Another Tamron patent for Nikon 1 lenses

Tamron filed another patent 2012-189637 in Japan for a 40mm f/2 lens for mirrorless cameras with 1" sensor (Nikon 1). The patent contains several different calculations for 30mm, 35mm and 40mm f/2 versions. Few months ago Tamron filed a patent for 35mm f/2, 40mm f/2, 28mm f/2 and 38mm f/2 lenses.

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  • Nikon


    It is about time

  • Spy Black

    Shouldn’t this camera’s development be nipped in the bud? Granted, there’s more than one camera manufacturer using a 1 inch sensor, but the Nikon 1 system s an embarrassment not only to the Nikon heritage, but to photography in general.

    • RC

      I agree. They tried to push DX too, and look at where that got them. There is just no substitute for a big sensor! And Nikon better not think that the general public doesn’t care or know better. My friend asked me if his girlfriend should get this camera, and I steered them away from this towards the Sony NEX models. This whole system is a fail from the beginning.

      • Spy Black

        It’s not so much the sensor that bothers me, cameras of this type can be good and useful, witness the Panasonic LX7. It’s just the miserably designed operating system and it’s associated hardware control inputs, or really, lack thereof. It’s as if they designed this camera SOLELY for rich people looking for a fancy point & shoot. If I was offered the choice of a V1 or an LX7 for free, I would take the LX7 without batting an eye.

        • karl

          yeah, except for the J1/2 is actually cheaper than the top of the line enthusiast P&S models.

          • Rob

            Yes the whole Nikon CX system should be nipped in the bud. All the people that have bought into it should bin their cameras. Come on Tamron stop making lenses for this obsolete system.

            Urm no. CX is here to stay. Any arguments that the body has been poorly implemented can be countered by Nikon bringing out another body. Any argument that there are not enough lenses will be countered by Nikon, Tamron and other lens makers when they make more lenses.

            Not sure if anybody noticed but cameras are getting smaller…

            Doesn’t matter the public will work it out while the camera nerds are scratching their heads saying “gooly gee a camera that takes sharp pictures in small package, who would have thought”

            Does anyone seriously believe Tamron would make a lens for a system that didn’t have a future? From scratch? For a mount they have never built a lens for in the past?

            Wake up! It’s the new millennium.

            • Spy Black

              I’m not dissing the 1-inch format. Simply the Nikon 1 system. It’s total piece of crap. The money spent on this system will get you a much better camera and system from just about any other manufacturer of mirrorless lenses, and as I mentioned even the fixed-lens cameras like the LX1 are a better investment.

              So what that it can focus faster than any other camera in this category, you can’t control it. Like I said, if you’re rich and no nothing about photography, I guess Nikon made this camera just for you.

            • Rob

              Your not dissing the CX format? But you want all development stopped? If you like the format then Nikon should put more effort into the their system not less.

              If you like the sensor just wait for Nikon to make you a better body, I can’t imagine it will take very long, a year maybe two, tops.

            • Paul

              @Spy Black,
              You obviously have not tried a 1.
              I had an F2, FM, D70, D7000, D800. My kids got a J1 (@my recommendation) and liked it so much they got one for me.
              It’s fast! The sensor is great considering it collects 1/4 the light of my DXs and 1/8th the light of my FFs.
              When it comes down to the pictures you get are with the camera you have, the J1 wins!
              Try one, you will be surprised.

        • Colin

          Except the Nikon 1 series is the only mirrorless on the market that can actually capture in focus action shots!

    • Dreamgirl

      You should really try one. The V1 VF is very attractive for its size and an example to other mfrs. The Tamron 40/2 in particular looks as if it would be a very useful addition.

  • The 40mm f2 sounds interesting. Looks to be the most compact, if those drawings are believable. At the moment we are awaiting a fast Nikon 1 portrait lens, but if the price level is right a Tamron would be a consideration.

  • Ronbe

    Hard to imagine any manufacture spending the time and resources to support the 1 system. They must know something we don’t.

    • Plug

      Like it sells massively and makes loads of dosh. It’s not the 1 system that is an embarassment to Nikon’s heritage, many like and use it, but some of the Coolpixes…

  • Steen Heilesen

    I have the Nikon D800 and the V1. However the V1 can do a lot that the D800 can’t do.
    In fact I bought this camera to be used together with my Swarovski scope.
    I also prefer the V1 for macro with the 200mm Nikkor macro lens. The results are great.
    The V1 is also great as a walk around camera with and without the pro glass.
    IMO the N1 lenses with apertures at 1.2 and 2 can’t live up to the standard we know from the real Nikkor lenses. How can there be a market for those lenses? Most P&S users don’t know the purpose of those lenses. The argument for selling those lenses can only be the use in low light situations.

  • Anonymous Maximus

    Anything about Nikon 1 system is a waste of time & resources.

    • Pablo Ricasso

      No, everything less than 6×7 is a serious waste of time. Burn your D800e. Should have known better…

      • Puck

        Yes revive the Pentax 6×7 with a full frame (6×7) digital sensor. The D4 is for fairies, the D800 for elves and the D600 for pixies.

  • Adam fuller

    isn’t it possible these lenses are being patented for a sony camera? after all sony does own a portion of tamron and the rx100 uses a one inch sensor. maybe sony has an interchangeable lens model planned for the future.

  • SG

    Hypothetical for all the experts in here. The customer is looking for a:
    – Mirrorless digital camera with
    – Interchangeable lens
    – Integrated viewfinder
    – 5 shots/sec shooting
    – fastest autofocus on the market
    – small/light in a sturdy body

    What camera meets or exceeds all of those criteria? ONLY the Nikon 1 V1.

    But it doesn’t stop there. You also get:
    – Silent shutter (as in absolutely)
    – Subject tracking autofocus/exposure
    – Smart photo mode
    – Auto-on/off viewfinder when you bring it to your face
    – HD video with simultaneous photo shooting
    – NO striping or visible jerky/slow screen refresh on the viewfinder/screen
    – Compatibility with all FX and DX lenses ever made
    – All the other nice touches of a Nikon in general

    What other camera delivers those things? NONE. Hence, some consumers who care more about those that having the absolute maximum number of pixels in their images choose to buy it.

    I continue to shop for alternatives, thinking surely you’re not all wrong. Olympus OM-D, Sony NEX, Samsung NX, Panasonic DMC, and Fujifilm X… just don’t measure up in the criteria listed above. But if there is a better camera, I would love to hear about it – I’d buy it!

    Unfortunately, there isn’t a better camera, on the market, period. Unless you’re in a different market that is, not using the criteria that Nikon used when making the perfect camera for this market, in which case, why hate so much on a product that is so great for customers other than yourselves? Just enjoy your DSLR and rejoice as this system improves over time. It’s only a year old after all and already the best option for sale.

  • Steen Heilesen

    Those here who are talking negative about the N 1 camera haven’t tried it and maybe think they are above everybody else.
    I agree with SG.
    I hope Nikon will add a better and more pro flash system and an adaptor for Nikon flashes and why not some subject tracking for FX and DX lenses.

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