The new Nikon D600/D800 instant savings are now live, valid for only 2 days

The new Nikon instant savings are now live at B&H. As previously reported, you will get $200 off the D800/D800E and a free 24-85mm lens with the D600. Those deals are valid only for 2 days! In addition, B&H offers some extra free accessories on top of the instant savings:

  • The Nikon D800 kit includes: free Lowepro Rezo 170 AW camera shoulder bag, Vello FreeWave wireless remote shutter release for Nikon w/10-pin connection, SanDisk 32GB CompactFlash memory card Extreme 400x UDMA, Pearstone EN-EL15 Lithium-Ion battery pack (7.0V 1800mAh), Pearstone Duo battery charger for Nikon EN-EL15 (see all available D800 kits)

 The new prices are also now active on Amazon: Nikon D800 for $2,796.95 | D800E for $3,096.95 | Nikon D600 with a free 24-85mm lens.

Adorama has this deal: Nikon D600 with Nikon 24-85mm lens, Adorama VIP Member Extended Protection Plan, 32GB Class 10 SDHC card, camera case, spare battery, external battery charger, remote trigger, WiFi mobile adapter and a cleaning kit.

Check also those two Sigma lens discounts:

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  • fixit

    SANTA finally interfering with the Nikon pricing, now if he can only do something with my wallet…Merry Christmas to all NR followers !

  • Amit

    My wallet is sobbing right now. Got body only for this price less than 3 weeks ago. 🙁

    • anoop

      return it if still within return window 🙂

      • Amit

        I got it through a special pricing so the return policy is pretty tight. But I’ll check still.

        • Guest

          don’t get abuse the return policy espeically if they gave you partial refund and you promise them not to return they might put you in blacklist soon.

    • NM

      Mine too.. 45 days, a price drop of 700 dollars is unimaginable. I was among those who preordered the camera + lens :(((

  • Anoop

    Sad the instant rebate is not available for body only.

  • Alistair Nicol

    No prime shipping options yet on Amazon. J&R first offered it at 2796 followed by Beach Camera about 5 min later. I wonder if the others will pick it up too.

    • Alistair Nicol

      Some of the others picked it up at 1pm EST. Hoping the others pick it up by 12pm PST.

  • This is big enough for me to take advantage of Costco’s wonderful return policy. You can pick up essentially the same gear Costco was bundling for $2900 (24-85 & 70-300) at B&H for $2383 (B&H has a $200 discount on the 70-300 as well). Wow! I wonder if Amazon price updates will go live at midnight PST…

    • Alistair Nicol

      I’m gonna hold out until a little later and those items sold by Amazon pick up these prices too. For the other promotions and expedited shipping, it’s worth it.

      • I am likely going to do the same thing. Amazon also has a great return policy. I just got done reading through B&H’s and Adorama’s – both also seem pretty decent. Ultimately, I’d like to go the Amazon route. If nothing happens at Amazon by morning, I’ll jump on the B&H deal.

        • I updated the post – B&H has a better deal than Amazon, they offer a bunch of accessories for free.

          • True, all of that free gear does make it very appealing. Amazon doesn’t usually bundle stuff up like some of the other shops do.

            • Alistair Nicol

              Ha, I ended up going Amazon and got a free Flash Card and $200 off a lens. Overnight shipping in time for my trip tomorrow only $9 per item. Those freebies at B&H are nice, but I don’t really need them. I also saw it from Wolf Camera for $2696 this morning, selling fast.

          • Well, I went the B&H route… I couldn’t resist their extras they tossed in. They had free 2-day shipping as well, so Amazon at this point wouldn’t have offered any real benefit (assuming they get on board and offer it for the same price here after midnight PST).

          • Up $#!t’s creek!

            The bag that B&H gives with the camera barely fits the d800; forget about fitting the camera with a lens in there. i also prefer the brand batteries. Their nearby ‘neighbor’ may have been a better deal….

  • Dave

    I wish D800 also $700 off

    • Alistair Nicol

      Would be really nice. That was the Staples deal a couple of days ago, though.

  • G. Curt Fiedler

    Doh! I just ordered my D600 a few days ago… 🙁

    • Arkasai

      Cancel your order/return the camera and get another one before tomorrow.

  • Richard

    Wow…just ordered one. I am glad i hold out this is a great deal..Amazon wont work for us anymore coz it charges tax to California!

  • paparotz

    bought it 2 minutes after it went online. and here I am waiting for my D600 (body only) to arrive in about 12 hours from B&H. glad the timing has worked out like it has. I’m much happier to be getting the much better deal. I really would have been ticked off if I bought this camera last week. I hope B&H does not try and cop-out of all the extra freebies they are giving. we’ll see tomorrow once I get the order verification. I went ahead and printed up the page listing all the goodies it comes with. Very Happy, and Thankful to God right now for how this has all played out. 😀

    • paparotz

      oh, and in case its not mentioned. I saw the D800 refurbished on Adorama for $2,399!! not bad at all!!

