Nikon D5200: what others are saying

Few quotes and videos from around the Web on the newly announced Nikon D5200 camera:

One of the highlights of the camera is its revamped graphical user interface which features three key circular onscreen dials to make changing settings more visual. For instance, you can see the aperture blades closing and opening as you change settings. The user interface also gives you an overview of all your camera settings and allows adjustments of frequently used settings. /Cnet

The D5200 benefits from the same 39-point autofocus system as the D7000, including the 9 cross-type sensors in the middle, as well as the same 2,016-pixel RGB metering sensor. /The Verge

It's also worth pointing out that there are plenty of features that the D7000 offers that haven't made it here [D5200]: there's no weather sealing, it only has one SD slot, the viewfinder's considerably smaller, and it's slower in burst mode, to name a few. /Gizmodo

Overall, the Nikon D5200 should feel welcoming to D5100 owners. The resettled Drive button is the most significant change, and once you've become accustomed to this, you'll have the advantage of an extra dedicated control to help stave off the menu system. /IR

However, some may raise an eyebrow when they learn that the D5200 doesn't have exactly the same sensor as the D3200. The D5200 uses a new 24.1-million effective pixel sensor that has not been seen elsewhere and according to Nikon we can expect the new device to have a more extensive dynamic range. /Techradar

While the D5200 doesn't have much in the way of built-in wireless connectivity, it is compatible with the WU-1a wireless adapter, which lets it transmit images to mobile devices. It can also use the new WR-R10/WR-T10 electromagnetic remote controls. The wireless remote can even be used to activate AF and movie modes when paired with the WR-R10 adapter. /Popphoto

Nikon D5200 first look videos:

Nikon D5200 menu walkthrough video:

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  • giorgio

    Still no rule of 3rds viewfinder gridlines? (available in D5000, missing in D5100)

    • giorgio

      Actually in D5000 is “rule of 4ths” since there are three lines in every dimension, still useful.

      • karl

        sexy color though

  • Royl

    Wow. A graphic of the aperture closing or opening. Wow. It is now official – the Japanese truly believe we are morons. Maybe they’re right. Now where did I park my Honda.

  • my d60 also had a graphical user interface that showed the aperture blades opening and closing. so “new” is a wrong term here. besides that i wonder how it compares to the d5100 regarding to ISO downsized to the same MP.

    • The D5200 as well as its predecessor the Nikon D5100 can be thought of as evolved versions of the D60.

  • bjrichus

    Others are saying: “YAWN”. Where is the D400?

  • AlphaTed

    Wow, this new commenting system will filter out the trolls. And those who hides behind fake names.
    Well, we’re still anonymous but at least we can only use one user name.

    • Yes, disqus fixes many problems – as far as I know impersonating people on the Internet is ilegal in many states.

    • Name Number 1

      We can only use 1 user name? How would they implement that?

      • Name Number 2

        How would they implement that?

    • Name Number 3

      I’m beginning to think you’re wrong on that whole “only use one user name” bit, since I’ve already used 3 in this topic.

      • AlphaTed

        LOL. A wise guy.

  • RL

    It is unbelievable that the Nikon D600 is recommended with Pro Glass (FX 24MB=DX 10 MB), while the D3200 (DX 24MB=FX 54 MB) sells with the very regular 18-55mm lens, which cannot possibly resolve the highest pixel-density sensor from Nikon cameras until now.

    • AlphaTed

      But the target D3200/D5200 users will immediately downsize the images into a web-friendly size anyway. Most will not pixel peep like those enthusiasts who prefers higher model dslrs.

    • MJr

      The 24-85/3.5-4.5 is not Pro Glass. And the 18-55 may be cheap, but not as bad as you think it is. Pro glass takes quality to the edge (literally) in difficult situations, but there is plenty resolution to benefit 24MP with any decent lens that manages to focus.

  • “according to Nikon we can expect the new device to have a more extensive dynamic range.”

    If this is true we can reasonably expect the D5200 to have a somewhat greater dynamic range than the Nikon D7000.

    • KnightPhoto

      If this is a different sensor then we need to see it DxOMarked – stat! (may be important to understand for the D7200/D400).

      It’s not obvious though why Nikon would go with a different sensor in D5200 vs. D3200. All they have to do is leave off a few rows or columns, which Nikon seems to do from time to time, and that would account for same sensor but 0.1 mp different pixel count.

  • giorgio

    Still no viewfinder gridlines? (Available in D5000, gone from D5100)

  • Erin

    Its nice to know that poop brown is an option.

  • Carl Avenue

    When I check back the rumors, I found the next release in DX format is very likely D400. Check the specifications, just in the place between D5200 & D600…
    For me, I just like to wait for a dust & weather sealed DSLR. Pentax? Forget it.

  • josh

    I really hope this is not Nikon’s trump card for DX at CES. We need and demand the DX camera with the High ISO control of a D3S, where is our D400??? I am not terribly impressed with the D600 after I tested it…

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