XQD finally gets some love from Lexar

Lexar XQD 32GB memory card  Lexar XQD 64GB memory card

One year after the introduction of the Nikon D4, Lexar finally announced two new XQD memory cards with 32GB and 64GB capacity. The new cards offer a minimum guaranteed read transfer speed of 1100x (168 MB/s), write speed is lower. More details at PhotoRumors.

Many cameras were announced during Photokina and  yesterday for the CES show, but not a single new product supports the XQD standard. None of the major manufacturers came out to say that they will support XQD at some point in the future. The Nikon D4 still remains the only camera that uses XQD cards. The question remains: will the XQD standard survive?

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  • Fernando Arias

    Kind of a silly question. All technological standards are meant to die.

    • Nikon Shooter

      What are the odds that the question was referring to 50 years from now?

  • trollolol

    stupid XQD, nobody likes you.

    • Glynn

      XQD works fine. They are robust and fast for pro sports use. I hope the next Nikon has two XQD slots. XQD will be faster than current specs.

      • Mansgame

        My old uncle Leo would brag about how much better his Betamax was than VHS too. Of course he was right, but he was the only one using it. OS/2 used to be better than Windows 3.1 as well.

  • KnightPhoto

    Thank goodness. Hopefully Lexar knows something that all you XQD-haters don’t 😉 XQD rocks and bring it on for the D400!

    • Neopulse

      I really hope the D400 will have it. It’ll be ridiculously perfect for it.

  • GLY

    I was almost expecting Nikon to drop the XQD on the next D4 refresh. This changes everything. lol!

  • SimonH

    For XQD think Sony Betamax, or a plethora of previous Sony attempts to conflate industry standards with obstructive licencing and monopolising. It is the Sony way. I foresee a future cottage industry offering retrogrades to D4 owners, to alternative storage media.

    • Mansgame

      Sadly, for once with BluRay it worked. I think people are united against XQD however.

  • david thomas

    Yep the XQD is the beatmax, Sony Minidisk of the camera world, Nikon shouldn’t have gone ahead with the XQD until other manufacturers were doing it and Nikon should flow the XQD standard down to the D800 and D600 for starters.

    Ideally the XQD should have been designed add on to CF or use thesame format as the CF card and had dummy CF pins at the front and transfer contacts at the bottom, then cameras like the D4 could use in both slots CF and XQD cards.

    • El Aura

      You know that if every manufacturer waits until another picks up a new format, we will never get any new standard ever.

  • Plug

    D400 with twin XQD…revolutionary.

  • Zinchuk

    I REALLY wish my D4 had two CF slots instead of an XQD. I have the XQD card that came with the camera, but the reader’s cable connection somehow got bent, so it’s pretty much useless. Although every desktop comes with a CF reader, obviously none support XQD. It was a really dumb move to go with this orphan format, as we are seeing today.

    • Rudi

      I wish my d4 would have 2 xqd slots! Xqd is the best memory format available. Fast & rugged!

      • Mansgame

        My D600 comes with 2 SD slots and it’s perfect 🙂 …well I could have done without the dust busting early on.

        • BanjoDan

          LOL thanks…

  • ads

    Now, historically, the number 4 is not a good number in japan. We all knew it, and we were quite surprised that Nikon would produce a camera called D4, after the unsuccessful F4. It seems then that the D4 should have a limp compared to the D3, D3s, and it had. First, they managed to fit it with the worst LCD screen I have ever seen. Then, they choose a card format no one ever heard about and no one else uses. It’s interesting to see if history will remember this camera like it remembers the almost-successful F4.

    • NYikon

      Correct me if I’m wrong (and I’m not sure if you’re being serious), but the F4 was very successful, and was a revolutionary design was it not?

  • Andy

    Do some of you haters actually realise that Compact Flash Association is behind XQD. Why would all the big players agree on a new format and then declare it dead. CF has reached its limits. It might take some time, but eventually XQD will take over.

    • Mansgame

      Who are these big names and any other devices besides the D4 use it? Even the D800 with its monster file sizes doesn’t use it.

      • Andy

        All major camera makers are board members of CFA. One would assume they wouldn’t pass something through if it wasn’t good enough. Obvoiusly there’s still plenty of money to be made on CF, hence it’s still kickin, and it’s not like the change to XQD would be rapid.

  • Tom McGill

    It will survive because there will be a need someday. Perhaps they are gambling on something a bit too early, but seriously…. do people think that all we need are SD cards with UHS-1 and CF cards? Lol…

  • HK guy

    Am a full time photographer using the D4 and D3s. From my perspective, XQD is very good as it is faster downloading compared to CF cards. If shooting sports they can keep up with the burst rate of the camera. I believe Nikon has made the right decision as I understand these cards can go up to 2TB, which will be more important for video. D4 is just a transition camera and I am sure the D4x/s/5 would have two XQD cards. I have not heard of CF going up to 2TB, maybe I am wrong. But one thing which gets me is why don’t cameras have inbuilt massive memories, thereby not needing cards at all. Good that Lexar getting on the act as will drive down price of XQD cards.

  • joey

    XQD is great if it catches on. Remember the better technology doesn’t always win (Beta vs. VHS for example). The thing I find mind boggling is that the D4 includes two different slots and one of them with a questionable future. Two matching slots makes sense regardless of the format for many reasons. I sure hope that D4’s don’t start to feel like some crappy combo electronic device like an 8 track/CD player combo. Too expensive of a camera for this. As far as I am concerned Nikon made a mistake and if they were so certain that XQD is the future then including it in both slots makes a whole lot more sense and backs up the claims. If you buy a high end camera then you should be able to afford to put the required cards in it. In theory you have to buy XQD’s and a reader anyway, otherwise you have a single card slot camera.

  • Neopulse

    Wish I had an XQD slot on my D800 so those big ol’ files would be written faster.

  • Stop_the_complaining

    This is the most short-sighted, whiner infested forum on the Internet… Dear God, the XQD is new and will catch on. Hmmmm…. I wonder where all the optical drives are that Apple removed from their computers… Seems like Mac sales are doing just fine…

  • TechGuy

    Why so much hate on XQD? Because you guys already have plenty of CFs? If you want ubiquitous format, why don’t you all pushing the SD format? Many people own SD, especially upgraders from P & S to DSLR. I don’t understand this CF worshipping thing. Faster card – XQD > CF. Smaller and cheaper – SD > CF. CF doesn’t do any good(better than XQD), unless you already have one or two or thousand of it.

  • Just

    XQD from Sony and now Lexar is not alone. Altough Sandisk took part in developing XQD, it’s not backing it up as it’s announcing CFast 2.0. as their high-end/fast card of choice. Which is being also supported by Canon and Phase one. Interestingly, the Compact flash Association already announced the development of XQD 2.0 with 1Gb/s (top) speed, over the CFast 2.0. ‘s 600 Mb/s. Personally, I hope that this future card war doesn’t end being a beta vs Vhs one, and the Really better format wins. I’m parcial to XQD… 😉

  • Arthur

    Sony… XQD format

    Sounds like Beta vs VHS…

    Sony always create the wheel, but someone lese the axle!

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