Nikon 1 V2 mirrorless camera will be announced next

Nikon 1 V2

Nikon 1 V2 mockup

The next Nikon announcement will be for the Nikon 1 V2 mirrorless camera. This is not a surprise after the huge price V1 drop reported few days ago. Similar to the J2, the V2 will offer only minor improvements over the V1 (the V1 already has the 921k dots screen). There is some talk that the V2 model may have WiFi and GPS capabilities, but it is still too early to be certain about the details. Expect the official announcement before the end of 2012. This may not be the only new product introduction before the 2013 CES show that will take place in early January 2013.

Oh, and DX format is not dead yet.

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  • Drumbo

    Well, let’s see what are the changes!

    • Funduro

      Well, let’s see what are the changes! – 2

      • Mikycoud

        Quad core 3Mhz huh? You weren’t kidding mate, you really did invest in the best machine you could get. Wow! I’m no expert, but I gather that with all that 4X3Mhz, you have at least the same computing power as a Casio fx92 from the early 90s… Smoking! How many Teraflops would that be, I dare not work it out 🙂

        • BartyL

          Reply fail.

        • PHB

          Yeah, when I started in the biz the first machine I used WAS 1 MHz and the first one I built (with a soldering iron) was 4MHz.

          Disk drives are even more extreme, we used to use 360Kb floppies thinking they were big. Now I buy 3Tb…

          But the change from that point to the GHz era and the change since has not been so big.

    • JC

      Effectively, Nikon and other camera companies have turned, a used to be treasured, long lasting camera, and a wonderful tool, into a digital commodity, which will become a digital garbage in no time.

      And we suppose to expect this once every year new digital commodity release with great joy and anticipation? Only an egg-head would do such a thing.

      • karl

        Digital cameras were never really treasured. They are in many ways similar to PCs. Back in the 90ties, PCs have doubled the performance every single year. A 2 years old computer was ancient, and could not keep up with the software.
        It’s NOW, that they last 5-6 years and are still fully usable. Because the PC market has reached a state, when most of the population simply does not need any more computing power.
        Digital cameras underwent a massive progress in the last 10 years, it’s IMHO now that they have reached a level when a 5 years old DSLR delivers acceptable image quality and most people do not upgrade it until it breaks.

        • Martijn

          The computers have not reached a point where more power would be useless. the chip has reached a speed where it’s no longer possible to keep it cool without extreme methods. higher then 5 ghz will probably not be reached with the current chip type. they’ll need a new way to get more speed like quantum chips

          • Andrew

            Or massively parallel computing!

          • karl

            a 6 years old Core 2 Duo based PC with enough RAM is still fully usable for everything except for hard core gaming and movie editing.
            Adding a SSD drive would make it “subjectively” faster for the majority of population than a current high end PC with a conventional HDD.

            Heck, my 3 years old Core i7 based PC feels still new. It’s faster than the brand new $2000 laptop that I use at work.

            • pierre wajeman

              you don’t use a graphic card in your pc ?
              For photography the processor is less important than a good graphic pro card
              SSD ???? and why not SCSI ? more powerfull… and the screnn, no comment from you on screen : have you got an IPS screen for working ???

            • karl

              @pierre if you bothered to read from the start, you would know we are not talking about professional usage – we are talking about general consumers.

              btw, graphic card is irrelevant for photo processing – any budget card supports everything a photographer/editor usually needs (no, he does not need CUDA parallelized rendering).

            • pierre wajeman

              Karl budget cards are made for games…
              By the way, you can find graphic pro card under a hundred dollars or euros. (and really better than cuda)

            • PHB

              SCSI? Excuse me, who uses that these days?

              I used to be a big SCSI user back in its day but that was twenty years ago. I haven’t bought a new SCSI drive in over ten years. Its an obsolete protocol, SATA was designed as the SCSI successor, it is better in every way including support for hot-swap.

              SSD is a definite improvement over hard drives for boot disks etc. But better still are the modern motherboards that can use an SSD as a cache. That enables a much better balance of speed, capacity and price.

              But other than that, yeah, I am typing at a machine that is now 5 years old and is still plenty fast enough. In fact it is still faster than most of the current models (quad core 3MHz, twin GPU cards). When I buy a new machine I invest in the fastest spec I can get so that I can use it for as long as possible.

            • karl

              @pierre you have no idea what you’re talking about.
              Highest-end gaming graphic cards cost around 1000€.
              I paid 300€ for my mid-range card.

              Games are one of the most demanding applications you can run. Photoshop is a piece of cake.

            • PHB

              Actually Karl you can get a card capable of grinding through pretty much any game on a 30″ monitor for $300 these days.

              The $1000 cards are the latest release boards with two GPUs on one board running SLI between them.

              Photoshop does not need them but Premiere will run faster with them.

        • Calibrator

          > It’s NOW, that they last 5-6 years and are still fully usable. Because the PC market has reached a state, when most of the population simply does not need any more computing power.

