Nikon to announce two new mirrorless camera during the 2013 CES show in January: J3 and S1


This is a rather an unusual development: Nikon will announce two new mirrorless cameras during the 2013 CES show that will take place in Las Vegas between January 8-11.

Nikon 1 J3

The Nikon 1 J3 will have a 14MP sensor with slightly improved specs. Don't expect anything major in terms of new functionality or design. FYI: the J2 was announced just 4 months ago (August 9, 2012).

Nikon 1 S1

I am still not sure, but it seems that this will be the new entry level Nikon mirrorless camera and it will have a 10MP sensor. Very cheap and very basic. The S1 should be placed bellow the J product line. The new Nikon 1 camera lines will be S - J - V.

I also expect that Nikon will announce the D5200 for the US market at the CES show.

Expect more interesting products to be introduced during the CP+ show in Japan (January 31 - February 3, 2012).

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  • Fry

    a cheaper body would make sense only if Nikon upped the specs on the J line. The V2 is too feature packed for a P&S replacement. I would like a J3 with just a couple of more buttons – for ISO, AF mode, and maybe a PSAM dial.

  • neversink

    A bore… Nikon’s mirrorless cameras are a complete bore and a big waste of money. Nikon is great when it comes to cameras like the D800 and D4 but when it comes to mirrorless and p&S Nikon’s products appear to be pos.

    • Apparently you’ve never used one. The picture quality is great and the AF is second to none. Sorry, but you’ve been mislead if you think they’re horrible cameras..

      • neversink

        Sorry – I have used it,and tested it and find it to be second rate, with a slight lag and inferior. I would rather have a Canon Gx1 in my pocket or even my S90 p&s. Why do I want to buy little lenses for low IQ??? What a waste of money I still think this “1” series is gimmick.My iPhone gives me amazing 8×10 prints. Haven’t tried anything larger. If only the IQ wee much better than the little p&s I use, then perhaps I would consider. Basically, I really use my D7000 as my p&s though and stick with my D4 / D800 combo for my professional work.

        • gsum

          But your iphone and GX1 doesn’t do 60 frames a second, nor will it capture stills when videoing, nor can you attach e.g. Nikon’s fantastic 180mm f2.8, to obtain an equivalent focal length of nearly 500mm at f2.8. I’ll carry on using my D800 for serious work but the V1 has its place as a compact that’s great for telephoto action shots and fun.

          • neversink

            OK – I am sure it is fun, even in its clumsy, plasticy fragile body — but why in the world do you lug a 180 along with the V1. Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of the portability factor? You’ll be able to get much higher quality crops in your D800 with the 180 and probably reach more than 500mm (after the crop) — and I know they will look better than a straight shot from the v1.. but hey – Have fun!
            You guys have convinced me to play with one again the next time I go to my photo shop. But I doubt I’ll buy one.

            • gsum

              All true and I’ve been doing just that with the D800 but it doesn’t do 60 frames per sec. It seems to me that this incredibly useful feature for sports photographers, birders etc. is not given sufficient credit when assessing the V1.

    • David Kasman

      I use my V1 all the time. No, it doesn’t have the ultimate resolution and the kit lens is soft, but there is something about it that just makes it fun and easy to use. I never use my Canon P&S anymore and I mainly use my Nikon DSLR just in the studio now.

    • Martin Brooks

      Whether they’re POS’s or not, the P&S line sells remarkably well. I don’t know why they sell well, but they do. Last fiscal year (ending 3/31/12), the Nikon P&S line sold 17.37 million units, giving them a 17.5% market share, remarkable considering how many manufacturers there are in this market.

      They’ve sold another 8.26 million in the 1st half of this fiscal and are predicting sales of 17 million for the year. That’s a very small decline considering how much phone-based cameras have taken over the market.

      I “played” with the mirrorless line at a trade show and I thought they were kind of fun. Whether it’s better or worse than the Sony line or whether I would like it for daily walkaround use, I couldn’t say until I post-processed some photos from one. Would I have been happier with a larger sensor in the mirrorless line? Of course. I see no reason why you couldn’t put a DX sensor in those bodies, although that would make the lenses physically larger.

