At least one new Nikon camera to be announced by the end of 2012

I have already mentioned on several occasions (see this post and this post) that there will be one more Nikon announcement before the end of 2012. With the latest Nikon V1 price drop and a new wireless remote controller, I think we can assume that there will be at least one new camera announced in the coming months before the 2013 CES show (new remote controllers do not get introduced alone, they always come with new cameras).

Stay tuned, it ain't over yet.

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  • Me

    Let the D400 comments rain in.

    • get over it, pro DX is dead. DX have nothing to offer you over FX.

      besides new pro level camera wont get cheaper then D800 because it makes no moneys. Nikon have zero interest to have wedding togs buying 1300 cam. Nikon knew this all along thats why they never bothered to make many DX pro level lenses. They made exactly one, 17-55.

      if we will see anything, it is another FX breed, with D4 sensor in it and some speciality on top of it (like very fast flash sync) to make pros motivated to get it.

      • jose

        Harold, may be you are right but if you read by you should see a survey of the amount of dx lenses in the street, other wise, wildlife fotographer use d 3oo for theirs pictures
        D3200 sensor, 24 MP is in the third place of dox mark. New dx nikon camera should use this sensor with minimal R&D invesment.
        The investment in propers fx lenses to use all power of d600 and d800 is ti high, i don´t think to invest this amount of money yet. D 400 my choise

      • pogodrummer

        well not everything.
        A DX sensor means a smaller mirror and mechanism, which means less stress on the components, which in turn results in high speed shooting.
        We could really see a 18fps mechanical shutter/mirror mechanism with nowaday’s tech…

        • Worminator

          For 10fps and up, SLT is the way to go. Much more than that, you are basically shooting video and extracting stills.

          • +1, people want too much of everything in one device. And being good at everything means you’re not great at anything. But the SLTs are as close. But I still like an optical finder when shooting stills. So I use a dedicated video cam when filming.

          • Sahaja

            “SLT is the way to go” – if you really believe that, buy a Sony. You are not going to get an SLT camera from anyone else.

      • Jim

        DX of FX is not an issue with me but and I’m sure the D800 is a great camera but it’s not for sports shooters. The 4 (5 with a battery grip) fps in burst mode just doesn’t get it for sports.
        The D4 would be great but it’s just not in my budget. Would like to see an upgrade with the features of the D300 and a newer sensor with less noise @ high ISO.

      • Foolishcfo

        Why would you believe another FX camera is coming when Nikon is so weak at the DX level right now? They make too much glass to leave it to the D3200.

      • Irresistable forest


        I shoot wildlife and birds. I always prefer DX any day rather than FX bodies.

        • peterw

          I do birds too
          and I love it, when I can get rid of the convertor and even replace the D300 for a D700 :)….
          … which is rarely the case.

          (the D800 replaced both camera’s)

          bottom line:
          you are right

        • Plug

          +1. Get out hiking with an FX body and a 500f4. Or get out hiking with a DX body and a 300f4. The latter is so much more manageable you are almost bound to get better shots of wildlife when reach is required. It is also much better for complying with airline baggage restrictions if off to Africa say. All I want is a pro-ish DX with robustness, large buffer, rapid flexible autofocus, rapid fps. In short I want a D400. Those that say use a D800 in crop mode don’t know what they are talking about. I have a D800 but it doesn’t suit much of what I want to do that well.
          300f4 with VR too please.

      • Rob

        I’m not sure what fantasy world you live in, but in this world PRICE is pretty damn important to most people. So there’s always the multiple hundred-dollar price advantage that a DX sensor will ALWAYS have over an FX sensor.

        TL;DR: you’re an idiot.

      • dx

        “Nikon have zero interest to have wedding togs buying 1300 cam”
        You are correct, but people have also zero interest giving away their hard earned cash to some greedy bastards. Somebody will come and offer a good DX dslr if Nikon would fail to deliver it.

        • DX is DEAD

          > Somebody will come and offer a good DX dslr if Nikon would fail to deliver it.

