Nikon D5200 and WR-R10/WR-T10 wireless remote controller announcements

The Nikon D5200 and WR-R10/WR-T10 wireless remote controller are now officially announced:

Press release:

Nikon introduces the latest D-SLR to its mid-range DX-format line-up, the 24.1 megapixel Nikon D5200, designed to bring out your creative side. From beautiful still photos to smooth Full HD movies, this camera empowers your freedom of expression, letting you capture your own unique view of the world.

Marina Gurevich, Product Manager for Nikon Europe, says: “The inspiring Nikon D5200 is ideal for those who are passionate about photography and want to experiment with the camera’s superior features. The impressive image and movie quality alongside a versatile vari-angle LCD monitor lets users unlock their creative potential.”

Breath-taking image quality
The third camera in its series, following the D5000 and the D5100, the Nikon D5200 offers a massive leap in image-quality. In addition to the 24.1-megapixel DX-format CMOS sensor for finely detailed images, the new EXPEED 3 image processor provides high-speed operation and excellent, rich colour reproduction – as well as enhanced movie recording. The high ISO sensitivity (100-6400 which is extendable to 25600) delivers brilliant shots in dark or poorly lit environments as well as producing clear images of fast moving subjects.

The Nikon D5200 shares an AF system, metering sensor and scene recognition with the Nikon D7000 series, giving this camera a new level of performance and much enhanced image quality. The superior accuracy of the 39-point AF system and nine cross-type sensors delivers razor sharp images by focusing precisely on the subject you choose. Meanwhile, the 2,016-pixel RGB metering sensor provides precise data to the camera’s Scene Recognition System, which optimizes exposure, autofocus and white balance immediately before the shutter is released.

Image creations from any angle
The Nikon D5200’s versatile 7.5cm (3-in) vari-angle LCD monitor provides the ultimate freedom and flexibility to take beautiful shots and movies from virtually any position. You can flip, tilt or turn the swivel monitor to get really creative with your angles. In addition, the Nikon D5200 is an intelligently designed lightweight camera, with clear menus and superior ergonomics, making it a pleasure to maneuver and shoot with.

Wireless connectivity to share your creations
Wirelessly transmitting images from your camera to an Apple™ or Android™ smart device is possible by using the optional WU-1a Wireless Mobile Adapter. This means you can share images that you are proud of with friends via social networks and email for instant reactions. It is even possible to control your camera remotely from your smart device to help you take beautiful shots without disturbing your subjects.

Distinctive HD movies
Effortlessly alternate between shooting stills and Full HD movies with smooth (up to 60i/50i) recording at the flick of a switch. The camera’s subject tracking of moving objects in three dimensions, with full time servo AF (AF-F), ensures focus of moving objects throughout filming. Adding to that, creating movies to be proud of can be achieved with in-movie editing and the camera’s built-in stereo microphone.


Inspirational Effect and Scene modes
Be even more original with the Nikon D5200 Effects mode. A range of seven special effects: Selective Colour, Miniature, High and Low Key, Silhouette, Colour Sketch and Night Vision can be applied in real time to images and movies through Live View so you can see what your final creation will look like before you shoot it. In addition, in-camera High Dynamic Range (HDR) and D-lighting capture detailed images of high-contrast scenes, increasing creative possibilities. You can also select from 16 different Scene modes – they optimize the camera settings, such as shutter speed, ISO and aperture – to the situation you are shooting. It is great for a quick shot or if you are still learning about D-SLR photography.

Nikon D5200 fey features:

