Nikon 1 V2 camera, Nikkor 18-300mm lens test results at DxOMark


Nikon 1 V2 compared to the Sony RX100 (1" sensor) and Canon G1x (1.5" sensor):


Nikon 1 V2 vs. Panasonic GF5 vs. Fuji X10:


DxoMark published their test results for the Nikon 1 V2 mirrorless camera. This is their conclusion on the V2:

Overall, the regression in performance, when compared to the Nikon 1 V1, suggest this camera is not as good a buy as the V1 – its results were simply underwhelming. If you already own a Nikon 1 V1 and are thinking of an upgrade, then you’ll probably find more benefit in waiting for the next iteration to see what that brings, as the V2 will not give you appreciably better images over what you have already. If you are in the market for a new hybrid type camera, then you may find benefit looking elsewhere if you want the best image quality. Within this area, the major contenders for other models to consider are the Canon EOS M, the Olympus EPL5, the Sony NEX 6 and the Pentax K01.

DxOMark also tested the Nikon AF-S DX 18-300mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR lens - as expected, the Nikon version scored higher than the equivalent lenses from Tamron and Sigma:


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  • Willis

    Oh man… Fail. I still love my V1 though.

  • `/1nc3nt

    embarrasing for nikon

  • val1s

    how about actually linking to the DxoMark results?

    • I did link to the front page that contains their latest test results. It’s a click away from there.

  • RxGus

    How can this be? I thought DxO was Nikon baised and taking money from them under the table!

    If I were Nikon, I would try to get my bribes back from them!

    • SleeperSmith

      Ahahaahah, and 2 down voters.

      So many idiots in this world.

      • Tommy


        Have it ever crossed your mind that, for example, guys from DxO visit NR? They may not find the joke particularly funny.

        • RxGus

          The joke is sarcasm. It isn’t making fun of DxO at all… its making fun of cannon apologists who can’t wrap their mind around the idea that their beloved 5D Mark III has a mediocre sensor at best, and that 3 pentax cameras have better IQ than the best cannon.

          “This can’t possibly be true- DXO must be making it up”

          • Noor


  • Tommy

    I switched systems to F-mount when D90 was released. Back then the quality your products have increased every year when a new camera was released. Until Nikon 1 came. You forgot about your prosumers (discontinued D7000 line, no upgrade for the D300s so far…) and now you’re releasing an “upgrade” that’s even worse than the previous model. I’m seriously thinking about getting the XPro1 instead of waiting for a decent camera with a yellow-black badge that might never come. I mean, seriously Nikon? What gives? D800’s great, but please, don’t forget about all the non-pros without wallets filled with black credit cards out here. Don’t lock yourselves in that ivory tower only ’cause you finally managed to beat Canon in most departments.

    • val1s

      they could just start releasing cameras every year that arn’t really an upgrade, see the t4i. DxoMark doesnt take in consideration the ergonomics of the camera have drastically improved. Yes the sensor is a side-grade, but sensor technologies don’t change in 12 months.

  • Mato34

    Results aren’t good but ,away from low light performance, DxO scores are based on best results, usually found at base ISO.

    Given than lowest ISO on V2 is 160 and on V1 is 100, and if you look at the curves over the whole ISO range, V2 doesn’t do it that bad.

    Anyway RX100 shows how far 1″ sensor could reach.


    • MyrddinWilt

      So it looks like the sensor is essentially the same technology as the previous generation but tweaked a bit to still make the high end ISO score with the light spread over more pixels. Which is costing it a bit at the low end.

      I am not sure what the point is here. The Nikon 1 beats the D40 and D50 and the CCD era cameras on performance and by a mile on ease of carrying.

      I can put a 85mm f/1.4 on my V1 for an effective focal length of 220 or so but I can’t get a 200mm f/1.4. And I certainly can’t carry a 750mm lens about very easily for the FX bodies. If I did it would be an f/4 or f/5.6.

      A hammer does not make a very good screwdriver and a screwdriver does not make a very good hammer. Having different lenses makes a lot of sense, so does having different sensors. The switch from FX to DX does not buy a great deal but the switch to CX does

  • Paul

    Epic Fail Nikon. I’m guessing the price drops in a few months.

