Nikon D600 now shipping

The Nikon D600 is currently shipping in many countries around the world. The camera seems to be very weel stocked and I don't think there will be any delays when filling existing pre-orders.

Additional D600 coverage

Nikon D600 vs. D700 ISO comparison:

There are two tests: first is with NR OFF and second is with NR ON NORMAL settings. Photos are JPG straight from the camera with WB PRESET MANUAL and picture control set to SD standard. Same settings and lens were used on both cameras.

New Nikon D600 hands-on video:

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  • Patrick

    I like how small that body looks in the hands! Too bad I can’t afford it 🙁

    • Pablo Ricasso

      Oh, but you will. Or something very much like it. Notice how you can pick up a D200 for around 300 now? Patience.

  • polymer

    D600 seems to perform better than D700 at high iso. This would be a killer machine and a move that will certain trigger all makers to start to produce more affordable FF machines. The next step is probably trying to make top FF standard lens more affordable too, F2.8 24-70mm lens costs well over $2000 range.
    As expected, it seems most brands begin to shift focus of FF and let the smaller mirror or mirror-less take takes the apsc market.

    • The budget FF glass comes in the form of Tamron, Sigma, and Tokina. My Tamron 28-75 f/2.8 was only $420 brand new and its sharpness and performance is very impressive considering the cost.

      Definitely agree that the new mirrorless systems will overtake the APSC market though. The Olympus OM-D will give any APSC DSLR today a run for its money. Sort of the same way smart phone camera’s have pretty much rendered the common point&shoot obsolete.

      • Mike

        A run for its money?? An OM-D is twice the price of a D3200, D5100 or D90 currently… and all of these cameras wipe the floor with the OM-D IQ-wise, and have better lens options.

        Sure, it is hyped on the internet, but when a consumer is presented with the choice between a $1400 OM-D with kit lens, or a $500 DSLR with kit lens with larger sensor, better high ISO, better metering, better dynamic range… most people still go with the $500 DSLR. Very few people are looking to pay the premium for a $2000+ full frame camera, or a $1000+ basic M43. I think th APS-C position is stronger and more future-proof than most people claim on the Internet. It is the 35mm film of digital photography. It is what 99% of the cameras out there use (not counting P&S).

        M43 is fantastic if you are looking for a compact size, way more sensible than NEX or EOS M… But it comes at a price and by no means does it give APS-C cameras ‘a run for their money’.

        • It doesn’t sound like you have used an OM-D. The OMD with a 45mm 1.8 prime (great lens for shade over £200) is a lovely combination to use. Under most situations I cannot tell the difference between my D3 files and OMD – in many cases the OMD files just edge it. And it’s a great fun camera to use – much easier to carry around than a small SLR. I can see much of the enthusiast market going the way of mirrorless. Anyway it’s great to have the choice. I’ll agree with you on the comparative lack of lenses for M43 – but there are some good ones out there with more on the way.

          • Albert

            Steve, you need a reality check mate. Go Back and review your own images and consider that you might not be right in your approach to taking photos.

            Being mild at the worst ——–

            • Michael

              I suspect OM-D to have great image quality as it uses Sony’s sensor. But one thing though, M43 is overpriced. For the same depth of field and low light performance, conventional DSLRs are much better in terms of price.

      • rhlpetrus

        “Definitely agree that the new mirrorless systems will overtake the APSC market though. The Olympus OM-D will give any APSC DSLR today a run for its money. Sort of the same way smart phone camera’s have pretty much rendered the common point&shoot obsolete.”

        Well, not yet, and market says it as well. Check Amazon bestselling lists and you’ll see that OMD is not selling anywhere close to the D600 and a lot of other dslrs. GF3 and GH3 are doing much better, but overall, ML is not close to dlsrs at all in overall sales. And, if you think about it, smaller systems are more in danger of being superseded by iphones and other similar smartphones. An FF dslrs, smaller and at relatively good price is a quite differentiated product. In a few years the entry-level dslrs will be gone, true, but not just yet.

        • Fishguy

          Just to let you know – Amazon uses some unknown algorithm in calculating their “best sellers”. I’ve written five books for them and have found it useless to use the sales ranking to see how they are selling. It is some weird combination of total number of copies sold and the rate the items is selling THAT WEEK. So – a new item that sells a lot in a week will bump ahead of the sales rank of a product that has been on the market for a long spell. However, the total number of units sold is also taken into account – thus the listing pretty high up, of the D300s, D90, etc….


