Nikon 80-400mm f/4.5-5.6G, Coolpix A, P330 pre-order options


Nikkor 80-400mm f/4.5-5.6G ED VR lens pre-order options (available on March 19, 2013):


Nikon Coolpix A camera pre-order options (available on March 21, 2013):


Nikon Coolpix P330 camera pre-order options (available on March 21, 2013):

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  • ILU Nikon

    Wow, Amazon has it for $3 off. I am so happy. With that amount of savings, who wouldn’t jump on that deal? $3 whole dollars. Praise the good Lord!

    • Global

      Yeah… but you need to pay tax if you are in California… lol. So its really 10% more.

  • does anyone know if this lens expands when you zoom? i cant seem to tell…if it doesnt that alone justifies the inflated price because that means its a lot tougher,

    • Hagrid

      Are you… serious?!?

      • why wouldn’t i be serious? i would pay whatever it takes for the right lens. that’s how i make my living.

      • Mansgame

        Don’t call me Shirley.

    • Aldo

      nothing justifies this price… 200 away from a d7100

    • legra

      no extend is if internal focus

      • not true…lots of lenses are internal focus but extend when zooming…think 24-70 and most other current zooms

    • R J

      It can’t zoom. It’s a prime lens.

      • im talking about the 80-400…does it extend when you zoom…nothing could justify the price of the coolpix a

    • Pat Mann

      Well, it doesn’t expand, but it certainly extends on zooming.

  • R!

    Finally, Nikon is back on top ; we just need a real D700 successor with 24 mpxl 10 fps and a D4X 36 mpxl wtht fltr now!!!! Nikon is just kickin some ass right now!

    • R J

      The D700 successor should rather have the 16 MP sensor of the D4, imo.

  • R J

    Wow! What an amazing and interesting design of the Nikon Coolpix A!

    Said no one ever.

    • The Nikon Coolpix A has an amazing and interesting design.

      • D5100 owner

        It has an efficient design. It is simple and sleek. and it sounds like its pretty rugged.

        • R J

          Well, I guess it wouldn’t have lived up to its ‘Coolpix’ name if it didn’t sport a bland design.. meh..

      • R J

        I see what you did there 😉

        Seriously though, would it have been so difficult for Nikon to go the same route as Fuji went with the X100?

        • Spy Black

          Everyone would have called them a copycat then…

  • consumers fear

    Pre-order…pre-order…pre-order. I thing the world is a mess. All you can buy here are illusions…hopes…imaginations…what´s up in this world?

    The germans call it “Konsumterror”.

    All these thing will be produced million times. But you must have it yesterday. Pre-orders are only brain rubber.

    Nikon…NIkon…Nikon…please give use more pre-order options. I wond´t buy. Please let me pay at first…please…please…please…it saves my fog of desires.

  • Guest

    $2600 for a variable aperture lens?? You can find a 70-300mm 4.5-5.6 VR for about $400 now. You mean that extra 90mm is worth $2200?? Not a chance. If this was about $1400, I’d ditch the 70-200 VR or 80-200 f/2.8 lens and get it but this is just nuts.

    • Arkasai

      That price is steep but people who need this range will still buy it. It’s more convenient and usable than a 70-200+teleconverter, has a new design, nano coating, and AF-S where the old one was a slow screw drive. With all that taken into consideration it’s still too expensive for me but there are a lot of people who shoot in the 80mm to 400mm range almost exclusively. For those people this will be their best option.

  • Did we ever find out the image processor?

  • One More Thought

    Thoughts on the Coolpix A:

    Why doesn’t Nikon throw some style into the camera? Why not go retro and make it look like an FM and build on your own heritage?

    Who is this camera marketed towards? My guess would be enthusiasts and pro’s looking for a smaller second camera to their DSLR. But does anyone want to pay this kind of money for a Coolpix design? This market at this price wants style in their product.

    Also, the price of the optical VF is so great, that if one were to buy the Coolpix A plus optical VF it would cost more than a D7100 plus the very excellent Nikon 35 1.8 DX lens. That’s a tough sell.

    Nikon has some good elements in the Coolpix A…but they just don’t seem to want to do mirrorless right, probably because they don’t want to take away from their dslr business. That’s a poor business strategy…Steve Jobs said something to the effect of: if you don’t cannibalize your own products then someone else will…

    • Duncan Dimanche

      yes yes and yes but Mostly why is it a fix lens ?!!!! are they mad ?!!!
      At least make it a 35 or a 50mm but not a 28…..
      Oh well the price is too steep anyway….. and I just got the Lumix GX1 for 260$ on ebay brand new….

