Nikon D5100 next to be discontinued?

Few days ago Nikon Germany sent out an email to retailers stating that the Nikon D5100 is no longer available for order. The exact word used was "abkündigung" which translates to "discontinuation". The D5100 was announced on April 5th, 2011. FYI: the D3100 was announced in August 2010 and was already replaced by the D3200 in April this year, the D7000 was announced in September 2010.

The Nikon D5100 is not listed as discontinued on the official Nikon website:

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  • OMR

    I Love the D5100, for family pictures is an amazing Camera.

  • long_david

    as expected, come 5200 and d7000 replacement 🙂

    • D5100 owner

      No not at all. There is a LOT more to the d7000 than a few feature. I don’t need all of the features I listed (although it would be nice). Really want to see/what is plausible, is articulating screen. any megapixel sensor with ISO performance better than it is now. D lens motor. Second command dial. And please get rid of all the stupid scene modes. There useless. Just give me M A and maybe a pano mode. An optional battery grip that is made by Nikon would be nice. Essentially 2-4 plausible changes.

      • Andre

        You are talking of the D7000’s replacement there

  • Slewey

    I wonder what specs the D5200 would have, I can’t imagine it being a small tweak here and there because the D3200 specs are practically what the D5100 is but with better tech and more MP.

    Maybe the D5200 will have some D7000 specs with D3200 build quality? Could give Canon a run for it’s money with there potential 70D.

    • d5100 owner

      megapixels is not what it needs. it needs more manual controls. I love my d5100, but I am 14, and I have outgrown it. if it had the same sensor as the 3200 so be it. I could not care less. All sensors are AMAZING now a days. I would rather see a bigger better viewfinder (d7000 or better) more manual controls, and mostly commander mode on the flash!!! also built in focus motor for D lenses would be amazing. I would also like to see a second command dial. I don’t care about wifi, android… but IMAGE QUALITY/CONTROL!!!
      ALSO, no the 3200 does not have more tech than the d5100

      • Michael Laing

        So basically you want the D7000, for the price of the D5100.

        • d5100 owner

          oops wrong spot! look up

        • PHB

          If I was Nikon I would move the D600 features (other than sensor) into the D7000 successor and make the D5200 the swivel screen version of the D3200.

          Question then would be whether the D7000 replacement was called the D7100 or D400. There would be a good argument for both.

          Question would be whether Nikon has a new DX sensor available. If they have a 24MP sensor that could be used then the D5200 can inherit the old D7000 sensor and it would make best sense to call is a D400.

          • d5100 owner

            the old d5100, oops, d7000 sensor… oh wait, the are exactly the same! difference between d5100 and d7000 is purely features

    • raizee

      I just hope they don’t downgrade the D5200 by using the 24 MP sensor instead of the current 16 MP one. But I’m pretty much certain that that’s what they’re gonna do :-/

      I don’t really think we’ll see a huge update with regards to features in the D5200. It definitely has to do 5 FPS, seeing how the D3200 does 4 FPS.

      I don’t think it’ll get the 39-point AF system, but it might get flash commander mode to compete with Canon’s T4i/650D.

      • Peter

        If it had 5fps and flash commander I would be a buyer.

  • texasjoe

    Here comes another 24mp camera.

    • Steve

      Yep, plus touchscreen and wifi.

      • Roberto

        ..and GPS

        • Fred

          and Coffee Grinder

          • Fahrertuer

            I hope there’s also a coffeemaker integrated with the grinder.
            But I guess Nikon will release that only in the D5300 to force us to upgrade…

    • Erik

      And another cheap camera made in thailand or china, when will you people ever learn, it’s like everyone want it all, you cheapskates cut corners.

      • Shawn

        What’s wrong with cheap? D5100 is a great camera for the money. It’s like a discount D7000. It takes better images than the D300 and a heck of a lot of other older higher-priced models.

    • raizee

      Yeah, it’ll likely get the 24 MP sensor. A shame since the 16 MP sensor is better…

  • long_david

    i heard rumors its going to replace the d7000 and the d7000 upgrade will replace d300s ? not sure though. but it makes sense.


    this is what i see happening.

    D5100 & D7000 are discontinued. D5200 comes in to replace both, and will be around D600 size.

    D7100 will then be released, replacing the D300s, having body comparable to D800.

    3 Dx cameras, 3 Fx cameras.

    • Big J

      I think the D5200 will be cut off and replaced by the D7100 with an articulated screen and the pro-DX with high FPS will be the D400 replacing the previous. I do agree with the 3 DX and 3 FX. I don’t think Nikon can have any more room for extra lines since their mirrorless camera lines have appeared and seems they are going to stay. So they’ll have to cut off a line that will most likely be not that anticipated.