      • fishguy

        Be aware of my case: I bought a refurbished D800 direct from Nikon for $2430 – but something inside the camera is throwing big globs of rubber, oil and/or dust on the sensor. I’m returning it for the second time today (so a total of at least 3 returns for this particular body). I’m not “pixel peeping” – the last blob is visible at f8 and a 10% crop, so it shows up on just about ANY image that doesn’t obscure it.

    • Bill

      paparotz, body only… was it still $1996.95, or did they sell it to you without the lens for $1296.95? you mentioned getting a much better deal…

  • Ric

    Any clue if D600 body only will have instant rebate any time soon?

  • Ric

    I wonder if B&H will exchange the extreme card and Pearstone EN-EL15 for a extremo pro card and nikon battery, if you pay the difference?

    • zeum

      Nope. I tried. They said a 3rd party is involved that set up that packages and they cant be modified.

      • Ric

        What a bummer!
        I called today (1:30 PM EST) to double check and it was already closed. Thanks for the info anyway.

  • Vick

    Where is the d800e

    • zeum

      Its right there. All you have to do is look!

  • Anoop

    i think in B&H, its showing the old dates for the rebates they had 100 and 200 respectively. it would be a gimmick from Nikon to sell off old stock ,if the deal lasts for two days only. 🙁
    but again.. where is my credit card…

  • Onceternal

    The amazon page shows “Offer valid through December 29, 2012.”

    • Maybe the extra freebies from B&H will end on the 15th.

      • rhlpetrus

        That’s what some are saying at DPR, the offer is good until the 29th, the extras only for the weekend.

        • No, the Amazon listing also says December 15th:

          • Spy Black

            I’d wish they’d have a sale with a Tamron SP 24-70mm f/2.8 DI VC USD lens, that Nikkor is a modern-day 43-86.

      • Onceternal

        Amazon just modified the description. Offer valid through Dec 15 only!!!!!

    • Costco shows 12/29 in their stores as well…

  • Eric Duminil

    Wow. I’d consider the D600 with so many freebies. I’d also sell the 24-85 new on Ebay.

    Is it possible/legal/cheaper to buy this offer from Europe?

  • Fly Moon

    Just ordered mine using your link to Adorama. Thanks Admin for the heads-up

  • Danielvb

    Just ordered a nikon d600 with a 24-85 and a 24-70. Great deal .. great deal …

    • Mansgame

      They still had the $200 off the 24-70?

      • RxGus

        They gave me $200 at adorama when I added a 28-300. I had to call though for them to honor it.

  • わからない

    I hate saying this, but “yawn”…… at least on the D800. I know that it’s still early in the camera’s product life, but still a less than 10% discount for such a thing isn’t going to make many fence sitters come off.

    • probably because the D800 still sells well

      • Pat

        D800/E even for the $3000 full price is a hell of a bargain….. nowhere on this planet you can get 36 sharp and colorful and noiseless megapixels for this amount of money.

  • Q

    Anyone know if Nikon tends to move these discounts to Canada? I may have to ship from Adorama if they won’t or use Borderlinx. Deal is too good. I hope Canadian camera shops know its customers will do this. Hopefully Nikon Canada matches.

    • Dave Ingram

      I’d think if you went into your local dealer they might be able to help you out – maybe not match but at least come close. You might even be able to get a better lens out of it. And you wouldn’t have any cross-border warranty problems.

  • rhlpetrus

    It seems that the cheaper FF market has already been taken, both D600 and 6D are very slow now (from Amazon best-selling list). As Canon has reduced drastically the price of 5D3, to under 3,000USD, Canon updaters (from 5D and 5D2) are now getting it, which is still selling relatively well. Nikon users and newcomers seem to have already gotten their kits, D800 also selling slowly.

    • MyrddinWilt

      It is still a $2800 camera. Why would anyone expect it to sell in the thousands a week that it does?

      The D600 and D800 are selling much better than anyone would have imagined a camera would at that price back in the film days. The D800 is priced equivalently to the level that the F4/F5 used to sell at.

      The D600 is currently at #8 on the Amazon list with only the consumer bodies at a quarter the price above it.

      What should give some folk here pause for thought is that the D90 is still selling well. (#40) which should tell you something about just how much attention Nikon should pay to the ‘give us new bodies NOW NOW NOW crowd here.

      • rhlpetrus

        The Nikon FFs have sold well, indeed. As you mention, dslrs sell much more than any film slr ever did. The point is if that’s what Nikon or Canon are happy with current numbers. I can’t tell, but this latest move by Nikon says something about it.

  • Jurassic Pizza

    This is seriously, seriously tempting even though I already have both a D800E and a 24-85 VR. The D600 would be a great backup camera and I could sell the lens (or my other copy if this one is better). Hmmm….

  • TimBobCom

    Merry Christmas to me! D600!

  • Mansgame

    Sucks that I didn’t get the free 24-85, but I’ve been using the D600 for a few months too and have gotten a lot of pictures that I could have never gotten without it. That 24-70 would have gone straight to ebay anyway.

  • TimBobCom

    Well, I guess I will be selling some near perfect DX lenses on eBay right after the holidays. Although, the 10MP crop may be doable for a while just to keep me from spending even more money on the FX lenses I want. D600 should be in my hands on Monday with a bunch of extra goodies.

