Nikon D5200 now shipping in Europe

After a short delay, the Nikon D5200 is now shipping in Europe and is currently in stock at Foto Hans Keuzekamp, Amazon UK, Amazon Germany and Amazon Italy.

The first Nikon D5200 books are also now available for pre-order at Amazon UK, Amazon Germany and Amazon France.

Few more D5200 pictures:


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  • xjorgx

    The d400 will be so much fun. Looking at the D5200 makes it perfectly clear, it will come

    • Muhammad Khedr

      I guess there will be no D400, My guess it will be D7100 and according to D5200 it will be pretty expensive with higher frame rate and very close to D600 except the DX sensor size.. This is why I am planning to get the D5200; I hate that it lakes flash commander and looks like a toy plus no touch screen!! My main problem with be paying 1000$ for the 18-300mm lens plus it’s really expensive filter -among others..

      • Arkasai

        Judging by your comment you would be much better off waiting for the camera you really want.

      • Neill Horton

        You could do worse than go for one of the Sigma 18-250s, though I’ve not seen a comparative review that says whether the new macro version is much better than the old one, though it is about 25% lighter.

        • Neopulse

          Had the older 18-250mm Sigma lens on my old D5000, it took often pics out of focus unfortunately. I heard the newer version was better though that the AF was better and as you mentioned the macro feature which is a plus.

  • Lester Kamstra

    Today i’ve picked up the first D5200 at Hans Keuzekamp! It’s really nice! Tommorow i’m gonna do some test video’s / picture’s!

    • rychastings

      Can you post some sample pictures on flickr? 😀

  • This camera has no left side!

    • Neopulse

      Think they are following the Sony A99 example. And I don’t think it’s too bad considering there aren’t that many buttons that would would need both hands for.

  • so expensive compare to T4i :/

    • rychastings

      It should come down in price in 6 months or so, the T4i was the same price approx when it came out last august

      • desmo

        don’t feed the troll

  • Collins

    Not going to get it

    But i really like the new Aesthetics of the body ^__^

  • Why all the dummy books for the D5200? If you’re looking at camera at that price point, one should have a relatively decent idea how to use it, or at least figure it out. Modern dSLRs are rather intuitive after all for the most part.

  • David G.

    Is it the same size as a D3100/D3200 ?

    • Lester Kamstra

      It’s almost! Just a little bit larger. Lens mount a tiny bit higher.

    • desmo

      similar size plus moveable LCD and better auto focus makes this camera a much better choice
      for a cheap plastic camera the d5200 should really rock

  • Allen_Wentz

    When they were on sale for $450 USD last month I picked up a D5100 just to have a smallish swivel-LCD backup camera, which I find to be of huge utility in certain situations. Now if Nikon would just make a modern pancake lens…

    • Hector

      I agree, a modern pancake lens would be really helpfull, even the kit lens is a little long, a flatter camera (a la Point & Shoot) is a nice idea for an all arround camera

      • Where’s my…

        Yeah something like the Pentax 70mm f2.4 pancake lens! Woohoo! Maybe even with AF-S + I so it works with FE2.

  • Neill Horton

    Any ideas what the usual interval is from shipping to release of a DxO review? I’m also looking to get a Meike/Neweer battery grip- more for the ergonomics than battery life; again, how quick off the mark are these guys, or does anyone know if the 5200 base contour is identical to the 5100 so a 5100 grip would be a good fit? I like the height of my 5000, but my pinkie underhangs even that and the newer models are lower. I suspect I’m going to miss the buttons on the left side too.

  • Jim

    That is one hideous camera.

  • Lester Kamstra

    All the picture’s with in the title “DE ZAAK” are taken with my own D5200!

  • Rogerio

    I can tell when the camera arrived in Brazil?

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