          Well, it’s not that there isn’t competition:
          – Canon 60D for a (slightly) cheaper body than the D7000 with a tiltable screen (+ a specialized variant for astro-photography). A successor is rumored to come soon, too.
          – Canon 650D (vs. the D5100) with 18 MP and touch-screen
          – Sony A65 and A65 for more FPS and better video autofocus and electronic viewfinder (the future for consumer bodies!)
          – Pentax K-5 (models II and IIs coming soon) with better sealing and guaranteed to -10 degrees C, also in-body stabilization

          Add to this the whole mirror-less bodies with APS-C or “good enough” sensors…

      • Sahaja

        DX DSLRs still sell in massively greater quantities than FX DSLRs – and, so long as that is the case, DX is not dead. DX is however probably vulnerable to APS-C and m4/3 mirrorless taking a sizable chunk of its market. Nikon currently offer nothing there and also seem to have been rather ignoring the upper end of the upper end of the DX DSLR market for a bit too long.

    • There will be no D400 anytime soon if ever.

      • Wanna bet? How much you willing to wager?

        • Mirza_shooter

          Here he goes again…like you would know?! Give us a break, please.

          Come down to Earth from time to time, oh you almighty!

          • ashwins

            LOL Mirza! You don’t seem to know who Thom Hogan is. Grow up.

  • Herb Martin

    D7000s. D7000 is already being discounted.

    • Steve

      V2 refresh is most likely, then D5200 (D3200 24mP sensor is waiting…), then D8000 (new sensor), then DX-M mirrorless. IMHO. 😉

      • Jonas (from SWEDEN)

        A V2 would be fine! (+ under water housing!)

      • You were fine right up to the wishful thinking part (DX-M). While there’s no doubt that Nikon will eventually have to go that route, they aren’t in that place yet. They’ll finish iterating the DX DSLRs one more round before they would even be ready to test the DX-M waters.

        Note that DX-M also is a high risk proposition for Nikon. It means they’ll have four lens mounts (well, actually probably two, but one of those has three significant variations that are meaningful). If they fail to satisfy current DX users in year 14 of DX and year 2 of CX, trying to sell existing CX and DX users on DX-M will be difficult, meaning that they really have to rely on new-to-Nikon users to succeed. Dangerous strategy when sales are flattening and you’ve got competitors strongly entrenched with full systems. Put simply, Nikon will have to a better job launching DX-M than they did CX. They’re not ready for that any time in the next year. Not even close.

        • Sahaja

          Maybe Nikon should go the whole hog, one up everyone else, and launch an FX-M. Digital Nikon SP anyone? Of course they could have cheaper DX versions using the same mount. Almost every other manufacturer already has an APS-C or m4/3 mirrorless. and going smaller like the Nikon 1 doesn’t cut it for many people.

          I think Nikon may be hesitant about a large sensor mirrorless camera because you can inevitably adapt so many lenses. Users will demand “focus peaking” or something similar – which makes that even easier.

          • From Nikon’s perspective: “next year we need to sell 25m cameras and lenses.” Add 10% for the year after that.

            As they navigate themselves into tougher and tougher waters, I think we’ll see them do just about anything they can to hit those marks. Some of it won’t make sense to long-term Nikon shooters, as it just isn’t the Nikon we know.

            The real issue for all us CX, DX, and even FX users is how Nikon is prioritizing releasing new widgets to sell more millions of units. The higher the volume they need goes, the more they will have to race to the bottom to achieve it (year of the FX body notwithstanding ;~).

            So, put simply: an FX-M would sell less than a DX-M. I would bet real money that we’ll see a DX-M first.

  • Douglas

    I want to buy a D7000, but if this new camera is the replacement I’ll wait. Please share more information when you can!

    • Bob’s Your Uncle

      With this attitude you’ll always be waiting for the next camera that’s just around the corner 🙂
      What if the next DSLR by Nikon will be in the 5k series instead, or an upgrade to the V1? Want to take photos? Go buy a camera.

      • DX is DEAD

        > Want to take photos? Go buy a camera.


  • pethunia

    Coolpix V2003

  • Catch Jarvis

    D700 MkII
    Dual Card Slots
    100% Viewfinder
    Full HD Video

    • Lets hope our dreams come true on that one.

    • kenneth

      Most likely is going to be the D400 DX with the same sensor as the D3200 with higher FPS and same AF system as the D800, and D4.

      • Fishguy

        D400 – That’s what I’m hoping for. I don’t see a D700 upgrade as it would cannabilize sales from both the D600 and the D800. A D400 would only steal sales from the D300s, which is a bit anemic in the market by now anyway. I could also see a D7000 upgrade, but I hope not – I need the build quality of the semi-pro DX bodies for my work.