  • brianbalzer

    Nikon would have made a lot more money if they just introduced a micro four-thirds camera and a line of Nikkor lenses that could be used on any platform.

    • Guest

      I’m not sure why that would have helped Nikon at all. As a DSLR complement, the Nikon 1 line is very nice (small size, pocketable in a jacket, and good AF/IQ for its size – the 18.5mm lens is great). Yes, it needs a lot of improvement (a better sensor, more fast glass, wider primes). However, I wouldn’t have considered buying a micro four-thirds camera to use along with my D700. Why would one want a P&S-size camera that you need to attach DX-size lenses to?

      • desmo

        because i don’t want to buy duplicates of lens i already have

  • Danonino

    Thats f*cking crazy. THE NEED TO PUT THE SONY “1 20mp sensor in the J3! EVERYTHING ELSE IS JUST F*UCKING SUICIDE!!!!!

  • Pat

    Nikon is just trying buy time before their APS-C mirrorless is ready. With a good sensor and the Nikon 1 style ultra-fast AF it could be a major hit.

  • RamesesThe2nd

    Nikon 1 is for people who just want to upgrade from point and shoot and have interchangeable lenses. Micro 4/3 is for people who love everything about DSLRs but don’t like their size. Two very different markets. Most readers of this site, including me, will not appreciate Nikon 1.

    • Eric Duminil

      Actually, I still find m43 kinda big, especially considering the relatively small sensor. My 3rd camera is a Fuji X100, but my 4th might become a Nikon 1. They seem fun and have some unique features.

    • I like the Nikon 1 for a small pocket camera.
      I have D5000 and was planing to upgrade to the D7000 replacement when it comes out.

      But I also like the point on the Nikon 1. It’s small I can have it with me everywhere. A DSLR is just to big to just drag along where ever you go.

      And the ponit of putting a DX og FX sensor in it breaks some of the idea about just taking it with you.
      The lens are just getting to big.

      That said then I think there is a future in mirrorless cameras with DX and FX. It’s the next step from DSLR Like then you moved from two mirrors to single mirror cameras. then the move to mirror lens is logic.
      But the Nikon 1 serie is a small good camera that you can take with you everywhere. And need small lenses.

      • RamesesThe2nd

        That is my biggest complain with Nikon 1. It is a smallish camera, but it is not small enough to be pocketable. Anything bigger than Canon S series (S95, S100, and S110) is not pocketable. Also, Nikon 1 has point and shoot level IQ and entry level DSLR pricing.

  • NikonFanBoy

    Hi Admin,

    Any news on the 800mm f/5.6 VR lens? I thought this would come out in Jan along with other cameras?


    • s.dunn

      What would you like to know?

      • Gary

        For me, the specs…weight, MFD etc.

        • s.dunn

          I cant tell you the weight, but it doesn’t feel like much more than the 600 f4, 5kg is a fair guess. Length is around the same as it fits in the Ct-607 with only a slight change for the foot difference. I don’t know what MFD is? Other than medium format digital. DId you mean MTF curves?

          There are some very interesting new features being incorporated into the lens that I have never seen before.

  • Benjamin JD

    What Nikon really should do is make these much smaller. The first place they can cut size is the sensor. If they cut it down to 1/4″ (call it BX) I think they will have a real winner. Make it smaller and less complicated (less features) and I will pay through the nose!

    • Bob

      Are you an idiot? Hang on, we don’t need to answer that.

      Take a look at Sony have done with the RX100 where they have been able to put a relatively large sensor into a compact body, and blow everyone away with it. With the J-V series, why cripple an already poor product by putting in an even smaller sensor. Duh.

      • roadie

        No no no.. they should come up with a 1/8″ sensor (call it AX), and compete with the huge iPhone market… while they’re at it, why don’t they add the phone functionality using the Andriod OS?

      • JG

        I won’t pretend to speak for Ben JD, but Bob, I think your sarcasm detector is broken.
        Ben, I LOL’d.