  • DX-format, 24.1 megapixel CMOS image sensor with EXPEED 3 for exceptional quality
  • Vari-angle LCD monitor: View life at a unique angle with a high resolution, 7.5cm (3.0-in), 921k dot vari-angle screen
  • Compatible with Wireless Mobile Adaptor WU-1a to transmit images from the camera to Apple™ or Android™ smart device and remote shooting
  • High ISO (100-6400) extendable to 25600: keeps the detail with low noise in low-light situations
  • Razor-sharp 39-point AF system with nine cross-type sensors in the center. Offers fast and precise autofocus coverage across the frame
  • 2,016 pixel RGB metering sensor delivers highly accurate metering for exact exposures and provides precise data to the camera's Scene Recognition System
    • Scene Recognition System optimizes exposure, autofocus and white balance immediately before the shutter is released
    • Continuous shooting at 5fps: so you do not miss that fast-moving action shot
    • High dynamic range (HDR): Gives detailed shots of high-contrast scenes by combining two shots taken within a single shutter release
  • Active D-Lighting: Retains details in highlights and shadows for well-balanced images, even if the subject is moving
  • D-Movie: Full (1080p) HD movies with smooth (up to 60i/50i) recording and a built-in stereo microphone
  • D-Movie AF modes: Live View autofocus works when shooting movie clips, keeping subjects in sharp focus
  • In-built stereo-microphone for improved sound quality
  • Updated new generation GUI Design
    • 16 Scene modes: Automatically adjusts camera settings, including Picture Controls and Active D-Lighting, for optimal results.
  • Effects mode – seven effects including Selective Colour and Miniature, which can be applied in pre-shoot, for more creative movies and stills
    • Compatible with WR-R10 Wireless Remote transceiver and WR-T10 Wireless Remote transmitter that let you control key camera functions from a distance
  • GPS compatible: Records the exact location of the camera when a picture is taken by using the optional GP-1 unit
  • NIKKOR lenses: take advantage of Nikon’s legendary NIKKOR lenses and make the most of the camera’s 24-megapixel resolution. Capture photos with vivid colour and striking contrast. Shoot movies with crisp detail or experiment with cinematic effectsAvailable in three colours: black, red and bronze
  • Lightweight body (505g) with an intelligent design and superior ergonomics

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  • tuye

    nice enough

    • Steve

      … enough for what ?

      It seems it is gonna cost 30% more (US$200) than the D5100 at launch, and for that you get one extra top button, a stereo mic, more AF points, more MP, more fps.

      Is it enough for the price rise ? Personally, I’d say now is a great time to get a D5100.

      • Nope

        Not just red, but a BRONZE one. Wahooooooo!!!!!

        If I promise to buy one can we have a Bronze D400??

        I’d buy a D400 in any d##n colour. (Probably)

        • Davide

          Why BRONZE? Why?

          Stick with black, use white for girls, and make limited metal series for who have too much money to spend.


          • Why not? And why insult girls? As a son, husband, and a father of two daughters, I hope you’re not implying that there’s something bad about being a girl.

            Because there have been—and there continue to be—a lot of extraordinary women photographers. Not to mention scientists, astronauts, and other amazing women.

            So I hope you’re not implying that women are less creative or less anything simply because of their sex. Or that wanting your camera body in anything other than black is somehow indisputably wrong.

            • Michele

              They are not less “anything” simply because…they just choose stupid colors.

            • Gloria Steinem

              @Scott Anderson: and which of those broads has your nuts in a jar in a desk drawer? Just asking.

            • Davide

              @Scott Anderson: “White for girls” it is not an insult at all, if you can only see it that way you have to blame yourself, and yourself only.
              I’m not accepting your insinuation, therefore think a way to apologize.
              The only difference i make among sexes is their role in reproduction of the specie, period.
              People who make, OR SEEK, other differences are plain stupid to me.

              White is simply statistically more appeasing to girls’ tastes for gadget colours than black.

              Bronze instead is just terribly ugly.
              Red is cheap and shiny.

            • “People who make, OR SEEK, other differences are plain stupid to me.”

              You are the one who suggested cameras-other-than-black are for girls. Thanks for clarifying whether or not you define yourself as “plain stupid,” because some people had doubts before.

              By the way, it’s “appealing,” not “appeasing.”

            • davide

              You mix difference in tastes due to culture, with personal capabilities related to the sexuality, and worse you project your misunderstanding onto others people thinking.

              …Oh boy you are so full of problems, it must sucks being you, doesn’t?

              PS: Thx for pointing out my lacking knowledge of a second language, i’ve just learnt a new word.

            • There are women in any creative field, but at a much lower percentage than men. And at the top you find always men (fashion, painting, literature, photography, even cooking !! etc.) Tell me one single kind of art, where women are better?
              By the way, do you realize that you live in a world built, constructed, maintained by men ? (Buildings, houses, streets, higways, bridges, cars etc.etc.) Who repairs allthat?? Who maintains it ?
              Don’t be mistaken. I love women. But please stick to realty, to truth. RL

          • Merv

            Why not bronze? Usually fashion accessories are supposed to match…brown shoes, brown belt, brown jacket, brown/bronze camera.

            • Helen Keller

              Davide just kicked Scott’s ass. You lose Scott!

