Nikon D5200 and WR-10 wireless remote controller announced in the US

Nikon US officially launched the D5200 DSLR camera and WR-10 wireless remote controller. The D5200 and the new mirrorless products are currently available for pre-order at:




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  • Fgonz031

    you think sr “NR admin”a new cmos sensor made by aptina, more video capabilities maybe 4k to february?

    • Fgonz

      A D400 maybe? you have more news, information about this?

  • RondoX

    “Welcome to NIkon, can I take your order?”
    I want a D400 and a side order of a 18mm 1.8G DX please!

    “Would you like a Nano coat with that?”
    No thank you!

  • rico

    Still no D300s replacement? ?? I’m sick and tired of waiting!!!

  • Please, post the list of a big events where new nikon products could be anonced in 2013. And there dates also.

    • CP+ show in Japan at the end of the month, PhotoPlus show in New York at the end of October and the French Salon de la Photo in November

  • idiots

    I’m listening for the sound of anyone giving a damn…

    …nope, nothing yet. Way to miss Christmas on purpose, Nikon USA.

  • groob

    Oh ok… Isn’t that nice.

  • andy

    I like the look of this remote. I don’t understand why other manufacturers haven’t made something like this before.

    e.g. canon has something similar but it’s a gigantic monstrosity that mounts to the flash hotshoe and runs a cable instead of a neat little dongle. Canon and sony both have built in IR receiver but have limited range and are stupidly placed on the front of the camera.

    Better still, would be to build a radio receiver into the camera body itself.

    • preston

      I agree. Too bad Nikon won’t sell any at the price they’re asking for it ($275). There’s no way that thing costs more than about $10 to make.

      Same story as all their new accessories like the GPS unit for D600 ($300) and the battery grip for D800 ($390). I’ll think about getting one when Vello or someone comes out with the same thing for 1/4 the price.

  • yay. glad the middle child is taken care of. time to focus on the older brother!

  • PeterO

    Um, does no one else find it just a little bit strange that a major division like Nikon USA “announces” a camera that has been announced a while ago in the rest of the world? Do they think that no one in the US surfs the web? I just don’t get the marketing geniuses that Nikon uses. I find this announcement akin to a Monty Python skit about silly walks. If they had said: “now available in the US”, that would have been a completely different thing.

  • Mountaineer

    I know most of you are more experienced photographers and want new upper level model releases, but as someone who is wanting to get into photography, I’ve been eagerly awaiting this announcement. I wanted something a little more advanced than the D3200 but I obviously am not competent enough for an upper-level camera that you all have been clamoring for. So for those who have been saying that this is a worthless release, I’m sure there are more people out there like me who are excited for this camera as a more advanced entry-level DSLR and are buying their first one.

  • Neopulse

    Wonder if the D7100 will have a silver color (Since the D5200 has Bronze xD)

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