      • Arkasai

        I doubt they’d dump the D5xxx lineup, the entry level bodies are what attract prospective customers that have never owned a DSLR. Very few first time buyers look above the entry level bodies because they’re scared off by the price, even if they could afford much higher quality, even professional equipment it’s just not worth it to them.

        What I’d like to see is a fully weather sealed but still light weight D5200 with a more sophisticated AF system, like the one in the D7000. That would really shake up that range of cameras which is still accustomed to non-sealed bodies, weak AF performance, and no screw drive.

        A similar evolution of the D7000 into the D300s’ role would be nice to see, with 51 AF points and f/8 AF, 8+ FPS with grip, ISO rating close to current FX bodies.

        • Michael

          I’m guessing it will just be the old D5100 with GPS, Wi-Fi, touchscreen articulated screen and a gimmick or two which should have something to do with connecting to the Internet easily.

          Most likely every other spec should be the same as D3200.

          On the other hand, D7000 will be upgraded to something like D600, but DX, and maybe with some spec better (shutter speed) than D600 and some worse (viewfinder). The willingness of Nikon having the maximum shutter speed worse than D7000 proves that they don’t mind have D7000 and its replacement to have a better spec than D600, other than the full frame part.

          Which means, we might be seeing a slightly lousy D400 with the name of D7100/D7200. Spec wise, I predict it to be slightly worse than or the same as D300(s), except sensor. This should satisfy D300(s) upgraders.

    • Mirroless Fan

      What about a D8000 and D8000E?

  • David G.

    What ? Already ??

  • Spy Black

    I wish articulating screens would be standard issue on all cameras. It’s amazing how many people aren’t aware of how useful this feature is. I bought my D5100 over a D7000 because it had the articulating screen. I wish the D600 had one.

    • Hunt

      Those moving screens are a gimmick in my eyes, but thats just me. It seems like something else i would have to worry about breaking. I love my D7000 and almost got the D5100 to the pros of the D7000 out weighted it. The moving screen wasn’t even in the back of my head when thinking of the D5100.

    • Jon D

      Just one more thing to break when it gets knocked around!

      • Michael

        It is very hard to break unless you’re a total idiot. And most of the time it’s not even open, which makes it impossible to be broken without being a retard. It has an added feature too – you get a free screen protector.

      • FFS!!!!

        Flip screens “should” be the norm by now, landscape and macro photography has you placing your camera in some very awkward positions, then trying to get your face behind the camera to compose and focus can sometimes be impossible, so you don’t get the shot.

        Flip screens are not a gimmick, at least they are not if you don’t want to come home soaking wet and covered in mud from rolling around on the floor trying to compose your shot….

        Both the D800 and D600 should have had flip screens….

        • Shawn

          It should be the norm, but it really needs improvement first.

          I thought that the flip screen on the D5100 would help me out a lot more than it did. When my daughter was born I had only a D50 and found it very hard to get her to look at the camera while I was trying to frame the shot, but she would look at my face when I took it out from behind the camera. So I thought that Live View would be awesome and a flip screen even more useful.

          Not really. I didn’t buy the D5100 for that, but I thought it was going to be a valuable feature for me. Not so. The only times I’ve found the flip screen to be useful are:
          1) With the camera on a tripod using manual extension tubes and manual focusing via Live View.
          2) “Extreme” candids, i.e. family members who normally put their hand up when you try to take their picture. They don’t notice if I’m sneaking a photo as long as I don’t look like I’m taking their picture.

          I’ve tried flip screen/Live View for normal use, and it just can’t keep up with the phase detect sensors in the viewfinder. Live View would be a heck of a lot more useful with integrated phase detect. I am excited to think that these features will eventually become the norm.

          This is all for “action” photography (i.e. kids). I’ve not really tried it for “still” shots, but the whole process is really annoying on the D5100 anyways. The mirror has to flip down for every shot, the view doesn’t stop down automatically as you adjust aperture, and you can’t rapidly adjust your focus area position. In other words, it’s a real chore on the D5100.

    • Rob

      Really? I never use the articulating screen on my D5100. I never use live view either. Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I prefer looking through the viewfinder. It makes me feel like I’m using a DSLR and not some gimmicky toy camera.

      Whatever they replace the D5100 with, I hope they make an official battery grip for it. (wifi and gps would be nicer features than the articulating screen imo)

  • Evan Gray

    Do we think there will be a d7000 update by the end of the year?

    I’m dying to get it but don’t want to get screwed over by an upgrade a week later.

    • Greenbeqn

      Yes, D7000 should be very soon. It’s time for a replacement it’s been out for 2 years now.

      • Calibrator

        > Yes, D7000 should be very soon. It’s time for a replacement it’s been out for 2 years now.

        I don’t know why you take Nikon’s “schedules” for granted.
        Or are you simply parrotting what forum member are sucking out of their fingers?