          In fact most people doesn’t need the computing power of a middle-class PC – and that’s exactly why smartphones and tablets sell like hot cakes right now.

          > Digital cameras underwent a massive progress in the last 10 years, it’s IMHO now that they have reached a level when a 5 years old DSLR delivers acceptable image quality and most people do not upgrade it until it breaks.

          Also true – let’s see how modern quality cameras will last…

          • Calibrator

            *don’t* need the computing power…

      • JV

        @karl: +1

        I couldn’t agree more with you.

    • Paul

      I call you better have some good cards Nikon or I’m leaving the table. The Fuji table seems hot.

  • hunt

    How little cameras does Nikon need to release? If you have the first version there will be no need for a Facebook photographer to need more upgrades.

    • JC

      I don’t get what all the hate is about for these cameras. I personally like them, even though lots of NR users here seem to disagree. They’re not heavy, have some sense of fashion to them, and provide a form of function without looking too obtrusive.

      I have a D800 and sometimes don’t like having to carry it around because it’s cumbersome in certain aspects. If I was going for a walk in the park, the street late at night with my girlfriend, or a trip to the downtown area with public transportation, this would definitely be the form factor I am looking for.

      Some people buy a pair of nice shoes for an occasion, why can’t we all agree that some people buy a nice camera for certain occasions?

      • `/1nc3nt

        D800 + V1 is a perfect complementary pair.

        Don’t worry, you are not alone! 🙂

        • Drumbo

          Same here! 🙂

          • Arid

            Same here!

            • thomas

              ditto! (D800E 🙂

            • Plug

              And another!

        • Dima

          I agree – D800 definitely needs to be “complimented” with something small. But I tried V1 and was less then impressed. First of all I’m not too crazy about having to use two hands when I need to zoom – one to hold the camera, one to rotate the zoom ring. Second – I was less than impressed with image quality. I opted for P7100, which I upgraded now to P7700 because of the screen. I absolutely love P7700 – all the dials give me quick access to all the settings I need. Decent image quality. Ability to attach my SB-800, if needed. I took P7100/SB-800 combination with me on several trips and got quite a few good pictures. Now with fully articulated screen and much better grip of P7700 – I finally got the camera I wanted from Nikon for years – fully featured, with articulated screen, and a hot shoe. I think I’m keeping this one for at least three years. I also have P300, which I think is better than V1 too. Well… let me take that back – I like it better than V1. On both P7700 and P300 – much more convenient to operate zoom.

          Long story short (yeah, I know, that ship has sailed), I don’t like combination of mirrorless camera and manual zoom. Panasonic’s power zoom is not a solution too – zoom buttons are on the lens, so same problem – two hands.

          Just my 2c.

          • Dima

            One more thing about P7700 – filter thread on the lens. Now I can put on polarizer without those two huge adapter and having to put 72mm filter. I just got 40.5-52mm adapter for $6, and I already have polarizer. Love it!!!

            • BornOptimist

              The same step-up ring can be used on a V1. With one exeption (10-100mm), all other lenses have 40.5mm threads. I use a 40.5 – 52mm ring on my V1 with polarizer almost daily.

            • Dima


              Just curios – do you find it comfortable to hold such a small camera using two hands so close to your eye? Or not so much? I just couldn’t use it. I wonder if it just me…

          • Heath

            “I’m not too crazy about having to use two hands when I need to zoom – one to hold the camera, one to rotate the zoom ring.”

            How do you hold your D800 when you zoom in and out – in you mouth?

            • Rob

              The D800 is 36MP. You just throw on a 14mm lens and crop to the desired zoom in post.

            • Dima

              I guess you failed reading class at school, didn’t you? Focus, buddy – that phrase refers to V1, not D800. D800 is natural to hold in two hands next to your eye. V1 doesn’t have a viewfinder, so you’d hold it in front of you, and using two hands is required.

            • `/1nc3nt

              You said you tried V1, it really does have an electronic viewfinder. You can look via the LCD or like an SLR via a view finder. Probably J1 is the model you tried, not the V1.

            • Heath

              Hmmmmm…. Can’t tell your V’s from your J’s it would seem, maybe you should have concentrated more in school.
              My point was that you need two hand to operate other interchangeable lens cameras. Although I passed reading class just fine, you obviously struggled with the comprehension component of your education.

      • DE MICHEL

        LEICA M , get the best, forget the rest………

      • peterw


        if I need to complement my D700 with something small,
        I put on a nikkor 35 F2 AF-D (and take off the battery-pack)

        There is no camera made for taking a walk with my girlfriend.


        (but off course your arguments are solid)

        • Jorge

          When I need to “compliment” my D700 I take my D800. LOL
          Actually, the camera that is ALWAYS with me, wherever I go, is my Panny Lumix LX5.

      • Lardinio

        There is no ‘hate’ for mirorless cameras. Everyone understands the benefits, it’s just that everyone expects a better solution from Nikon. Most traditional Nikon users are coming from their SLR/DSLR products, they expect better than what the J1/J2/V1 actually delivers, especially when Olympus, Panasonic, Fujifilm etc are executing so well in this space. Nikon users tend to be brand loyal and I’m sure I would buy a Nikon 1 if it was any good, the sad fact is that it’s just OK and overpriced. A real shame.