        • Bernard

          I’m sure Ben JD means the size of the actual camera, not the sensor. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • UnknownTransit

        Shhh, the not so camera experts don’t know that the Nikon 1s are crippled. If Nikon can get the S1 out for $300, it’s a serious improvement over P&S and that would sell the product.

        • peevee

          V1 is about $300 right now, why would anybody buy something even worse than J for that money?

    • Aldo

      One can argue that nikon can no longer compete with sony sensors since sony seems to be taking over the sensor market. Anyone else thinks that there is something special about nikon sensors? beyond the megapixel count? I would love to see nikon develop sensors for their future SLR’s even if it means paying a bit more…

  • Frenchguy

    Strange Marketing approach as the J2 will become a stillborn. So we will have Nikon S1, J3 and V2, S1 the last coming but the cheapest, J3 the other new model but middle range and V2 high end. Dear customers if you are lost that’s normal!

    • CJ

      They are stuck as of now. They have planned and producted so many 1 lens and their P&S sales are slipping. So, the 1 line will be there de facto P&S models in about 3 to 5 years.

      • St.

        Why they don’t do JUST ONE 1 camera, but do it right, instead of having 3 completely stupid models? I’m speechless….

      • After they announce the J3 and S1, Nikon will have 6 Nikon 1 bodies and six lenses.

        • So UncoolPix

          Nice. Lets see if they can make more bodies than lenses, and if every sensor can be worse than the prior. Nikon is goofing…. these TRULY ARE cooolpix. Truly in the tradition of ever fine Nikon CoolPix. How sad.

        • Sahaja

          Sounds like Nikon1 is competing with the Sony NEX for body iterations.

  • Dave Ingram

    @admin “Expect more interesting products to be introduced …” any chance of getting more detail on those (assuming it’s probably the D400 and/or D7100 – you did use a plural) before the D600+kit lens deal expires in early January? Still waffling and can afford to wait a bit longer to hear some specs before making a final decision on my body upgrade.

    • I do not expect any major new before the end of the year.

      • Dave Ingram

        Thanks @NikonRumors:disqus – even early Jan would be good. Most retailers in Canada seem to be carrying the D600 deal until January 9. Thanks for all of the product updates – really appreciate what you folks do!

  • PeterO

    Hopefully the newer versions will show an improvement in quality, unlike the V2. The P&S models will slowly fade to black and the 1 series will replace them.

  • Neopulse

    Hmmm does this S-line mean the end of the S800c? Will it give birth to Android-based cameras this one? (Although there already is, but making it a much more common feature now).

  • Rhonbo

    Nikon must have realized that sales where not what they expected so at the last minute decided to make the J2 more attractive with more MP and call it the J3. Probably won’t make a whole lot of difference in the end. Nikon just can’t seem tofigure out what people really want. Maybe they should ask next time. Put a standard hot shoe on the J4 and up the flash sync speed plus a few tweeks and a better sensor. Offer an F1:2 – 1:8 lens or two if your going to continue with the line.
    Probably not going to happen, someone else will do it for them.
    Can’t imagine the S1 selling very well unless it is cheaper than the current discounted J1. Anyone that wants a 1 Camera has probably already got one by now with the current discounts. Where will all the new sales come from for the J3 & V2. The new models need to be real upgrades from the old ones.

  • Rhonbo

    One thing that makes some sense is if NIkon is treating the 1 series like the Coolpix line coming out with more of the same every 6 months to keep the line freash and maintain some level of sales.

  • JG

    S – J – V Sub Junior Varsity.

    In the time that Nikon created the 1 series, iterated the J model three times and iterated the V model twice, it has failed to update the D300s. It stopped selling replacement parts to independent repair shops (which has hopefully triggered a lawsuit by now). The QC on new DSLR bodies dating back to the D7000 would embarass Lada. Why am I remaining a loyal Nikon customer?

    It will be interesting to see how many of us jump ship if Canon releases a 7D mk II before Nikon releases a D400.

