Weekly Nikon news flash #193

  • The new Nikkor 70-200mm f/4 lens is currently in stock at Amazon and B&H.

  • Apple released Digital Camera RAW compatibility update 4.03 with support for Nikon 1 V2 (for Aperture 3 and iPhoto '11).

  • Microsoft released Camera Codec Pack v1734.1104 with support for more Nikon cameras (Nikon 1 J2, CoolPix P7000, CoolPix P7100), D600 is still not supported.

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  • jade

    In the Promo video the guy said: “sometimes i wanna be even closer so i switch from fx to dx mode”. Isnt that nonsense? You just get your image cropped. Or did i understand something wrong?

    • 800mm f/2.8 DX VR

      You are quite right. It is nonsense. Congratulations on understanding this important point that so many people just don’t get.

    • AlphaTed

      Isn’t he doing a video?
      If you can do it in capture, why waste time cropping in post?

    • fixit

      I thought too that it’s brains freeze, but he’s right, cropping is like zooming a little bit more with DX. Again, DX is cheaper. Instead of that extreme condition, his expensive FX body is safe where he lives —
      in the warm basement of his parent’s house in Florida.

    • patto01

      I agree with AlphaTed. There must be a reason that he’s the “Alpha,” Ted! (grin)
      Actually, when shooting in DX mode, don’t you see the crop in your viewfinder as opposed to having to imagine it while looking at the FX image? Is it larger, and more detailed? I honestly don’t know…just asking.

      • patto01

        In case my point wasn’t clear, if it is larger and more detailed, wouldn’t you “feel” closer to the action while shooting? I think that’s what he meant.

        • AlphaTed

          I think he meant the final outcome of the “shot”.
          Maybe that’s what the “script” from the marketing people want them to say.

          • patto01

            Every day, people make vague statements that can be interpreted with cynicism or not. It’s possible he doesn’t understand the difference between DX cropping and actual magnification; it’s even more likely that he was just reading a script; I would rather project the sense of elation I get from looking through the viewfinder and feeling like the wildlife is right in front of me. I enjoy that as much as, or more than, the resulting photo because it’s something I’m experiencing, rather than merely looking at.
            I’ve got to go now, I seem to have misplaced my rose-colored glasses…

      • When you switch to DX mode on a D600, the liveview image zooms in, making everything look closer, but the viewfinder stays the same – you see the edge of the image circle around the edges of the viewfinder, where the projected image from the lens stops.

        However, the black lines superimposed on your viewfinder will change to show you where the image will be cropped. This is explained in the D600 manual, page 90.

        In video mode, however, you should get 1080p regardless of FX or DX mode, so in practice, it really does extend the reach of your lens.

    • Tom Nugteren

      The guy that says that is the cinematographer, you see he is also wearing a headphones for audio monitoring. When shooting video FX and DX are both 1920×1080

  • fixit

    On helping typhoon victims:


  • Neopulse

    The Polaroid D3200 grip got bashed on Amazon by 2 reviewers. Hope Meike or Zeikos make one for it. Although chances are, they are in the workings for the popular D5K series grips.

  • The last point in the new Nikon promo video is interesting. “It’s still focusing even though it’s pretty dark.” I wonder if Nikon released this to address concerns over the various reports of the D600 focus hunting in dim conditions?

    • friedmud

      Wow, if someone has focus hunting with a D600 they are doing it wrong. I was shootingg a party last night where people were sitting in pitch blackness around a small fire. Even with my eyes it was hard to see people’s faces… but my D600 with 24-70G had no trouble locking on to people.

      Now, balancing the speedlight output with the fire light to get that “fire glow look” I was going to… that took a bit of manual manipulation… but that is certainly not a fault of the camera… unless you think it should be able to read our minds 🙂

  • Nikon Shooter

    Wow, Nikon really came through. A $20,000 donation! About the same amount as the cost of one trip on their corporate jet. The Japanese are notorious for their compassion. The proud Nikon even posted it on their website.

    I haven’t donated anything, but if I were to donate some crumbs, pocket lint and whatever else I’ll happen to find on my persona at the time without actually going into my wallet, I would at least have the decency to not pretend that I care about saving anybody.

    • Preston

      Yes, I’m sure the victims of that typhoon hate Nikon for their selfish “donation”.

      Nikon donates to several causes each year (they just donated to Hurricane Sandy relief funds a month or 2 ago), so if you look at the bigger picture they actually donate a fair amount.

  • grammar gal

    NR admin says, “At that point I am not sure if those instant savings will be extended past today.”The phrase is, “at THIS point,” This Point.
    Every time you say “at that point” I wonder what point you’re talking about.
    Sorry, a bit grumpy today.

    • patto01

      I always thought that too but then, I thought, ‘maybe he means at the point he wrote the article.’ Since he doesn’t know when you’ll be reading it, it’s very possible that at “this” point, he does, in fact, know.

  • RamesesThe2nd

    Looked at D600 in Best Buy last week. Really good camera, Feels great in hand. Smaller (hence Better) size than D800. It felt like a better version of D7000 in hand than D800. FX viewfinder is so much better than any DX viewfinder.

    The only thing I didn’t like was the small thumb control in the back. ViewFinder on D800 is also a little better than D600. If I knew that at the end of 2012, we would have a FX DSLR available for sub $2000, I would not buy D800. Both good cameras, but I think D600 is better unless you have specific need that require 36MP.

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