        I was in at a big UK camera stockist a fortnight ago and spoke to their 2 top sales reps both of whom sell Nikon and Canon by the bucket load. Since the Nikon 1 systems has been released they have sold just 4 of them!

        • Edubyatx

          Agreed. I’m loyal to Nikon, but I just bought a used Fuji X100 for a nice walk-around solution. I give up some shooting speed and versatility compared to my D7000, but I get stellar results, and I’m more likely to have the camera with me to get the shot in the first place. The Nikon 1 system may be small and easy to use, but the sensor is just not up to snuff to keep me satisfied.

        • Gideon Davidson

          I’m the same, though in my case after waiting for Nikon mirrorless, got an Olympus Pen instead and am loving the lenses, controls, excellent IQ. I’m sorry Nikon, but the small sensor and no bright, 35-50mm (equivalent) prime… I just hope you put the amazing technology into a larger sensored version.

          • Karen G.

            Gideon Davidson
            “…I just hope you put the amazing technology into a larger sensored version.”
            That’s it!

  • asdf

    “Oh, and DX format is not dead yet.”

    make some popcorn, this should be a good one

    • snarfy

      popcorn, indeed!

    • jose

      Waiting for d400

      • Dixie

        Snifff, sniff… and we got our first looser.

        • umesh

          One who is faster than us( Medium Format) is crazy and one who is slower than us (DX) is a loser.

        • MJr

          Says the guy who can’t even spell.

      • PHB

        Well the D7000 is due for an update. The only real question is whether that will be called the D7100 or the D600.

        In the past there was a big differentiation between the D90 and the D300. In theory one was for the consumer market, the other professional. But that makes a lot less sense these days. It is hard enough differentiating the D3100 from the D7100. The people who buy D7100s are not people who need to be protected from the complexity of pro features.

        Seems to me that the launch of the D600 based on the D7100 type chassis suggests that it is most likely the new camera will be called the D400.

        • Gideon Davidson

          I myself think there will be a D400 and not only in name. The full frame cameras, except the D4, are way too slow for sports in terms of framerate and DX of course offers that extra reach. A faster, 18-24mp one with noise issues sorted would suit a lot of people. All the D300 is missing is better high-ISO and video modes. If they keep the pro-level body and throw in a new 17-55mm f/2.8 VRII, it would be a bonus.

    • really

      What a tease! Wonder if admin is purposely holding back or…?

      • Not holding back, I just need more info.

    • Troll t

      Yes, perhaps this is a hint at a D400 or something.

      A DX mirrorless with “Retro” styling might be nice… .not likely though.

      • MJr

        D7100 please.

        • karl

          what for ?

          • MJr

            oh you know, the usual upgrades.

    • Lajaca

      D400?? Where are the rumors? I, for one, think we need more DX lenses, NOT cameras.

      • There’s a large market dying for a replacement to the D300s and who don’t want a D7000 (or a D7100 for that matter). The DX lens market has pretty much all bases covered now imo, maybe a 17-55 VR but other wise it’s sorted.

        The FX market however is still in need of some newer cheaper lenses for the D600, and of course these will still fix the DX cameras.

        • RondoX

          Give me a D400 and a 18mm 1.8 DX and I’ll never go full frame…

        • fredflash

          Sorry Chris,

          but I do not agree.
          Where is my Nikkor 2.8/50-135 DX VR?
          Or at least a 4.0/70-200 for full frame?

          We are not all pros and we are not all that rich …

      • Dr Motmot

        We need more rumours!

    • FrenchGuy

      Of course its not dead, D300s and D7000 must be replaced! Mr Nikon, my wallet is full, just waiting for a high end DX now!

      • Steve

        DX is not dead.

        =====Of course.


        =====It’s always a question of when; dust to dust and all that.

        • Chris

          Yes, because the entire world should purchase $2k full-frame cameras, stay w. kit lens, and shoot on auto. Great.

          • Steve

            Does anyone do that ?

            I think a lot of people upgrade their dslr every couple of years on average, and there is a 24MP DX sensor waiting to go in a more advanced body, and we’re on even numbers again now, so D6000 (D5100 upgrade), D8000 (D7000) or D400 (D300s) makes sense.

            I’m sure this is what admin meant with the deliberately vague comment, and that he’s chasing details.

  • AM

    Oh, sh!t. I was expecting the D400 next up.

  • Rob

    Kind of disappointing about it not being the D400, but I suppose it can still be out in time for the spring sports season. I don’t have much use for high FPS in the winter anyway.

  • Worminator

    “DX is not dead yet.”

    So one more before the year is out then?

  • Webguy96

    I’m not surprised given the price drop on the v1 but with basketball season just around the corner I had hoped perhaps we’d see at least a stronger hint that a D400 is coming as well.