    • Nikonhotep

      I’m contemplating the current 7d if Nikon doesn’t come out with a “D400” that is a genuine successor to the D300(s). I will certainly consider a 7d mk II even if Nikon _does_ release a “D400.” It would be nice, in fact, to have a choice. I am not so invested in glass at this point that I feel wed to Nikon.

      • Aldo

        oh I’m sure they will make the d400 after reading you comment lol. I will too sell my loved d800 and get the mark II with its incredible auto focus if they don’t come up with a true d700 successor soon….

        • Neopulse

          You mean the Mark III right?

          • Aldo

            No I do mean the mark 2… as getting a 7d could be considered downgrading from the current nikon stuff.. I too suggested downgrading from a D800 to the mark II in a sarcastic way. With the d600 at 1500 or less… only reason I see not to jump the fence to FX at this point… is owning a lot of DX glass.

            • Neopulse


            • Pat Mann

              Or needing the crop factor for sports and wildlife. Or getting 40% off on all your lenses (at least those where they make an equivalent in DX)

        • Davide Anastasia

          And what’s the reason to let a D800 go for a less performing model?

          • Aldo

            … I’m just being a smart ass… I think it’s pretty clear that nikon has beaten canon in the later models… It only makes sense to go canon if you own glass imo.

          • I’ve played with both the 5DmkIII and a D800, (not extensively, only a few hours each), but I did notice that autofocus on the 5DmkIII, (at least the factory defaults) was spectacular, while the D800 was only great.
            Of course, image quality on the D800 is miles ahead of the 5DmkIII, but if you are shooting action and can’t afford a D4, the 5DmkIII (or D700) might be a better fit than the D800

          • Eric Duminil

            Sarcasm ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Neopulse

        To tell you the truth, I think Nikon will try to release the D300 successor before the 7D successor (which is a sweet camera in my opinion) because ever since the Mark III came out before the D800 and the Mark II beating the D700 in its video capabilities; I think Nikon will try it’s best to beat the upcoming successors in the category just as it did with the D600 against the 6D and the performance of the D800 versus the 5DMKIII. I for one am dying to see the top of the line DX camera how it’ll perform and be built. If it’s the same or better than the 7D in terms of ruggedness and weather sealing then I think it’ll dominate that market. Although I’m hoping this one with have more cross types than the D300s and employ dual processors like the 7D. And of course slots that work out for the user that utilizes high fps like CF, SD or XQD.

    • Karen Garibian

      +10 JG!

    • groob

      If the 7D Mk ii specs are right and there are no rumblings of a D400, then I’m disappointingly finished with Nikon. I wouldn’t jump over for the 1D Mk IV because it’s ISO capabilities have been surpassed, but Nikon QC terrifies me to spend much cash on their next iteration. They haven’t even publicly acknowledged the D800 focus sensor issue. Absolutely inexcusable.

      • Ric


  • crb

    lets expand the failure!!!

  • I just bought a J1 for $400 at B&H including the 10-30 and 30-110 lenses. Seemed like an unbeatable deal and a nice way to introduce me to mirrorless. I have a Nikon D4, and while I love it, it’s too heavy and expensive to carry around everywhere. This looks to be a really nice compromise. I’m also looking forward to hooking up my DSLR lenses to it to get some really cool super telephoto shots that would require super-heavy $5,000+ lenses on the D4.

    Trouble is, $300-400 feels like the right price for this type of camera. It’s lower end than a DSLR, so having it more expensive than the entry-level DSLR is not going to work.

    And does anyone know what these letter codes mean? I have a “V”, the cheaper camera is a “J” and the entry-level is a “S”. Why? Every time I talk about these cameras I mix up the code letters since they seem to have no meaning whatsoever.


    • Fry

      you’ll get used to it, eventually.. I’m not sure if there was any reasoning behind the J/V product codes. The new “S” might correspond to the S “style” series of coolpix line.

      • Can you believe it’s the V1 I actually bought, not the J1? I can’t believe how often I mix up the two. Anyway, thanks for the reply :).