        • Shawn

          It looks like a turd.

      • Christobella

        That’s a pretty extensive list of worthwhile improvements, well worth the extra money I’d say.

        • Gideon

          Have to agree, looks to me like one of the best entry-level DSLRs ever. This is no doubt designed to give mirrorless cams a run for their money.

          • Steve

            The D5100 is almost half the price of the new D5200. The D3200 is the entry-level dslr. The D5200 is one for people who think buying a big camera will make them into a photographer, hence the cherry and chocolate exteriors = p&s upgraders. I have friends just like this who want to get into photography so they buy a big camera but only ever use the 18-55 kit lens. They have no clue what even dof is. But they don’t get the entry level camera because they fancy themselves as becoming expert.

            • amien

              girls JUST LOVE BLACK, believe me !

  • desmo

    39 point AF way cool

    • Arkasai

      No dedicated controls for that upgraded AF though, would’ve been nice to see the U1 and U2 modes or an extra Fn button since a lot of go-to settings like ISO are also buried in menus.

      • desmo

        controls for AF and metering are info button and select wheel on the pro body’s you flip the switches to set on this body hit info twice and select on side of info screen works about as well

      • Merv

        That would a reason for a D7000 level camera. The target user often doesn’t get past using ‘Auto’ mode.

    • DX may not be dead.

      Note what the Nikon hype says:

      “The Nikon D5200 shares an AF system, metering sensor and scene recognition with the Nikon D7000 series”

      D7000 SERIES.

      Gedit? We’ve only had one so far.

      May be we should stop digging the graves for hi end DX?

      • Cash

        So the D7100 will also be at this level? What about the 51 points AF? Maybe on D400, but how long do we have to wait?

        • Arkasai

          No, that actually makes less sense now that we know the D5200 specs.

  • Josh

    Wow with these specs pretty much guarantee that the the D7000 sucessor is g0ing to inherit some of the more advanced features from the D300 line and be the top end DX. It will probably even have the 52 point AF from the D800.

    • CCP

      Perhaps there is no more d400/d7100…many ppl have high hopes to d400 after the announcement of d7000…it seems there will not be a d400

      if d400/d7100 can share some functions of d800, would it cost more than d600? if so, would a user pay more for DX? we may have some rich users opt for dx purposely, however, the market is not huge to justify its existence

      for pro dx users, nikon is asking u guys to go for fx! perhaps u may consider other brands or even mirrorless

      i am pretty sure that at the end of the date, nikon will cut down the product lines for dx and replace it with DX mirrorless (APS sensor size)

      • Andrew

        Nikon will release the D7200 and D400 and here is why?

        The D5200 (DX) may be priced at $899, whereas the D600 (FX) is priced at $2099. Nikon will not allow there to exist a $1,200 price gap between these two camera models. Nikon needs a professional class DX camera with high end features and a built-in autofocus (AF) motor to support older lens.

        Nikon already has three FX cameras to meet the high end needs of professionals, starting with the affordable D600 ($2099), the D800 ($2999), and the D4 ($5999). Nikon will come out with one more FX camera, maybe called the D900 (priced around $2,599) and it will be the upgrade to the D700.

        • Michael

          I’m guessing that there will be not bodies prices between D600 and D800 and D800 and D4.

          • Andrew

            Michael, I think Nikon will drop the price of the D600 within the next 6 months by at least $200 to $1899 to make room for a second 24 MP full frame camera vis–à–vis the D900. This camera may even have a higher frame rate and higher ISO than the D800.

            The specs on the D600 looks as if Nikon priced it intentionally and temporarily a little higher than it should so as to make some extra profit. I am certain that they calculated that the D600 will attract many who were waiting for the D400 and D700 replacement (i.e. D900). The features of the D600 while perfect for some professionals based upon their photographic needs, falls a little short for others – though overall it is an impressive camera.

            • Remco

              There is no reason for Nikon to make another camera between the D600 and the D800. Although it would be nice to have a ‘real’ succesor to the D700, there is no need for Nikon to make such a camera. There is nothing in the Canon line to put it up against. If Nikon would make a smaller D4, than it will be priced above the D800e, not below.

