Chipworks: Nikon D600 sensor made by Sony

Chipworks confirmed that the IMX128L sensor inside the Nikon D600 camera is made by Sony (IMX markings are used by Sony). From the recently announced DSLRs, only the D4 and D3200 (and probably the D5200) used sensors designed by Nikon.

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  • .am

    And people care about this kind of stuff because..

    • cause its nice to know who made the main components of things you own, especially cars and electronics

  • PhilK

    I would be careful with the “designed” wording.

    Nikon has never to my knowledge physically build their own sensors. But unlike some DSLR manufacturers, they do have quite a bit of design input on their sensors, in some cases being mostly responsible for the design and just having someone else fab them, in some cases having some input on the design while having someone else fab them.

    The simple fact that the chip may be made in a Sony fab does not automatically mean it is simply a generic part that any other company has equal access to.

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  • LeadWrist

    Noooooooooo, I loved old system for commenting, I personally dislike Disqus 🙁 But lets not turn this into Disqus bashing. I thought the chips from Sony were modified by Nikon or are they really just Sony run of the mill sensors?

  • stefmusic

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  • And Iphone is made in China…Who cares who makes what these days???

    • AlphaTed

      Borrowing from a similar adage: “it’s not who made it, but it’s how you use it” 🙂

  • AlphaTed

    It doesn’t matter if it’s designed by Nikon or made by Sony, nothing wrong with them. I’ll be worried if it’s made by Canon.

  • In D5200 is Sony same(or at least a very similar) sensor as in NEX-7. It’s slightly larger than D3200 sensor and also slightly bigger. And form picture on Nikon D5200 page it looks like Sony sensors not a Nikon.

    • KnightPhoto

      Yes, interesting situation, is it possible D3200 24mp sensor is Nikon and D5200 is Sony? And what will this mean for D7200 and D400?

  • mikeswitz

    Why does it matter who makes the sensors? Isn’t it all about the quality of the picture?

  • Rebel

    For the admin

    can you open a topic about the problem of D600? (dust on sensor)

    I ask all Nikon owners please sign this petition:

    This petition will be delivered to Nikon

    It’s impossible to use D600 with this problem.
    Thank you!!

  • quickfix

    So how do we call it? Nison, Sokon, or Sonykon?

    • Hmm, I remember some 8.5 years ago when Panasonic GS-400 was top selling 3CCD Mini DV camcorder, almost all of the electronics inside was made by Toshiba, Hitachi and SONY – sensor and the main processor as well, it was a superb Camera to start the 3CCD journey. Sony knows what they’re doing but only when somebody others take the final touch with their components, they alone are really not capable of making it work.

  • Carl Avenue

    When you looked inside of the specifications for D5200, you will fell the censors just like a FX version of Sony A77…

  • Focus Dave

    iFixit did a teardown of the D600. It’s pretty entertaining and informative.

  • Alex

    Is not designed by sony, is designed by nikon and is made by sony. There is no issue with the sensor, they have used too much oil for the mirrors hinge.

  • I am sending back a sony rx 100 point and shoot as there is dust on the sensor after the first use….so perhaps it is sony , not nikon design that is the problem

  • renesmee wright

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