  • The_Badger

    Can I order without the 24-85 lens?

    • Arkasai

      There are other kits but the free 24-85vr is hard to say no to. Right now they go for about $500 BIN on ebay so you’re getting a D600 for $1500.

  • TrP

    Looks like Adorma is out of stock or being very cautious about there stock.

  • dhatul

    Unfortunately I bought (imported) my d600 with 24-85 lens through a Nikon distributor and received it only yesterday. Surprisingly, the lens is packed in a white box and not in regular Nikon package. The body was in a regular Nikon packaging. What could be the reason? What does it imply?

    • zeum

      Sounds like they pulled the lens from a kit. no biggie.

      • zeum

        Mine (non-import) came in a white box too. Looks like they come overseas in bulk and are boxed up for either resale alone or for kits. They can probably save a little on the packaging not having to bling it out. Also it may keep dealers from pulling the lenses to resell since there is a discounted price. Come to think of it, All 3 Nikon kits I have owned have a white lens box. all good!

  • LGPhotoArt

    I bought the D600 + 24-85 VR + goodies + Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8 from B&H. Adorama was including better goodies with the D600 and 24-85 kit (like the Wifi Module), but for some reason with that kit they were not discounting the bundled 24-70 f/2.8 by $200.00…therefore I went with B&H. Awesome deal!

  • Ok but has there been any indication that that the D600 dust/oil issue is resolved? I feel all these “Savings” are just Nikon’s way of moving out bad stock. I’d love to get a 600 after returning my first one for that problem but am hesitant to do so as I would need to return everything with it if I did I figure right?

    • Tom Malewicki

      I believe you might be right, has a sale of this proportion ever happened before? I too believe Nikon is getting rid of bad stock. What a shame, was about to jump all over it and replace the D7000.

    • Photoretouchpro

      I could get a lot of cleanings done with the savings. 😉

  • RxGus

    Called Adorama: Got the kit package listed here, plus the $200 discount on an 28-300. Total cost $2893… GREAT deal, esp once I ebay the kit lens for whatever I can get for it.

  • Max

    good deal! Purchasing

  • monkeydonot

    This really pisses me off that I paid more for much less.

    • RxGus

      Early adapters tend to deal with that a little bit…

      At least you have been taking pictures with it for a while now, while the rest of us have been waiting.

  • zeum

    Purchased! Glad I held out 🙂

    FYI.. free 2 day air is also included on the d600 kit from B&H. ($90 savings for my zip)

  • zeum

    Purchased! Glad I held out 🙂

    FYI.. free 2 day air is also included on the d600 kit from B&H. ($90 savings for my zip) as well as double rewards 4%! ($80 to spend at B&H).

    • Photoretouchpro

      Double rewards?

      • zeum

        Yup. Normally 2%

  • jay

    I bought a D600 body last week, went to Best Buy this morning showed them my receipt and they gave me the 24-85 VR lens no questions asked.

    • Photoretouchpro

      Wow! What Luck!

    • D800Guy

      The best buy at where I live never carries stock of pro dslrs, let alone lenses.

  • Eveall

    No deal in Canada? What is up with that?

    • ccwestcliff

      Sadly no deal in Canada. Walked into my local dealer (Downtowncamera in Toronto) last night and although they heard of the sale in the States, didn’t get news from Nikon that this would happen in Canada. However, they – as well as other local dealers I suppose – have in-store specials that are a good bit below the official 2k body / 2.5k kit so it might be worth to pay your local dealer a visit.

  • Oramandor

    I just bought a D600 body only 6 days ago from B&H for the same price. Hope they’ll at least give me a free lens since it’s been less than a week.

  • jsilva200022

    I bought a D600 with a 24-85 + kit at B&H at 12:50 pm today. The store was closing already.

    Thanks for the tip, Admin!

  • Photoretouchpro
  • TrP

    Can’t believe out of all people, I just ordered one. Guess, I’ll have to another gig or two to finish paying for it.

  • ronadair

    So what’s the deal? Does anyone have a definitive answer as to whether this offer is only valid through the weekend, or whether it will last longer than that?

    • I am still not sure, getting conflicting information. One of the offers will be extended, not sure if it will be the free lens or the free accessories.

      • ronadair

        Just found this. Seems to indicate the lens deal will end tonight?

  • chunteh

    Is the dust/oil included in this kit also? I won’t buy it until Nikon has solved the dust/oil issue of the D600. In addition, I don’t think the 24-85mm VR is a good lens for the D600.

  • Neopulse

    Hmm the Sigma pricing makes things interesting…. Since they are soon launching their new lenses along with the new design to them. Wonder if they’re adding updates to those lenses.

  • Anoop

    Prices in B&H has been reverted to the original price.
    Adorama and amazon shows the deal pricing.

    • I guess this really was a 2 days deal.

      • Anoop

        deal prices are back up and its extened till Dec end.

  • TrP

    Has anyone’s order shipped yet from Adorama?

    • zeum

      Not that it answers your question but…ordered from B&H Friday, got it today 🙂

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