For tonight: $200 price drop on the D800, free 24-85mm lens with the purchase of the D600

Several local newspapers today (SF Chronicle for example) had advertising for the upcoming D600 and D800 price drop/instant savings promotion. The sale will start tonight at midnight (EST) - I will publish the details once they become available. Here is what to expect:

  • Nikon D800 body: $2799.95 after $200 instant savings
  • Nikon D600 24-85 VR kit: $1999.95 after $700 instant savings
  • D3100 18-55 VR kit: $479.95 after $170 instant savings
  • V2: 849.95 after $50 instant savings
  • J1: $399.95 after $200 instant savings
  • AW100: $ 249.95 after $100 instant savings
  • S01: $99.95 after $80 instant savings
  • S9300: $ 199.95 after $150 instant savings
  • S800c: $ 299.95 after $50 instant savings
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  • Suresh

    Is this going to be a temp price drop? Anyone?

    • Rosco Tanner

      You can bet on it.

      • Yes, probably till the end of the year.

        • Mike M

          I assume they won’t be able to grab back the full nut for this, but we can expect it to get back up to say 2300 bucks for the D600 kit? I’m tempted to buy one on my BB card and part out the 24-85 VR but I’m afraid the value of those will plummet from other people thinking the same way…

          • itcrashed

            If history can tell us anything, its the value of the body that will plummet, while the lens will likely hold ground.

            • Spy Black

              Not that lens. It’s a total piece of crap.

  • Photonut

    wow… Nikon must be desperate to make the numbers

    • itcrashed

      They will make up for it in FX lens sales once all these D600s are out in the wild.

      • Pat

        I guess for every 2 D600 bodies sold, it could eventually lead to at least one major FX sale, if not more. Nikon’s gonna sell a whole lot of 70-200/4 VR from now on.

        • itcrashed

          Not to mention the 50 1.8, 85 1.8 and 28 1.8.

      • khaled tolba

        Not really, most of the folks who buy D600 + 24-85 kit lens will treat the combo as a fixed walk-around lens and never feel the need to buy another Nikkor lens again. I think it’s just another way to move inventory rather than saw the seeds of future lens buyers.

        • I’ve heard reports that Nikon sells 1.5 lenses for every body. I would imagine that while most will stick with the kit lens, some will go all-out and get a ton of lenses. That’s the group that Nikon wants to grow.

          I own 2 bodies and 3 Nikon lenses, so I fit that statistic perfectly.

          • Funduro

            They must have me in mind too. 1 DX body, 1DX lens, then 1 FX body, 3 FX f2.8 lenses so far. Beats buying heroin in my book.

  • Is this across most retailers? Where can I take advantage of this?

  • TrP

    Very tempting, D600 price. They are definitely trying to move DX users now!

    • AM

      Tempting indeed. I may go for it at that price. Does that price include dust on the sensor?

      • Pablo Ricasso

        No, but it includes a confused Canon troll.

    • Craig

      Indeed. Thankfully I have no spare cash – otherwise my determination to wait and see what happens in Jan/Feb would be sorely tested.

    • Yes, here is your FX camera for less than $1,500 🙂

      • rhlpetrus

        Indeed! Thanks Canon 😉 .

  • AM

    I feel sorry for those guys who bought the D600 kit at regular price not long ago.

    • I don’t feel bad about getting my D600 (provided they fixed the dust issue…still waiting to get it back).

      I got the body only for 1999.95 and picked up the Tokina 28-80 2.8 for $360. (Don’t laugh, starting at 3.5, it’s just as sharp as the Nikon, and it’s still faster at the long end than the 24mm-85mm)

      • AM

        But no VR, which gives a 2 2/3-stop advantage to the Nikon 24-85mm at the long end for non-action handheld photography.

  • Mansgame

    It would have been much cheaper for Nikon to come out and say they D600 had a dust issue, apologized, and offered a free solution whether it was mailing them a sensor cleaning kit, or a shipping label. Now they’ve had to cut $100 off the price, and throw in a free $500 lens.

  • Dave Ingram

    Interesting – it’s almost as if they’ve got something awesome coming down the pipe in early 2013 and want to get as many photographers over to FX before they announce it.

    • Pat

      you meant D7100 and/or D400?

      • Dave Ingram

        Yep that would be my thinking. That and @6e634f6a90bf5861fb48ec4b25c4b740:disqus ‘s comment
        on slamming the 6D on price point make it a pretty good marketing move on Nikon’s part. Not really interested in the 24-85mm but if they’d throw a 70-200mm f4 or f2.8 at $500 off that would be a different story.

        Any updates on those 2(?) 2013 products @NikonRumors:disqus admin?

        • Dave Ingram

          Cross referencing users is pretty wonky…

      • btdown

        Or the D710?

        • Dave Ingram

          Man – if the D600 had been built like the D700 or D300s I think I would have bought one for full price : )

    • Phonton

      Keep dreaming. It’s all about switching folks to FX and taking advantage of X-Mas.