        And it’s 7:36 and I still haven’t gotten the shipment from UPS. Guess the Christmas season is really tough on deliveries, but I really should pick FedEx as shipper next time :(.


        • Fry

          “V” is the one with the Viewfinder ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • Pat Mann

          I was wondering how you were going to hold those telephotos and use the LCD. Now it makes sense.

    • stoooopid

      I agree. I have a d7000, but hate to carry it around for just taking shots of my kids out and about. My J1 is more than good enough IQ for social media posts. If I need better IQ in the studio, I just get out the d7000. By the way, Nikon would have had a home run if they had allowed the flash on the J1 to control off camera Nikon flashes (in the CLS system).

    • V is for view finder, I don’t know about J and S was the name of the rangefinder line of cameras back in the day.

  • Camaman

    So much for simple naming.
    Cameras with “1” coming up 3 years in the system lineup… Equals confusing soup.

  • Richard

    oh man..i am so confused. Why add more 1’s on top of the P&S failures? use the money to improve customer service at Nikon USA! and fix the D800 and D600 for good. Nikon’s really been slapping their own faces recently…ridiculous price cuts and fast new model cycles make their products lose value like crazy. I would rather they produce good products that will last 2~3 years rather than coming out with defective ones every 6 months.

  • Bratislav ILIC

    S1 should be placed bellow the J?
    Really? How low can you go?

    • yes, this is my understanding – less features, fewer buttons, 10MP sensor

      • bjrichus

        Dear God! I can’t begin to express my feelings by being sarcastic anymore. Poor old Nikon that it has come to this.

    • Dave Lively

      Maybe S will stand for small. A body thin and so short the lens mount sticks out on the top and bottom like the NEX-5N or Panasonic GF5. No room for any controls except the power switch, shutter button and a touchscreen for everything else. If the target market is people that have never used anything except a phone for pictures having to rely on the touchscreen would not hurt sales to that group, it might even help. They could even call the special effect filters “apps”.

      The 1 series image quality is not impressive compared to other mirrorless cameras or SLRs but is a big step up from smart phones.

      The J1 with the 10-30 is about the same size and weight as a small m43 body with the thin Panasonic 14-42 zoom and is a lot larger than the RX-100. A smaller sensor should make for a smaller camera but without eliminating manual controls the current bodies are about as small as they can be.

      I would not buy a camera like this but if it is cheap a lot of camera phone users looking for better image quality might.

  • groob

    This is seriously the last thing I wanted to see on here. Couldn’t be more disappointed in Nikon since July–for God’s sakes bring on the 7D MK II.

    • 2012 was the year of full frame cameras, 2013 will be the year of DX cameras

      • bjrichus

        Really? Not obvious from things so far! I’m getting outstanding results from my old 35mm Nikormat – $400 when new and it still outperforms anything DX, so if this keeps up, I might just end up denying Nikon ANY income from new product in 2013 – if only because I won’t NEED a D7100/D400 by the time they get the things out the door…

        • Spy Black

          “I’m getting outstanding results from my old 35mm Nikormat – $400 when new and it still outperforms anything DX…”

          DX cameras long surpassed film ages ago. However, it’s what you do with the instrument, so I hope you’re making wonderful images with your Nikormat.

          • bjrichus

            “DX cameras long surpassed film ages ago. However, it’s what you do with the instrument,”

            Really? Tell that to my buyers. As you rightly say it’s what you can do with them that matters most. I do quick pictures and sports shots with digital and art prints from film. Digital will certainly deliver cleaner images, but the people who will pay me $800+ a print or buy a $120 book seem to prefer the “feel” of images derived from film by a ratio of about 15 to 1. Know your market and work for it, I say.

  • Pat Mann

    Given how poorly the V2 did relative to the V1 and J1 on DXOMark, and how well the Sony 1-inch sensor performed, I hope this is a BIG improvement in sensor specs. It’s a format with a lot of potential, as shown by the Sony, and Nikon does have some interesting lenses in their roadmap.
    Potential to be a great birding camera with a lens like the new 70-200 f/4, provided they get the sensor DR competitive.