        • Toecutter

          I would expect the D400 to steal sales from the d300s ,since this is the camera it is supposed to be replacing

    • Tony5787

      If this actually did come out it would sell like crazy. I for one would be very interested and I’d almost certainly upgrade to it.

      • D400 sceptic

        > If this actually did come out it would sell like crazy.

        Yes, to 3,000 bird oglers. The demand would decline sharply…

    • Joe Chuckwagon

      Would be nice but NOT GONNA HAPPEN. I predict there will be some camera that will be close to the “spirit” of the D700 but not this year…no earlier than next year IMO.

    • D90

      If they make such a camera, then who’ll buy their pricey D4? I’m pretty sure they won’t repeat the mistake with the D700 eating D3’s sales.
      I’m thinking it’ll be a higher-end DX camera – maybe a D7100 (mixture between D7000 and D300)?

      • Merv

        Pretty sure Nikon knew (and intended) that the D700 would eat up D3 sales. They probably had produced enough sensors for the D3 such that faster volume sales with a D700 became more important than selling a tiny number of D3 cameras.

      • B16

        It is a myth that the D700 killed the D3…the D3s killed the D3.

        There is a relatively small market for the top of the line $6,000 cameras;
        and there is a reason why Nikon/Canon releases their $6,000 camera before the summer Olympics.

        The less expensive cameras make the D3/4 possible.

        The D700 fit into a new market (reasonably priced FX) for Nikon.
        The camera companies are still figuring out how to best exploit that market.
        The only question is: Will everyone be satisfied in the end??

        • peterw

          I was in a shop in Holland, Capelle a/d IJssel some two or three years ago.
          There was a pallet standing heavily piled up with new D3 camera’s (I don’t recall if it was D3, D3s or D3x series).

          This not being the only shop with massive sales results.

      • +1

    • Dimitrii1130

      would make sense if they use the 16mp sensor in another camera, but there is the D600… should it be even cheaper? or more expensive? ->there is no place for a mini D4..
      but maybe there will be a D4X next year^^ –> ~60mp…. sounds crazy, but would make sense (somehow).

    • Andrew

      A D700 replacement with a D4 sensor will cost $2,695 and I do not see Nikon releasing it quite yet. Here is the reason, their price trajectory on professional and prosumer DSLR cameras has been moving downwards, not up. The D4 ($6,000) – first release, D800 ($3,000) – second release, and D600 ($2,100) – third release; each release cost less, but none of them have mass market pricing.

      Nikon needs a camera between the $1,200 to $2,000 price range, therefore the next camera to be released will either be the D7200 or the D400. A lot of D300 users may have purchased either the D7000, or moved up to a full frame camera such as the D800 or D600. The question now is, how many of them are still holding out for the D400 (the same question holds true for the D700 users).

      So if Nikon did their long term planning correctly, their next camera would be the D7200. The D7200 will have the biggest sales potential of all pro-level models if Nikon is generous with features and performance. Would Nikon pack enough pro-level features in the D7200 and as a result have no need for the D400 line? The only complaints for eliminating the D400 will come from those wanting a bigger body (since the D400 will be a bigger camera than the D7200)!

      • Toonie

        I agree with you about the idea of a D7200, as FF is the new trend now they probadly won’t need too many DX lines. As soon as D7200 is announced, d90 and d300 will officially be discountinued, and d7000 may still sell (like the d90 did when d7000 was released)

      • Sahaja

        I think that, as far as Nikon is concerned, the D700 has been replaced – with the D800(e) and the D600. You might get higher fps when the D800 is eventually replaced – but I expect that is 3-4 years away.

    • ewm19

      If this come true, i hope the price less then D600. Haha…. but will it be….If it less then D600…i will save a bit to go for D600…

  • Jose

    The gap between d7000 and d600 should mean a camera, may be d400 or d 7000 replacement. High END dx replacement

    • michel


    • Norby


  • Zorro

    Perhaps the long-rumored D40s.

  • Tex

    I know this camera will not be happening by years end, but i went to a Nikon workshop at Adorama last week and the instructor asked everyone what camera they used: he finished by asking “any D600s’s?” I know i heard him right as well. I’m curious what a D600s could be.

    • Nikon Shooter

      Are you sure he didn’t just s’stutter?

    • Toecutter

      WTF?Why didn’t you ask what camera he meant?Or is that too fooking easy

  • Mike

    It’s obviously going to be the D5 that’ll be revealed. Long overdue.

