Last moment Nikon D7000 bundle deal


B&H just listed a new Nikon D7000 bundle that is worth mentioning:

  • Nikon D7000 (reg. price: $1,196.95)
  • Nikon AF-S DX 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR II lens (reg. price: $846.95)
  • Nikon AF 50mm f/1.8D lens (reg. price: $124.95)
  • Vello BG-N4 battery grip for Nikon D7000 (reg. price: $69.95)
  • 16GB SDHC memory card Extreme class 10 UHS-I (reg. price: $24.06)
  • Including Nikon bag and educational DVDs (reg. price: $79.95)

The entire set is listed for $1,496.95 (instant savings of $845.85 based on the regular prices for each item) plus free overnight shipping, 2% in rewards and $300 Epson printer mail-in rebate.

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  • D Lens? 18-200, basically obsolete. Are they offloading older stuff for the D7100?

    • Nothing wrong with a classic D lens – I love my 50mm f/1.4D. How is the 18-200mm obsolete? Personally, I prefer not to carry around so much weight, but at that price, you’re basically getting the lens for free!

      • (shhh, I’m making a conspiracy theory that the D7100 is coming soon. Logic isn’t needed)

      • Spy Black

        Unfortunately the 18-200mm is a pretty crappy lens. The plastic kit lenses 18-55mm and 55-200mm have better IQ.

        • fred

          Difficulty I see, mounting them both at the same time.

          The 18-200mm isn’t bad, I own it, plenty sharp, bokeh not so nice.

          I see they threw in the 50mm 1.8 for low light. Good starter kit from B&H.

          • desmo

            toss the cheap fifty add the AFS10 -24
            and you have an excellent walk around kit
            based on an excellent camera/sensor

          • Spy Black

            Ah, the sheer torture of changing a lens…

      • rkas

        I dont have any experience with the 50/1.4D, but the 1.8D is pretty soft on a DX camera. Nothing I would recommend at all on DX actually.

        • Peter

          Soft compared to what? I own one and can’t say it’s soft at all. At the price of a 50mm f/1.8D it’s actually pretty darn sharp.

          Apart from that, sharpness is not the only thing that defines a good lens.

  • Another typical “Bargain Trap” for those bargain hunters.

  • AlphaTed

    Great deal for those who has a need for it. You know who you are … grab one!

    But .. but .. the bundle is a … meh.
    Maybe good for those new to Nikon.

    Expect these lenses to flood ebay and Craigslist.

  • Shawn

    Once again, they all seem to be ignoring their existing customers. I know lots of people who want to upgrade to better DX or to get into FX, but the discounts only include lenses. These guys, myself included, don’t want those lenses offered or already have them. We’d love to see a discounted body for once, the D800 price drop is a nice start.

    • Shawn

      Like maybe $700 off the D600 body only – that I could have convinced the family was the deal of the decade. They can keep the lens.

    • RamesesThe2nd

      When D7000 first came out, Nikon was running a deal with all it’s lenses: I got 16-35, 24-70, and 70-200 with D7000. I already had D90 and didn’t want to keep D7000, so I ended up selling it on Craigslist for $65 less than what I paid for it. All in all, I saved $935 on my FX lenses. You might be able to pull something like this. I have been a Nikon customer since early 2010 and I have never seen a body only deal as lucrative as the current D600 deal.

      • Shawn

        Definitely considered it, as well as hundreds of others too I’m sure. My concern is that the lens will not be worth much if ebay is flooded with them.

        • RamesesThe2nd

          I think you are right. They seem to be going at $350 on eBay.

          • yin

            No they aren’t. The cheapest one was $426 plus 15 shipping as of yesterday. No box and used. I know it is the internet but you can’t just run around and bs everyone

            • RamesesThe2nd


              Here you go. Sold two days ago for $330 brand new. You are just mad because you were hoping to sell yours for more than $350.

            • Um, that’s a 24-85mm you linked to. The lens above is an 18-200mm.

            • RamesesThe2nd

              I have been talking about D600 and its kit lens which is 24-85. See my comments above.

            • desmo

              nothing sold by someone other than a Nikon dealer is brand new
              the fact they lie upfront should be your first clue

            • RamesesThe2nd

              But that’s how things are sold on eBay. If 24-85 is $600 brand new at Nikon authorized dealer and $350 barely used on eBay, I am wiling to take a chance.

            • Desmo

              nothing in your link identifies seller as authorized Nikon dealer
              many ebay auctions and craigslist ads claim their used item is Brand New in sealed box

              Nikon doesn’t seal their Boxes
              Its a lie, fraud, whatever

  • Aldo

    all these price drops suggest that more cameras are on the way. I could tell you a lot of people would be all over a full metal 24 mp body with 51fp. But then again who knows, this body would put the d600 out of business, or at least make worth less than 1500.

    • desmo

      51pt af probably,
      full metal likely not,
      image quality wise it won’t come close to D600,
      especially low light hi iso

  • that’s actually a pretty stellar set-up for someone just jumping in actually.

  • Notwithstanding

    Another fool´s kit with shitty lenses..

  • Helvio

    About the D7100 ou D8000? Some news?????

  • Peter

    If it had the 16-85mm included instead of the 18-200 + 50, I would have considered it. But I don’t want a 18-200, and already have the 50…

  • Such an awesome deal. But too late for me as I have a D7000.

  • John

    I think this is one of the best cameras and people don’t want to get confused with other options.

    Thanks for posting.
    Nikon D7000 Discount

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