Nikon D5200 to start shipping in the US next week


According to this screenshot, taken from a major US retailer, Nikon is expected to start shipping the D5200 in the US as early as next week. The D5200 was announced in early November in Europe, Asia and Australia, but not in North America.


Nikon booth during the 2012 CES show

Nikon will most likely announce the D5200 in North America during the 2013 CES show (January 8-11, 2013) together with the new Nikon 1 J3 and S1 and two 1 Nikkor lenses. This year I will not be attending the show, but if you are going and would like to share some pictures from Nikon'sbooth, please contact me. For detailed CES coverage of all other manufacturers please follow PhotoRumors.

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  • duggu


  • Waiting for the USA price

  • Fgonz

    And Nikon 4k Video??? NR admin

  • MyrddinWilt

    I was interested to find that the local Costco which normally only ever has one Nikon DSLR body in stock is now stocking the D600, D5100 and D3200. They must be selling.

    They also have the J1 but the stocks are winding down. At the beginning of last week the pallet was full, now they only have a few left.

  • D300s is end of life. Will Nikon let it go without a replacement?

    • Anonymous Maximus

      Really, who cares the D5200 or whatever. They are all of the same plastic consumer ****. Where hell is the D400 ???

    • Lamar Francois

      It’s always seemed like the D300s has been EOL since at least this time last year with very few of them knocking around.

      Reckon the D400 will be a mighty camera once they get round to making it , which should be sometime this year.

    • Neopulse

      Of course not, it’s gonna be released in order to compete with the 7D MK II

  • Does anyone else find it interesting that the D800E is listed as generally available, yet the D800 is “small stock in some stores”?

    How things have changed in the span of 6 months.

    • Jeff Swift

      That was one of the 1st things that caught my eye.

    • RMJ

      Sounds prettty logical. D800E is a specialized camera with higher price tag and lower demand. It’s much easier to supply enough of them to keep the stock level high.

  • Dirk

    D300s is EOL….. Please Nikon announce replacement model (D400 ?) soon!
    It already took to much time…..

  • raymond @

    The long awaited D400 is still missing… crap… Have to many DX lenses to change to FX…

    • Gargamel

      You can use DX lenses with FX body. D800 gives you about 16 megapixels in DX mode. It’s 4 megapixels more than you get from D300’s APS-C sensor.

      • Peter

        true, but you get a much smaller viewfinder on a D800 in DX mode compared to a real DX camera. So it’s only a temporary solution till you can afford changing your lenses to FX…
        I’m in the same position… waiting for the D400 desperately!

    • desmo

      at most you should only have 2 dx specific lens,
      10-24 or 12-24 widezoom
      16-85 or 18 -200 general purpose
      all dx primes had an FX choice(suitable for both FX DX)
      17-55 never had quality to match its price,
      all rest were crap kit lenses

      • raymond

        have the Nikkor 12-24mm F4 and 17-55mm F2.8. and i LOVE them. Hard to let go 🙂

  • F200

    I actually saw a person with a Nikon 1 J1 hanging around his neck….

    • gsum

      Ha ha, you’re a really funny, witty person aren’t you. I bet it didn’t take long to think up such a hilarious comment. You should be on the stage.

  • Nikon — stupid to the core.

    …aaaand since it’s right after christmas, Nikon has doomed the 5200 to being perpetually on sale. Yeah, way to understand your customer base, Nikon.

  • js200022

    I think just like the D90 was replaced by the D7000, the rumored D9000 will replace the D300. I just hope it will have the same pro quality as the D300.

  • PhotoSME

    I too am tired of waiting for the D330/D300s replacement. Don’t care what you want to call it (D400/D9000) just give us some of the new stuff and 24MP. I am convince the replacement will be a DX000 to separate pro from consumer cameras.

    I really find it amazing that Costco has expensive Nikon and Canon DSLR cameras. Good for them and us.

    Come on Nikon lets do it in the first quarter.

    • PhotoSME

      Sorry about that typo….of course D300/D300s.

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