    • Big J

      Why long overdue? It came out in February of 2012!!!! More likely it being a D4s than a D5 (not saying there will be, already the D4 is a great camera).

      • Mike

        Nah, they should go for a 9-month flagship cycle period ; )

        • D4

          Haha. Someone didn’t grasp your humour.

  • Craig

    IMHO, this is where Nikon screwed up. If in the D800 they would have put quad cores in instead of dual cores, so the processing through put would have been higher – thus giving a better burst rate – then D400 would not be needed.

    As a bird/wildlife/sports shooter I would be more than happy if the burst rate on the D800 would have been higher.

    As it is I continue to hope there really is a D400 in the offing.

    • Nikon D800

      Given what the Nikon 1 (60 fps 10 mpix) can do, my guess is that the processing power is NOT the bottleneck.

      If it was, I think we should see 9 fps in DX mode.

      And I agree, Nikon messed up because a 9 fps DX mode D800 would be one more reason not to make a D400 and buy the D800 instead.

      It just seems strange that there isn’t any DSLR in production besides the D4 @ $6000 that will do more than 6 fps.

      • Sahaja

        Well there are others – but they don’t come from Nikon.

        e.g. The Pentax K5II does 7fps, has a weather-sealed body, 100% viewfinder, and many of those DX lenses that Nikon is missing . If you are committed to DX, it doesn’t look like a bad option.

      • EnPassant

        You mix up speed in video (60fps) with burstrate for photography which is 10fps for Nikon 1 V1.

        Indeed the processing power IS a bottleneck limiting the 36MP D800 to 4fps.
        The other bottleneck is the mirror mechanism. Propably it is not designed for more than 6fps to keep the price affordable. It’s just one of the reasons a D4 is much more expensive.

        • Nikon certainly has mirror/shutters that can go faster, it’s just a matter of cost. Bit bandwidth internally is another story. It’s not a coincidence that all the recent cameras are in about the same range for bit moving internally. Ultimately, the EXPEED3 ASIC is likely the bottleneck here. When we get EXPEED4, it’ll be faster. Of course, we could try putting dual EXPEEDs side by side, ala Canon’s dual Digic, but Nikon hasn’t yet shown that they have an ASIC that supports true parallelism yet. So I’m guessing that this is simply a generational design constraint.

    • Andrew

      Nikon did not mess-up with the D800. The D800 is fulfilling years of needs and as a result it did not have to be everything one could imagine in the ideal camera. Also, because its high ISO performance is quite impressive, any significant increase in frame rate may have impacted D4 sales significantly. The high demand for the D800 proves that Nikon delivered just enough enhancements to satisfy an impressively high consumer base.

      The quad core will come with the Expeed 4 image processor, and then the frame rate will increase significantly enough for the next version of the D800 to be a success. Who knows, this camera may perform at 12 fps burst rate and give us a video of 1080p at 60p.

  • nuno santacana

    NRadmin, do you mean a DSLR?

    • Nikonuser

      Yeah, admin…do you mean an SLR or a mirrorless???

      • Not sure yet, but something is coming.

    • Andrew

      He has always said one more DSLR. This post does not convey that, but at this point it is not important, we will know soon enough.

    • Not sure yet.

  • Gary

    Ahhh the joys of Nikon marketing!

    Admin wouldn’t post this unless:

    a) he knows what’s coming, and Nikon marketing have instructed him to publish this “teaser” ahead of a formal campaign


    b) Nikon marketing have given him a tidbit to whet our appetites, and then they’ll “leak” it out bit by bit – again as part of a planned campaign

    C’mon guys this isn’t “inside sources” or “educated guesswork” – we’re being played.

    So now we know there’ll be something else in 2012. We can’t influence what it is, what it’s price will be, or what it’s spec will contain – Nikon’s already making it.

    So let’s all start acting like Pavlov’s Dog and ohh and ahh over what it might be – instead of taking actual photos.

    I’m not having a pop at Nikon or Peter. This is modern marketing, but let’s not fool ourselves that we’re on some “inside track” eh?

    • Gooby Pls

      Ooh you’re so smart. Do please teach us more master.

    • Andrew

      Let us think this issue a little more. Our speculations provide Nikon with valuable marketing data. They get to see how we as consumers are thinking and what our needs are. So even as they are readying the next product, we are helping them think about future products. So, in other words, we the consumers are making valuable contributions to Nikon’s future planning efforts!

