How to get the Nikon D5200 in the US for Christmas

If you live in one of the countries where the Nikon D5200 is still not announced and you cannot wait any longer, DigitalRev currently has the camera in stock and can ship it internationally. The D5200 body only is priced at $859 with free US shipping (read about the worldwide warranty here).

Yesterday Nikon published online the D5200 digitutor:

Nikon D5200 product video:

A reader uploaded few sample images taken with the Nikon D5200 on flickr (all images with "DE ZAAK" in the title).

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  • Jorge

    Why would I want that hideous beast? Oh. and FIRST!! LOL Merry Christmas everyone!

    • 800mm f/2.8 DX VR

      Look, now you’re last!

      • Jorge


  • MOJO

    Just get a D7000; problem solved…

    • But. But. The D7000 is only 16 megapixels….

      • nick192

        16mp is only?? retards…

        • Alex

          sarcasm detector not working?

        • Alex

          Sarcasm detector not working?

        • rodrigo

          ..not working

      • Tommy

        And it doesn’t come in metallic cherry red!

  • AlphaTed

    So, if you bought it overseas and can provide a receipt, Nikon USA will service it.
    But if you bought it grey in the US, Nikon USA won’t even touch or see it.


    • Darcy

      Nope. If you bought it overseas and can provide a receipt, Nikon USA still will not service it, EVEN IF YOU PAY THEM.

      • AlphaTed

        I heard otherwise.
        But yeah, screw them and their senseless policies.
        They should be able to service ANYthing Nikon. They all came from the same factories.

  • luxicraft

    Considering whether or not to upgrade from a D5100 to D5200?

    Since 16MP DX is virtually the same pixel density as 36MP FX, and since only Nikon and Zeiss’ very sharpest prime lenses are not maxed out on the D800, (and I’ve done enough testing to prove this to myself) I think it’s safe to presume that any lens you’d buy for a prosumer DX camera would already be maxed out on the D5100. That makes the D5200 a pointless “upgrade” for me, at least from the standpoint of getting a higher resolution image.

    Expeed 3 is a nice upgrade for sure. But, that alone is not enough to get me to spend the difference between the $800+ this body will sell for and the piddling little amount I could sell my D5100 for at this point. I’m a chronic upgrader, but this time, I’m going to pass.

    Tell you what, though. A new or used D5100 is a killer buy right now. You can make amazing photographs with it. Same is true of the D7000, which is also selling at terrific prices, especially used.

    • Nathan

      What if we are upgrading from a D3000? Then would the D5200 seem like a better choice over the D5100?

      • luxicraft

        Just my opinion, but I don’t think so. B&H will sell you a refurb D7000 for $749. Adorama will sell you a D5100 refurb for $379. (!!!) I think these are crazy good deals.

    • timon_comment

      Within next 3 years I will still not like a 3.8μm sensor camera.

      In the imaging quality that the d5100 is slightly better than the d7000. The d5100 is 4 fps for better (faster fps to be worse in low-end camera), and slower to run the shutter blades and mirror flipping, all the vibrations are lower than the d7000, the imaging sharpness better.

      Some cons in the d5100:
      — No providing the electronic first shutter curtain mode, (it can be Zero internal vibration, and switchable turned on or off),
      A poor OVF is too small,
      — No AF fine adjustment and storage,
      — No build-in AF motor,
      — much more plastic and entry-level built in,
      — The mirror lock must take the Live-View mode, or open the menu controlling, and the 2sec delay mode must buy the ML-L3 remote device, although cheap.

      If Nikon d5300 gets back with a 16MP sensor, and has the electronic first shutter curtain mode, 4 fps, a large OVF, AF fine adjustment and storage, the build-in AF motor, that is better.

  • EnticingHavoc

    I love the add. Makes the customer believe that in life-view mode the AF works equally fast as in standard mode. What a baffling surprise later in real life …

  • J. Dennis Thomas

    Estimated delivery – 06 Jan 2013 – 09 Jan 2013. Not quite in time for X-mas.

  • spicynujac

    FYI, this is a Hong Kong website, since the article does not tell you where the camera will be coming from. Not sure what affect this has on warranty / servicing. I’m waiiting to see how much better then D7100 will be before I buy this though…

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