Photokina day 2

Interview with Corey Rich:

Interview with Carli Davidson:

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  • Andrew

    The D600 rules the day, or maybe the night!

    • Any Anon

      And soon D400 will !

      • Kon_head

        D400 shall rule, but it is a Unicorn.. powerful and beautiful in people’s mind, but it does not exist!

        So that’s all the announcement from Photokina, no lens? drats!

        • C

          Please pay attention, she is talking about the D4!

      • Dixie

        D400, *whine*, D400 … get D800, you poor bastards!

        • umesh

          Exactly That — POOR bastards.
          That and poor REACH and poor SIZE and poor SPEED.
          BTW I have D800e and still want D400.

          • JB

            Me too!

            • Dixie

              Thank you for letting us know!

    • gt

      I’d trade a D600 for a date with Carli Davidson

      • jabilson007

        Nikon would take that trade and the give you Corey Rich instead! ;p

        • Cliff Richards

          …”I spend a lot of time high, in the mountains, hanging off of Cliff’s…”…?????????

        • De Gustibus

          Non disputandum est. You love tattoos? She might have a few and they come out very well with the D600.

      • Anonymus Maximus 1st

        As she shoots Animals your chnaces are quite good!

      • shakingbird

        …”the stopping, the tracking, the speed of that camera, I’m so impressed that I’m not having to look at blurry photos…”…!!!!!!!!!!!!


        • umesh

          What ??? Remember D600 is an amateur camera. May be all her previous cameras’ auto mode wasn’t good.

  • Jason

    Waiting for d600 price drop or used – it will be an awesome backup for D800

    • Kyle

      Do you anticipate a D600 price drop before Christmas, or do you think it is more likely to come after?

      Personally, I’d like to see Nikon drop the prince on the D600 to $1899 the day the 6D launches. Steal their thunder again!

      (I’d actually like to see it drop evens sooner, so I can afford it before then…)

      • Nikon Shooter

        The price can only go up from here. Only times that Nikon drops prices on their cameras is when they are at the end of their model life. They are especially not dropping it because of the 6d, since that camera is crap compared to the D600 (at least on paper).

        The way they offer you a discount is through a rebate on a new lens. The current rebates are pretty pathetic though compared to what they used to be even a year ago. It used to be $400 off the 70-200 and 14-24, while the 24-70 was $300 off if I remember correctly. There also used to be rebates on 5-10 other lenses that are not included anymore.

        I really like how Nikon is pulling ahead of the competition, but at the same time I hate their new grip on the market and how they don’t have to fight for our dollar anymore.

        Here, take my money Nikon, I love you long time. Muah!

        • Christobella

          Here in the UK, the D800 now sells on Amazon for £2154, nearly £450 cheaper than at launch a few months ago.

          • Christobella

            And that’s only £200 more than the D600 by the way. I think there will have to be an adjustment, and probably before Christmas. Heck, the current UK price is around $3000!

      • Axel

        Or she is just a hipster …

  • nathan

    Carli said she has more “negative” to work with. Funny. She must have worked with film at one point.

    • Spy Black

      Probably just picked up the term from her professor at school. She’s too young to have worked that extensively with film, unless her parents gave her a camera at 5. Cute face.

      • ashwins

        Cute face, but look at that tattoo… OMG…

        “Digital negative”, funny indeed…

        BTW, leaving for Photokina in about 15 minutes 🙂

        • BartyL

          I think maybe she works with Adobe products. Their ‘DNG’ RAW files are called Digital Negatives.

          And I think I’d like to see all that tattoo.

      • jec6613

        My thoughts exactly. She seems to be between 27 and 32 or so, based on some of her technology terms and comfort level with technology you can usually tell when somebody was born, and based on her use of the term, “Negative,” I’d guess towards the lower end, because somebody in their 30’s would have good experience with negatives, even if only from disposable cameras, but somebody in the 27-28 range would have more experience with early digital.

        She’s one of the people who are old enough to remember, even vaguely, the old ways of doing things, but were still young enough when the new digital methods came in to have the time to learn them, are pretty easy to spot. And, like it or not, people in that age bracket are the reason your cameras are too menu driven. We now have purchasing power (whee!) and are gadget hungry, and can decipher just about anything Because we remember how unreliable early digital was, and many of us used DOS and similar, we’re okay being guinnea pigs.

        I’d like to appologize to the rest of you who have to put up with the shoddy hunks of junk all around because we can put up with it. 🙂

        • fjfjjj

          If you went to a serious art school for fine art photo before ~2007, you shot film.

          • Hawkeye

            Amen to that. As someone in the 27-28 range, I can say I barely used digital before my first DSLR in 2008. I shot 110 as a kid and 35mm (SLR) all through high school and college, as well as 120/620 in HS and college and 4×5 in college. Oh yeah, and I went to a liberal arts school, punk ass (jec).