        People awaited the D700 successor for what? Three years?
        And what did they get? The D800 which most D700 owners don’t accept as a legitimate replacement. Not even speaking of the D800E here…

        The next FX is the D600 – a replacement for the D700? No, it sits “squarely between D700 and D800” according to Nikon officials. Ah ha – so it’s better than the D700?
        Now, three different FX models later, we still no official “real” D700 replacement in sight. Isn’t it time?

        And what about the D300s? What did we get instead: The D7000, which sits “squarely between D90 and D300s”. Sound familiar?

        I’m awaiting your reasoning with utmost curiosity.

        • Michael

          “squarely between D700 and D800″ only means that D700 is cheaper, not inferior. I would buy a D600 over D700 any day though. I don’t need crazy build quality (I don’t use my camera as a hammer) and I don’t understand the need of absolute ‘pro controls layout’, my hands aren’t particularly large either. I do like the great image quality the D600 is going to give me though.

    • The short answer to your question is that it is not likely that the D7000 replacement will be released by December if the rumor is correct that Nikon is discontinuing the D5100. This reasoning does not seem to make much sense since the D7000 was released seven months earlier. But it appears that Nikon is changing their entire product lineup and are introducing unexpected products in the mix; and as a result anything goes! But before you act on my opinion, please consider the following:

      If I were you, I would wait for at least a month to see what the next rumored camera will be, and if your needs are not too urgent, then simply wait longer. The impression I get is that even if Nikon does not release the D7000 replacement by December – but then release it in February, you would still be disappointed. If that is your disposition, then the best thing to do is to wait. Many people keep their cameras for years before getting a new one so try to wait for as long as you can if at all possible.

      • Andrew

        A link was not intended here, but since I cannot edit my comment (or posting) , it remains!

      • VJ

        It also seems to me that Nikon is restructuring their line-up… In this context, the merging of D7000 and D300s successor is possible. Question for me is what will happen to higher end DX (D7000-D300s).

        I’m waiting, and I know either camera would suit my purpose, but I can hold off purchase for now. It would be a shame to buy now, only to find out that a new model comes out a few months later, which may either be better, or result in a price drop of the current models.

  • Goose

    Damn, the D300s seems immortal. Pro DX, a relic of the past?

    • c.d.embrey

      I hate to say it, but I think you may be right. The D7000 is the best DX camera now, and may still be the best DX camera 18 months feom now. Meh.

      • Hunt

        Maybe Nikon might surprise us. Maybe.

      • PHB

        Actually the D800 is the best DX camera right now. Which is why a D400 may not make a lot of sense.

        I have even seen a few pros use a D3X as a DX camera.

        I could see a D7000 replacement move up to the D400 bracket and provide pro style handling in a similar frame. But there really isn’t a need for two advanced DX sensor bodies right now.

        The Nikon serious camera lineup is getting a little crowded:

        CX: V1, J1
        DX: D3200, D5100, D7000, D300s
        FX: D600, D800, D800E, D4

        That is ten cameras which is a lot of inventory and product SKUs to manage in channel.

        If I was a Nikon product manager I would be looking to add in more CX camera models as the Lens range extends. A model with manual controls, higher resolution would go down well. A dedicated video model. Possibly even a 3D capture model.

        There should also be at least one more pro body. The D4 is a good camera for print journalists but some applications need higher resolution. The megapixels race will be on until at least 48MP which is the resolution of glossy mags like Vogue.

  • 24MP is the new 12MP.

    Remember a time when the majority of the Nikon Range where 12MP ie D3, D700, D300, D90, etc?

    I think now we’ll see a 24MP trend: D3200, D600… soon to come D5200?, D7100??, D400???

    • Joven


      I don’t know why people are stressing over the MP increases. It’s as if they’re afraid the photos are going to look like they’ve come from camera phones. I’m all for more detail as the sensors continue to improve.

      • Shawn

        I am a little worried about megapixels, but not too worried. I’d have to say it’s because I’m an amateur and I do this for fun. I’ll give you a couple of reasons why jumping to 24 MP is a little disconcerting to amateurs like myself (in no particular order):

        – Storage: I recently had to invest in a 1 terabyte redundant (2 x 1 TB drives mirrored) network attached storage unit (NAS). Not only does this data need to be redundant, it needs to be backed up remotely on separate drives. More MP means more space needed. When I run out of space, this means more investment in drives, money I’d rather put into lenses and possibly another camera.
        – Transfer Speed: I’m not talking about downloading the images from the SD card, I’m talking about having them live on my network storage and editing them in Lightroom and Photoshop on my laptop. 16 MP images already have a noticable lag, even when I’ve already generated previews. The actual bottleneck is the network, both throughput of the network drive and the wireless itself. You need to invest in expensive storage devices if you want to improve the throughput of your network drive, I’d rather not.
        – Computer Performance: Editing 16 MP images in Lightroom and Photoshop is pretty slow, mostly because of my aging laptop. Bigger images would require me to invest in a new system. Again, this is an expense I’d rather not have to make right now, and better spent on lenses.