    • I bet you believe also that Elvis is alive.

      • 120-300 os for Nikon

        Elvis had left the building but hopefully D400 soon is getting in the Nikon Building.
        And to Peter you are doing a very good job.

    • Toecutter

      Sounds like you’re having a pop to me

  • Troll Prozac

    It’s nice a new cam might be coming out and I’m interested to see what it might be.

    But what I really want is some new lenses.

    Personally: 16-35 2.8 and a new 300 f4 (or 400 f5.6?). A new 24-70 2.8 would be interesting to, my copy is getting worn out.

    • desmo

      Better yet 400 f4
      as 300f4 plus 1.4 converter = 420 F5.6

  • Banksie

    Personally I’m hoping it’s a high mp count D4x and with two cards slots of the same protocol (I don’t care if it’s XQD or CF or SD, as long as they are the same.)

  • Nikon 1

    Don’t you think the clue is the Nikon V1 price drop?

    Can the Nikon V2 be far behind?

  • Richard

    Probably the V2 but possibly the successor to the P310?

    • Coolpix cameras are announced in February and August only.

  • Parade Rain

    When a 24MP D5200 is announced all the people who have been clammering for a D300s replacement will simultaneously melt from rage.

    • Analyst

      Sad but true. The most likely announcement is a d5100 replacement. Nikon replaces the low-end stuff much more frequently than the high end stuff.

      Still, hoping for a D400 even though it’s unrealistic.

    • Toonie

      I dont think that is the case, d5100 has only been out for like a year, D7000, d90, d300 needs to go nowwwwwwwwwww

  • D4527100DXFX

    Isn’t it amazing how most of the comments here relate to DX cameras, when there are very obvious hints regarding a V1 replacement? Just in time for xmas, it obviously makes sense that it will be a new V2 or whatever they may call it this time? As for a D400, get over it, it’s extremely unlikely to happen. What’s far more likely is a D7000 replacement with a faster frame rate or as mentioned, a D5200 with the 24mp sensor and whatever the next DX camera will be, it surely won’t be announced till early in 2013.

    • Big J

      I’m thinking of a D7000 successor with a swivel screen (like the Sony’s A99 for example) to negate the D5200 line with the 39 autofocus point module that seems to be doing well on the D600 and a 24mp sensor like the D3200 with 6-7fps And I still have faith for the D400 to be released soon if not 2013. There’s still a good crowd of people who need a DX with a pro body, high fps like 9-12 who need it for sports and wildlife especially.

  • Joshua

    Admin: You seem to be hinting that the release will be mirrorless. Any chance that more than one body would be announced? Or should we just expect a V2?

    • Joshua

      And by more than one body, I’m asking if you think one could be DSLR?

    • I really don’t know at that point, I am just guessing.

      • We all are, but when you press Nikon execs about whether anything else is coming this year, you can often get them to say “yes.” No more detail than that, though I get the impression that we will see another DSLR introduced in 2012 (D5200 almost certainly is next up in the DSLR roll outs). We also have gotten clear hints of two lenses (one is DX) entering manufacturing.

        My reading of the execs is this: they know they’re behind where they wanted to be in rolling out interchangeable lens cameras and lenses. Their original plan for 2011/2012 was blown all apart by the quake and flood (2011 was originally scheduled to be the FX year, not 2012), and they’ve been scrambling ever since to get back to where they wanted to be.

        Nikon is sort of set up to do no more than one or two products (a line of Coolpix counting as “a product”) simultaneously. In everything from manufacturing to marketing to support to even distribution, they’re really set up to do one big thing at a time. Every time they’ve tried to do two (D1h/D1x, D3/D300, D4/D800) there have been significant issues.

        So we’re going to get a series of announcements until they do catch up to where they want to be. Word I hear, as noted above: at least one camera and two lenses still in 2012. So I believe Admin is dead on correct.

  • Michael

    Nikon, how about some new glass?

  • Cocopop

    Nikon D400 would be my guess.

    • 120-300 os for Nikon

      Mine too.

  • Chris Farley

    I hope this will be the D7100. A mix of D7000 and D300s – the PRO DX cam. 24 MP and more accurate AF. 8 FPS and 20 RAW Buffer 😀

    • Big J

      Thought you were dead man?!