            As a teacher now, I can say that the real digital divide reared its ugly little head only a year or two ago. I started to worry when students said they’d never loaded film, and am totally freaked out that the current ones have never looked through a viewfinder. The thing about the future is that it keeps coming faster and faster.

            • jec6613

              I may have gone to an engineering school, but myself and everybody I know my age went digital around 2003/2004, the people who shot film simply couldn’t afford digital, or had stocks of film already purchased, or were shooting MF/LF. This may have to do with where I am (northeast US) having an absurdly high cost of living though, so a DSLR costs relatively less compared to our other expenses. Even my groceries, rent and electric bill cost more than twice as much as they would in Chicago. And of course, glass is glass, so that cost is fixed.

            • fjfjjj

              @jec6613: We’re talking about the fine art world, not the general population. Major photography schools in the northeast were still focused on film through the late 2000’s.

            • iamlucky13

              The future does keep coming faster and faster, but the fundamentals don’t change.

              The photo is still defined by aperture, shutter speed, sensitivity, framing, focus (and depth thereof), and if you want to go that one extra step – processing, be it chemical or digital.

              All of those things can be taught just as effectively with either film or digital.

              On the other hand, with digital, there’s usually more auto features to distract the student or tempt them away from learning the fundamentals (they can later decide whether to control those things themselves or make educated decisions about letting the engineers 4000 miles way in Japan control them).

              When I took college math classes, our calculators could do a lot of the work for us, just like auto-exposure controls can for photography. Yet we were forbidden from using them in many instances because they became a crutch that kept us from strengthening our skills – I realized the professors were right watching classmates who used them despite the instructions later demonstrate that they hadn’t learned.

              And there’s an expediency factor that makes it easy with digital to fiddle with settings until the photo turns out right, instead of learning how to get it right the first time, which becomes more important with film due to the cost and time involved of making mistakes.

              So from my perspective, I think using film to teach basic photography is a fantastic idea.

              Add in nostalgic value, the perpetual trendiness of being retro, and the frequent desire among students to connect with the past, and I think most dedicated students can be led to appreciate the medium, too.

              They’ll likely be shooting mostly digital in the long run, but there’s plenty of time to learn all the things unique to digital after the fundamentals are nailed down.

    • Axel

      Or she is just a hipster …

  • photdog

    My Photokina impressions:

    For those who might be interested in Samyang: The Info booth I asked at, didn’t know anything about the existence of Samyang on the fair. Also not under the name Rokinon or Walimex!
    Well, I finally found them in hall 9 under the name Walimex. They do have most of the lenses at their booth, but unfortunately not the 24mm tilt-shift. And the sales rep didn’t know much of the technical details over the ones we already know from nikonrumors. However, the suggested retail price is supposed to be considerable below 1000 Euro.

    The Korean company LCC / LC Corporation is offering Aircell Products. Their camera straps are really convenient to wear as the neck-part is cushioned. They are selling the straps at their booth on request for a very attractive price.

    I tried the 135/2.0 from Zeiss. The smoothness in operation (e.g. focusing) is a dream. That’s one of the products that I’d really would see representing the craftsmanship which once building the name “made in Germany”
    I was much afraid, that this lens at 2.0 would be hard to manual focus. I tried it on the D800 and got the green indication light for sharp in the viewfinder every time with the standard screen. On a camera equipped with a split field + micro prism ring it was still easier. However, for action photography it still wouldn’t be the best choice as far as focus (manual only) is concerned. Maybe it’s worthwhile to note, that the lens extends during focusing.
    The imagination to have a 200/2.0 on a DX is really really exiting in my opinion!

    The Fuji X Pro 1 was apparently equipped with the new firmware as the display showed version 2.0 for the body and for the lens as well. I deliberately tried AF with the 60mm lens and the speed still wasn’t what I’d call fast. However the camera hit the focus straight (without hunting). They had a photog reporting about his experience with this camera on a road trip and he was visibly convinced – especially considering the size of his equipment (body plus all the 3 lenses which were available so far). They also showed some large prints from this camera in a really astonishing quality!
    Among the system cameras the X Pro 1 is the largest (to my knowledge) but at the same time one have to say, that it is really good to hold with medium or large hands – especially if you’d have to shoot at the borderline of motion blur.

    The Sony RX1 is tiny compared to the X Pro 1. But it is just displayed behind glass. Thus no impression can be given.

    The Tamron 70-200 isn’t yet available with Nikon mount, but one can try it out on a Canon. However, as it turned out in the past, that particular 3rd party lenses performs different on a Canon than on a Nikon plus it seems that Nikon makes it more difficult for some 3rd party lenses to fully function on a Nikon body the experience transfer from a certain lens from Canon- to Nikon-mount is not always advisable. Tamron’s 24-70 worked smooth and well on a D700. The trade off is the AF speed which certainly cannot keep up with the Nikon 24-70. Out of 10 times switching focus far-near the Tamron was hunting 2 times, though the lighting was good. My personal impression is, that I’d take it over Sigma’s 24-70/2.8 but if one can afford the Nikon 24-70 that is the choice.

