Nikon D5200 DSLR camera to be announced next

DX is next: the fifth DSLR camera I promised you for 2012 will be the Nikon D5200 that will replace the D5100 in the next few weeks. At  that point I am not sure if there will be any other products announced together with the D5200 - maybe the Nikon WR-T10 wireless remote controller?

The new Nikon D5200 will have slightly different specs than the D3200:

  • It will use the same 24MP DX-format CMOS sensor
  • EXPEED 3 processor (same as in the D3200)
  • ISO range: 100-6,400 (expandable up to 25,600, D3200 could go only up to 12,800)
  • 2,016 pixel RGB metering sensor (same as the D600, the D3200 had a 420 pixel RGB sensor)
  • Continuous shooting speed: 5fps (the D3200 could do only 4 fps)
  • Vari-angle LCD screen (3", 921k dots)
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  • tuye

    thats it. no more DX pros.

    • burgerman

      DX and pro is a contradiction in terms now we have cams with DX pixel density of the D800. Theres no point other than cheapness. And pro bodies are not cheap!

      • David

        Pixel density isn’t everything. D800 is too slow for fast action. D300s is great for that. If D800 could do 8fps in DX mode then you might have a point. But it doesn’t

        • karl

          oh the agony of those waiting for a D400 continues. Let’s see how many come flaming about crappy consumer DX bodies and the Nikon 1 🙂

          • Plug

            You seem to enjoy the agony, but if it persists it will cost Nikon, and by implication Nikon users, a great deal in support and profit. You go and strut your FX stuff but remember where Nikon makes the greater part of its camera profits. My D800 is great but I would like to replace my D300s within my system needs/desires.

            • curtis

              Companies like Nikon waste their money all the time from bringing up new models every fucking year. Everyday I’m sure they loose 700K and then get triple that the next day, and than loose all of that and than get double that the next day. It’s a shitty system the way companies work today.

            • Pablo Ricasso

              I don’t have these, but I guess that Nikon sells more of the 3000 and 5000 cameras than it does all of the other DSLRs put together. Probably still more than the mirrorless or compacts also. Given that and what it’s competition is doing, it makes sense to update rapidly and repeatedly.
              This will bring new improvements to your camera that are affordable and timely. You just don’t get to be the first one with 24 megapixels. Otherwise, your world is still perfect…

            • karl

              What are you talking about?
              I’m a DX and CX shooter 😉

        • burgerman

          Then buy a D4 machine gun. If you “need” 8fps…

          • That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Nikon created a market niche for a sub-$2,000 high-FPS pro body. They can reasonably be expected to provide an update for those users. The D4 is not an option for many.

            • Plug

              Nice site of yours. But I can’t believe that you are a successful pro as you use DX and Burgerman implies that is not possible. I feel so confused….

          • sw

            then give me the money, so i can buy it. perhaps if you thought a little (which btw is not hard, nor it causes terrible headaches), you would come to a conclusion, that not everybody can afford a d4. and yes, i do need 8 fps, even more.

            • xyz

              Then buy Sony 😉

            • Dixie

              Why are you so poor?

            • Big J

              True on the Sony, lol at Dixie and just wait it’ll come out. Use what you’ve got meanwhile, it’s not any less of a camera just because a newer one hasn’t come out.

          • El_Pickerel

            Get an F5 for $300 and you have pro full frame with 8fps. Of course it buffers at 36 frames, and it takes a little while to clear that buffer… 😉

            • MTP

              Great comment!

            • RC

              It actually doesn’t take that much time to change film.

      • ano

        We had higher pixel density than D800 in a DX camera (D7000) 1.5 years *before* the D800 was even introduced. If Nikon decides to produce an FX camera with the same pixel density of its latest DX camera (D3200), we’d have a 58MP monster on our hands.

        But again pixel density isn’t everything. And pro digital gear used to be DX long before it became FX. But yeah… whatever you say bucko.

