Weekly Nikon news flash #196


Nikon 28mm f1.8G lens DxOMark test score Nikon 28mm f1.8G lens DxOMark test results

Nissin MG8000 Extreme Speedlight for Nikon iTTL

  • New: Nissin MG8000 flash for Nikon DSLR cameras.
  • Nikon Patch Tool version 1.10 is released: it includes added support for third party batteries to be properly used on the D5100 and D3100.
  • Photographer Jim Amos giving a tour of his work. Amos is semi-retired Nikon shooter who worked National Geographic Society for 30 years:

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  • Neopulse

    Sweet grip…

  • datawiz2012

    Is the listed price of the Nissin flash on B&H a typo?

  • Elfx

    Nikon D600 is IDR 19 million (EUR ~1490) in Jakarta, Indonesia.

  • Nikon Shooter

    Whoa, D600. Apparently the Europeans have been quietly enjoying this price drop for about a month. And we thought the camera+lens Christmas deal for $2000 was a steal. It was until the 24-85mm market’s bottom fell out and now you can find them for ~$300 brand new. The D600 by itself will be a better deal, after the price drop in the US that is. Which at this point should not be more than a month away.

    • thomasverbeke

      2000 U.S. dollars = 1 516.87524 Euros..

      • Nikon Shooter

        Correct. Except you forgot to account for the 20% VAT. The actual German price before tax is roughly 1250 Euros, which is roughly $1600.

        • thomasverbeke

          correct 🙂 thanks for pointing that out;

  • EnticingHavoc

    People were complaining about the original D800 grip price. I’m curious about the price level of the new Phottix premium grip.

    • Kuv


    • Joe

      I tried a cheap D800 grip (from Pixel?) once and the buttons and wheels where really cheap and horrible to use, totally different from the genuine Nikon product. If this is a decent grip, it could be mine.

    • I bought one of the Phottix grips for my 800E. In general the feel and quality was not quite Nikon but acceptable. More of a problem for me is that over time…somehow it started causing the camera to lock up. It absolutely does not do it without grip…but will lock up after 10-50 pics with the grip. I haven’t tested the Nikon grip to see if same happens but it really makes me mad I went with the non-nikon equipment.

  • thomasverbeke

    Any D600 update news admin? what you do think the chances are of nikon releasing a fix for the change aperture during live-view and hdmi-out?

    • Nikon Shooter

      Zero chance. It’s not broken, so there can’t be a fix. It would be more like adding features which unlike Canon, Nikon never does. The rule of thumb in regards to Nikon’s firmware updates is “if it wasn’t in the original manual then it won’t be in the camera.”

      See, they kind of want you to upgrade to a more expensive camera any time you want more advanced features. I see a D800 in your future or maybe even a Canon?

      • Henry

        According to this Nikon Rumors post, Nikon promised a firmware update to deal with some of these things:


        I am also interested in the status of this. Any news NR admin?

        • No updates for now, sorry.

          • Henry

            Thanks for the reply. Please keep us informed (as you always do!) – many are looking forward to this. Hoping it is not just a rumour!

          • thomasverbeke

            thx; keep us posted please

      • Zinchuk

        That’s not entirely true. When the firmware update for the D2X came out a number of years ago, it essentially brought in nearly all the features of the D2Xs. The D700 I think had a somewhat similar update. But that was indeed long ago.

        • Zinchuk

          Sorry, I meant D70, not D700

  • MoshNikon

    Phottix grip $199 available only in Europe !

    At this price I’ll definitely go for the Nikon grip

  • any links where the New grip can be bought?

  • DigMe

    The price is hefty on that Nissin flash but it seems to have some real engineering and premium build. I guess if you need to be able to shoot off 1000 flashes in a row you might be willing to pay for it! At this price though I think I might be pricing some quantum flashes perhaps.

  • amir

    Nikon D7000 with 18-105 lens: CND $ 1049
    Location:Costco.ca, In-store!

  • Donald

    Don’t those Euro prices relate to smaller sellers on Amazon, as opposed to Amazon itself? These sorts of prices have been available in the UK for some time from these sellers, who generally don’t offer the same guarantee as Amazon itself.

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