      • twoomy

        To all you M43 and OM-D poo-poo’ers, consider this… IQ *IS* comparable to Nikon’s DX format and mirrorless systems are already eating away at sales. While you may argue that the image circle is smaller, worse ISO, less DoF, blah blah blah, in the end, those facts are primarily for measurebators as any good photographer can take an M43 camera and take some stunning photos with it. And if you’re hiking, it’s a hell of a lot smaller and lighter, so you’re more likely to have your camera with you when it matters.

        One reason why Nikon may be pushing “affordable” FX right now is to keep its market. (Doesn’t the D600 feel like the D7000 AND D300s replacement?)

        • boing wronkwell

          “consider this… IQ *IS* comparable to Nikon’s DX format and mirrorless systems are already eating away at sales.”

          m4/3 IQ is comparable to D3000 (maybe even D3100) but no more up the IQ ladder for THIS generation of sensors and processors. Three or so years time and it may well have displaced everything under about current D5100 image quality.

          So yes, there is a slow and growing sales trend towards them from the bottom end up. If the latest glass for them pushes the IQ up then they might eat further into the “small size device” market.

          Not today…

          Not displacing at the D7000 and up level …

          Not even on the radar for those who have to produce stunning shots every time, all the time, not “some stunning photos” as you say – which implies hobbyist (nothing wrong with that, just that the current devices are nowhere near the level needed for those of us that do this for a living).

        • Pablo Ricasso

          4/3 is 4/3
          full frame is full frame
          medium format is medium format.

          • PHB

            Take a look at the D800 FX specs against the 40 mp phase one, completely crushes the camera costing $20 k.

            Making a camera bigger does not make it better. Making a lens bigger means you can collect more light. The medium format cameras are going to be overtaken

    • shadowfoto

      what? 24-70 AF-S costs about $1900 at adorama and b&h

      and there’s Tamron & SIGMA for those who can’t afford buying nikkors.

    • Any Anon

      “The next step is probably trying to make top FF standard lens more affordable too”

      They did: Nikkor 24-85mm VR !

      I tried, it was very sharp even on a D800. Only real downside was strong pincushion distortion on the long end.

    • Pablo Ricasso

      Any 50 1.8 is GREAT.
      The 28 – 70 f3.5-4.5 is a decent lens for under 100 used.
      The 35 – 70 f2.8 is a prime killer for a mere few hundred bucks used. It has almost no distortion.
      Tomorrow they will be much harder to find…

      • ashwins

        Also the 28-105 f/3.5-4.4 AF D (Macro). It is one of the most underrated Nikon zooms and very low distortion. Sells on ebay for around $200.

        • ashwins

          typo, should be f/3.5-4.5

  • Nice, can’t wait for B&H to get back from holiday

    • Rudi

      each time I’m in NYC they are closed! But luckily there are some more shops in NYC 😉

  • Oh! ya, the high iso for d600 seem to be pretty awesome.
    they should somehow move the extended iso to match up canon 6d on paper.

    I am sure nikon is gonna blow away canon

  • Rich in TX

    Photo shows d700.. Caption is misleading.

    Of course the d600 would perform better than the 4 year old d700. If it didn’t, that would be a major fail by Nikon.

    • preston

      That’s the point – 1 shot is D700 and the other is D600. It’s a comparison.

      • D4ve

        Funny how you missed his point…

        • wade


    • booyah

      Funny, they both look like shite at 25,600.

      • hayoob

        Yup but it would still make your shite look better 😀

  • J

    go to your local best buy… Picked mine up last night, (9/17/12).
    They had 5 in stock..

  • O.

    Honestly, the D700 samples look cleaner to me, much less color noise. Everybody who wants to buy a D600 should save the money and get a D700 or a D3 for less money. You just lose half-baked video mode, unnecessary high resolution and maybe half a stop of dynamic range, but you get the deal of the century.

    • wublili

      Well maybe you honestly check out this quick made animation. D600 blows away D700. Not only it has less noise in overal but it is also far beyond D700 when it comes to resolution.

      (I only resized the D600 photo to match the D700 photo)

      • nobody

        Very impressive! Thanks for sharing!

      • ashwins

        But honestly, who’s really using ISO25600 photos?

        • Andrew

          I for one. I would rather shoot at ISO 25600 than use flash and mess up the ambiance or mood. Also, high ISO performance is great for shooting videos.

          • Strober

            High ISO performance is very important indeed for low available light, high shutter speeds when required or video, but that statement is ridiculous. Are you sure you know how to operate and use speedlights? Lame excuse.

            • Andrew

              To each his own.

