Nikon D600 instant savings now live in Canada


The new Nikon D600 instant savings are now live in Canada, as previously reported. Here are the listing from The Camera Store - check also the special offers listed for each product (free Lowepro Fastpack 250 bag):

The current US Nikon instant savings are listed here.


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  • Canikon

    Any love for the UK, or even Europe, for that matter?

    • ram

      let’s hope for this

      • darko

        US afte CANADA…so Dear Nikon is Europe inside your plans…or what?Why this?

  • ayumex

    I just picked up this package at Henry’s. No bonus stuff – just the kit box. Futureshop has the same package listed on sale as with Vistek.

    • ayumex

      Henry’s has it listed for $1999.99 (

      I was talking to the store manager and he said Henrys is the only authorized seller to get this deal (not sure if that’s true since other authorized retailers have similar deals). Apparently Nikon Canada is playing favourites and rewarding stores that “play by the rules”. He also hypothesized that some stores may get their authorization revoked by Nikon. Take all this with a grain of salt.

      • lipper2000

        I call BS on the Henry’s rep…this would create havoc with people like me who bought at FS within the last week and now have received a refund from FS for the difference…
        I spoke to a Henry’s rep last week about the price in the US and he said Canada in general would get it as well

        • ayumex

          Yup. None of what he said made sense especially when I knew other stores like FS and Vistek had the same deal. Maybe the manager is a bit sore because his store actually has to compete for consumers.

          Nice getting that price match with FS.

          • lipper2000

            Yeah the price is just silly now…I sold my D7000 just over a month ago with the kit lens for almost $900…great timing all around

      • Henry

        Henry’s matched for me Vistek’s one-day deal today which offered the D600 w kit lens and 2x32GB generic class 10 SD cards for $1999. I just paid a bit extra to get better brand and quality cards. I’m happy with how that worked out!

  • dmcdougall

    The pictures shown on Nikon Rumors for the D600 has a AF-ON button but the D600 has no AF-ON button. So what camera is the above picture????

  • Guest

    Well FML I bought it from US on the 15th. I did get a bunch of accessories from B&H though

  • Dave Ingram

    London Drugs has the body + kit lens deal for $1999.99 as well but no extras:,default,pd.html?start=12&cgid=cameras-camerasslr&prefn1=brandDescription&prefv1=NIKON Body only also $1999.99. So the question is, how hard is it going to be to sell the 24-85mm?

    Now if the sale only lasts until after my credit card billing date ….

    @admin – any details on the D400/D7100/D8000 or whatever it is going to be called??

  • Jaby

    I just got my D600 on bestbuy. They still have it a 2499 so i went and i said that futureshop price is 1999 and i got the same price + 50$ off.

  • shawnino

    Anybody doing body-only for less than $2K? Don’t need the lens nor the hassle of selling it.

    • Henry

      Downtown Camera in Toronto had an in-store only deal on the D600 body for $1797 (I went in and asked!) and Aden Camera has it for ~$1865. Henry’s was willing to give me $250 trade-in on the kit lens, so in effect, making the D600 body $1750 (I don’t think I would have paid tax on the $1999 if I did this). I chose to sell the kit lens as I know I can get more for it than that. Good luck!

      • shawnino


  • Denis Heinrich

    heading to the Camera store today to get mine plust LowePro bag for free!!!

    • Dave Ingram

      That’s a nice little bag – I’ve had one for a while and I like that you can use it as a day pack for short hikes. Top compartment is big enough to hold a jacket, lunch and a thermal shirt. Camera part is big enough for a body + longer lens, 2 other lenses, and binoculars.

  • Henry

    I’m suspecting that come Boxing Day we’ll see this deal with the extras. Stores need something extra to offer for their biggest sale! We’ll see!

  • John

    Anyone wanna grab this deal and letting go of the lens?
    I am interested in getting the lens only for USD250.
    Shipping out of US to my country, I will be bearing the required postal cost 🙂
    my email is

  • guista

    In France, the D600 body can now be found at 1849 euros in the Darty’s shops (

    Moreover, they give you a 150 euros voucher (which can be used for buying any camera accessory) which gives a final price of 1699 euros (~ $2245)
    This is to be compared to the European launching price which was 2100 euros (~ $2774)

    I suppose these price drops are related to the sensor dust problem (


    La Nikon D600 pierde mas aceite que la furgoneta de Locomia 🙂


    En que se parecen una Nikon D600 y una harley davidson,

    en que no pierden aceite, marcan su territorio.

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