  • Rmtjin

    Dammit admin,
    You can’t leave us hanging with a last sentence like that!!!

    • FrenchGuy

      + 1

  • Ok but where’s my D900??? ^^

  • Wataru

    Can’t wait. I just bought a second V1 because my son took my first V1, and now my wife has monopolized no. 2. These are very useful little cameras and take great photos with standard Nikon lenses.

    If you want high FPS, these little cameras champions. Put a 70-200 2.8 on it and you have a super telephoto zoom with VR.

    I hope they lose the two stupid modes on the four mode selector. All we need is photo and video.

    • Mr D600

      +1… I have the V1 and that four mode selector is truly awful. I think the two gimmicks are motion snapshot and smart selector, or something. PSAM — or really anything — would be much more useful!

    • michel

      My bet is when you get the new V2 you will end up with a V1 as your son or wife assumes the new V2 as obviously you are so very generous, or need to do an assertiveness course…:-)

      • Wataru

        I’m generous AND I need an assertiveness course! Still, the Nikon 1 system is good for their purposes. My wife just wants to point and shoot, and my son loves the slow motion video for analyzing sporting technique (he coaches) so I don’t expect to see either of them back.

  • Paul

    Only “minor improvements”? Not interested.

    • …removal of the 30min time limit for video clips would be a minor improvement. But it’s one that I’d jump on in a heartbeat! Some the the “little things” are indeed very big for some of us.

      • Paul

        Unfortunately that video time restriction is on all digital cameras that shoot video due to European tax law.

        One nice change would be fixing the mode dial. Do away with the gimmicky features. No, I don’t want 5 options like the J1. Just give me PSAM.

        • BornOptimist

          I agree about removing the gimmick options, but PASM is not needed IMO. I don’t have a wheel with PASM on my D700, so I don’t need one on the V1. Just copy the way it’s done on proffessional DSLR’s (none of them have a wheel with PASM).
          A dedicated MODE-button and a thumb-wheel is all that is needed. Give it a dedicated ISO-button as well, and CLS-support. Remove that power on/off button to DSLR-style and we’re done.

        • Not true. See: Panasonic GX1 and GH3. They limit them with firmware in Europe.


      • John Richardson

        30 minute time limit: WTF is everyone’s problem with 29 minutes and some seconds? Do you ever edit your videos? Do you ever even think to change the camera angle and shot from a different perspective?

        30 minutes straight becomes a frigging bore. If you know how to edit then you should NEVER have a problem with this. If you don’t then learn. Get creative for god’s sake and stop being damn babies.

        I have a D800 and D300s I don’t even bother with video, good video or bad, Canon or Nikon it doesn’t interest me … especially after years in a TV studio doing video edits and cuts. I can count the amount of time on ONE FINGER the times I had 30 minutes straight in the news room. Lets see … oh yeah ZERO. Camera men give you shot loads of snippets on a single subject. DUH.

        <30 minute video —- Dead Horse

        • Claustral

          For all normal creative work, you’re right. The problem is with documentative video, such as surveillance, forensic or scientific applications. That the limit is entirely caused by an out-of-date tax law makes it all the more unnecessary.

        • Parents hate you

          Ever shoot a concert or school play? Ever been a family member at a wedding? Dumb ass.

          • PHB

            That is the point, some of us don’t want to have to carry both.

            My Nikon V1 is a lot better at video than my Canon. Has much better lenses etc. I want to be able to use it as a one for one replacement.

            If I am secretly recording someone at a fundraising dinner, I don’t want to have the thing shut down just when the candidate is talking about 47% of the country being worthless. Not again.

  • Spy Black

    I considered the V1, but after looking into the the camera, it’s biggest problem is it’s operating system. I have no idea who Nikon designed this for. You would think it was a newbie or non-photographer type, but people in those camps wouldn’t know what to do with a camera like this. Moreover, they simply have no need for it. For the more advanced user, the system is totally brain-dead. The dysfunctional nature of the operating system, both for non-photographers and advanced users, is truly mind-boggling.

    It’s a shame, because the hardware is good. If they re-design the operating system so non-photographers have a more standard, common sense set of point-and-shoot controls, AND they put in a deeper more versatile layer for advanced users, then this camera will really shine. If not, the camera will be a total failure. Again. I mean really, when you look at the existing Nikon 1 system, I must say that I have no idea WTF Nikon was thinking when they dreamed up this camera.

    • JW


    • `/1nc3nt

      it’s a simple drop-down style menu common in Internet and other device.

      even my wife and my 9 years old boy can adjust quickly with that. you don’t need a lot to play there everyday.

      what’s wrong with the menu? can you be specific?

      sometimes I think enthusiasts and seniors prefer thousand dials on the camera, that’s why people buy retro styles for X generations 🙂

    • +1

      The 1 series is software limited. Which is a shame…the hardware is pretty impressive in practical use.

  • Camera

    Okay, Admin. You got my attention.

    Could you please explain more the sentence: “Oh, and DX format is not dead yet”?

  • boah

    same shitty thing. thank for nothing nikon.