        • Ano

          Another way of stating my point: There is *no* FX offering today that has anything even close to the pixel density of the lowly D3200.

          • PHB

            And this is hardly a surprise. The bigger the sensor, the lower the yield. Twice the area means (approx) twice the chance of a defect. So it makes sense to begin with the smallest sensor area when introducing a new process.

            Now if we could get the Nikon 2 sensor cell at FX size… 105MP and ISO 6400 !

      • I’ve waited patiently for a D400. I want the crop factor for reach and lightness. I looked at the D800: it has great ISO and resolution, but it costs twice as much as my D300 did, and DX mode is like looking down a cardboard tube, and I don’t want a new computer just yet. It’s just better to get something built for the job.

        • RC

          Lighter? How?

          • Plug

            By, for example, using a 300f4 rather than a 500f4. Isn’t it obvious?

        • v1owner

          + big number

    • jorgen

      nope, D400 will come. why so late? i guess, nikon works on 8+ FPS and a new professional DX-AF system.

      • jorgen

        see thm hogans analysis for why nikon will not drop DX and why nikon has to upgrade the D3xxx and D5xxx lines before upgrading the Dxxx-line.

        • wakaranai

          Thom’s latest essay is worth reading, but IMO the main reason for the D5200 now is that the holiday season is coming and the D5100 is a consumer camera they hope to promote at that time. (the Christmas season is the prime shopping season in the US and Europe. And, from my limited experience, it’s an even bigger shopping season in urban Japan….)

          D7100 and D400 buyers are nowhere near as season sensitive, so they can wait until the New Year (in the marketer’s view)

          • Abdullah

            Makes sense

          • Big J

            Well that’s obvious

  • Eric Calabros

    no manual control for video, again?

    • Ano

      We can’t be sure of that yet 😉

    • Dolan

      Nokin dun cair abt u thy lik to raep ur mudder.

      Sow fak u

  • opterown

    No D7k or D300s replacement? 🙁

  • cj

    D400 bubble bursted !

  • Žele

    Nikon or Sony 24MP APS-C sensor?

    • burgerman

      W0nder if its batteries, resistors, screws, plastic, rubber, flach tube, or capacitors are nikon or (add choice of actual supplier)???

      And who the hell cares?

      • Žele

        It’s imprtant cause if D5200 uses same 24MP Nikon sensor as D3200 it would be huge blow for Sony.

        • Young Boy

          You mean huge blow to users, who would prefer superior high iso of new 16 mp sony sensors to this absurdly big files, with pathetic resolution in combination with those plastic 18-55 kits – what will be reality for 90 percent of buyers?

          • desmo

            D7000 and d5100 are available now and
            nikon version of 16mp sensor outperforms Sony’s

            • Big J


            • Sina

              Chipworks has confirmed D7000 and D5100 both use Sony 16mp sensors.

            • desmo

              fabbed by sony

              final tweaks are unique to nikon
              similar but not same sensor

  • What the hell the d7000 and d300 are in much bigger need of a replacement then the d5100.. guess nikon is really trying to make their higher dx consumers switch to FX

    • burgerman

      Of course. DX is amateur. Its the cut down for cheapness sensor of yesteryear. Things have moved on. Even the d800 can do huge DX files if you want…

      • Dave

        There’s no amateur camera, only amateur user.

        • burgerman

          Rubbish. There are BOTH! DX is amateur for ost reasons only now Want a fast well built old school (DX) camera? Get a d300s while uou can. Theres not much they can do to improve it. Other than a full frame sensor

          • Shawn

            I think he was saying that there are cameras marketed towards the amateur market, but if a professional cannot make great pictures on an amateur camera, then they are still an amateur.

            I agree, I’ve seen plenty of people paid to take pictures (“professionals”) that get nothing more than amateur results.

          • Dano

            Saying nothing more can be done to improve the D300s other than put an FX sensor in it is like saying nothing more can be done to improve the D4 except put a medium format sensor in it.