              Also, many people forget that Nikon can keep older camera’s (like they do with the D90) in their line up to cover some price/functionality points. It is possible they will keep the D7000, and just add one model on top of that. I know many people like to have a D400 and a D7100, but I think Nikon will cover both with just one camera because upgrading the D7000 to D400 specs is just a very small step (different AF and other body will basicaly do the trick). With the D5200 now having most of the D7000 functionality (metering and AF), the D7000 can be held on top of that to offer more pro features (top LCD display, more buttons, U1/U2, AF motor, metering compatibility), and above that the same camera, but than with the 51points AF, build and fps possibilities from the D300s. There is not a lot more they can do there. Obviously some line will need to be skipped. It can be this generation, or the next, but at some point there are no more features to add to keep a model line. As omsebody else suggested, it would be more logical to add a line below the D3xxx line than to add something at the top.

              Just compare it to the car makers. They don’t add cars to the top, they at them to the bottom of the line. Functionality goes from to to bottom. And when all the functionality is at the bottom, a new car line can be added. The same will most likely happen with the camera lines as well.

              Well, just like to speculate 😉

    • The D800 has 51 AF points. Don’t bother posting if you’re wrong.

      • Christobella

        Pedant! Give the guy a break.

      • Josh

        So your only argument is to point out I accidentally hit the 2 instead of the 1? And in a childish manor no less?

        The only one who shouldn’t have bothered posting is you.

    • desmo

      I bet d7xxx will have 51 point AF which probably means it will be top of line DX no D400 least not a DX one

      • VJ

        Now I’m sure there will be a d7xxx or d400 (might be just one that mixes both): the 5200 lacks the screw for non AFS lenses. There should be at least one DX camera that has it.

  • richphotos

    Not bad, but which nikon camera cant use just a wireless remote, which one actually needs something to plug into the camera, cause I have had the same remote for all my cameras and the camera recognized it, d40, d40x, d5000 and now the d7000.

    • R8R

      Radio waves, not infrared. No line of site required, plus multiple camera support.

  • AG

    One thing is for sure, Canon T4i just got served.

  • There is almost no info (hands-on, videos, images) available for the new D5200 online – it seems that many major websites did not even get a press releases.

    • jeffreyb92

      Engadget came out with a hands on a few minutes ago.

      • Graham

        The video is so bad (bouncing all over the place and panning back and forth before focus is achieved) that I had to turn it off. Kinda funny for a review of a SLR with video capability! Take a Gravol before watching it! 😀

  • Looks impressive! With 5FPS, looks like good enough for sports shooting with f/2.8 AFS lenses!

    • timon

      The faster fps in a lightly camera body and smaller pixel pitch 3.8μm, that is no doubt, it must be larger vibrations and worse image-blurring.

      with a low-end camera to shoot sports images?
      Why is not with a d7000, better, a lesser cost, in currently.

      I do not understand that Nikon brought the 5 fps blindly placed into a 3.8μm sensor in a so light camera body.

      In historically, Nikon f80/n80 is with 2.5 fps, very lower vibrations.

      Looks like it is higher mega pixels, but is actually the vibrational image-blurring increased and sharpness drops, well then what did helpful to consumer?

      • timon

        I believe that the d5100 is a better camera than the d5200, despite the d5100 AF is no 39-point.

        • Andrew

          Check out the specs of the D5200 again and change your mind, or else give us the reason why the D5100 is better!

          • timon

            Could it be the d5200 specs was not a 3.8μm sensor? nor a lighter camera body? no 5 fps?

            Could it be the d5200 specs to have the lesser vibrations?

            are you willing to increase image-blurring, sharpness drops down?

  • R8R

    Brown? Seriously?

    • KnightPhoto

      C’mon, would look great alongside a white V1 😉

      What’s the price?

    • Andrius

      Brown my favorite color. And it’s look classy

      • Big J

        Yep it does, I think it’s an awesome addition compared to the basic black and recently added red.

      • Plug

        I’m an Oxford man, where is the dark blue?

  • Ano

    So how much?

  • Andrey

    Full (1080p) HD movies with smooth (up to 60i/50i)

    Funny people 1080p 60i(fps) is the same like 30p(fps) :))))))))

    • curtis

      No it’s not. 60i means 60 frames per second interlaced. 30p means 30 frames per second progressive. Just because each frame in 60i is lower quality than 30p doesn’t mean that they are going to be equivalent. Nothing you see on tv is 60i. It’s all 24p or 30p. Have you ever watched a movie at 60 frames per second? it looks amature cause it’s smooth as shit.