        Because of my “infrastructure” issues, I have actually started paring down my images “in camera” instead of waiting to review them in lightroom. It is actually faster for me to zoom in and check focus and expression on the camera than it is to do it later on the computer.

        Certainly we can always tell our cameras to shoot smaller JPEG images, but that won’t help RAW shooters, and it will start making people wonder why they bought a high MP camera in the first place.

  • binarycodes

    Hey Admin,

    Any hint of rumour on the next DX launch period?

  • Alex

    Its replacement will be an FX camera with no AF motor.

    • Dimitrii1130

      this will be called D6000 😉

      • desmo

        remember original D600 rumor. no AF motor 11 point autofocus,
        cheaper price

        • Pablo Ricasso

          Yeah, that would be good. At SOME point there has to be one of those coming out. But I think that in the meantime there will be an APS.

      • Alex

        Or D400/500? (which would quickly dispel any myth about a D300s successor).

  • Maxfield Stanton

    I bet the D5200 will have to be competitive with Canon T4i/650D, so look for 24MP Sony sensor and swivel screen with touchscreen capability. However, Nikon probably won’t be able to put on-sensor phase detect autofocus pixels the way Canon does. This is Nikon’s Achilles’ Heel, it doesn’t control the sensor architecture. So look for the D5200 to continue with contrast detect when shooting with live view.

    • Toonie

      competing with 650d is more like d3200’s job >..<

      • Calibrator

        Older models included:

        Nikon D3000 Canon 1000D
        Nikon D3100 Canon 1100D
        Nikon D3200 Canon 1x00D

        Nikon D5000 Canon 550D
        Nikon D5100 Canon 600D
        Nikon D5x00 Canon 650D

        Nikon D7000 Canon 60D

        Nikon D300s Canon 7D

        Nikon D600 Canon 6D

        Nikon D700 Canon 5D MII

        Nikon D800/E Canon 5D MIII

        Nikon D4 Canon 1D X

        All in all an eerily similar setup. Naturally, some models are clearly more powerful in some aspects but one should always compare classes.

    • Mike

      Eh? Nikon holds the patents to on-sensor PDAF (Nikon 1). Whatever Canon is doing on-sensor is not working. The AF of the EOS M and t4i is terrible.

      • Michael

        Yeap, Canon may not be good in implementing the on-sensor phase detection, but I’m putting my bets that D5200 won’t have on-sensor phase detection.

    • rod90

      Perhaps the D5200 replacement will use the Sony Nex 5R/6 16mp sensor with built in phase detect on the sensor. That would bring it up to spec to compete with T4i and wipe the floor with it provided a lot more useful features get added to it. Can it happen? Sure why not

  • Pablo Ricasso

    Awesome. I agree with the above comments. The number may differ but I guess there will be a mid camera that totally improves on the 5100 and mostly improves on the 7000 and then another that mostly or totally improves on the 300S.
    Hopefully it will be next week. This is a good year to be a fanboy.

  • Merv

    Just a thought, would a D300 DX replacement end up as a D9000 series?

    Would be a bit strange if D5200 came out before the D7000 which was released in September 2010. I can’t see the D7000 replacement having an articulated screen if it is meant to be a more rugged camera.

    • As of my few-years experience with D5000, articulated screen was implied with all due ruggedness. Nothing squeeks and nothing seems to fell off. My camera went through ~72000 actuations, it was used under rain with no cover, in utter frost, FYI.

      I don’t think articulated screen affects build quality.

      • Hunt

        Why not? It has that weak point of a joint that moves. If it falls with the screen out say good buy.

        • Hunt


          • Richard

            Sure, drop it the right way and you might break it but that could be said for the rest of the camera and lens.

            I’d accept small risk of breakage for the benefits of an articulated screen. My perfect Nikon would have an articulated screen.

      • Michael

        Same goes to me. I have a D5100 and it’s pretty well build. It’s been in rain, sand and snow, albeit light.


    i think “Abkundingug” means the termination of contract , something like that, is dosen’t means discontinued.

    • Michel

      Arnie might say terminated, but google translate says discontinued…

    • Dimitrii1130

      “Abkündigung” is hardly used in german (more or less only in this context). but “Ankündigung” is announcement and “Abkündigung” is the opposite.

    • Calibrator

      No, the termination of a contract is “Kündigung” or “Vertragskündigung” (literally: contract termination) but never “Abkündigung”.

      Dimitrii1130 is correct.

      • Ric

        what about “Kaput”?

        • Calibrator

          Actually, “Kaput” and “kaput” don’t exist in German language.