    A lady who just finished her training in photography let me know, that in Germany they just have skipped all subjects having to do with analogous photography (which have been mandatory so far) and filled in videography – now being mandatory.

    • Shawn

      Why doesn’t Samyang pick one brand name and stick with it?

      Multiple branding is too expensive at best and looks sleazy/no-name at worst.

  • Onesomeone

    I’m about to buy a D7000 body, as it’s very cheap at the moment. ANY chance that a D7100 will be released shortly, or before new year?

    • jorg

      imho you will not be able to hold a D7100 in your hands before newyears.

    • fjfjjj

      Buy the camera you need today, take pictures tonight.

      • iamlucky13

        This is, of course, sound advice for anyone with a particular need.

        If the previous poster is like myself, someone with less time-pressure than desire to upgrade to the camera that will provide the best long term value, it can be worthwhile to wait.

        I’m actually only waiting to compare. I may still go with the D7000, and I may not even wait.

        I can get a D7000 for $1000 at the current discount. The D7200 will likely be $1200-1300.

        Will it really offer me 20-30% better value? Hard to say. More MP won’t, so I’m neutral on that point. An extra stop of useable ISO might. An extra stop of usable ISO plus the better low-light capabilities of the D600’s autofocus module probably would.

    • Andrew

      The rumor is that Nikon will release one more DSLR this year. It may possibly be the D7000 considering the recent price drop. My guess is that we will know within a month what the next DSLR camera will be.

  • Matt

    Although the D600 is a dream camera, where the heck are the other products from Nikon? Photokina is only once every two years, and last time Nikon announced a whole bunch of new lenses. What gives?

  • Edward

    Very disapointed on Nikon, first of all they have the D800 and then they release a D600 wich is totaly overpriced for us normal customers, The Prs dont want D600, and the semi pros rather buy D800, whats left for us normal entusiasts, D7000 thats almost 3 years old,

    Ben waiting myself for either an D400 with a noral price tag or an D7100 or wtelse they will call the upgrade, but now Im forced to buy a D7000 with 2-3 year old technology even oif its a great camera its a shame they cant introduce a new camera for us customers at Photokina, Nikon will loose big on this because people cant afford the D600, very disapointed on Nikon, thinking of going on the Canon 7D instead….or Canon 650D

    • Calibrator

      The D7000 isn’t “almost 3 years old” – it’s pretty much exactly two years on the market (in October).

      You are thinking to get a 7D instead? Sorry, but this camera is even older than the D7000: It came on the market around November 2009!
      You blame the D7000 for being old but would switch to a camera that is a full year older and in a slightly higher, more expensive class (D300s)?

      What exactly are you missing on the D7000, by the way? Too few pixels for you? Still too expensive – what do you think will be the price of the D7000-successor?

      And what do you think will be the price of the D400 if Nikon brings it someday?

      You know what? You should first set your priorities straight before you bark at someone’s door.

    • Graham Stewart

      I fly cattle class like most other folks, business i can not afford.But once in my life i purchased business (a D3s) I went without other toys but i own my Rolla, suck it up don’t complain and maybe your D6s will come your way.

    • Graham Stewart

      This is like football your teem doesn’t make you happy so you talk about jumping ship.
      Good go, go to the red side and never come back,wine and carry on we don’t need your shallow types on Nikon web sites. Also sell your gear cheap on E bay so people with class may replace you.

    • Jonathan

      I agree in part with what Edward stated. The price point puts the D600 in a peculiar place. Because of its feature set, most pros will likely stay away from it. Because of its price point most amateurs will also. The D400 is really a better way for Nikon to have gone, though I am starting to doubt they will make it.

      However after having used both the 7D and the D300, I would most certainly not go in the direction of the 7D. It is a great camera, but the D300 seems to do most thing a bit better and it is far more customizable.

      If you are not willing to wait, look at the used departments of B&H, Adorama, and KEH. I bought my D300 for $700 and it was practically brand new. (<5000 shutter actuations). If you look long enough you can get some fantastic deals.

  • Edward

    First of all I meant 2-3 yeards old, second Im not some pro that knows every fukkin info about the cams,

    Im just disapointed there habvent been an upgrade yet, 2 years is a long time,

    About the 7D, I think It has been updated, Im npt sure maybe your right about that also, but I can maybe bark outside you wifes door as she will probelly let me In—

    • Axel

      No, 2 years is not a long time.