      • Alex

        Almost everything on TV standard definition (NTSC) is 60i. SD broadcasts were 480/60i, though most HD broadcasts are 720/30p. PAL SD is 50i. 24p looks filmish because that’s the fastest film could do. We are trying to avoid progress because we have associated the number 24 with professional film making. I think digital cinema should up the frame rate to 120fps, with 8K resolution.

        • Mike

          24 fps was chosen for motion pictures because it is the most pleasing to the eye.

          Watching TV shows at 60 fps is too erratic for me. The motions constantly distract me from what I’m watching and your brain is constantly reminded that you are watching TV.

          • Zograf


          • Alex

            Consider these things before just assuming 24 was chosen because it is some magic number and the most aesthetically pleasing. Film speeds used to be slower, and increased from 18 to 24 on 35mm film (to make it smoother than 16, which preceded 18.). Obviously, to double the film speed on 35mm to 48 fps would cause some problems. First, it would have doubled the amount of film needed for negatives and prints. This means that the price of the negatives and the prints also doubles (prints being the more important one here). The prints that theaters ordered were in the $2000-3000 vicinity for each movie as it was, $5k-$6k for one movie just for increased fps, would not have been worth the investment. Remember that theaters had to purchase more than one print for popular films. Also, reels for a 2-3 hour movies already had to be either changed by the projectionist during the movie, run through an automated system. Reels tend to hold 2000 ft of film, and 35mm @ 24 fps ran at 90 feet per minute (5400 ft per hour). That’s almost 2.75 reels for each hour of movie. 48 fps would have doubled it to 180 feet per minute (10,800 feet per hour). That’s more than 5 reels for every hour! It would have sucked for a projectionist to change reels every 10 minutes.

            So now we’re in the digital age, we just need to double the digital memory storage size, which continually gets cheaper over time. 24fps is too slow for fast movement. We’re limiting ourselves because we tell ourselves things like “24fps is preferred for movie-making.” The physical limitations of the past no longer apply. Don’t fool yourself into believing the cause and effect fallacy that just because professionals used it for film, means it must produce the best image. Smoother movement is better!

      • NTSC is 30i, period. It is two 1/60 second scans which equals a total of 1/30 second. When 24p is shown on TV, it is converted to 30i through a process known as 2-3 pulldown. This has been true since the introduction of video on TV. because the old cathode ray tubes scanned every other line (odd) then returned to the top to scan the even lines, each scan being 1/60th second. Video is shot at 30fps. If it shot at another speed, it must be converted to conform to the NTSC standard.

    • funny cause the Hobbit is filmed intirely at 60p…..
      oh well i’ll give him a ring and tell him to start over again


      • Matt

        False. 48fps.

      • zoetmb

        Yes, the Hobbit is filmed at 48p. And when scenes were previewed at some convention (perhaps ComicCon), it was roundly derided as looking like a “soap opera”. So now the studio is keeping the fact that it’s 48p a “secret” and there will be few, if any, theatrical showings at 48p.

        The problem with higher frame rates for movies is that we counter-intuitively need to see blur for us to perceive the action as reality. 48 or 60fps removes much of the blur.

        You can see this for yourself if you watch any of the “making of” documentaries about action movies. You see the actors going through the motions of a fight or whatever and it all looks terribly fake. Then you see it in a theatre (regardless of whether it’s film or digital) and it’s believable.

        Douglas Trumbull, who did the special effects for 2001 and was also responsible for the large format Showscan has proposed that variable frame rates be used. So that for an action scene you would use the higher frame rate to increase clarity. But in the demo I saw, it still made the action look like home video and not a movie.

        So they actually got it right 85 years ago — 24fps still seems like the ideal speed for narrative films.

        • Alex

          This is a common misconception. Film speed does not affect blur. Shallow depth of field affects picture blur and slow shutter speed affects motion blur. Shutter speed and film speed are completely independent. Slow frames per second just makes the motion more jittery. If all else is equal, 48fps and 24fps would change smoothness in motion, it would NOT make a movie look like a home video. It doesn’t change the quality of the frames, nor does it remove motion blur limited by shutter speed, or cinematic bokeh.