      Cheers !!
      PS can’t wait for the next one to come out… with all the above.

    • R J

      They should totally have made it with a retro design..!. And I agree, the ‘Coolpix’ brand shouldn’t be anywhere near a camera like this.

      This camera is pretty much as bland looking as any old Coolpix cam… :-/

  • charlie nikon

    Looks like Nikon decided to target the Sony RX100 market with those specs on the Nikon Coolpix A. I am disappointed a bit as it seems they are scared of Fuji or something. To me they just dont get it regarding pricing/specs. For $200 more you get way better specs on the X100s such as hybrid viewfinder, 1/4000 shutter speed, ND Filter, and a better low light lens not to mention retro looks of Fuji. I am hoping for a better try on the Nikon Coolpix B, but doesnt look good.

  • Frank

    crazy price, Coolpix A should sell for 600, 700 at most. Go get the fuji X100 or X100s!!!!!!!

  • f/2.8

    At $1,100, the general consumers will not even look at this. So this is for the enthusiasts. Of which I am one. Fixed non interchangeable lens, uh. f/2.8 only, erh. No retro look, well, let’s see, run of the mill Coolpix look, don’t tell me!
    I have no doubt the IQ and it’s capabilities are great. So are many cameras Nikon or not. But the price just took the enthusiasm out of this enthusiast.
    Sorry Nikon, I won’t be helping you out this quarter. I’ll just have to lug the DSLRs and the heavy lenses around some more. I love them anyway so it is not a loss.
    The money is on the table, waiting for Coolpix A-II or Coolpix B. Hopefully with interchangeable lenses. Or a f/2. Or a shock and awe f/1.8. Put a f/1.4 on it and ask for $2,000. I don’t care if the camera is so nose heavy it tips over tripod. The novelty, exclusivitiy and what it can be capable of justifies it.

  • Argon

    why would i want the A if i can buy sony’s rx100 for 600$ and have a zoom lens on it? I am looking for great quality compact, that gives me a flexibility, not Leica style overprice piece of underdeveloped equipment.

    • KnightPhoto

      Don’t forget RX100 is 1 inch sensor versus the A which is APS-C

  • Nikonnut

    Considering how small the coolpix A is, I think its a winner. If I were to be critical it would be the slightly slow lens, styling and the price but if it came with an F1.8 or even an F2.0 i would have ordered immediately.

  • Nikonnut

    The world’s smallest APSC camera does sound good to me.

  • cookie

    The Coolpix A is Made in in Japan ! As for as I know the D800 and the D4 are Made in Japan as well. So we can expect a hig quality camera I hope.
    The CP A will certainly not be a quantity product but may be we will see a Coolpix B FX soon

  • AlphaTed

    It’s back! National Net s***s. 🙂

  • AM

    Well, it looks like Nikon wants to make the sale numbers before the end of the quarter (March 31), thus the $2,700 tag on the 80-400mm. I truly believe that this lens will sell for $2,100 in three or four months. Remember the D600?
    Early adopters, please help Nikon make its numbers this quarter. I’ll patiently wait until the price reflects what is worth.

  • aekn

    So, the Canon G1X is being touted as a failure, and this camera is significantly less versatile with nothing else really going for it, and Nikon is will ing to bring it to market? What a waste!

  • Spy Black

    Everyone’s whining so much about the Coolpix A, they haven’t paid much attention to the little P330. This is a much more interesting camera to me than that big thing.

    Looking at a chart over at DP-Review, it appears as though it may have the same sensor size as the Canon S110. However looking at sensor sizes on the S110 page, there are two different sensor sizes listed as 1.17″. I have no idea why. So I wonder if Nikon has indeed matched the S110 for sensor size. This would be good if so.

    I have an S110, which I got after my P310 died 4 days into owning it. Photographically it’s good, but video (and especially audio) sucks. The P310 was reviewed with decent video and audio capability, I would like to see how the new P330 fares as such, besides how it fares photographically of course.

    In all honesty, the P330 is a better camera to have around than the Coolpix A, because it’s smaller and you have a zoom. No doubt the A will have better IQ, but the P330 will be the camera that will always be with you in your pocket, just as the S110 is always with me now.

  • Jon

    Well Nikon 1 is a step forward but….. still not as good as the promissing FUJI X100S 🙁 (and i am a nikon user for years, including D90, D3s and Nikkors)

    • Jon

      Sorry i mean Nikon A not 1

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