          The correct spelling is “kaputt” and it is a colloquial adjective, describing something that is “broken” or “destroyed” (a clear step beyond something being “defective”).

          “kaputt” is pretty universal:
          “A f*cked up guy” would be “Ein kaputter Typ”, for example.

          However, a colloquialism wouldn’t really be used in a legal context so a “broken contract” in English is the same as a “gebrochener Vertrag” in German (“gebrochen” being the same as “broken”).

          Although, one would usually use the single word “Vertragsbruch” (in German you can chain words directly together, essentially creating a new one) which is a “breach of contract” in English.

  • Emily Barron

    I agree that articulated screens are the way to go, especially with video and LiveView. They allow one to capture shots from odd angles with ease, but all the high-end cameras lack them. I never understood why some photographers look down on them — it seems like snobbery to me. Why can’t Nikon just include an articulated screen with each dSLR? After all, if you don’t like it, you can just leave it in place and pretend it’s fixed!

    • +1

    • Rob

      Even if you never swing it out it’s still a fragile point on the camera. Pretty much any drop is going to break or damage an articulating screen. It’s also another point that’s difficult to weather seal. Even with a rain cover, the back of the camera has to be open somewhat so you can get to the eyepiece, and it increases the odds of water getting inside the camera. I’d much prefer people who need them for video have the option of adding on an additional screen they can position to their liking. I don’t use video and certainly don’t want a feature I’ll never use that negatively affects the durability of the camera.

    • John

      I totally agree, Emily. I’m new to photography and started with a Nikon P7100 last year. I’ve found the tilt screen on this model to be invaluable – to the extent that I won’t be buying any DSLR unless it has a tilt / swivel type screen. It has enabled me to get shots that would have been extremely difficult / awkward with just a fixed screen.

  • enesunkie

    Admin, you seemed pretty confident at the beginning of the year that we would get 3 more DSLRs beside the D4 and D800. What do you feel now? 🙂

    • I have no information to think otherwise. We should get at least one lens. The next camera may be announced the first week of January 2013 for the CES show.

      • VJ

        Interesting comment…. 🙂

  • Merkava


    If a replacement for the the D5100 is coming I personally would prefer more manual controls (2 control dials please, and as many direct access buttons to features like ISO settings etc). A pentaprism viewfinder 100% view and (or even 96% would do). A touch screen like the EOS650d wouldn’t go astray (many people are now familar and comfortable with this type of interface and some probably find it less intimidating than lots of manual controls). I could’nt care less about massive increases in mega pixels (personally I think 20mp is as many as any APS-C size sensor should have). Hell I’d take the current sensor (maybe tweaked somewhat), more direct control buttons / dials, a better pentaprism viewfinder (See Pentax K30) and a touch screen (ala 650d) if they can do it and keep it in the price range of the original 5100. My 2 cents on it anyway.

  • Jason

    It’s early for a replacement, but the D300 came unexpectedly early too.

    In the pro line-up, buyers know what features they really need and so won’t be bowled over by the highest number – hence the D4 with 16MP rather than 24 or 36 or 42 . . . in the consumer line, however, numbers are everything (and this is the case for the majority of customers, not the immortals who contribute here) so the replacement for the D5100 or D7000 will have to have a 24MP sensor to satisfy the requirements of marketing. I’d guess a 24MP DX replacement for either line (D5x00, D7x00) with more of the same sort of features as differentiate them now.

    With that in mind, a D7x00 would still be tough, weather sealed and have twin memory slots (for a slightly pro image) and a D5x00 would be smaller, lighter and have the articulated screen (for a less pro but more fun image). Higher FPS and better ISO performance (numbers again!) for each. Perhaps the D5100 is being discontinued out of sequence so Nikon can release them in order as a good-better-best progression?

    • Dimitrii1130

      D4 has 16mp… so D7100 will have 16mp. but maybe on sensor phase detection -Nex6 sensor

  • Mike

    Here come the D6000 and D8000 !!!!!!!!! Can’t wait!!

  • Iris Chrome

    Just in time for photoplus.

  • With the D3200 and the D7000, is there a market for the D5100? Nikon have introdused the V1 and where is the need for the D5100? If Nikon should come out with a new camera, there should be rater be a new DX-format in the prosumer market, suck as a D7100 and a D400 to replace the old D7000 and D300s. And what would realy catch my attention would be a digital rangefinder like FujiFilm’s X1 Pro with optical viewfinder, not a digital one as with the V1 series. That also uses DX-format and F-mount, so one don’t have to lug around a new set of lenses that only can be used at the rangefinder.
    But if they should replace the D5100 with a new model, maybe they should release a scaled down D600 for the consumer segment. Then there will be an option for both DX and FX in all segemts as I don’t regard the D600 for a consumer camera.

    But we can only speculate.