            • RC

              I agree. The AF system in the D300 is SLOW, and the shutter lag could be improved. The D600 improves GREATLY in those areas, so that is why it is my D300 replacement.

              When going back to my D300, I could not imagine how I ever lived without the D600. I’m sending my D300 to Nikon to see if something’s wrong with it.

            • desmo

              reply to RC
              I just upgraded D300s to D600
              if I were to choose based on autfocus

              the D300s 51 point would win

              D600 is fast in auto 39 point but doesn’t always get it done in single point in low light
              D300s 51 point focus point are more easily assigned and camera locks on more reliably

              However choice based on sensor

              D600 wins
              no comparison

              better resolution
              better color depth
              way better low light
              not only low noise but at 6400 iso what noise there is is more film like grainy not banding

              so wouldn’t switch back but would prefer 51 point AF

      • Kuv

        Most people here appear to not know the meaning of neither amateur nor pro. I know a lot of pros shooting crop, and a lot of amateurs shooting ff.
        Being pro just means you are paid to do it.

        • Shawn


          I like how everyone throws around the word “professional” like it means “great”. There are great photographers, and there are horrible photographers. There are professional photographers and amateur photographers. There is no correlation between the two sets. I can show you amateurs who are better than any professional and professionals who are worse than almost any amateur.

        • Magnus

          Yep. I’m an amateur – and got tired of waiting for the D400.
          So… I upgraded from a D200 to a D4.
          Very pleased with it, but still interested in a “Pro” DX, aka D400, as a backup.

        • AlphaOne

          I’m tired of hearing these DX haters. I have a feeling that since they moved to FX, they feel like a “pro”.
          I’m sure the real pros won’t downplay the importance of DX even though they’re using FX now.

        • PHB

          Indeed, the guy who shoots pics at the kids school and charges $35 a pop for a set of prints I can do far better myself calls himself a pro…

          Most ‘professional’ photographers are the equivalent of house painters.

      • Jose

        Agree with Dave, dx do not means amateur cameras, think in wildlive photographer or a land scape photographer who want to take photos in 24 MP using you fx cameras icrease their lenses reach in a 50%
        Otherwise, I would like a camera wich full of features but with the possibility to use my old DX lenses, special zoom lenses taking 24 MP photos.
        I really like high end dx but I don´t like to invest a lot of money in FX lenses

        Of course I am not a pro photographer, but I would like to have a nikon cameras with more features than d600 but for a less price than d800; D400

    • Merv

      “What the hell the d7000 and d300 are in much bigger need of a replacement”

      More D3200 and D5200 cameras will move from stores during the Christmas season and Boxing day, Nikon is doing this right

      And they may as well work out the kinks of this sensor before it gets to the D7100.

  • itznfb

    I’m guessing the D400 will come next August…. and I’m guessing it will be worth the wait.

    • RC

      The question I think most people will ask themselves is, “Why would I want to pay $2000 for a DX camera when I can have FX for the same price?”

      11fps? 100 frame RAW buffer? I don’t know man…

      Pro DX is belongs to the niche market.

      • umesh

        The question that I think most people should ask is ” Why would I want to pay $2000 for an FX amateur camera when I need and want a better and rugged Dx which would better suit my purpose ?”

  • While I’m not overly surprised this isn’t a D400, I am surprised it’s not a D7100 which is considerably older now at this point.

    • Jamez

      Actually, its logical. Its not about how old the models are.
      The consumer models is where they have the largest sales volume, and to get these buyers off buying the latest Canon or others brand latest model they will need to have new models at all times. Potensial customers here will buy the latest product just because it is the latest, and of course then it should be better than the previous – because the sales guy is telling them so…

    • Me too. I was hoping for a D7100 – if the D400 isn’t meant to be.

  • Iam

    can’t belive it !!!…so now there is a 1000 gap between d7000 and d600 ?
    the only pro body will be the D800 and D4 ???

    • Mike

      Relax. D7000 and D300 successors will come soon.

