The shipment of the Nikon D5200 camera is delayed (updated)

DCWatch and several European stores have announced a delay in the Nikon D5200 shipping. The camera was initially scheduled to start shipping yesterday (December 6th). The expected shipping time from Amazon UK is currently 1-3 months, for Amazon Germany the estimate is 1-3 weeks. While waiting, you can check the just released Nikon D5200 brochure and one of the first Nikon D5200 reviews (with sample images) that got published few days ago.

Update: Nikon published an official notice indicating the shipment of the D5200 will start on December 15th, 2012.

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  • Michael Choong

    Any issue d5200? Nah I’m just too free haha.

  • Nikon Shooter

    My head nearly exploded when I tried reading the provided review, which is a direct translation from Chinese.

    “Nikon D5200 high ISO performance is only a law-abiding, compared with 16 million level APS-C sensor, or a little distance, shooting ISO control would be wiser than in 3200.”

    • I guess just look at the samples.

    • Neill Horton

      Still useful though; looks like the amber bias in Auto WB has persisted in spite of the new metering. I’ve habitually set the AWB to B2 on my D5000 when using Sigma lenses though I’ve got a Tamron 70-300 that shoots cold and needs A1 to compensate. On either brand, my usual EV setting is -0.7 to compensate for overexposure; anyone using a 7000 or 600 finding they need to do the same or do you reckon they’ve fixed that bit? The reviews EVs are all over the shop to adjust for back lighting so I’m not sure if they drew any conclusion on that.

      • JLK

        Not super picky about the warm WB (I get it close and tweak in post, if needed) with my D7000 but I do leave it at -0.3 to -0.7 most of the time.

    • W6ROD

      Kind of reminds me of a local Chinese restaurant that had a luncheon menu that “Nuts Chicken” as one of the lunch plates. As they say, it loses a lot in the translation.

  • Smartguy!

    Something is telling me this is why NikonUSA didn’t even bother announcing the D5200 before Christmas; no point if the ship date was going to slip.

  • timon_comment

    In Japanese market, the d5200 did not get a good selling score in past one month, the d5200 and the d3200 both are far not as popular as the d5100 and the d3100.

    a 3.8μm sensor’s Sony nex-7 also fell into katabatic sales. But, the NEX-7 has an electronic 1st shutter curtain mode available, the d5200 is not.

  • desmo

    loking at samples metadata several appear to come from NEX 5R

    • Muhammad Khedr

      Desmo, what do you mean? you mean that the samples shown here as taken by D5200 are not?!!

  • jeremy bayston

    Wex told me today that it would ship next week, but I guess i won’t hold my breath…..

  • Shawn

    From what I’ve read so far I would much rather have a D5200 than my D5100. They’ve added several features I would much rather have:

    1) more cross-type focus points
    2) auto ISO based on focal length with adjustable bias!

    Still not enough to ever consider upgrading to the D5200 unless the price made it a steal. It’s just the same stuff for the most part and I’m sure it takes pictures just as good as (probably better than) the D5100 and D7000.

    I’ll wait for D7100 or D400 for the short term: more customizable buttons, will have the same auto ISO features as D5200/D800/D4, U1/U2 (and hopefully more) recall modes, hope for more cross points (like ALL would be nice), will work with a battery grip with buttons/pad and no cable needed.

  • alvix

    mmh…re: HI seems better then similar D3200 samples ..dare I say of 1 stop (pure guess.. but …IMO not too far…)

  • its already here

    i dunno why your saying its delayed its been in stores in Australia for a while
    played with one last week in orange
    unless your mean in the us

  • Smudger

    It always seemed unlikely that the RoW would get it before the US of A.

  • please correct my if I’m wrong:

    the asian report indicates that high iso shots are more grainy than with the D5100

  • the trash heap

    Delayed due to a shortage of brown plastic perhaps?

  • esolesek

    Whatever the sales figures, the D5100 I got my hands on was a piece of garbage. There is almost no way the D5200 could be a worse camera. Dont get suckered. The battery life of the D5100 was 15 minutes for video, the focussing inexact and slow, the image quality washed out, no way to protect the screen, 2 cords costing $100 to get AC (sold out). It was a terrible experience. THe video was good in daylight, not good at night, at least not as good as the YT videos (not full res). You get what you pay for, and Nikon is not the same company it used to be.

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