The new Nikon D5200 will not be available in the US till January 2013

The Nikon D5200 is not going to be available in the US till January 2013. Last night the camera was officially announced in Europe, Asia and Australia but Nikon USA did not issue a press release and have not updated their website. The information I am getting is that for the US market the D5200 will be announced during the 2013 CES show in Las Vegas (January 8-11, 2013).

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  • Michael


    • Michael

      Did I just wasted the first comment? XD

      • Loarenzo

        No, we appreciate the insight.

        • Jeremy


      • GeorgyPorgy

        No, just the English language.

    • twoomy

      I LOL’ed as well. Admin–wonderful graphic! That brought a smile to my day!

  • morg

    thats nuts and miss the xmas buying season? I told my friend to buy the 5200 for her first DLSR!

    • Michael

      Think this is a mistake.

      • Josh


  • Tapo

    On Thom Hogan’s site, the reason for it not featuring on the Nikon USA page was Hurricane Sandy, as this has closed down the Melville office.

    • Steve Starr

      That and possibly the people at Melville cannot fix the things with any degree of certainty so better to hold off selling them for a while. Better to let the rest of the world find the flaws before turning the monkeys loose in Melville on them again and again. Would be nice if they could fix the stuff right the first time and not going back three times and maybe a 4th — and damhik either! >:o(

      Wonder if Melville is going to pass off some slightly water-damaged refurbs if they got flooded. Might unload some slow-growing fungus optics while they’re at it and blame it on the customer a year later when it eats the coatings up.

      • zoetmb

        If you know where the office is, you’d know that it’s not really near either the ocean or the bay. It’s doubtful it was flooded. The problem is most likely that they don’t have electricity.

        But if they’re holding the D5200 until January, that kind of indicates that the D400, if there is one, won’t be seen until at least March or April.

    • James

      Bummer for Nikon. Missing the Christmas season, and it’ll seem a bit stale by January.

    • Nope. I missed that one initially (now fixed), partly due to no response out of Melville. I had heard that the D5200 (not specifically in US) from a source wouldn’t be available until January but discounted that when the camera was actually announced and I got no response from Melville. I’ve now been able to verify that the original source was correct (for the US) and that Nikon will wait until CES to introduce the product in the US.

  • Michael

    I think Nikon will lose lots of sale for not including a touchscreen.

    • Mike

      Nikon will win a lot of sales for sticking to what matters for photography instead of useless junk like touch screens.

      • D400


      • Royl


        • John Richardson

          Many +1’s to that

      • Worminator

        Navigating long, nested menus with a tiny arrow pad, one press at a time? How much more inefficient can you possibly get?

        A touchscreen, properly implemented, would make changing settings and general control of the camera parameters so much easier, I cant believe people are resistant to the idea.

        • John Richardson

          Yes the key here is PROPERLY IMPLEMENTED.

      • People said the same about AF and video… and now this.

        Take it from me… a touch screen can improve the way you shoot. Of course, it’s not for people who’re reading dusty old photography books, trying to copy every cloud shadow over a mountain that someone captured 100 years ago. If you’re that type, then don’t bother with a DSLR in the first place… in fact, don’t even own a computer.

    • Z

      Not to mention hybrid PD/CD AF in video … as SO well implemented in Canon T4i … or that single awesome cross-type central sensor sensitive to -3 in 6D …

    • Josh

      No they wont. Less knowledgeable people will see the D5200 has more megapixels and 30 more AF points and buy that as people love having the biggest, ahem, numbers to brag about. A gimmick like a touch screen wont change that.

      24 mp on what will most certainly be the best DX sensor to date, AF and metering from the D600 and 5fps will mean the D5200 will also appeal to more advanced users who want a smaller/lighter DSLR. Especially if it is to complement the larger, more advanced Nikon they already own.

      This camera’s features are actually extremely well thought out.