    • abragan

      Unfortunately I think it’s just about pushing product. If you follow the
      lightning deals on Amazon UK there are plenty of instant discounts on
      Canon cameras and lens. It appears the big boys are suffering, and are
      desperate for any sales. Nikon USA with their “fixed” price policy are
      obviously suffering and these rebates are just catching up with the rest
      of the world where the D600 is available at 33% discounts off list

  • babola

    Great news for future D600 owners. Canon must be having a slight fit about their 6D body-only pricing now 😉
    Nikkor 24-85 VRII isn’t a bad lens either, not great but well worth the combo with D600.
    Ineresting times ahead, indeed…

  • Anonymous Maximus

    I don’t think demand for D800 is too price sensitive. It’s quite a specialist’s tool. Decision of a potential buyer would not change whether it is $2800, $3000 or $3200. Otoh, D600 may rather be sensitive to price changes.

    • Squeamish Ossifrage

      The number of D800s I’ve seen with 28-300s and 24-120s at school events tells a different story. My daughter has a kid in her class whose dad shoots soccer games with a D3s and an 18-200.

      • nice bodies with crappy lenses. That sounds about right. Probably in P mode the whole time.

  • where to get this deal from? still the same price on amazon/

    • AlphaTed

      starts at midnight

  • Do you think we will see this in Canada?

  • Joseph

    Cool, but I’m still glad I simply bought my D800E when it came out for $3300. Best investment I coulda made. Got it just a couple of weeks after the release date.

  • Hope these savings translate across the pond, I was looking to buy the D600 but if the price reduction on the D800 is applied in the UK I will look to buy the D800.

  • Alistair Nicol

    So for tomorrow at least one could get the D800 at $200 off and the 24-70 or 70-200 at $200 off as well. Those rebates expire Dec 15th. I will take advantage of those discounts.

  • Are retail camera stores going to honor this price drop as well? or is it only through Nikon direct?

    • Ron

      I think all Nikon authorized stores that carry D600 and D800 in their stock will carry this pricing. I just got an email from Paul’s Photo (of Torrance, CA) who are in fact authorized Nikon dealers of the same pricing scheme as mentioned by this “rumor”.

      • Thanks Ron, do you happen to know how long the sale is for?

  • lung

    Where’s the deal?? it’s only rumors. please stay calm.

    • The deal will be official at midnight tonight.

  • Pat

    I suspect even existing D800E users who don’t really need all of 36 mpixels might be tempted to downgrade to D600. esp when D800E remains $3300 and hence the resale value doesn’t drop much. they are likely to gain $1000 in cash in the process.

  • mygrandjeep2001

    Can I stand outside my local camera store at midnight and pick up a D800 (hey, the D800E isn’t listed!) like I can with a game like Black Ops 2? I’ll probably freeze waiting for the doors to open not at midnight like I hope but at 9am when it regularly opens. Bums.

  • Anoop

    from LR post, i think the latest batch dont have the dust issue. if you get from a reputed dealer, the batch will be new i hope.
    i think there will be a lot of 24-85 in Craigslist, if the big discount is only for body+lens combo.

  • Jon McGuffin

    I forsee a significant amount of 24-85 VR2 Lenses showing up on eBay in the coming weeks… 🙂

    • Spy Black

      Considering how miserable those things are, I would have to agree.

  • Phonton

    I tested the 24-85mm vs. my (now ex) Nikkor 24-70mm F2.8 on the D600 and the 24-85mm is total rubbish, while 24-70 looked absolutely amazing on the D600! So my advice would be to take this into consideration if you plan to sell the 24-85mm as I’d imagine it’s NOT going to be in high demand. If you get the D600 then you must invest in the 24-70mm F2.8. That combo is deadly!! I can post samples if anyone’s interested.

  • Reilly Diefenbach

    Here’s your $1500 D600, or is it $1400 with the $599 lens. Canon must be passing a brick about now :^0

  • Fly Moon

    Is this valid for Canada as well? If yes, i am going to buy one. Thanks

  • Ron already has the discounts via email
    (they are an authorized Nikon dealer) in Torrance, CA.

    Starts Dec 14 9am-7pm and Dec 15 9am to 6pm.

    • So the sale is only for 2 days? Am I understanding that correctly?

  • yhannoby

    oooooh i need to wait for this. I’m goin to purchase the d800.

  • Jp

    I just bought my D600 four days can I take advantage of this deal?

  • thepinoy

    Amazon reflects the new discounted price for the D800. I just place my order.

  • Alistair Nicol

    $2,796.95 for D800 on right now from J&R Music and Computer World.

  • paparotz

    Just ordered my D600 again!!! this time with the packaged lens, and all the extra goodies that B&H was already throwing in with it, plus they still gave free 2-day shipping. looks like even though I’ll have a D600 body here in half a day I may have to refuse it as soon as it comes in the door. kind of a bummer in a way, but I’m not absolutely desperate for it at the moment so I can wait until next week for the better deal to come in! the worse that could happen is I have to pay to return the body that’s coming in tomorrow, whoop dee doo $40. I just recieved a $500 lens for Free!!! Thank God for how things are timed out. I don’t regret not getting this camera a month ago. glad I stuck it out with my D7K right up until this week!! Finally!!! Full frame!!!! and as a side note I printed up the page up on b&h website listing all the stuff they were additionally including. that way if they try and change anything I have a printed copy to prove what I bought. and they better honor it.

  • J

    Somthing I don’t understnad… Is this only a temporary discount, or is it the new price?

    • temp discount – valid for only 2 days (till the 15th)

  • thomasverbeke

    Seeing this price I can only wonder what the price is going to be in say 8 months; The D7000 also went down quickly to start rising again but that could have been due to supply. I don’t think anybody expected the price to go down this quickly 🙂

  • Customer Loyalty means nothing.

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