  • GaiaOverAll

    24-70 f2.8 VR pleeeeeeease…
    and D4x 50Mp 16bit ^^’

    • Big J

      Doesn’t need VR and because of VR it would cost WAY too much. More likely $2500-ish because of it.

      • ewm19

        Hope 24-70 f2.8 price goes down then…..

      • GaiaOverAll

        You’re exaggerated, you could place the stabilizer at a cost not exceeding € 200 😉 … then to a street price of 2000€. I expect this lens to add it to 14-24 and 70-200.

  • Worminator

    A price drop on the V1 wouldn’t by indicative of any new camera other than the V2…

    If that’s counted, then, what, no dSLRs this year?

    Given Pentax refreshed the K-5, and the K-5 and D7000 came out the same time, and the D7000 is currently the oldest body in the lineup (sept 2010), you’d think a D7100 is most likely.

    It’s rare for a Nikon dSLR to be released later than September though.

    My money is on a V2, since NR is strongly hinting (using the word “camera” not dSLR, saying “before CES” i.e. consumer, and mentioning the V1 price drop.

    D7200 and D5200 in feb and april 2013, respectively.

    D400? As an APSC replacement for the D300s, guys, don’t hold your breath…

    • Worminator

      * _D7100_ and D5200 in Feb and April 2013…

  • jec6613

    Here’s my guess, let’s see how accurate I am when they’re announced:

    – Nikon V2 with higher spec video, hopefully a built-in flash, and Wi-Fi capable.
    – D300s and/or D7000 replacements, perhaps as a single camera rather than replacing both.
    – If the D7000 and D300s are combined, I’d guess that the D5200 would get the 39 point AF sensor and 5 FPS. If they aren’t combined, then it’ll keep the 11 point sensor.

  • Steve

    A ‘D400’ would be very popular. That is what I have been after. If not, I’ll get a D600. I shall wait and see.

  • JED

    I would say it will be a D7000 replacement with an increase in specification such that it also replaces the D300S. D5200 will come later and move up slightly to fill the hole left by the D7000.

  • Walter

    it will be one of these:

    D400, D5200 or D7200

    I need a replacement for my D300 and I need the upgrade in print from A4 to A3 (12 to 24 MP). I will not go up to FX because I already have all the lenses I need: 10-24, 17-55, 16-85, 70-200 and 40 macro. I am waiting for the replacement of the 80-400.

    • I think there is a very good chance also for a Nikon V2.

      • `/1nc3nt

        If we look on r&d and production in Nikon photography subsidiary, they must have at least three different division: dslr, compacts and the 1s.

        DSLR released various models this year and must be busy monitoring the vast issues such as focusing and greenish martian color on the LCD. Compacts also finished released several models this year. After humiliation and blasphemies against CX format, they might be late on modifying and finishing new killer model: the V2.

        Can somebody explain to me how big can Nikon modify the sensors? I see there is room for larger sensor in the CX cavity.

        Note: I bought D800, then V1 and I am overly happy with both. I don’t understand why so much complains here and why Elvis must be alive 😛

        • That’s not quite the way Nikon R&D is set up. It’s actually more centered around body, with trickle down from the flagship. There are four basic bodies in DSLR: D3200/D5100, D7000/D600, D300/D800, and D4. Each tends to iterate separately and on its own time frames. Note that the pairings don’t tend to iterate together (you don’t see a D3200 and D5200 appearing together), so there’s offset within the body groups, too.

          • Andrew

            I sometimes feel like you manage to confuse even yourself with your pointless blubber…you need to ‘iterate’ your own self this time.

            • Mock Kenwell


              Well said, Andy.


  • Stanley Beck

    I, for one, am holding out for a D400. The D7000 doesn’t make the grade, and the D600 is a stripped down version of the D800, which has more features than I want, and at a price I cannot even consider. FX does nothing for me, either.

    Nikon has too many varieties of camera. They would be better with an entry level a pro level, and one in the middle (which is what they were doing 8 years ago). Different people have different requirements, and I have mine, and that is not just to have a new, top of the line camera (and I not a “hardware snob”).