      You don’t answer any of the asked questions …

      What will this new camera enable you to do that your current one doesn’t ? Will it organize new photoshoot for you ? Book models for fashion shoot for you? Stop time so that you can get a nice pic of this animal ? Up your creativity ? Help you better choose your spot for crowd photos ?

    • CanonUser

      your comment reflects your character!

    • umesh

      You waited for two years? Get in line bro. We have waited for D300s replacement for much longer. I had waited for D 400 for 5 long years. Using D200 10 MP waiting for something more than 16MP and good built. Recently bought 800e in desperation. You think Nikon listens to our pleas ? It brings out what it wants and when it wants. We can just hope it is good ( It most always is) and falls in our price band ( It rarely is) . Another name for Nikon is ” waiting for your dream camera”.

  • Edward

    More interested in the video functions, photo functions are enough. Really want a camera that have atleast 30fps in full hd, D7000 has 24 fps correct me if Im wrong,

    I want up to 60 fps, like the d600 has now in 720p,

    Thats the only drawback for me,

    • Christobella

      How about not being able to change aperture while recording video? That’s an absolute stinker, I only hope they can fix it via a firmware update.

      • Christobella

        Re above, forgot to add that this is the case for G lenses only of course.

  • Any Anon

    Carli Davidson has beautiful eyes & smiles, she’s very sweet 😉

  • Hubert

    The D600 is probably a very good camera especially for travelling with the already online mentioned shortcomings (e.g. no Af-on-button ….). But in practical sense I have some problems with the DxO markings . On the one side” looking at real pictures”the Canon bodies are much better than you would expect following DxO, and the High ISO-Performance of a D800E, which I use, is not on the level of a D4, so for me the ISO-Performance of the D600 is probably a bit better than of the D800, which ist pretty good but not on the level of a D4 or a Can 5D Mark III.

    • Do you have some examples you can show us?

    • B.DeKid

      DxO allways rates Nikon High Class / State of Art, that fact is known for Years now.

      That s a reason for me not to trust them 100%

      Anyway even if i m a Canon User since 20 years I like and respect the Tools ( for me cams are Tools) Nikon provide us with.

      D600 looks great on paper , just let us wait until we see some Real Life Footage and than compare it with the 6D or even Sony A99.


      Also that price Tag discussions latley – my 5 Cent – Fuel is also getting expensive , just think about that fact 😉

      Greets from Germany to all

    • Jonathan

      I also had a problem with DxO’s ratings. Looking at the image files, the D800 doesn’t come close in low light to the D4 or D3s. I am always rather annoyed when websites and magazines, always say the most expensive or the highest resolution camera is the best one. The only way to really compare these cameras is to do it yourself. Of course, that is hard to do without having them…

      • burgerman

        Well I have (had) D800, 800e and D4 here at once. In same sized output, noise at all ISOs is absolutely the same. Detail from D4 in large prints is less. D4 went on ebay.

        So DX0 were absolutely correct.

  • Edward

    YESSSSS Nikon releasing D400 and D7100 on Friday!!! 24 mp, fps 7, 1080p 30 fps, 720p 60 fps Price 1500 usd.

    D7100 20 MP, 7 FPS, Wireless and Gps built in, Shipping November, Price around 1700 usd.

    • marven

      The D400 would be cheaper than the D7100
      Are you crazy?
      What are your sources?
      And you talk about how Friday ?

      • ashwins

        Hey Marven, Ed boy is just dreaming…

  • Bruce

    Any information at Photokina about the upcoming Nikkor 800mm f/5.6 lens?

    • No, I have not seen a single report on that lens. It was supposed to be on display at the show.

  • BryanL

    I too was very surprised by DXO ratings..I have a D800,D7000,and nothing compares to my freind’s D3S in low light..12 mp is always gonna have less noise to but there is something magical about that D3s..It evens looks cleaner than a D4 and of course the d700 sensor(d3) was no slouch more 12mp..but can u believe that D3s is at bottom now?? Maybe that’s why so many people holding on to there D3s and D700’s…

  • burgerman

    >>> 12 mp is always gonna have less noise

    Absolutely wrong.

    Noise is a function of sensor AREA and output SIZE.
    I have a D700 (sold) and a D800e and the D800 murders the D700 on noise.

  • Dweeb

    Well I got exactly NOTHING out of that first video. Why post it? BTW had a look at the D600 today. Looks OK but you’re still giving away over two thousand dollars.

  • Arrogant Barsteward

    Carli, I’ll be a fool for you !

  • Bernard

    Anything said about the Nikon 1 system and a possible V2 ?

  • Marc

    Nikon if you’re listening PLEASE put out a D300s (DX) replacement soon. I prefer to shoot DX and need a robust body with Ext PC Sync. I Love the D300/D300S and can only imagine with the advancement in technology what a D300/300s replacment would be (D400?). So if your listneing … Lets get one out there !

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