    • desmo

      actually the gap is 6400—

  • Rob

    One POS camera after the other… I would love to upgrade my D300, but the the D600 is too small and lacks the dedicated AF button and the D800 is very expensive and too slow (only 4fps). And the D7000 cannont really be considered an upgrade from the D300. We’ll see, what the 7d-2 brings…

    • burgerman

      According to DXO mark quite likely a shit sensor that is 12th or worse behind even entry level nikons. Canon are on a different page here! Literally.

    • For a long time I ignored the D7000 for the lack of AF-On button, but I discovered that the AE-lock could be reprogrammed. I was tempted to get one, but then the sensors got even better. So now I’m waiting for a D300 update again.

  • FF

    This was the year of consumer cameras for Nikon. 🙁

    • Ano

      Yeah because D4 and D800 did not count 😉

      • Bingo!


  • D400


    • burgerman

      I wish you luck. Wasting your time though! 🙂 Why bother to go to the expense of a well built cam with speed and good focus system and just miss off the rest of the sensor?

  • Where is the freaking D400?

    • Ekson557

      D7000 is so good! Do you really need another semi-pro camera?. You have three semi pro cameras (now FX): D600, D700 and D800. Who needs D400 (DX) ???

      • Give me $2100 for a D600 and I will happily buy

        • Otter3

          I also think that D7000 is more than enough – it is cheaper and much better than D300s. It has no sealings and no “semi-pro” badge, but it has almost everything you need and IQ is superb!

          • RC

            The miniscule buffer on the D7000 is inadequate. It also can’t do 8 fps. Those are things I’m not willing to give up if I’m going to downgrade.

            • Thank you RC! This is why we would like to see the D400!

          • gio

            does youe beloved D7K have the accurate AF of D300s??

      • Nikonhotep

        Do those of us who need a D400 (e.g., for bird photography) really need to keep answering this question?

        • AlphaOne

          They’re just trolling.
          They thought we, us waiting for the D400, just shoot portraits, pets, flowers, and landscapes … like them.

      • rubbishrain

        I do!!!

    • Alex

      I suspect D400 will be the $1500 FX camera with no AF motor released later down the road. I’m sure it will come with free oil and dust.

      • Pablo Ricasso

        Most likely. And the D400 that you are waiting for might be a D9000.

        • The Fantastic G

          I have to agree they will be naming it the D9000 — been saying it since the D3000 came out.

      • RC

        D200 was $1700
        D300 was $1800
        You expect the “D400” to be $1500?
        It will most definitely have an AF motor.

        • Alex

          Yes, but I don’t expect D400 to be a D300 successor. I expect it to be an FX version of the D5100/5200, just as D600 is the FX version of the D7000.

          I also suspect the FX replacements will be D610, D810 etc. Who really knows though, we’re all just having guesses here.

      • Big J

        Judging by pricing and the way the yen and dollar are in the states (don’t know about the fucked up tax policies in other countries), might be $2000 easy. It’s gonna be a serious camera when it comes out for those waiting. Like I’m hoping still that it’ll have an XQD slot along with a CF or SD.

  • Young Boy

    Oh, again older model with superior high ISO? Looks like another Pyrrhic victory for Nikon! My congratulations, dear marketing department! Next time you fart, you should sell it as new perfume! You will manage.
    (Side note: how dare it was from Sony to introduce new NEX5 and NEX6 models with similar MP count and better high ISO!?! Seems that in this crazy times, only few are brave enough to swim against the tide!)

  • What to upgrade to?

    Those specs don’t seem to leave much room for both a D300s and D7000 upgrade. Does admin know what the likely time frame for those updates – or the combined update – are/is?

    • RC

      Those specs? You mean the single megapixel spec?

  • Plug

    The lower the model in the range the more frequent the update. I see absolutely no bearing on the arguments for and against a D300s replacement in this news. For those who hope, vehemently from comments, that this D300s replacement does not take place: why? If you don’t want it you will not buy it so why be so vindictive towards those who would like to see it? It would not divert resources within Nikon for the products you want, indeed profits and R&D would benefit all users in the long run. All the anti CX stuff on these pages: if you don’t want to buy in then don’t buy in, but be gracious and accept that some of the new technology going on there will definitely enhance the tech higher up, to the benefit of all of us.