  • lolly

    I am not touch-screen

  • Wakaranai

    Way to miss Xmas sales in (what is probably) your largest volume market………

    • AlphaOne

      Xmas gifts will come in the form of IOUs, or rainchecks. LOL.

      • Andrew


        When you are spending $900 for a camera that will last for many years, a few weeks wait will not make you change your mind. And if it is not a gift, some will wait for years for the perfect camera!

        • “And if it is not a gift, some will wait for years for the perfect camera!”

          If waiting a long time is worth the photos they’re missing today then it speaks more about how lousy they are as photographers.

          • Geoff_K

            Who says they do not own a camera already ?

  • matheus costa

    and brazil?

  • Pablo Ricasso

    My delicate feelings are hurt again!

  • Julian

    Who the hell wants touch screen on a DSLR – you’ll be holding the camera viewfinder up to your eye and changing the ISO with your nose.

    • Pablo Ricasso

      Good point. I suppose they could make one that flips around…

      • wublili

        Or touch screen that isn’t sensitive to nose.

        • desmo

          as long as your nose picks the correct AF point this could work

    • A touch screen is a more direct way of what Nikon is doing with the Info button and the Direction pad. As Panasonic and a few others have proven, properly implemented a touch screen is faster for “quick settings” than multiple key/dial controls.

      The issue about the nose isn’t valid here. Because the D5200 isn’t EVF and doesn’t have dedicated buttons for most functions, you CAN’T set a lot of things while keeping your eye at the viewfinder as you can with some of the high-end Nikons. Instead, you have to take the camera down from the eye, then use multiple buttons and multiple button presses to set something. On a properly implemented touch screen, that becomes tap, tap, tap. Much more direct, and something that every smart phone and tablet user is learning is the way to control things.

      Directness is always better than indirectness. Single control is usually better than multiple control (there are exceptions, ask any helicopter pilot).

      Nikon is long overdue to get on board here. Most of the touch screen UI I’ve seen them implement (virtually all on Coolpix) is decidedly not straightforward enough, though. Even their Android/iOS apps tend to be more “convert the mouse-driven style to touch” oriented.

  • This is a significant delay as it will be after Christmas. Meanwhile the D600 launched in stock, but buyers now have to take their chances with dirt on the sensor. I guess the D7000 successor will be very much like this camera, but with screw drive and a few features from the D600.

    • Royl

      There’s always a risk of dust on the sensor. And it is there on most photos from every camera. It’s not a factor usually, and when it is, clean up is normally pretty easy. But some people take a photo of a flat blue sky at f22 and expect perfection. A life of anguish awaits them.

    • desmo

      the FX 24 mp sensor will out perform this sensor,
      (not saying this sensor is bad, in fact looking at sample pics this sensor exceeds for a 24mp DX sensor)
      but despite people gloating about “pixel density” with revered tones
      “pixel density ” is a liability that DX sensors face going forward .
      the small pixel requires extreme technology to overcome its performance disadvantages capturing light.
      low noise hi iso and difraction being the prime problems

      • desmo

        I appologize for being long winded,
        keep it simple

        Buy the D600 you won’t regret it.

      • AlphaOne

        Your logic suggests the D300 is better than the D800 or even the D600?

  • Eskimo Nikonian

    The previous two large camera announcements coincided with big Apple announcements for the iPhone 5 and then for the iPad Mini. I can’t see how they wouldn’t be drowned out by all the noise. I don’t think you can ride the coat tails when people are focused on other products. So what did they do with the date for the D5200, oh nothing important, just a presidential election!
    Kidding aside, this looks like a strong camera that will find it’s way into the hands of many aspiring photographers.

  • Melville

    That’s it. I’ve had enough of this Nikon non-sense. I’m selling all my gear and jumping ship to Canon.

    Goodbye Nikon.

    • D400

      Oh fantastic, I can always do with some cheap glass. What glass do you have to sell?

    • Pablo Ricasso

      I’m switching to Ricoh!