            • UncleDusty

              Hi Andrew,
              When I took my first photography class the professor swore by natural light and reflectors for the same reasons you mentioned above. It is very easy to accept this as gospel as, well, it’s much easier. Learning to use artificial light to create a certain look in a photo is difficult.
              There are times when it is dark and we can’t use a strobe, therefore HI ISO is important. A skilled photographer and his speedlights can create just about ANY ambiance or mood with respect to light. Sure there are times when we want to make a photo look grainy; but for the most part, we want less ISO noise; therefore, lower ISO settings.
              Having the ability to be able to create a photo with little to no ISO noise in a dark situation is better than not having that ability.

            • There are times when using a strobe will really upset the predator you are photographing. I’d rather not when that predator outweighs be my 5:1.

              The good stuff comes out at night, and the best hope of that is at dusk and dawn. Clean higher ISO is a godsend. Not everything happens in a studio or wedding ballroom.

            • UncleDusty

              Not using flash because an animal is going to kill you is one thing; thinking that it messes up ambiance and mood is another.

        • maybe not many. but is great to know that you can get good results if you need!

        • Olli

          Not many I guess, but it’s clear that when 25600 iso is that good it means that the more useful ones are even better. And I personally would have loved to have a usable ISO 6400 many times. Too bad I can just barely live with my D80 at ISO 1600

      • Andrew

        Quite impressive. The admin should show this D600 to D700 comparison. It blew me away. I was not expecting such a big difference in high ISO performance. The more we learn about the D600, the more there is to like. Nikon needs to release the D600s (or D710) and add the missing pro features (we all know what they are), charge an additional $500 and get pros to love this camera.

        • komalkumar

          That will be done after 2 or 3 yrs with no additional cost 🙂

        • UncleDusty

          Metal body, weather proofing, AF-ON button, 51-point AF (that works) and non-jank release mode dial. A true D700 successor for $500 more? Yes, please.
          I’ll pass on the $3000 game of roulette for an extra 12 MP.

      • Awesome

      • Tom

        lool, you resize D700 to D600 image? you are idiot!
        look at 100% crop both cameras, then compare, D700 less noise

        • Casey

          At 12MP the d600 is sharper. The shadows look worse on the 600, but that can be fixed in LR. The D700 is a better/more durable body, but unless you’re printing every super low light picture at 2x the size that you do with your d700 (assuming you have one), is gonna look better.

      • Allen W.

        Nice comparison, thanks!

      • jodjac

        Nice job, that really helps. Thanks!

    • Davide

      Look at “CT 36 100/21°” on the right… Perfectly readable on the D600 and really hard to interpret on the D700.

      That’s pretty impressive difference. Would love to see the same shot by the D800.

      • Tom

        Now read “CT 36 100/21°” on the right… moron

        • Davide

          Great, you know how to resize images and upload them to the internet… Your kindergarten teacher will be proud!

          No matter how small a photo is, the amount of detail is still visible. Those are 100% crops, idiot

      • Davide

        Then I guess you’d like a single-pixel DSLR… No noise at ISO 1,000,000 and whatever detail is lacking, well that’s too small to read, right? But noise is really damn great

    • rhlpetrus

      D700 (as D3 but not D4) has a very aggressive in-camera chroma NR (whihc is imported also by CNX2). Once you use a neutral converter, you’ll be able to see a better comparison. IMExp, if this sensor is anywhere close to D800’s (and some preliminary measurements of DR shows that is the case), it’ll beat the D700’s by one stop at 6400, at same sizes.

    • You might want to have your eyes examined. There is a full stop difference between the d600 and d700 before resizing (resizing the d600 shot to match the d700’s 12 megapixels will yield you another 2/3). Colour noise on the d700 is atrocious compared to the d600.

    • boing wronkwell

      We use D4 at work and it blows just about everything else away…

      Oh, it’s also three times the price?

      Pays your money, takes your choice.

    • Reilly Diefenbach

      Isn’t it amazing how people can delude themselves into thinking their old camera is better than the four years newer one?

  • tnt

    $1500 for a used d700 and $2100 for brand new d600 = no brainer really! later is a much better choice!

    • Olli

      It’s really starting to look like it. Wouldn’t have thought when I heard the initial price point.

  • AmalZ

    Why are e getting Canon adds on Nikon Rumors website?

    Back to the original post. On the night of the announcement, I said I’d fold at $2000. I got my D600 this morning 10am (PST) at BestBuy 🙂 My Bestbuy silver status helped with the $100 above the self-inflicted limit.

    I was a lot more frustrated when we got the D800. Tonight I am happy. Thank you Nikon Production management for not repeating the D800 fiasco.

    Just had a little fun with it and it looks like I am liking what I saw. I’ll take the D600 on a test drive tomorrow and over the week-end.