    • Dude

      Boah, then go make your own cool camera company and trump Nikon. Just try it. Yeah, cheese with your whine.

  • CRB

    Same sensor? DOA….nikon is becoming panasonic regarding their mirrorless…minor, minor updates…

    • BornOptimist

      I challenge you – Name one company that doesn’t do minor changes from one iteration to the next. Specially in the compact-/mirrorless camera segment.

      • CRB

        I really like the nick name…the problem is nikon already started late and behind competition. So minor iterations, even if everybody else is doing, doesnt cut it….at least samsung tried a better is already on their third or forth generation of sensor…and loy omd is a LOT better than the EPs…

        • BornOptimist

          But they are still far behind Nikon 1 when it comes to focus tracking (although Nikon 1 is not as good as the other when it comes to focus in low contrast scenes).

          • CRB

            AF is not my top priority, if it is very good (like panasonic and oly OMD) im fine with it….i want to print 16X24 with my mirrorless or even bigger…sony and samsung do it easily.

  • David


    Where the hell is a D400 and a 80-400 AF-S VRII????????????????????????????????

    • Steve

      I could not agree more. I have a D7k and love it. Right now I’m using a Sigma 150-500mm but would gladly lose it for an 80-400 with VRII.

      Not all of us are pros and have shit loads of money.

  • Joshua

    “Oh, and DX format is not dead yet.”

    Admin: Have any insight (and I’m assuming you do) into what DX product is coming up? You can’t be referring to a d5200. Is there a new TOL DX slated for this year? D7100? D400? Some new combo of both?

  • tnt

    “Oh, and DX format is not dead yet.”

    best comment of the day!

  • georg

    The V1 was a complete failure – in my opinion. Ok, it has capable hardware, but horrible software.
    It is too big and heavy for its sensor size, the lenses too. (Size and weight equal to m4/3). Nikon should tell me why I should buy Nikon 1 instead of m4/3?? Does it has compatibility to Nikons DSLRs? Not really. Ok, you can use the FT-1 with the lenses but you can not use the Speedlights and/or CLS. Shame on Nikon! The Nikon 1 deserves more professionality.

    We need mirrorless DX and FX cameras. Yes, DX Nikon, do you hear me? The sensor size Nikon told us never will be exchanged by a FX one but was forgotten by Nikon some years ago..

    • v1owner

      “It is too big and heavy for its sensor size, the lenses too.”

      Have you handled one? It has a mag alloy body, built-in EVF, a DSLR battery, and the 80-300 equivalent zoom is two inches long.

      • davey

        The key point is “for its sensor size”. The 30-110 is the only lens where it saves any size at all compared to available m43 alternatives, and even that one only beats the Panasonic’s 45-150 by a small margin. When there’s no significant lens size difference compared to m43 and the sensor is smaller, Nikon is doing something wrong.

        • PHB

          The sensor size is totally irrelevant. All that matters is the lens. Big lens, lots of light collected, works in lower light than small lens. Duh.

          So any compact format is going to have less good low light performance than a larger one. If you want a camera that performs in low light you have to go to 35mm full frame.

          Since the V1 has an ISO 3200 rating it is ahead of anything existing in the film era. So its hardly disqualifying.

          The weak point right now is that the lens selection is small compared to the 50 year old F-mount. Again, Duh!

          You can make a lens with the same field of view and collecting the same amount of light as the 85 f/1.2 for any sensor size. It can be bigger (like the Hassy or smaller. They will have different focal lengths and f numbers but they will give the same results, the same depth of field and the same low light noise (for given sensor resolution and technology) and they will be almost exactly the same size and the same price.

  • Samony

    The problem is that the discounted J1 and V1 are the real selling prices to these cameras. What differences can the new J2 and V2 have to make up the differences in price? Being the new model just isn’t enough.

    • PHB

      I suspect that the V2 is going to be rather more plasticky and rather less magnesiumy and a lot cheaper than the V1 launch price.

      It makes no sense to slash prices the way they have otherwise.

      Lowering the price of the entry level body would be a good way to prep for a second gen pro body. Maybe use one of the higher resolution sensors. A 20MP CX body would be quite amazing.

      Though its not about MP right?

  • Fred

    “DX is not dead yet”
    Don’t tell me {gasp}, Nikon are about to introduce:
    A 50 mm F2.8 DX lens?

    • Paul

      Nope, I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a new mid range, variable aperture zoom but this time with Nano Coating II and VR III.

      • Steve

        Nice, VR III. Got a good chuckle from that…

  • groob

    For the love of God, please don’t tease like that unless it’s for the D400!!

  • Hom Thogan

    Yawn. Now if they put a sensor in the V2 similar to what the Sony RX100 has, I’d be excited. Otherwise and increment on the original 10MP design of the J1/V1? Seriously?


  • ageha

    If they throw in GPS and WiFi without the need to buy add-ons and lower the suggested retail price they will have a winner. No need to change anything else. Still doubt a V2 is coming. 🙂

    • gabriel

      and a standard hot shoe (i-ttl compatible)

      • Paul

        Yes plz

  • Steve

    If this rumor is true then Nikon shame on you.

