nikon A is a bargain.

    • denz

      I totally agree!! I guess some people just dont get it. Cameras are tools and a certain camera may not work for everyone.

    • 5DollarFootlong

      Don’t worry, they were never the intended market for this anyhow. Lots of trolls here that are still waiting for a D400, or a $2700 80-400 F4…Nikon is currently the most innovative PERIOD and I’m loving what they have done the past 5-6 years.

  • Steve

    The Best Buy price was most likely an unintentional error. It’s since been removed from their website and is now listed as a “coming soon” product. But then again BB is a day early posting the $100 rebate on the D7100 w/18-105. BTW, that’s really a rebate on the 18-105 and not the D7100 itself because the body only isn’t going on rebate.

    It’s probably a safe bet the Coolpix A will have a rebate, most likely in the “Mom’s, Dad’s and Grad’s” selling period, but I would not expect one before then.

  • Fuzz

    If you think the US price is bad; in the UK this camera is listing at £999. That’s $1486, even after taking off the 20% for VAT it’s still a mind blowing some of money for a fixed lens point and shoot.

  • rhlpetrus

    I couldn’t find it anywhere in the BB site, the link sends you to a bunch of Coolpixes but nowhere the A is listed. Are you sure this is not a hoax?

    • They removed the pages. Comeback in two days and the rebates/discounts will be official.

      • Steve

        Seriously doubt that. Nikon would’ve had to push information out to the dealers by now, plus there’s currently no indication the camera will really ship this week. Best guess would more likely be next week.

  • Pat Mann

    Somebody must have slapped their hand – the original price is back up at Best Buy.

    • I think the new price will come back tomorrow.

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