    • PAG

      Don’t you know that if YOU don’t have a need a piece of particular photo gear, it’s crap with no use for anybody? All you have to do is read comments on virtually any board to understand that.

      • Plug


  • Mike

    Let’s hope the D7000 replacement does not share this sensor and something more similar to a DX-size D600 sensor!!!!

    DxOMark D3200: 24.1 bits – 13.2 Evs – 1131 ISO
    DxOMark D7000: 23.5 bits – 13.9 Evs – 1167 ISO
    DxOMark D600: 25.1 bits – 14.2 Evs – 2980 ISO

    I want to see a D7100/D8000 with a sensor score of 25 bits, 14 Evs and 1500 ISO.

    • desmo

      i think your on the right path,

      but I don’y think nikon has that sensor with more than 16mp DX.


      why we are waiting

    • Big J

      Chances are they are going to “correct” low light performance on focusing on it. Some people mentioned about having problems with the D7000’s AF system in low light. Let’s hope that never happens again.

  • Ekson557

    I AM STILL WAITING FOR D5400 or D3600

  • ThatNikonGuy

    Nikon should streamline its product line, it has way too many compacts and dslrs in the line up. For god sake, Nikon USA still lists D3000 AS CURRENT. And what’s with the S01 Coolpix, it takes worst photos than an iphone.

  • 120-300 os for Nikon

    Well oke wait once more for D400 time will tell but it has to come before may next year or i go for the D800 D300s is nice but getting to old.

  • Carl Lowe

    OMG….the constant nagging and complaints everytime Nikon announces something new….KEEP CALM, AND CARRY ON!

    • PAG

      Keep Calm and Take Photos?

  • Jacob

    Breaking news !!!
    The D300s replacement will be the D7000.
    It’s been on photography store shelves since Oct. 2010.
    Can we move on now?

  • jorgen

    wishful thinking: the D400 will be available as a mini-D4 with stubborn body and builtin grip.

    • dave

      Actually that sounds like a great idea. It’ll help differentiate between the D7000 series and the entry full frame. But Nikon probably won’t release it til the 7Dii comes out

      • Big J

        Nah, they’re gonna release it before just as Canon did with their 5D Mark III before the D800. I mean, if they’re marketing tactics involve doing so.

  • T.I.M

    If you need 8 f.p.s to be able to take action pictures, then you need to go back to photography school.

    30 years ago, 3 f.p.s was for the top speed for SLR cameras, and good photographers had no problems taking sport/action pictures

    • Mike M

      Exactly what are you basing that info on? Nearly 40 years ago there were cameras that were capable of 7 (Nikon’s F2H w/ MD-100) and 9 (Canon’s Pellicle mirror F-1 high speed) frames per second… My oh-so consumer FE with MD-12 did 3.5 FPS more than 30 years ago. Not to menti0n at least half a dozen cameras since that were in the 4-13.5 FPS range, if FPS wasn’t important I’m sure Nikon wouldn’t have built the ultra specialized F3HS that did 13.5…

      • T.I.M

        get a 35mm movie camera, 24 f.p.s !

    • Toonie

      hmmmm, people like to move on with better features, not back to 30 years ago 😉 ofc skill is important for every photographers out there, but hey, a good camera is always a plus.

    • RC

      A tool should never get in the way of the craftsman. A slower fps = slower camera.

      A higher FPS also increases the likelihood that you will get “the shot.”

      People said AF wasn’t necessary when it first came out. Let’s see how skilled those people are at MF.