  • Narretz

    Nikon’s naming scheme continues to make no sense at all.

    • Neopulse

      Kinda get what ya mean. Yeah… sounds like winging it at times.

    • Pat Mann

      J for juicebox, V for Viewfinder, S for stripped. What’s not to make sense?

  • Wild. I can’t believe it. Unless of course, the D400 is mirrorless. That might be cool! hehehehe… in the meantime, I’m contemplating switching to Fuji.

  • Nikona

    At this pace, we will get Nikon J23 by 2020.

  • Art101

    If the D300 wasn’t such an awesome camera, I would be pissed that it hasn’t been updated yet (D300s not withstanding).

  • The “S” line has a very good history. They need to do it justice by reserving the “S” name for a full-frame, high end, rangefinder-style electronic view finder camera.

    • Karen G.

      Perhaps, they wants to revive the Nikon S-mount ?

      • Karen G.

        “S” mount i mean line, not mount.

        • Perhaps, down the road we’ll see a digital version of the S2. That would be sweet.

  • ใ‚ใ‹ใ‚‰ใชใ„

    Add another “???????” to the crowd. Nikon’s been overproducing (way too much old stuff still on the market when new stuff comes out) and its marketing is out to lunch. Can they tell me why someone should buy a J3 over a J2 over a J1 over a V1 over an S3? (or for that matter, a D3200 over a D5200?) It’s not at all clear to me. Maybe I should buy the one that’s in the coolest Ashton Kutcher commercial. ๐Ÿ˜€

    This makes me actually more hopeful for a D300s replacement – Nikon seems to be just throwing camera bodies out there (and then throwing out discounts after a few months) just to make sales/grab market share. It does not seem that there’s any product line strategy involved beyond “make something, get people excited and get them to spend $$$”. It also makes me somewhat hopeful for the digital back for film cameras – though we’ll see how many film cameras we’ll see (F6 certainly, others dictated by sales) and more importantly how logically features are chosen to the market (CX and DX camera strategy does not make me hopeful).

  • Spy Black

    You know, throw a standard hot shoe on that J3, and you’ll have a real camera. We’ll see.

  • C_QQ_C

    mm Nikon S camera’s always have been the rangefinders… so maybe… just maybe … Fullframe Mirrorless ???

    • Pat Mann

      I’m waiting for the SP.

  • peevee

    Can somebody explain how can a modern camera be UNDER Nikon 1 J?

  • Karen G.

    I Can’t find the source, where they exactly indicate, that “S” will be 1 inch camera. Anybody can help me?

  • evan

    No D7000 replacement? You’ve gotta be kidding me. blah.

  • marokero

    On paper the V2 seems to upgrade every thing from the V1, but in reality it seems to have been a downgrade from the V1. And lets not even mention its design… Sigh… can we have the same designers from single digit D cameras to work on the 1 line as well? And why can’t Nikon make a 1″ sensor that is exactly as if an area of the same size had been taken straight out of a D800? IQ is important too, not just frame rate.

    • Pat Mann

      It’s an interesting concept and I’m sure the snapshots would look great on the web, but I think the days of 5-megapixel cameras are over. The D800 has about 7.4 times the sensor area of the 1 series cameras.

  • J1 user

    Looks like most of you have never even tried Nikon 1? Very handy system with adapter and tele Nikkors (2,7 x crop).. J1 video quality is very good (even compared to FF dslrโ€™s).. J1 autofocus is really fast. Yes, it has smaller sensor, but picture quality is still very good. I paid 279โ‚ฌ of my J1 (with 10-30mm) and it is superior compared to the closely same size pocket cameras. When I need event better picture quality I use my Nikon D600 and I can use same Nikkors (J1 with adapter) with both of them.

  • Christophe R


    Is this an effect of the travel back in time machine? Or will happen last year? ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Sahaja

    Sad to see Nikon use “S” for such a camera. They are trampling on their heritage. Nikon should have kept S reserved for a future full-frame mirrorless named after their S rangefinder cameras.

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