Nikon announcement in 24 hours (CES 2013)


In approximately 24 hours Nikon will have their announcement at the 2013 CES show for the Nikon 1 J3, S1two 1 Nikkor lenses and probably the introduction of the D5200 in North America. I do not expect any other surprises for tomorrow. The official announcement should happen at, or around, midnight EST on Monday. I think some "more interesting" products will be released during the CP+ show in Japan (January 31 - February 3). Stay tuned for detailed coverage.

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  • Spy Black

    So you think any serious DX stuff will show up at CP+ and not at CES? Wouldn’t CES be a bigger show to be able to make a larger splash with?

    • AM

      There’s not going to be any serious DX stuff anymore.

      • MJr

        It’s not Nikon’s decision. You can start being serious with DX right now.

    • I think so, but I have no reliable intel for now.

      • Fgonz031

        Intel you said and “more interesting” products analyze explain.

        • I think there will be a new high end DX body. The key word here is “think”.

          • Double-P

            I hope the D7200. So admin, would you have any guess as to how long there would be between the announcement and availability in western europe?

          • RondoX

            “Welcome to Nikon can I take your order?”

            Umm… Let me see… I’ll take a D400 and a side order of a 18mm 1.8G DX, to go please!

            • RondoX

              “Would you like a Nano coat with that?

              No thank you!

          • Fgonz

            you think a new cmos sensor made by aptina, more video capabilities maybe 4k this you said?

  • kin notwell


  • bjrichus

    In a word… BORING!

    Waiting (as usual) for reasonable products and no more Coolpix and J junk.

  • Eagle

    Nikon… My D7200 money will not last for long. Release it already!

    • Fry

      get a D600 already !

      • Peter

        Depends… If Eagle has a lot of DX glass, a D600 could be a bridge too far in terms of budget.

        • Fry

          well, since there’s nothing extraordinary about any DX glass currently available, I’d say parting with DX would not be very painful..

    • Double-P

      I agree. No way can I justify buying a d7000 now, with the new one so near (probably), but I’d hate to have to take my D80 on my safari!

      • MJr

        Chances are you could almost buy two D7000’s for the price of a new D7200, so i think that’s plenty justifiable.

        • Double-P

          I’m going to guess that the D7200 will be within my budget and I am way too much an electronics freak to buy something that’ll have a successor soon 🙂
          Also, I plan on using it a few years, and I want the newest version then. If it’s a few hundred more, so be it.

  • pedro

    hi guys i’m a nikon rep and I just want to say I like Turtles

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