    • desmo

      well said

      • desmo

        was refering to mike m ‘s orig post not comment above

  • Jack

    Pretty lame update. At least the D5100 had a significantly better sensor than the D3100 (I owned both). All you get with the D5200 over the D3200 is an ISO option to go from super noisy to unusable, 1 more fps (which doesn’t matter as the AF on these entry-level cameras are terrible for action), and a swivel screen. Nikon should just can the D5XXX line and update the D7000.

    • Jack

      …and I forgot better metering, but it’s not like anyone complained about the metering for the D3200/D5100 either.

    • Young Boy

      Very well said. Instead of pathetic huge sensor good for ego of teenagers who knows nothing about photography (or pensioners, another group with very little reason), they should offer 16 mpx with improved high ISO, like latest NEX cameras from Sony, fine-tune pathetic white balance performance, improve AF with more areas, include touch-screen option with “touch-to-focus” feature, include wi-fi module (What?!!! We want customers to pay for that, you little bugger!), include artificial horizon in life-view, include well programmed panorama modes and several HDR options and… Sure there is much more, what is easy to be done, and relatively cheap – but? Why bother. People are stupid. Mooooooo…

      • RC

        People buying those cameras don’t care about that stuff.

  • elph

    I’m amazed at how high these ISO’s are. My D800 is pretty good, not so much compared to D4, but these new DX cameras seem to behind fairly close!

  • D400, I hope

    There is an excellent reason for bringing out the D5200 now: CHRISTMAS!
    I WILL have a D400 but it will be sometime in the first quarter of 2013…

    • click

      There is an excellent reason for bringing out the D400 in the first quarter of 2013: EASTER!

      *SCNR* 🙂

      • D400, I hope

        Actually, that is an excellent reason. Easter is all about rebirth. The D400 will be the perfected, reborn D300S 🙂

        • v1owner

          Improved sensor, AF @ f8, non-creaky card door – job done.

    • Roberto

      That’s it. to 5200 will be a camera sold in super markets.

      The D400 and the D700 replacement (pro cameras made ​​in japan) would never be released next Christmas.

      • desmo

        my D300S was made in Thailand
        what makes you think D400 would be made in japan?

        that being said its still a good camera regardless of which Nikon factory assembled it.

  • Shawn

    I guess we don’t know everything about this camera yet, but based on this information they’re not doing too much to match Canon’s T4i specs.

    I have a D5100 and would much rather have 11 cross-type sensors and flash commander (that Canon has on their T4i) than a few extra megapixels.

    Also hope to see U1 & U2 modes and the improved auto-ISO settings from the D4/D800/D600 line, but probably we won’t see that on anything lower than the D7000 replacement.

    • Young Boy

      Very true. But the more reason you use, the more you will be hated by Nikon marketing department. Cos they want sell their product to masses of brainwashed users rather than give budged buyers serious product to work with.

  • VonBean

    Will there has a new flagship DX camera coming, like 7200?

  • Miha

    So it is basically D3200 with swing screen. D5100 is really not the camera thet need an update at the moment!

  • Morg

    looks like me and my D200 will spend some more time together before it gets retired.

  • jetelinho

    d5200??? really??? I mean – really??? ´LOVELY´ … more of the SAME again … WHAT ABOUT TRYING to SOLVE (for once!) the d800 PROBLEMS IF you want those with higher DX bodies to skip to FX??? I for one would have done that haven´t there been the SHOCKING focusing … even on the bodies provided for official Nikon product presentations … anything else to be said needed??? doubt it!
    Nevertheless – new fast wide lenses any1??? I did want to give myself a nice Christmas gift – I WON´T … as there isn´t any (in the Nikon ranks – yes, would have loved the new ´M´ … but for the price …)

  • Josh

    What some of you are forgetting is that Christmas is coming up. Nikon wants to cash in and the best way to do that is with the lower end cameras that are less expensive. You know the ones most people can actually afford to buy someone for Christmas.

    I bet the D400/D7100 will come next summer. Nikon is not going to abandon the $1200-$1500 price point. Though I think we will see a camera that is a mix between a D7100 and a D300s, not a direct replacement for either.