    The V1 is a terrific product when coupled with Nikon lenses.

    It could be a category killer.

    It would be a killer product with a next generation sensor
    and AF-C and more functional controls.

    A perfect opportunity wasted.

    • gabriel

      It has a “next generation sensor”! the AF-C will come for sure. This is just the second body on this new CX format.
      till then we have the d600, d4, d800

    • Cathy


  • goose

    Pro dx with a larger viewfinder. yey :3

  • Funduro

    Oh boy “DX format is not dead yet”. . . . . My guess is D7200 AND D400 ! Yup you heard it hear first, oh alright, you read my speculation here first.

    • El Aura

      We once had the following DX camera ranges:
      – D40(x), D50, D60 as entry levels
      – D70, D80, D90 as mid-level
      – D100, D200, D300 as high-enthusiast

      We then switched to:
      – D3000, D3100, D3200
      – D5000, D5100
      – D7000
      Of the old numbering scheme only the D300 remain but it was released before the D90 even. Wouldn’t it seem reasonable that Nikon gives their next high-enthousiast DX camera also a four digit model name? And if it gets the D800/D4 AF system, do we really care whether they call it D7200, D8000, D9000, or D400?

  • rod90

    The V1 had potential but the layout and control scheme stinks. Even the Sony Nex 5N has a more usable control layout.

    The only thing cool about the V1 is 60fps but thats only because the sensor is so small.

    What could a V2 possible have over the V1 that makes it any different? Did they decide to add some control dials to it?

  • Troll Prozac

    I think they should make a DX mirrorless. Something slightly more ergonomic than the V1 or whatever it’s called. I want to like the V1 etc. but it’s just too small for me.

    I like the X-Pro1 (and X-E1 – which I tried yesterday) ergonomics a lot more. Also IMHO they look a lot better. The Nikon 1 series is too clean and “old macbook” style for me.

    I’d like a digital FM2.


    • John C

      If you want a digital FM2 then get the OM-D

      • Troll Prozac

        I mentioned DX right? I’m pretty sure I did. M4/3 isn’t DX. 😉

        I kinda like the OM-D but I want something a little bit bigger.

        • John C

          Yes, you sure did mention DX. And you mentioned the FM2 as well 🙂

          I have shot the FM2. I have the D7000. I have the D800E. The D7000 was to be the backup body/travel camera, but you know what? It isn’t that much smaller than the D800E.

          The OM-D is. Plus I am hard pressed to tell the difference between the OM-D w/ the 12mm and the D700 with the Tokina 11-16. Maybe the D7000 with a good WA prime would be better, but that option is not available.

          The OM-D feels like a digital FM2. Nothing else does right now, and I am not sure Nikon would be there for quite a white if they do get there. You just cant do a mirrorless DX and put the current, and limited, DX lenses on it. It will not be competitive in that state. The OM-D is my first non-Nikon camera. Ever.

          I never thought I would care for M4/3, then I tried it. Just was suggesting an option that is currently available and it is better than you might expect.

    • ageha

      Why should they do something that’s already available? Just to have a different sticker on the camera?

  • No Sony 20 megapixel “1 -sensor ? YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME???!!!!!???!!!!!!!

  • HotDuckZ

    Please gave us a rebirth of D2Xs.

    • Paul

      The D3x didn’t do it for you??

      • Mike M

        I think the poster means a “pro” size/build DX camera. I seriously doubt we’ll see another one of those. While there is a market for DX, assuming Nikon gets their head removed from their hind region, I don’t think that market is big enough to justify building another camera with that build level, size and the commensurate price tag it would carry. Even priced aggressively it would be in the D800’s ballpark price wise.

        • PHB

          Oh yes we will, but it will be $8000 and called the D4x.

          I have seen plenty of pros use a D3x with DX lenses.

  • Zorro

    “Oh, and DX format is not dead yet.”

    The long-rumored and long-awaited D40s?

    • BartyL

      Don’t be ridiculous. They can’t possibly release a D40s when post after post here is crying out for the the 8MP, 3.5FPS D50x (2.5″ 300kP LCD, twin USB2.0 flash drive ports, magnesium alloy battery door etc).

      • Zorro

        The D40s will include a focus motor thereby largely negating the need for a D50x.

        • BartyL

          I’m unaware of any specification, rumoured or otherwise, that indicates the D40s will have either an ivory hot shoe or bat-wing card doors. As such it won’t meet the needs of those waiting for the D50x.

          Also, consider it from a price-point of view. There is a glaring gap between the proposed RRP of $19.99 for the D40s and four-hundred and twenty three trillion dollars. I think that gap in the Nikon lineup indicates that a D50x will be with us soon.

          • MegaMo

            Is there a point to continue the D40 line when you have
            D3200, D5100, D7000 ?

            Am I missing something here ?

            • Mr. Obvious

              – Yes, you are missing the joke….