          • Alex

            I thought of something that might help explain it better. Watch a movie scene where the camera tracks with a moving car. The car remains static in the frame, with the background moving. The background has motion blur. Freeze any random frame. The freeze frame will reveal the background is still blurred. Anything on a freeze frame will remove any effect from film speed variable. The frame rate has nothing to do with this motion blur. The frame rate will determine only how many pictures are sampled every second. If it jumped from 24 to 48fps, for example, instead of the buildings in the background moving 1 inch on the screen, they will move 1/2 an inch between frames, but the bokeh and motion blur shown on each frame will not change.

  • Matt

    Is the remote DX only or will it work with FX? Super annoying to have to carry two pieces around like that.

    • Bob Dickens

      this is from the Nikon usa website, within the D5200 page. Under the WR-R10 receiever.
      Compatible cameras = D4*1, D3 series*1, D800 series*1, D700*1, D600, D300 series*1, D7000, D5200, D5100, D3200, D3100, etc., D-SLR cameras that employ a ten-pin remote terminal*1 or accessory terminal

      As for the *1 that means the following
      *1Requires WR-A10 WR adapter. Cameras other than the D4 or D800 series that employ ten-pin remote terminal, including F-SLRs, are capable of using the controller for shutter release only (except D1, D1H, D1X, D100 [+MB-D100])

  • John Caballero

    What’s the price?

  • nawab

    they could have also done away with the optical viewfinder and rounded off the the entire left side

    • Anti EVF

      F&$?# that! I do not want electronic viewfinders. They suck, even the good ones. I hope dslrs stay away from them. Keep them for point and shoots and mirror less compact cameras. As a professional, evf’s are toys not suited to professional use. Plus. A camera like the 5200 is plenty small.

    • Richard M

      What is the point of a mirror in an SLR if it only has an EVF? The mirrorless EVIL cameras make great sense and have their uses but they are not reflex cameras. There is still a place for both types of camera. I’m thinking of having an EVIL primarily for video and as a backup to my D800. Sadly it won’t be a Nikon but probably a Sony NEX-6 or 7.

  • Toonie

    better than expected, d5200 with 39 points AF. Now do we have reason to expect d7100/d400 to have 51 points ? I think we do 😉

    • ano102

      +1, that is the good news of the day !

  • FF

    I kinda liked the colors. It looks cool.

  • Alex Foto
  • lai

    What sync flash speed?

    • Graham

      1/200 s

      The provided link in the article gives all the detailed specs.

  • gio

    hey Nikon! here’s a compelling thought for you. release the D7K upgrade/D400 this December and by then you would have completely updated your FX/DX lineup! and then you can sit back and say, this is the Nikon year! harharhar

  • D7100D400

    Where’s the D7100 and D400?

  • metalorange

    Does anyone know if the D5200 still works with the old ML-L3 remote control? Not that I am interested in the D5200 but I would be really furious if the new D7100 would not work with the ML-L3. If it would only work with the new WR-T10 I think I could not even mount an L-bracket.

  • D3300

    Hope the D3300 will be upgraded to the same 39 point autofocus system.

    Kicking Canon’s butt never felt so good.

  • Dalmatian

    does it have sensor dust and oil included ?

    • Graham

      Troll. Enough said.

  • marten

    Is there any news about HDMI out? Clear HDMI out and external recorder would be a great cheap video option for pro level work on a budget.

  • Has anyone noticed that it has slightly different sensor specs than the d3200? Can this be a different sensor?
    d3200 – 24.2 mpx, dimensions 23.2 x 15.4 mm
    d5100 – 24.1 mpx, dimensions 23.5 x 15.6 mm

    Any thoughts?

    • DannyTX


      The size is the same as the Sony sensor (nex 7), even though the effective pixel count is different.

      Maybe they can’t produce enough of the D3200 sensors or Sony is having a fire sale on their sensors?

  • stormwatch

    D movie mode ISO selection ranges from ISO 200(??>!?!?!) to ISO 6400…..why would anyone want the ISO in video mode starts from ISO200 instead of ISO100?

  • Graham

    I am looking forward to more camera makers embedding radio remote receivers, GPS, and wireless data transfer capabilities directly into their camera bodies. I would rather have fewer pixels (to help offset the price) and fewer pieces hanging off the camera body, especially in a camera like the D5200.

    I know it would increase the price but personally, I think it would be worth it in convenience.

    That said, the new AF specs are a nice touch!

  • sebastian

    lets hope there is full manuel controls in liveview for video!