  • Sounds like typical GIGO.

  • I just hope to have a price drop for the J2. I like the camera…
    Anyway is not as bad as a cheap point and shoot, still interesting for macro work.

  • Disappointing, for sure, but it does make the decision to get a fire sale V1 a lot easier. I feel like I want something between my iPhone and D800 in terms of size and image quality.

    • neversink

      Then stick to your iPhone and save your $$$ for at least buy a DX with the DX 18-200 lens, if not an FX with some better FX lenses. You’ll be way ahead of the game anyway.

  • AlphaTed

    hhhmmm, where’s that V1 kit/bundle link again ????

    • MyrddinWilt

      Try looking on B&H

      I got one with the idea of keeping the lens and selling the other stuff, the kit is only $100 more than the 10-100 lens. Then I decided to keep the camera and do stereo

  • iamlucky13

    Odd to see the bit depth drop by 5% and dynamic range by 2%, but then again, it’s an 18% higher resolution sensor. At the same time, their rating of its ISO abilities rose 15%, yet their score dropped by 7.4%.

    I guess that tells us something about how DxO weights their scores. Apparently they consider bit depth to be several times as valuable as ISO performance.

    Generally in my case it’s the other way around. I very, very seldom have issues with posterization, but noise is a regular limit. Dynamic range is occasionally an issue, but usually I’m compressing the range in post, not trying to squeeze out as much as possible.

    “Overall, the regression in performance, when compared to the Nikon 1 V1, suggest this camera is not as good a buy as the V1”

    Whoa there! You’re telling the buyers what their priorities are. That’s getting carried away with what the role of sensor reviews is.

    If the priority is the sensor, in particular the effective bit depth the sensor achieves, then the V2 looks like a small step backwards.

    If it’s clean images or resolution, then the V2 is a small step forwards.

    If the body features, including controls, ergonomics, frame rate, etc are your priority, then the V2 is a big step forwards.

    • neversink

      @ iamlucky12 – I dont know where in the world you deduced that DxO “considers bit depth to be several times as valuable as ISO performance.”

      What these test show is that the V2 fails in most, if not all, categories…. I guess it is hard, after buying the v2, to accept that it is a boring and hyped up piece of junk. So let’s fault the tester and not the manufacturer. Yeah, that’s honest and smart…

      Look – the Nikon mirror-less cameras are toys. They feel flimsy and plastic, have tiny sensors and aren’t that great in any category. I would rather use my iPhone camera than these hyped up cameras.

      • iamlucky13

        I thought I explained it clearly. The increase in ISO was much more substantial than the decrease in bit depth and dynamic range, yet they still gave it a lower combined score.

        The only possible explanation is a heavier weighting towards bit depth and dynamic range.

        And don’t think I have any love for the 1 series. It’s a decent, but not great sensor packed in a bunch of mediocre to crappy bodies with inexplicably huge lenses that most destroy the size advantage, in my opinion.

        You don’t need to exaggerate to criticize the 1 series, nor misconstrue the nature of the test.

        • neversink

          Perhaps I misread your statement. My apologies. Still not a fan of the one series.

  • Tracht

    Convinced me to buy a V1 at the closeout prices.

  • JPierce

    wow. Okay Nikon. You’ve ensured I will get rid of my V1 and buy Olympus

  • JPierce

    I was ready to buy the new 18mm f 1.8 lens, get the V2 later and the new 6.7mm W/A when it came out. This is very disappointing. Why on earth didn’t Nikon use the same sensor as the Samsung in the V2? This is now a dead-end platform. Oly’s lenses and EPL5 smokes Nikon’s entry.

  • Nikonguy

    Shame on your Nikon. I wish I had not changed my V1 to a V2.
    I do think the IQ is better on the V1.

    While the V2 is functionally better the V1 is better made.

    The new battery is under whelming. Nikon has omitted the remaing battery life % function opting instead to show a bar indicator onscreen.

    The V2 is not worth the upgrade based on price and DXO ratings.

  • gazb1986

    I love my nikon slr but their is a time where something smaller and lighter are useful, i wouldnt touch a V1 as its rubbish, i did buy a nx210, which is a brilliant camera for its size, descent senor and a very good lens range

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