    • Toonie

      the world is moving to ff now, I dont think they would need 3 DX lines at this point, d7000 and d300 lines will be merged into a d400/d7100 or w/e its name is.

      • Mike

        The world is not moving to FF.

        M4/3 is catching up with APS-C and APS-C is catching up with FF. Nikon and Canon are just trying to sell what they can with the D600 and 6D before small sensors completely catch up with full frame.

        The next round of DX cameras will be stellar.

    • Michael

      Of course Nikon need D5200. It needs to compete with 650D. It is earning them quite some money, and even if they are not earning any money from it, they’d still have to compete with 650D.

  • SNRatio

    It is a interesting thought that D5100 might be upgraded to something much closer to a D7000 successor. It would make a lot of sense, with the D7000 itself afterwards being upgraded to a true D300 successor. 18-24 months lifetime should be considered normal in D5100’s segment, and ergonomically D5100 isn’t that great an idea.

    But I really hope they will keep the high IQ in the successor, number of MPs isn’t that important to me, as long as it holds up well on higher ISOs.

    And I hope Nikon has realized that this camera will be measured quite a lot on still image AF performance, not only video features..

    Within half a year, I think we will have a complete up to date DSLR lineup from Nikon. But I realize that it may make commercial sense for Nikon to postpone the mythical “D400” until late winter/early spring, and polish its features in the meantime.

    • D400 is going to remain mythical. Theres no point to it. DX is relegated to amateur status since the D800 with its high pixel density came along and does both. It IS your d300 and d700 and does both much better.

      Why make another D800 with the edges missing from its sensor? Thats all a d400 would be… A cheapened, ruined, d800!

      • SNRatio

        Speak for yourself. I do, and I would buy a “D400”, if it is 16-24MP and an improvement over the D300s/D7000 in all respects. Optimized tools can be useful and even necessary. Cropping is seldom an optimal solution, even if it may almost always be usable with the D800.

      • Rob

        So 4 FPS is BETTER than 8FPS now?

        • burgerman

          Because nobody “needs” 8. Buy a movie camera.
          And its actually 5 or 6. Without grip. And if you want that size weight get a D3S, D4 etc.

          At least the 4 frames per sec are all absolutely in focus. The D4s high speed stuff isnt. Or if you set focus priority its no faster anyway…

          Its a minority interest. Get a D4 and some proper lenses…

          • SNRatio

            Sure. Because many of the people asking for a D4 are in fact D3/D4-users. And they are going to stay such, but in many situations a pro or semi-pro DX body can fill in efficiently. A faster frame DX body would also be a very good companion to a D800.

          • Shawn

            Nobody “needs” FX either, but that’s not stopping you. 🙂

      • Shawn

        Must be nice to be made out of money. I’d rather own a D400 and an additional $1200 – $1500 worth of glass than a D800. No disrespect to the D800, I’m sure it’s a fabulous camera, it’s just not even remotely “affordable”.

        P.S. what’s wrong with “amateur” status? I’ve probably seen better images produced by “amateurs” using “amateur” cameras than you’ll ever make in your lifetime. My point is simply that the Amateur vs. Professional debate is a foolish one as there are terrible photographers getting paid for their work and incredible photographers who don’t.

  • xb900

    It seems to me, Nikon is going to keep only 2 APS-C (DX) D’SLR bodies, i.e. D3200 and a new D7xxx as a successor for both D7000 and D300s. If someone is not satisfied with that, has to buy an FX. I agree that there is not much space left for a D5100 successor.

    • Mike

      I don’t think so. I think they’ll come out with a video-oriented D6000 and either a D7000+D9000 or combine both into a D8000.

      I think the next round of DX sensors will really surprise everyone (just like the OM-D did).

  • georg

    If I would be Nikon I would:

    -) Update and replace the 5100 and 7000 to a 7100
    -) Update the D7000 to a D400 with pro features (fast fps, AF etc)
    -> 3 DX and 3 FX DSLRs. this is a little weak in the consumer market, so:
    1) Introduce a DX mirrorless, with 2 small primes and an adapter for F-mount (no motor for D lenses) – build up a DX mirrorless line followed by a FX some years (2?) later.
    2) Introduce a Nikon 1 which act as a replacement for consumer DSLRs. (Yes, this is a overlap but it is needed in the consumer market)
    -) Redesign the Nikon hard- and firmware of DSLRs and mirrorless to:
    x) be the same for alle DSLR and mirrorless (as fas as possible and appropriate)
    x) direct control over all important settings: aperture, shutter speed, exposure compensation, ISO setting, white balance and AF mode.
    x) Introduce the U settings (3 of them) in all DSLR and mirrorless cameras. Make it look pro and not like scene modes (it IS a pro feature, but people think this is a consumer control like a scene mode).
    x) 100% view of composition and focus and diopter control
    x) Cut 50% of the weight of all DSLRs – each new DSLR has to be smaller and lighter than a F3. (Give the mini penis men who want big cameras to compensate their feelings one big battery grip – with additional control, WLAN, GPS, .. – which matches all pro DSLRS.)
    -) Update the pro lenses to match the high resolution for D800(E) and following.
    -) Build a software “fire department” team to reorganize and clean the bugs in the software sector. Like MS did years ago.
    -) Reorganize the puplic relations department. The D800 AF quality issue may happen again, but what must not happen again is how the customer was (and still is) treaten.
    -) Clean up the Coolpix sector and kick out 50-70% of the products.
    -) Introduce 2-3 Coolpix which are fully programmable, has communicating, fast response.
    -) Introduce a small as possible Coolpix with big sensor (Nikon 1?) and 5x zoom lens (eg. 24-120mm f2.0-x.x) and full manual controls including focus. (Yes, again an overlap.)

