Nikon D600 gets second best DxOMark score after the D800/E

DxOMark tested the Nikon D600 and gave it an overall score of 94:

"Nikon’s recently released consumer-oriented full-frame sensor DSLR, the D600, has just gone through DxOMark’s image quality evaluation tests. And the verdict is in: with a DxOMark Overall Score of 94, the D600 is an affordable camera that places a high premium on image quality, as it ranks just behind the top performing Nikon D800 and Nikon D800E. It is also a significant improvement over the high-end professional flagship DSLRs, the Nikon D3X and the Nikon D4."

The list of the top 10 rated cameras currently looks like this:

Few other interesting comparisons - Nikon D600 vs. D800 vs. D700 DxOMark performance:

Nikon D600 vs. Canon 5D Mark III vs. Nikon D4 DxOMark performance comparison:

Nikon D600 vs. Nikon D3200 vs. D7000 DxOMark performance comparison:

Nikon D600 vs. D3s vs. D3x DxOMark performance comparison:

Of course haters gonna hate...

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  • Booyah

    This is great news! Now we will get even better quality images of poorly composed crap by nerds thinking that owning a D800 or D600 makes them a pro photographer. This camera isn’t doing anything different then hundreds before it, you just have to know what you are doing.

  • mrt

    I have to laugh at the recent moaners of the price of D600…Seriously..

    Approaching (or better than) D3x performance at a 1/4 the price…

    • Pablo Ricasso

      Some people will complain about anything.
      But, you all know… This really IS the camera you wanted when you bought that D200 for about the same money when it came out so many years ago.

      You know it is. ADMIT IT you spoiled whiny know it alls.

      • luka3rd

        Nope… it is D800. I admit this. Oh, but D600 will do it, for the price…

  • bossa

    #11 Pentax K-5
    #12 Nikon D3200
    and… ..unlucky for some..
    #13 Canon 5DMkII

    .. did anyone say Bingo?

    • bossa

      Oops! A typo… I meant to type “Canon 5D MkIII”

      • The player


  • RC

    I just received my D600 from Amazon, and I’ve come back to say “I TOLD YOU SO!” regarding the AF system in the D600. It is blazing fast. Must faster than the 51-point system in the D300. The shutter release lag is also shorter, making it feel much more responsive as well. Face it folks, this camera’s got nothing wrong with it!

    • Alex

      This camera has the same problem as D7000 (the same shutter mech!) – lubricant at the top left corner. So, while this camera has awesome electronics, the body is a cheap crap.

  • Adam Ansel

    All this proves is what any serious photographer has known for years – that Canon’s are crap. And they have always been crap. When they were building the junk AE-1 back in the mid-70s, Nikon had the metal bodied and tough-as-nails FM and FE.

    When Canon was making the plastic fantastic EOS Elan, Nikon had the robust N90, with a VASTLY SUPERIOR metering and flash system. And Nikon’s flash and metering systems are STILL vastly superior than Canon’s. If you shoot Canon you might as well be living the “dark” ages. That Jurassic system is also crap.

    The D600 merely proves that Canon’s sensors are crap, their processors are crap, and their philosophy towards photography is crap. Crap, crap, crap!

    Nikon forever!

  • I am glad nikon has come through with a very high quality full frame camera with plenty of megapixels, that a person as myself can afford, this is $400.00 more than my beloved D-300’s. which for the money,$1600.00, was a teriffic camera.-Eric

  • check out the samples here of the d600 vs the D800 vs Mark III

  • Alex

    I agree, canon is crap. Except the toy cameras, they have a lot of crap features on them, for the crap customers :))

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