  • D4527100DXFX

    Seriously folks, we need to forget about all this D400 talk, as there’s no real reason why Nikon would release a replacement for both the D300s and D7000 again. It makes far more sense for the two cameras to be combined and for there to end up being three DX cameras in the Nikon line up. As for this year, we’ve already had a few DSLR cameras, plus the V1 price drop, so all roads lead to one more camera – the V2

    • Phil

      Why is the D400 talk silly? The D3200 goes for $650, the D5100 started out at $800, and the D7000 started out at $1200 body only. A $900 gap between the D7000 and D600 is simply too large. Furthermore, Canon sells the 7D which the D300s is competing against. Is Nikon just going to cede that part of the market to the 7D? I think not. Remember, the D7000 is intended to compete against the 60D and not the 7D. It is VERY logical for Nikon to sell a $1600-$1700 pro DX level camera with a 24 mp sensor, 8fps, D4/D800 autofocus, weathersealed body, etc.

      For those who are saying that the V2 is coming purely because the V1 is being heavily discounted, well the D5100 and D7000 are also being discounted too. How would you explain that?

      • D4527100DXFX

        Let’s not assume there will be a $900 price gap, between the D600 and the next Nikon DX camera and what if the D7000 successor had a faster fram rate, 51 focus points and an expeed 3 processor. Wouldn’t that be enough to satisfy most of the current D300s users out there? Think about the potential improvements on both the D300s and D7000. Much more improvement on the D7000 and we will most likely have what the D300s users want. Improve the D300s much more and then we may be getting much closer to the pricing of the D600, so to me, one higher end DX camera will fill the gap and satisfy all the D300s fans. As for “pro build”, i’m agreeing with what Ken Rockwell has been saying, which is that in the past when we owned film cameras for 10 years, a tough build was much more applicable than it is these days when most serious photographers upgrade their cameras every 2 or 3 years. Personally, i reckon “pro” is over used and almost becoming an elitist mindset. I work full time as a freelance outdoors photographer/writer and this involves a lot of photography around beaches, rocky shorelines, out on rough oceans and from a kayak in lakes and streams. My current cameras are a D7000, D5100 and Canon G12 and all three cop a very hard life, dealing with sand, saltwater and so on. In fact, over the past 6 months the little Canon has made me more money than the Nikons and in the glossy mags i work for i’ve seen images from the D7000 and good lenses right next to G12 images and really, the difference isn’t that great. So does this make my Canon G12 more or less pro than my D7000 or even a D800 if i owned one?
        Apart from the Dwhatever Nikon will eventually release, a huge slice of their market is smaller compacts and mirrorless cameras, so given that they’ve already released a few DSLR cameras this year, it surely makes more sense that a Vwhatever will be the next to be announced?

      • dx

        Exactly! I think many people are forgeting that D600 costs $2100 and not $1600 as was rumored.
        It would make sense to release D400 first and then follow up with less costly DX cameras. If Nikon releases D7100 first, it would be a weird move because everybody will buy that and not many will keep waiting for some fantasy D400 cam.

  • Funduro

    36MP D400 ? OK just joking. Maybe a D7200 with D300s build and all that video thingy that’a all the rage in DSLR’s.

  • knap


  • Tom

    a FX mirorless – V2

    LOL, I wish

  • stepper

    My guess is a mirrorless DX body ala EOS-M.
    Styling similar to the P7700.

  • Ravon11

    D7200 is my guess.
    I use a D90 and waiting to upgrade. D600 is out of reach for me. I agree that Nikon need something between the D7000 and D600, a pro DX.
    N I do hope for a FX D400 – cheaper than D600…!

    • Sahaja

      Even if there were a cheaper than D600 body (most unlikely) – the big cost of moving from DX to FX for most people is lenses. You also get added weight, less reach, and all the AF points clustered near the center, etc.

  • Maji

    Maybe the 54MPx D4X… 🙂 or will it be 46MPx like the rumored Canon?

  • Merv

    D4s! Oh wait, that’ may not be the most practical…

    @Ravon11, why D7200 instead of D7100?

    Nikon needs two camera body releases, D300 update and the V2.

    • Ravon1

      Ops, typo.. I tryin to meant upgrade of D7000.

  • Stew

    For people who have 100,000 yen, 1000 usd, or 1000 euros, there is only the dated d7000. It’s like asking them to buy the OM-D or the Fuji X-E1. I’m sure a lot of keen but not that keen users will set their budgets somewhere around those numbers.

    The D600 looks like a great camera and will sell Nikon lots of fx glass, but it’s still too expensive for many, leaving a gaping hole all the way down to the D3200 at 700usd. Once the traditional d80/90 user is lost to say 4/3, Nikon will really struggle to get them back.