    Did I mentioned we need DX and FX mirrorless bodies? 🙂

  • Jordan

    I hope Nikon will release a new d5200 with:

    100% viewfinder
    ISO-button on the body (!)
    Larger body
    5 fps
    11 cross type AF points
    Articulated screen

    I.e. D7000 with articulated screen => D5200 🙂

    • Shawn

      Yes would love all cross type AF sensors. Why aren’t I allowed to shoot a head & shoulders portrait with ANY of the outer AF sensors? If you try that, you’ll end up with lots of sharp bangs and fuzzy eyes.

      Canon gets this, believe it or not. The T4i has all cross type sensors. Even if Nikon improves the AF of the D5200 they still won’t get this. They’ll put 9 cross points in the center and keep the outer ones exactly the same. What am I supposed to do with 8 additional cross point sensors in the same spot?

      When you think about it though, the D5x00 wasn’t designed for us (skilled photographers). It’s full of dummy modes and gimmicks. Mine takes great pictures, but in the thick of it, it becomes a challenge when more expensive cameras make things easier.

      Hope to one day afford a D7x00 or D400 though.

  • MegaMo

    Just a thought:

    D5200 = the new D7000
    D7100 = the new D300 = maybe FX from D600 without AF motor and D300 body
    or DX with AF motor and D300 body.

    I dunno.

  • The Red Fez

    Here’s where they get you, Nikon is talking as usual about new products, but here’s what I’m hoping will come to pass; a new D5200 and D7100, then eventually a D400, as a cross between the D300s and the D600. The D300s is pretty long in the tooth and something needs to fill that gap. It’s looking like Nikon is slowly moving from APS-C to FF, but at the same time there is still a DX market, a decent gap from the D7xxx and the D6xx.

  • benno

    I’m the CEO of Nikon and I’m just letting you know that the D600 will soon be discontinued and a new D660 will be introduced.

  • Eh….All i hope is the price not too high and scare us away AGAIN…..

  • Matt
    • dAvE

      They probably got the info from!

  • Fred

    EVIL – part Le Deux.
    getting it right with APS-C.

  • Shawn

    The D600 pricing indicates continuation of DX lineup as is.

    If the D600 had come in at under $2000, then I think we all would have had a really good reason to believe that Nikon had decided to consolidate the lineups. Now that the D600 clocks in at $2100 we can be pretty confident that the existing models and price positions will remain around:

    D3200 w/lens – $700 (can’t really buy in the US without lens)
    D5200 body – $800
    D7100 body – $1300
    D400 body – $1800
    D600 body – $2100

    I’d love to see prices go down for once though.

    • Fargo

      “If the D600 had come in at under $2000, then I think we all would have had a really good reason to believe that Nikon had decided to consolidate the lineups. Now that the D600 clocks in at $2100 we can be pretty confident that the existing models and price positions will remain around”

      So a $101 difference suddenly made you confident? Dubious logic there, I think.

      • Shawn

        I should have clarified. D600 was rumored to be $1500:
        “The price of the D600 is rumored to be very low – maybe as low as $1500” (

        So more like $600 difference.

        • No, it was not – read again my post. I discussed this several times already – pay attention to the words “maybe”, “as low as”.

          • Shawn

            I think I may have posted the wrong link. Either way, I think a lot of folks grabbed onto this number as realistic and drew a lot of conclusions about how Nikon was going to structure their lineup. All pointless speculation, but that number was the justification for suggesting consolidation of lineups.

            We who comment here all seem to generate our own rumors from your rumors.

  • SNRatio

    I think we may well see the “D400” placed at $1500 or at $2000 – depending on what Nikon wants to stuff into it.

    Placing the D3200/D5200/D400 bodies at $600/$900/$1500 (ca 50% price raise per model) might make quite a lot of sense commercially. A large fraction of Nikon’s sales the next few years will be to upgraders or switchers – they must be tempted.