    • and what about d10, d20 and d30?When we will see these cameras???

  • Cathy

    This is very interesting… If Nikon really does the same with V2 what they did with the J2 (really not much) and if V2 continues to have the unbelievable stupid usability issues, I really cannot understand Nikon’s policy = we don’t f*ucking care what our customers want and beg for…

    I have the V1, bought it for 50% of the original price, and it is well worth it. Image quality and even high ISO is very good. But there are a lot of important things to improve and I really hope Nikon does them, and understand what is important and what is not…

    • Paul

      I love how after hanging on my shoulder while I walk around the V1 decides to change to manual focus mode, timer mode activated, exposure compensation +3 and go into stupid movie picture mode all in just a few minutes.

      • ageha

        Poor thing, mine doesn’t.

  • I don’t mind seeing a V2, but Nikon should take a hint from Apple and include a firmware update for V1 owners. What we really should be seeing is more of those lenses and accessory items from a year ago, which somehow have eluded being released so far.

    • Cathy

      Absolutely correct! An update to V1 owners would be super! But I do not believe in that… :(.

      • ageha

        What kind of update are you looking for?

        • Cathy

          I am sure everybody who owns the camera or has read any good reviews knows what is missing or wrong? I’d like to have a PASM wheel. User defined functions in the buttons/main wheel.

          Focusing area box(es) disappears after focus is done, so very difficult in AF-C/serial shots. And I really bought this camera for shooting moving objects because it has the great hybrid focus. So why the hell did they make the focusing point disappear?! I don’t always have it in the middle. Soooooooooo stupid.

          I want to see what ISO is currently used (like I see the aperture and shutter speed), I don’t need to see that I have “ISO-A 3200” setting on. With FT1 adapter I want AF-C and more than one, only center focus point.

          I think many of these could be made by firmware update. And they have not really done ANY important things in their firmware updates. I just don’t get it :(.

          • v1owner

            +1. You state most of what is needed; add, making the image review an option. Instead, Nikon were even petty enough to come with a firmware update which allows turning off the camera via the lens button ONLY for new cameras…

          • KnightPhoto

            +1 to all of Cathy’s points!

            I didn’t even realizing about the disappearing AF-point during long bursts, I’ll have to look for that.

            I also need Auto ISO to 1600 choice. For me that would be a better sweet spot then the 800/3200 alternatives.

            BUT I MUST HAVE MINIMUM SS in Auto-ISO Nikon in case u r reading.

          • Karen G.

            Well done, Cathy.

        • karl

          a freaking minimum shutter speed for Auto ISO.

          The most freaking trivial feature that’s missing on J1/V1 and takes about 5 lines of code.

        • The number one firmware update I would like to see for my V1 would be a programmable “F'” button. If that were accomplished, I would set it for ISO most of the time. It would be even better to be able to set the “F” button to select focus tracking, instead of needing to dive into the menu.

  • neversink

    When Nikon produced the Ftn, F2, F3, they were superb and perfect when they were first introduced.
    There was no need for firmware updates. There was no need for excuses that the user should be forgiving and except (and expect) poor performance in some areas because of the complexity of software and the internal electronics of the body. There was no left focusing issue.
    Now, today Nikon puts out rinky-dinky inferior products like the Nikon 1; and great products like the D800 and D4, but even these products with their high-end pro features and price tags have problems.
    Draw your own conclusions.

    • BartyL

      So back when they made less complex cameras there were fewer things to go wrong and fewer things went wrong?

  • neversink


    DX format is not dead yet.

    What do you mean by “yet.” What assumptions should we make???????
    Why the teaser??? With no “rumor” to back it up, although I guess that last sentence could be construed as a rumor….

    • The teaser is for new DX lenses. I have no other info.

  • Camel

    I wish Nikon will release an APS-C compact camera like G1X. Nikon’s version will be much better for sure. And this would be a great combo for my D600 set.

  • Admin is a Cocktease

    I read that post and remained totally flaccid, that was until the last line; I read that and definitely felt a twitch downstairs.

  • pierre wajeman


    And at what price will be sell a new high end DX : less than D800, more than D600 ?

    • Mike M

      I’d be more than a bit surprised if it cost more than any of the current FX offerings (unless it comes out after the D600’s price has started to slide). Also if the rumor of a 7D MKII is true Nikon may want to continue their attack on Canon and come in with a low price tag. I believe the D200 and D300 tipped with MSRPs of 1700 and 1800 bucks respectively, I think Nikon can take a big gulp and keep a semi-pro DX body competitive, or maybe even dial it back a touch to a D8000 of sorts that’s a little more than a D7k but a little less than a D300 in build/size.