    • Jose

      D 7200 should be US$ 1100, D 400 should be US$ 1600 both will be complet Nikon DSRLs price segments

      • Josh

        If there is a direct D300s replacement which I doubt there will be since it seems like Nikon is setting up to hav3 3 DX models and 3 FX models, it wont be called the D400. In the past Dxx was for consumer/enthusiast bodies, Dxxx was for semi pro bodies like the D300 or D700 and Dx was for the high end pro bodies. Now my guess is Nikon has made things much simpler and Dxxxx will be for DX and Dxxx will be for FX and Dx will be for the expensive niche sports/pj camera.

  • Well. If the D5100 has the D7k sensor, and will be replaced before the D7k, it looks to me that there will be no true D7100. It may be called a D7100, but will truly be a D400. Once the D5200 is released, I say Nikon will release a D7100/D400 (specs of D400) with a new sensor. From then on, the D400-line sensor will again be put in the D5xxx line of cameras. Let’s hope.

    As for the D5200 proposed specs, it looks like a complete waste to me thus far. But, that also makes me think there’s something stuffed up their sleeve here..


  • Good plan to have a D5200 and next camera after this the D7100 – not sure if we see a D400 ? what will the D400 over the D7100 ? apart from the body ?

  • Antonio

    Admin , do you have any idea what the AF will be? Still CAM1000 ? Or maybe we can see the D7k AF module in this new D5200? That would be a worthwhile upgrade for sure.

    • Josh

      I think that would depend on what kind of camera D7000/D300s replacement is. If it is what a suspect it will be, a merger of the D7000 and the D300s that is essentially a D7000 body some of the more advanced features of the D300 line stuffed in it, there is a chance it could get the same AF as the D300 or maybe even the improved version from the D800. If it does then there is a chance the D5200 will get the D7000s AF.

      Though I think it is more likely the D5200 will have the Same AF from the D5100 and the D7100/D400 replacement will inherit the improved 39 point AF from the D600.

    • desmo

      good question AF was only weakness of D5100

  • Geoff_K

    I can see why they put out this less expensive camera now with Christmas coming. I would have preferred a D400 ~18MP 8fps and decent ISO 6400. I would have paid close to $2k for it as I want the fps and extra reach.

    I plan to try again to get a correctly working D800E next month. If that fails I am likely to wait for the next gen cameras to come out. I use the outer points from time to time and want/need them to be reasonably close to center sharpness.

    *Before someone jumps on the reach comment .. your 12MP ff with a 300mm lens shows the same view as my 200mm DX. DOF is different, but not worth worrying about for me. If you CROP your 12Mp 200mm shot you have fewer MP than I do to work with, so it is not the same.

    • El Aura

      (A) Do you really believe that Nikon will bother developing a 18 MP sensor for one lower volume camera alone, if they already have a 16 and two 24 MP sensors to choose from?
      (B) Apart from that 16 vs. 18 MP difference, it seems you would be fully satisfied with a D7100 that upped the FPS to 8?

  • gio

    WTF??!!! Nikon, we dont need a D5200!!! dont you get it, we need an upgrade of the D300(s). loooong overdue!!!

  • Vertigo

    Landscape, studio, street photog. people, please stop all this “FX is necessarily better” thing.
    Yes, there are people wanting a high pixel density, fast fps DX camera to replace their D300. Most of us, bird photographers, do. And we buy more expensive lenses than you do. We are a market, sacrebleu ! The wait for the D400 was far too long.

  • shivaswrath

    Isn’t there 1 more body announcement Admin?

  • Ohh, where D400 ? People at Nikon does not seem to search net, how Nikon users are looking forward to D400!

  • zoetMB

    What a waste. How different will the D5200 be from the D5100, which was only released 18 months ago? The D300 is five years old and needs to be replaced. (Not that one precludes the other or that they’re made on the same production line.)