  • Zapper 5

    This brings nothing new they shoved a 24mp sensor in there, the wifi dongle (yawn) 5fps and failed to address all the issues on the previous model

    Can’t do HSS, no wireless flash (really in late 2012 this is embarrassing) no DOF preview same awful 0.78x tiny peep hole viewfinder (camera deserves much better than this)
    As for the amazing 39 point AF system, the same one in the oh so complained about D7000 which was a back focus inaccurate nightmare! Oh and they put the over exposing metering from the D7k in there too great!

    Double yawn they’ll sell a load of them, it’s still crippled cut down consumer junk.

    • D400 M.I.A.

      As you say, “Double yawn” and yes, they’ll sell lots of them.

    • Shawn

      It may not be perfect, but this “crippled cut down consumer junk” can still take professional photos:

      good lens + good sensor + good imagination = good photo

      HSS + wireless flash + DOF preview + large viewfinder != good photo

  • Wakaranai

    Any word on whether or not this has AF-fine tune?

    • D400 M.I.A.

      HAHAHAHAHA…. in your dreams …. Not in a childrens toy.

    • dwd

      Until Nikon makes their AF Fine Tune practical for zoom lenses it’s next to useless on a camera that is kit lens oriented. Sure it’s a great feature for primes, and I have mine tuned, it works very well for that. The problem with the current AF Fine Tune setup is that you have one global adjustment for a lens, for practical use you at least need to be able to fine tune the wide and tele end of a zoom. If Nikon really wanted to take this feature to the next level they’d let you adjust wide/mid/tele and also distance at those focal lengths.

  • D400 M.I.A.

    “The inspiring Nikon D5200 is ideal for those who are passionate about photography.”

    Ummm… No.

    True marketing double talk from a marketing manager.

    This seems like a compromise for those who want to shoot video and take stills but don’t have the budget for anything substantial and are fooled into thinking high megapixel counts are better.

    Not bad for them… but less than exciting for photographers.

    I’ll just shrug my shoulders.

    • “Substantial” as in the waaaaay overpriced D600 with its D5200-akin AF/metering system, max shutter speed and f-sync, or “substantial” as in the five-year-old D300 series?

  • M

    this might Nikon’s worst SLR release since the D3000
    …also kinda dies in the D600’s shadow.

  • dwd

    Good thing they kept that second “i” info button, a much better choice than giving this body a dedicated ISO control.

  • nawab

    the D5200 badge is almost like an afterthought- a last minute decision to stick on the ‘D5200, somewhere on the left front

    • Z

      Well, take a look at D800 “badge” ….
      What badge you say?
      Exactly …. it really looks like an afterthought …

  • Z

    I hope Nikon sells gazillions of these consumer DSLRs to the soccer moms of the world and other amateurs that that the self-proclaimed “pros” here so like to disparage.
    Financially healthy Nikon means putting more of the profits into R&D for building better pro cameras that we use and like so much.
    This camera is not marketed towards you gear snobs; therefore, bashing it for lacking pro-oriented feature is lame.

  • Pablo Ricasso

    Yeah, I was thinking that exactly.
    No, really.
    That’s the biggest problem with the whole camera.
    I’m switching to ZENIT!

    • John Richardson

      I live in Ukraine the Zenit is for sale at the local bazars or on the tops of some cardboard tables on street corners, right along side raw pig fat (salo) and moldy bread.

  • Big J

    For a mid-level DX this camera has got some goodies in it. Glad they released it with a wireless remote trigger because the ML-L3 was damn annoying to use. And the 39-point AF along with being compatible with the WU-1a sweet! Also wanted to comment that if some one thinks a pro-DX like the successor to the D300 will be <$1500 I think you're mistaken. Sucks it's not gonna come out in the US at the same time as in Europe. Oh wells, this would have made an awesome Xmas gift. But the idea of selling in January 2013 especially since it's considered the slowest month of the year in sales, I think this will help boost that. And I don't think most consumers of this camera will care about it being able to do HSS. Although wireless flash triggering will be there obviously unless you're anal about spending <$30 bucks on ebay radio triggers.

  • Spy Black

    What if Nikon just rolled D7000 specs in the D5200 and kissed the D7xxx model good-bye?

    • N_IKON

      I dont think so. The body is not like D7000, and that is for me one of the things that makes D7000 much more a better buy for me. Now we can get D7000-body for a lower price than D5200. At least in Norway.

  • Spy Black

    I wish Nikon would just bite the bullet already and put GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth in all DSLR bodies.

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