  • ausserirdischegesund

    Admin: At least tell us if DX lenses are not dead yet or if DX bodies are still alive. Or both 😉

  • Royl

    What comes first? Chicken or the egg – sales or support? Throw the V1 out there. Give it a couple of zooms and a bad pancake. Easy firmware improvements don’t come. Sit there until you have to absolutely dump the value of the camera, hurting those people wanting to upgrade to a later model. And you expect the V2 to sell. What’s wrong with this situation? The V1 was a very nice idea that needed a good bit of fleshing out. Nikon said nothing and did nothing. So who will sell their V1 for a fourth of the buying price just a year ago and take a chance on a V2? I expect support for the V2 won’t be any better. With an unbeatable AF system you would have to expect a 200mm lens, but it did not come, and there is no hint of one. Sure, there’s the FT1, but no AF-C. It just doesn’t make sense.

    • Cathy

      Exactly! Nikon is so ARROGANT! And darn stupid. They are acting a bit like Nokia did, and it can be mortal in the end… You cannot forget and ignore the customer, and you cannot live in the past.

      • RoyL

        I think they took comfort in the fact they warned that the camera was not for enthusiasts, but with an AF system that good and with a small sensor that delivered surprisingly good performance, did they really believe only P&S shooters would buy the V1? I’m done with this series. I have replaced it with a D5100, which I bought from the proceeds of selling the V1. If I gotta use the FT1 and a big FX lens for birds, might as well do away with the FT1, and the V1, and have AF-C, even if it isn’t quite as good as the V1 AF-C would be with a longer native lens. It’s just frustrating and disappointing.

  • Oh really

    DX format is not dead?

    Another crappy kids camera like D5200 coming?

    Or the D400, finally? If not, just shut up and die.

  • peterw

    “… shut up and die” is written above
    This is not an incident, by an incidental replier.

    I like a bit of sharpness, noise, rumble and edge in communication,
    but I think it is going to far to express wishes like that,
    also if you don’t mean it.

    Is it frustration?
    Frustration about a thing which is for 90% of the people over here a toy?

    What’s the matter in this world?

  • Joel

    If I want to get a camera with a 1″ sensor, I would probably get the Sony RX1oo instead. A smaller camera with better noise handling :). A 28/1,8 lens is fine for my needs…

  • Millzee

    My money is on Nikon eventually giving us the D400 (plus ‘e’ version ??) in a body which will knock your socks off. In the same way that the D800 did (for most FX users). Hopefully it will quieten all those who make strange comments like ‘DX is dead’ etc. I think it will be worth the wait.
    I’d personally love to see some wide primes also. A DX 16mm TS lens would be much appreciated please! And as someone else said above, I would then not need FX at all in the foreseeable future.

    • KnightPhoto

      I agree, the D400 absolutely needs an D400E. In fact I think we need the D400E and based on the D800E results, we don’t need the D400 with AA filter…

      No one is having trouble with Moire on the D800E and the D400E with even higher resolution would have even less chance than a D800E in encountering it.

  • Camera

    “Oh, and DX format is not dead yet.”

    I think the odds are:

    D7200 – 80%
    D400 – 20%

    The D600 is a full frame D3200. It is not replacing the D300 or the D7000. So the new DX has to be the replacement for one of these two cameras.

    Nikon has been releasing only cheaper cameras with less features for the “masses”. So the D400 is not the priority. It makes the D7200 with 24MP Sony sensor a winner.

    My two cents.

    • Kermit

      I fully agree with you, even if I’m waiting for the D400

    • MJr

      They skip the D7100 ?

      • Camera

        Well, I guess. Sometimes Nikon’s strategy doesn’t make much sense.

    • I think your odds are wrong.

      70%: a DX lens is announced next
      20%: a D5200 is announced next
      10%: a D7200 or D400 is announced next

      • Camera

        It sounds very good too. I think the bottom line is the prosumer cameras are not a priority for Nikon right now.

      • ausserirdischegesund

        Bring it on! DX lenses are just what we need. There are not enough DX lenses, but very fine DX bodies (D7000 is close to perfect for most people).

        • Manny Alsina


      • I think the V2 will be next. After that we will probably see some “high-end” DX lenses.

        • ano102

          high end DX lenses ???

          from now, only 17-55 2.8 could be qualified high end DX lens …
          so what ? 16-85 F4 ? not really high end dx …

          fed with with waiting PRO DX DSLR Mr NIKON …

  • Incessant Troll

    I will consider purchasing the V2 if the design geniuses at nikon can make it look more like a real camera and less like this:

  • What could be less exciting than an expensive interchangeable lens camera with a sensor that belongs in a compact.

    • Geoff_K

      Amen Ron.

    • BartyL

      Michael Moore’s underwear.

    • As a diver who needs to travel from my prairie home, I think a somewhat shrunk-down Nikon 1 (in line with its ‘tween P’nS and m4/3s sensor) with the new, small 11-27.5 and a more compact housing than the current – with at least one on-arm flash – would just be the shit!

      I’d bring along my D3x and 85mm f1.4 lens plus maybe one other, but carry about 2 or 3 more CX lenses and still have pretty compact, lightweight but versatile kit.

  • Len

    guys i think we dreamt to much about the D400

  • trandpao

    Disappointing… i want a new camera with APS-C sensor => D5200 or D7100!

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