Nikon D5200 EU pre-order options

European pre-order options for the new Nikon D5200 camera:

Jessops (UK)

Amazon UK:

Amazon DE:
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  • Nick


    • Nikon Shooter

      The funny part is that even while being aware of that fact some people will still end up buying the D5200 over the D7000 because it’s the “newer” technology, even though the D7000 is still twice the camera.

      • raizee

        The D5200 might have newer technology, but the D7000’s sensor is superior – at least with regards to noise performance.

        • Pablo Ricasso

          If you say it enough times….
          You can pretend you are right.

          • umesh


        • Mike

          How do you know that? The D5200 sensor hasn’t been tested yet…

          • desmo


      • raizee

        Imo the only thing the D5200 has going for it, when compared to the D7000, is its video mode.

      • Owen

        I’d also say that the articulating screen is a good feature… although some might disagree, I think it’s great from a creative standpoint.

      • luxlynx

        Indeed. There is absolutely no way I am going to buy an entry level camera at that price! And it is definitely an entry level camera, with a poor pentamirror viewfinder, no af-motor, no sealing. I can buy me Pentax K-30 with 18-55WR and 50-200WR instead and it won’t cost me more… That means I get a pentaprism VF, an AF-motor, sealing, and two sealed lenses without much of a tradeoff. Furthermore I could get almost two D5100’s for it. Understand my point? It’s not that I can’t afford it, it’s like I don’t want to afford it because it’s not worth it.

        • enesunkie

          When we see the price for a D7100 or D400, the pricing of this might be more in-line with features/price unfortunately.

    • Manuel

      Actually, the D5200 has an ever higher price than the D7000 at some retailers in Germany.

    • Mike

      If you are looking for a small and compact DSLR, the D5200 is a better option than the D7000.

      • Ronan

        And if you are looking for that then a OM-D beats both those cameras in every aspect.

        • desmo

          not if you have nikon lenses

          and if you don’t have either,
          Nikon and their lenses are a better investment going forward

          • desmo

            personally I would pick either this new d5200 or out going D7000

            I use a D5100 for simple convenient travel camera

            D5200 features D7000 chip

            both are highly recomended

        • Jabs

          Except the OMD can’t focus track or do continous focus well. Maybe it is OK in the Studio with static subjects but even the old Nikon DX bodies beat it by a mile.

    • AlphaOne

      You’re comparing it to the current D7000 price, which are heavily discounted by now.
      Anyway, there’s no US pricing yet. Historically, prices outside the US is higher.
      I hope the D5200 will be in the US$900. They can’t price it too far from the D3200.
      I’m expecting the D7x00 to be in the US$1200-1300 range. Then the D400(???) in the US1500-1700 range.

      • desmo

        my guess US $ 900 D5200
        discounted later

  • alvix
  • Noora

    WTH nikon seriously we need d300 replacement not d5100

    • I’m also not excited.
      I’m lusting after a: D400/D7100 and a new 300/4 or 80-400 AF-S

    • Mike

      Be patient it’s coming!

  • CRB

    Nikon must now learn with canon..release fast and stabilized lenses….please nikon bring us the 35mm EQ for DX…soon…

    • Mike

      Please no 24mm f/2.8 IS like Canon, PLEASE NO.

      Please a 24mm f/1.8 DX and 18mm f/1.8 DX.

      • CRB

        yes..we need it soon…but if im not mistaken, there are two patents, one is f2.8 and the other f2.0

  • mauro

    dx is dead

    • AlphaOne


    • Thom Rockweil

      +1 and growing

    • D400, I hope

      That’s odd. I just took several portrait shots with mine and it seems to be working just fine!?

      • Pablo Ricasso

        NO! It’s DEAD I tell you! They’re announcing the funeral after the pre – Christmas sales on black Friday, before they announce the 7100…

      • desmo

        D5100 39 pt AF implies D7xxx 51 pt AF
        implies D400 will be FX

        I take no joy in that,
        just think its reality

        • D400

          Since when can you make acurate predictions on future camera releases based on the raw number of focus points??

        • Would be totally weird – confusing numbering. I think there are enough FX options now, so I still think it will be DX. I know ppl dream about a mini-D4(00), but I do not believe it will happen…

    • Mike

      LONG LIVE DX !!!

      • D400


  • OMR

    My lovely Gog, please, send to all this people the Nikon D400. I’m very tired about it.

    • OMR

      My lovely God, please, send to all this people the Nikon D400. I’m very tired about it.

      • Gog

        That was very funny!
        I bet even God laughed!

        • Allen_Wentz

          Glad she liked it.

      • God

        My dear OMR, consider your prayer granted.
        Next year, promise. Patience is a virtue.
        Happy are those who can wait.

        • Dear God,

          Can you check if you can comment with the new comment system?
          Or do we need a pope as go-between?

      • Anshar

        Hi OMR. I’m afraid you’ve asked the wrong god. I and my fellow Mesopotamian gods are actually responsible for camera manufacture. We negotiated this as part of the reparations following the Monotheist vs Polytheist War of approx. 2000 BP.

        Anshar et al.

  • C_QQ_C

    Also on pre-order in the netherlands ..( is this allowed ? if not please remove…, its no competition for the website sponsorssince this store is on the other side of the atlantic….)”:

  • jb

    Well I’m not gonna buy this it’s not suitable for my wedding photography

    • desmo

      no shit

    • jc

      Which is best one then,in entry level dslr

  • Juergen.

    Prices as of Nov 6th 2012 in GERMANY in Euro incl. 19 percent VAT at reputable online shops incl. Nikon Europ warranty but excluding shipping (ca. 10,–) :
    D3000 = 260,–
    D3100 = 297,–
    D3200 = 389,–
    D5100 = 440,–
    D5200 = 809,–
    D7000 = 749,–

    And with kit lens (18-55 VR alone sells for 88,–)
    D3000 with 18-55 VR = 330,–
    D3100 with 18-55 VR = 365,–
    D3200 with 18-55 VR = 459,–
    D5100 with 18-55 VR = 498,–
    D5200 with 18-55 VR = 919,–
    D7000 with 18-55 VR = 844,–

    Hmmmmm …

    • desmo

      you don’t want kit lens

      get 16-85 or
      10-24 plus 18- 200

      • Juergen.

        It was not about lenses, but about the pricing relations between the different cams.

        Or in other words: I was surprised about the high D5200 price.


    as it doesn’t come in white or blue! 🙂

  • Justin

    Lenses please…

    17 ts-e f/4
    80-400 f/4-5.6 VR
    24-70 f/2.8 VR
    200 f/2.8 VR Micro

  • Guest

    this is crazy

    • Guest

      can I delete my comments?

      • Frisbee

        Tried deleting but didn’t work

        • what a waste of time

          Although it seems to allow posting with different nicks…
          Please Admin, delete all this

  • Allen_Wentz

    My main camera is a D2x. The D5100 body at US$ 476 from B&H seems quite a bargain right now. In the past I have had tilt-LCD Nikons and found huge benefit to the tilt LCD.

    Those of you who heavily dissed the D5200 for wedding photog use please advise what about the 5100/5200 (they seem very similar to me) makes them a poor choice as a backup (including weddings) and backpack camera. I have more than a full range of competent FX/DX Nikon lenses as well as four SB-800s.

    It seems to me that the D5100 when used with good glass should be capable of very high quality image capture with few major limitations other than build quality (and one can buy four D5100s plus a 40mm 2.8 lens for the cost of a D600). And from experience I know that a twist LCD does provide large value add.

    Please advise. Thanks!


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