Nikon D600 instant savings coming to Canada as well


Several readers from Canada have asked me and now I can confirm that a new Nikon D600 instant rebate, similar to the one in the US, is coming to Canada on December 20th and it will probably be valid till December 24th, 2012. If you purchase a D600 during this period, you will basically get the 24-85mm lens and few accessories for free. Stay tuned for more details.

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  • fixit

    …and for $5 more, you can have poutine with that!

  • Dave Ingram

    C’est bon! Hopefully it won’t just apply to stores in Quebec and come with an English manual : )

    • I sometimes wonder if the reason why stuff costs more up here is because they have to print and ship a french manual with everything.

      The D600 has a 338 page manual. When you include French, that’s about 750 pages, or the equivalent of 3 average trade paperbacks included in every box. I think the two manuals weigh about as much as the camera itself!

      • John Mitchell

        That’s silly. A manual like this can’t cost more than a buck or two. It’s not like they translate it in French just for Quebec either, there are a bunch of French speakers in Europe and elsewhere.

      • Ronan

        Greedy retailers are the answer why stuff cost more here in Quebec…

        The average car dealership will even feed you BS of how cars are imported into the US and then into Canada = thats why they are 20% more expensive (and then plus taxes). Complete lie…

      • Kon_head

        Relax man. The US retail box is also bi-lingual, English and Spanish. So the add’l paper is not the issue. Crooked Nikon is the issue. DO NOT BLAME THE FRENCH!

      • We have four official languages in Switzerland and you get three of them in the D800 box (one of the languages is obscure).

      • Jay

        Reminds me the interview with BMW Canada CEO a couple years ago when loonie was doing much better than the US dollar. When asked why bimmers had still cost much more here despite the stronger loonie, he said : ‘One particular BMW dealer in Florida sells more BMWs than we sell in whole Canada’. Economies of scale?

        • Fly Moon


  • John Mitchell

    Awesome! Glad I didn’t buy from the U. S. without a warranty!

  • David G.

    Woohoo! At long last, we’re not left behind!

    Now if only I had a few spare thousand dollars laying around….

  • John T

    Isn’t that sale price much lower than the US offer at $1,999 Canadian Dollars?

    • AlphaTed

      Well, B&H, Adorama, or Amazon, sweetened the deal by including other freebies.

    • kevin

      usd and cdn dollar are about at par at the moment… so it is about the same price.

  • Eveall

    Any word if these savings will extend to the d800 as well?

    • As far as I know – no, only for the D600.

      • Steve

        The d800 is included in the instant savings…valid until jan 2. Yes!

  • Steve

    Any word on if these savings are extending to the d800 as well?

  • gary

    Doesn’t SDHC top out at 32GB? Shouldn’t that be a SDXC card?

  • Tundra450

    Tabarnak!!!! Just bought an D800, full price

  • Fly Moon

    Woohhoooo. I am glad Adorama backordered my order and I had to cancel because I didn’t want to wait until January. Thanks Admin for the heads up

  • smokey

    y don’t have such discount in other countries?

  • for information ll lozeau in Montréal already sell the D600 @ 1999,99$ and the D800 @ 2999,99$ since 1 or 2 weeks

    • ed

      free lens with this offer…

  • Denis Heinrich

    thats great news
    I just cant wait for it!!!

  • andre

    chez l lozeau a 1,999,00 pas de lentille avec

    • Henry

      Peut-etre bientot ca va changer pour la mieux! J’espere pour tout mes amis et amies de Quebec et tout Canada! 🙂

  • RamesesThe2nd

    This is one heck of a deal. I would totally pull a trigger on it, if i wouldn’t have a full frame camera already. I honestly didn’t expect a full frame camera like D600 to go on a $700 discount just a couple of months after release. it took D700 a while to come down in a price. Same with D800. Could this deep discount be because of “Made in Thailand” label on D600?

  • boba

    Very sad, no deal in U.K.

    Only Jessops deal, hate this shop,
    greedy nikon U.K.

  • Henry

    Thanks for the confirmation Nikon Rumours! Looking forward to seeing competing deals up here in Canada soon too! Cheers!

  • ram

    any chance for UK buyers?? hope Nikon brings this offer to UK as well

  • NPDav

    What about Oz?…. Over 3 grand here….come on Nikon Aus… stop shafting us (or it could be our tax laws that’s forcing us to shop overseas and risk warranties)

  • Cédric Galataud

    Just bought mine 2 days ago. 🙁 Maybe I should return it to get the deal.

  • pop

    What about Thailand deal? Here is quiet high price tag. Waiting to have good deal like this.

    So sad, Thailand is the country produced D600 camera, but high selling price.

  • Nuy

    J’ai le sentiment que l’on ne verra jamais ce genre d’offre en France !
    Peut-être un prix similaire d’ici quelques mois, mais sans tous les goodies !



    That lens is a POS…it should have always been included for ‘free’ removing the lens and all the other crap the body should be 1599$ the same price it should have been since day 1 considering the oil leakage defect.

  • Aldo

    I’m at 19k actuations on my d800 that I got on release date… loving the thing and it has made me a better photographer. Gratz on those getting the d600 at this bargain price. I held it a few mins at a best buy once with the kit lens. It reminded me of the days which I had to manual focus events with my F3 and the split screen…. always focusing in the middle and recomposing.

    • Aldo

      Not to brag too much but my first blurry picture came up once I switched to auto focus 😛

  • Eydsomnia

    sad, no Germany. I Bought one from the amazon warehouse “as new”. It had 800 actuations and a massiv dust + oil problem….
    If this deal would come to germany i def. will buy it.

  • Fly Moon

    It’s happening 😉 Future shop is at 1999

  • Q

    Future shop sales D600 until Jan 9!

  • Henry

    Deal is now active. No extras sadly like our US friends get., and all have the D600 plus 24-85 lens for $1999.99 today. Not sure till when.


    La Nikon D600 pierde mas aceite que la furgoneta de Locomia 🙂

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