      • James

        Pentax! The K30 rocks, especially the new kit with the 18-55 WR.

    • Graham

      Goodbye Melville. Please wait until we here at NikonRumors sell off our Nikon stock as I am sure your departure will affect their market value considerably! We will miss you tremendous insight but may swing by CanonRumors when the void you have left in our lives is too much to bare.

      Oh, wait! I meant to say “Good riddance you trolling drama queen!” 😀

    • Valiant Thor

      Me too! I’m selling my D600 and all my FX lenses and switching to Polaroid. Oh wait, they discontinued 600 film, damn. OK then, I’m switching to Kodak.

  • Z

    This is still better than Canon announcing their firmware update on 5D MKIII … in October 2012 … for release in APRIL 2013 … what, like they haven’t wrote the codes yet?

    • Josh

      The code prabably isn’t finished. The early announcement was probably to dissuade people from buying D600s or D800s instead, especially over the holidays. You know like “see see we’ll be just as good eventually you can buy that Canon you really want now promise!”

  • joe bodego

    shoot FX, get the 600, this is a toy for people who shoot on auto, like your aunt or grand mother.

    • Getalife

      Aperture/shutter priority is also a form of “auto”. Do you by any chance shoot full manual exposure settings all the time? Let me guess, manual focus as well? Wow, I bet all your photos have that special, distinct “shot full manual” look.

  • D800Guy

    They still have LOADS of D5100 to sell here, hence they didnt push D5200 as quickly here i presume…

  • Worminator

    Major props to NR for the “I am not available in the US” graphic.

  • Graham

    I find it amazing that it only takes 2 years for most all of the features of the D7000 to end up in the next model down the line with an original release price of $400 less. At least my D7000 still has more buttons!

    To see how true this is:

    • KnightPhoto

      I agree, I also find it amazing that it only takes 2 years for most all of the features of the D7000 to end up in the next model down the line with an original release price of $400 less. Really, this adds up to a very nice update indeed, you get 24mp, the 2000 pixel RCG metering sensor, the 39point AF, 60i video, nice nice stuff.

      Couldn’t agree less with some of the “this is an incremental update” comments. Tell u what, Kwanon doesn’t do this – just check out the 6D specs compared to the D600 ;~)

      • KnightPhoto

        Plus of course the D7000 in its own right was a huge increment over the D90. And the D800 was a shocker bargain.

  • Shanto

    any chance of d7100 early next year??

    • AlphaOne

      Chances are high. That’s just me speculating.

  • Dreams&Visions

    People, if you really need the cam out there in US, why not import from elsewhere?

    • Geoff_K

      the lack of a US warranty would stop me Dreams.

  • Dave Ingram

    So – if the D5200 is being “officially” announced in the US in January, does that bump any of the possible DX announcements (D400, D7100) for 2013? Are they waiting because they only have one other DX camera coming down the pipe later in the year?

    • Dave Ingram

      Admin – one good thing about using Disqus: the comments actually seem to work. Don’t know how many times I’ve tried to post a comment and kept getting a page load error.

    • AlphaTed

      Release dates will definitely be bumped, which is a bummer.
      But they’re doing it right this time, it’s about time.

  • I like the new comment interface. It’s way way better.

  • vikram

    common nikon this is tooo strange 🙁

  • reality hurts

    Nikon strategy is milk customer in US, give then shit in holiday season, dump all D5100 first. Sell all D5100 and then release d5200, at higher markup, near cost of d7000. Someone should sue Nikon USA for hold out on customer

  • Gerry

    Adorama is taking pre-orders for the D5200 for $799. I have ordered 1 from Fumie…who said they had them but now are out of stock. I called and they are expecting them any day now. Has anyone used this company before?

  • nessb

    I know there is preorders avaiblibe but what about in store? Is the Nikon d5200 at any retail stores yet?


    can someone tell me if the d5100 has a counter of how many clicks the camera has??

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