    • dx

      mirrorless is knocking on the door. there is not much time left for mirrors… but we are still not there so nikon can either sell us some decent cameras or keep us waiting and waiting until we switch to the next gen system…
      but compact aps-c mirrorless cam would be a great move from nikon…

  • netidolweb

    D400 with built in batt grip

    • 120-300 OS for Nikon

      yes very good idea like the old D2 series dx but pro build body and newest tech inside perfect i shall apy for that 2200 euro´s.

  • goose

    digital FM10. dream on

    • Sahaja


    • You mean the long awaited FM4D ?

      • Sahaja

        If that happened, I’d buy 2 – and sell everything else but my FM3a.

        Surely someone will eventually make a camera like that – I hope it is Nikon.

  • CRB

    they better not make a V2 with the improvements like the J2 compared to J1…if they do, they better call it V1.1..

  • ageha

    Good luck waiting for a V2! 😀

  • Nikonhead

    I think Nikon will continue to produce DX cameras. I bet a D400 with 8 or 10 fps and 16 or 24 mps will sell like hot cakes. The 51 point focus system is far superior to the 39 point focus system. The 39 point focus system Nikon put in the D600 is a joke with such a wide viewfinder. Who wants to recompose with all this new technology. I can control my shiney new full frame camera from my smartphone, but I can’t focus off center and have to pray my subject hasn’t moved in the time it takes me to recompose. I love the 51 points that cover the majority of a DX sensor. Makes it very difficult to miss a shot. My guess is Nikon will come out with the D400 for serious shooters who prefer the faster fps for wildlife and sports. $1,600 will do it for me.

    • Bob

      Nikon should give the 39 point AF to the low end cameras and give the 51 point to the D7k replacement and D600.

    • 120-300 os for Nikon

      even for more many people will buy it.

  • Bob

    There is a chance that the D7100 is on it’s way. D7000 is on sale on many Canadian stores for $880 CAD. It’s quite an attractive price I got to say.

    I would like to see a DX camera with a D3200 sensor in a D7000 body.

  • Big J

    A lot of announcements this year. How many releases have there been from all camera lines, lenses and accessories total?

  • JonMcG

    Sorry folks, though the D400 is very overdue, I fear we’re looking straight down the barrel here at a new Nikon Mirroless camera.. That V1 price drop was a dead giveaway.. Nikon is clearly looking to enhance their presence in that market.

    The pro body DX right now can nearly be satisfied with a D600 with DX lenses, thus putting the camera into DX mode and providing a more than reasonable 10+Mp image.

    Yes, it’s more expensive than the theoretical D400 but probably only by several hundred dollars and consider it a “free” upgrade to FX whenever the user cares to purchase FX class lenses. All delivered via a state of the art sensor…

    • nick

      Interesting use of the word enhance…

    • dx

      I can buy D3200 or D600. This is not just couple hunderd dollars price difference – the difference is huge! and of course I am not buying years old cameras like D7000
      nikon has no answer for so many people shooting DX! these people are simply not going to buy the overpriced D600. period.
      its losts sales for nikon…

  • Sahaja

    Maybe DPReview know something we don’t. They have just made a “Nikon Pro DX SLR” forum – there will be no new cameras to put in that if there is no D400.

    The D7000 has been relegated to “Consumer DX”

    • Tom

      I sure hope that they come out with a D400 soon. Nikon came out with 4 new FX bodies this year (D4, D800, D800e & D600). I have had my D300 for 5 years now. The gap between the D200 & D300 was 2 years !!! Come on guys we NEED a successor to the D300 (dont tell me the D300s is the successor)!!!

  • Vin

    D800 is a great camera, D600 too. Both must haves in my book. Will also go for a 24mp DX D400 if it is packaged like the D800 with 8fps with grip.

  • D400


    • Andrew

      You friend with that character who calls himself Pablo Ricasso?!

      Must be…

  • Nick

    Lenses? There are loads missing:

    Wide DX primes
    DX portrait lens (okay the 50s work, but they are a touch short)
    24-70 VR
    80-400 AFS
    300 f4 VR
    Replacements for 20 and 24 f2.8 and 35 f2 in FX (which people would buy with a D600 I guess)

    Add int he need to refresh the top end DX cameras and it look a little like Nikon have not worked out the “enthusiast” part of the market at all.

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