    For the holiday amateur shopping period, Nikon has the D3100, D7000, D5100 and D3200. The only way a D5200 makes sense is if they’ve long stopped making the D5100 and they’re about to run out of stock – but even then it won’t address the same customer because the street price on the D5100 is now down to $497 without a lens and $597 with a lens and a D5200 is probably going to come in at $1000.

    • Big J

      Well it was officially discontinued recently the D5100. And yeah, I also suspect it’ll be around $999-$1099 the kit price of it.

  • Dave

    You know, with all these cameras going up to 25k ISO, I’m thinking the next D7000 or D400 is going to hit the 50k and 100k ISO ranges

  • Detomlird

    Dont understand Nikon. They should be doing this:

    Nikon 1 – D3200 – d5200 – d7100 -d600 etc.

    D5200: Merge the d5100 with d7000 so we can get specs from d7000 – a swivel screen and top lcd and 100% viewfinder. Plastic body and low fps.

    D7100: merge the d7000 with d300s to get high fps, tough body, better AF system.

  • Aldo

    “pros” waiting on dx cameras lol…

  • Tony

    I’ve got great amusement from reading this thread, seeing all the pixel-counters that Nikon have got their hook into. Of course what will happen is that no sooner have your wishes been met than, ah, Nikon come out a year later with something that makes your ‘hearts desire’ look dated (in your eyes). I ‘lived’ with my film kit (Olympus) for over 15-years, and never worried once if I should really be using the latest Nikon or Canon. Why don’t you stop writing to this forum and get out and take photographs with what you’ve got? Or do you all have an inferiority complex?

    • You’re writing here too. Does that mean you’re not taking photos?

      Honestly, I don’t know why people can’t comment here without being mean. Be nice.

      • Aldo

        Hard to be nice with a crowd full of smartasses… most of which aren’t even photographers lol

        • It doesn’t sound like you’re trying very hard to me.

          • Aldo

            you are right… I’m not trying… neither I’m trying to be “mean” though =D

            • Big J


  • I don’t speculate specs for new becoming models. Usually they are better than the old models 🙂 There is a place for both series DX and FX. Some jerks want to praise FX over the top. Congratulations for you!! Hope you can find a way to open your point of view some day.

    I feel the D600 same like these cheap DX’s. Build like a toys. Okey, if there have to be an entry level body, so be it. Three level DX serie would be good too.

    I bought my first dslr D200 in 2006, then D300 in 2008 and had to buy D3s in 2011, because Nikon could not pring a new generation for D300s. Soon after my purchase, was D800 on a market. It would have been a better tool for my Aerial Twilight Zone Photography. Damn… Maybe “D400” would have done the same job???

    There are good reasons to wait D400 for me and many others. Why the heck Nikon disparage us, who are happy to own these semipro/pro DX cameras?? The layout, build and guality with DX is what we want.

    Consumer models comes two times per year like mid range cellphones, with one or two new features. What a waste!! I’m not environment fanatic, but where is a reasonableness???

    Arsenal is not equal with talent 😀

  • Pretty in Pink

    Nikon are just following the money, which is clueless point-and-shoot photographers. All they see when they walk into Best Buy is the Megapixel count. That’s all they care about, more Megapixels means better camera. These cameras are always – with out exception- shot in full Auto mode. Nikon will probably release it in lots of pretty colours to match the clueless photographer’s outfit too. And a nice red one for Christmas day.

    The sooner these people start buying mirrorless the better, then perhaps Nikon might start making proper cameras again…….and perhaps do some proper product testing and not release another dud.

  • BBQ

    I’m glad I recently bought the D5100.

    Why couldn’t they get Fuji’s 16 MP XTRANS Sensor for for their new DX Line?

  • amien

    This is it… The end of great low ISO pictures on the DX line !
    I own both D5100 and D3200 : the D3200 is only great between 200 and 400 iso, and the video files are horrible in low light : something I have never seen on any other DSLR video camera, shadow noise blinking (d-lighting off)
    While the D5100 offers clean and perfect video files, it unfortunately doesn’t offer manual controls in video, this is a paradox.

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