Adobe Lightroom 4.3 and Camera Raw 7.3 released with Nikon V2, D5200 and D600 support

Adobe Lightroom 4.3 (download links: Win | Mac) and Camera Raw 7.3 were released today with support for Nikon 1 V2, Nikon D5200, Nikon D600 and and Sigma APO Macro 180mm F2.8 EX DG OS HSM lens (F-mount).

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  • I thought Lightroom already had D600 support. What’s new with this version?

    • rensuchan

      4.2 had Preliminary support. 4.3 has full support. I tried the 4.3 RC before and it doesn’t appear that they really changed anything.

    • Matthew Collin

      Great. Will it finally support D600 tethering? Or is this full support still not fully supportive?

      • rensuchan

        No tethering (I tried), just full support of the camera’s NEF files.

  • Skydawg
  • Dav

    To bad no D600 tether support yet!

  • John T. Harding

    Does this carry over to Elements 11 or are those who purchased Elements 11 still without support for the D600?

  • iamlucky13

    Does anyone know if a LR 4 license will work for LR 3?

    If so, I’d actually buy LR 4, find an install file for LR 3, and use that until I finally abandon Windows XP.

    Surely Adobe didn’t just completely abandon a market of 40% of all PC users, and it’s not like there’d be any loss to them under such a license, since they don’t even offer LR 3 for sale any more (even Amazon now only sells it through partners, not directly, and who knows how long that will last).

    And yes, I get that my OS is over a decade old, so how long should I expect Adobe to support it? As a start, I’d say at least until there are fewer than 6 times as many XP users than OS-X users:

    A license that is backwards-compatible would be reasonable enough XP support for me.

    • Calibrator

      I got a new key for LR4 when I upgraded from LR3 – so I guess using LR3 with a LR4 key is not possible.

      • iamlucky13

        Obviously a LR3 key should not enable LR4…otherwise getting around purchasing an upgrade license would be trivial.

        The question is whether it works the other way, and that depends on how Adobe did things.

  • Dedi
  • camikesell

    I am considering switching from Aperture (in my iMac) to Lightroom 4.3. Does Lightroom 4.3 support a Nikon D300S (on an iMac)?

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