    • Michael

      I’m guessing a D300-D7000 hybrid at $1200.

      • Pablo Ricasso

        I’m guessing there will eventually be two new cameras. But I think we are speculating too much. Is it a good day to shoot in your neighborhood?
        (It’s a wonderful day in the neighborhood…)

  • jim

    I’m surprised by all the enthusiasm for the articulating screen – I suppose it’s a cool toy but I just don’t see much real purpose to it. Maybe that’s because I don’t care about video either.

    Now I’m afraid that at D7000 successor would have this gimmick, pushing up the price and increasing the fragility, so I’m thinking about buying at D7000 now and forget about waiting for the next generation.

    • Allen_Wentz

      I am guessing that you have never used an articulating screen or you would not call it a toy. There are all kinds of low and high pix, stealth pix, self-pix facilitated by the use of articulating LCD. Many ersatz tripod shots are facilitated by the use of articulating LCD.

      Note I never did mention video.

  • Merv

    The way I’m reading some of the comments here, many of them go along the lines of “lets discontinue the D5100 and have a whole bunch of the D7000 features available in the D5200 without the D7000 pricetag”

    • Shawn

      That would be a dream come true. But doesn’t make a lot of sense for Nikon to give away the D7000 for the D5x00 price. It shouldn’t either, tons of people dumped the extra cash in for the D7000 and I’m sure it was worth it (I would have if I could, but I could only afford the D5100).

      • Pablo Ricasso

        But we are discussing Nikon here, and as in the past, that often seems to be the way it works. There will probably be things that improve on both cameras and some that only improve on one coupled with a bit of cost cutting and a revolutionary price. Then people will complain about the cost cutting and say that it’s not a “real” enthusiast camera.

  • DX

    If they release successors to both D5100 and D300s it would be dumb to release the cheaper D5200 after they failed to deliver real entry level fullframe camera. D600 is too expensive, period. Most people haven’t bought (there is less rich people than poor and Nikon obviously priced the camera without any discount to lure the customers into buying FX lenses) and they are waiting for something good for an affordable price. It makes sense to release something like D400 and make more money thanks to stretching their budget for something worth it.
    The other option is that Nikon screws up again like with the overpriced D600.

    • mirrorless?

      yeah and they can still release overpriced d400 so I won’t buy nikon ever again and just keep waiting till I eventually switch to mirrorless system that’s knocking on the door with a hip analogue look-alike camera. that meas also selling my my lens you know…

  • Damon

    The d5100 has not been discontinued. It will be available for a while yet. Don’t expect any new cameras for several months at least.

  • pacman

    For me the problem with the D5100 was that it lacked manual controls like the D7000.
    But the reason why some people, including myself, didn’t buy the D7000 was because the D7000 didn’t have the articulated screen which is useful in some situations.

    For me the perfect D5200 would be 100% viewfinder, 39 AF points, iso-button and of course the articulated screen.

  • poon

    I wood jizz all over dat Bitch if it cumz wif dat 24 mega peniz sensor

  • jizz Monsters

    I will be doing great if it don’t have the left focus issues. I nutted in my d800 and kick it today curb foe dat shit

  • A bit hard 2 believe

    I noticed in the post “Photokina 2012 is now over”

    that there is a big sign hanging advertising the D5100. Need more proof. BTW, I love my D5100.

    • d5100 owner

      why not milk as much money out of it as possible. they are not going to say “don’t buy the d5100 because in 3 months you will have to give us more money for a new body. You should wait or just go to canon”
      exagerated but true

  • RRRoger

    I would like to see the D5100 turn into a D500 FX with a 16MP Sensor.
    Lighter and smaller than the D600
    The Articulating screen is indispensable for Video
    I would also like HD 1080P at 60fps please.

    • fps

      720p @ 120fps would be awesome!

  • Carlos

    The D5100 twin lens kit is getting harder to find down under. JB HiFi NZ web site has been saying it’s on back order for over a month now. They still have the body & single lens available

  • MegaMo

    okay okay I know..
    D400 with 16-18MP FX at $1600
    D7100 with 24MP DX at $1300


  • RRRoger

    A D5100 could have an improved body and feature set.
    I would probably be called a D5200

    A D7000 could have an improved body and feature set.
    It would probably be called a D7100

    A D300 could also have an improved body and feature set.
    It would probably be called a D400

    I really doubt that Nikon would mix these up!

  • Free Frank

    I think the speculations posted here about a discontinuation of the D5100 are simply a result of a misunderstanding. As a German native speaker I can assure you that the word “Abkündigung” does not exist. But I can explain how it came into the post. Basically it is just a typing mistake. It should read “Ankündigung” which simply means announcement. So a lot of fuss about nothing!

  • Anonymous Maximus

    D5100 to be discontinued. Good news, good riddance…

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