    • Cathy

      What D800 fiasco?

      • AmalZ

        Cathy, seriously?

        How would you qualify the launch of D800? Tons of eager customers desperately trying to get theirs hands on a D800 from early Feb to May. I call that a fiasco. Lots of frustration.

        • Cathy

          Sorry, have not been following…

          The price difference between D800 (2529€) and D600 (2095€) is less than 500€ today in Finland.

        • Henry

          I wouldnt call that a fiasco – I would call it a HUGE success, imagine having such a demand for a product in this price class. And they seems that learned a lesson and have started delivering D600’s in about a week after the annoncement, just another success.

    • That means you recently Googled “Canon” or something related.

  • CanonUser

    I WANT!!!

  • They already have the D600 in stock here in Las Vegas. I’ll still get the D800E I think.

  • Glen78

    My Slovene is a bit rusty, but looks like they like it! I picked up my D600 from my local Camera shop this morning and am really impressed. The autofocus is amazing but then again I am coming from a D3100. Exposure metering seems to be spot on.

  • Anonymous

    I guess that’ll teach me to preorder from Amazon, thinking that they’d have one of the only sufficient inventories. Mine’s on a show truck from Kentucky.

  • rdpi

    we are now gathering from all over the world to celebrate you and your awesomeness.
    Thanks for being first, thanks for improving our life.

  • Silbern

    Took a look at Photokina yesterday with my 1.4/24

    – no left focus issue found, perfect!
    – nice handling even for D700 user
    – did not like the viewfinder as being much smaller view than in D700

    – they had a D800 + 1.4/24 combo NOT showing left IDE issue!!!
    – attached my 1.4/24 to an other D800 on display: standard big issue still
    => it can be sorted out
    => it’s still not standard

    Sigh, will have to keep on searching for perfect sample of D800…

    • Alberto

      “- did not like the viewfinder as being much smaller view than in D700”

      explain this, please

      • krr

        … don’t THINK there … sry

      • Silbern

        When you look through the vie finder you see a virtual image of the scene.

        Usually this view is larger on FF than on APS-C, from what I heard. Definitly it was one of the biggest gains going D700 from D80 for me back then.

        Now looking through the finder of D600 I found this scene to be much smaller (APS-C-sized actually) than it is on my D700 that I had at hand in parallel.

        No clue if that’s by design or only to people wearing glasses, though.

        checked specs:

        D90: 0.94x Approx. at 19.5mm eyepoint: Looks very small to me
        D700: 0,72x approx at 18mm eyepoint: Looks big to me
        D800: 0.70x Approx. at 20.6mm eyepoint
        D600: 0.70x Approx. at 20.6mm eyepoint: Looks small to me
        D4: 0.70x Approx. at 18mm eyepoint: Looks huge to me

        I have no clue how these specs relate to the viewfinder experience, but this is what I found for my own impression. Definitly D700 to D600 which I switched on the eye within seconds yesterday.

        Anybody with an understanding of this, geometrically, optically?

        • Basic Optics

          Nope, viewfinder image is a real image (on the focusing screen) not virtual.

        • grecner

          It is strange that you see the D600 smaller than the D700, as they should be approximately the same.
          Maybe the secret lies in the eyepoint figures, where D600 has 2,6mm more eye relief.
          Have you tried looking from a 2,6mm longer distance on the D600 ?
          That should be the point where the finder has the 0,7x magnification.
          If you get closer, the magnification should decrease.

          Just a thought, no idea if this is it, and no idea if it is good or bad. 🙂

          • Silbern

            Sorry, just got my impression and was done with it. I tried to get closer with the eye, but the glasses pretty much define my view distance. Now I just tried to make sense out of it.

            From collecting those specs abviously D800 should look exactly the same, so there’s no pro or con to it in that duell.

            Could it be related to facal length of the lens? As I see the focus screen I would think not, right?

    • gsum

      “Sigh, will have to keep on searching for perfect sample of D800…”

      Bought my D800 in June. It does not have the ‘focus’ problem. Just buy a recent D800 and be amazed.

      • Silbern

        Lucky you, thanks for sharing.

        Bought a D800 in local shop: issue, off via ebay as heading 800E
        800E from online: issue, Nikon service, (with lenses!) still issue, back

        since then checked
        3 D800’s in german shops and did not take any (all with issue)
        2 D800’s from friends: all with issue
        Photokina yesterday:
        1 D800 with my lens copy: issue
        1 presented D800 with 1.4/24: perfect!
        1 D600 with my lens: perfect!

        My D700 with lens: perfect!

        Just my experience. And I’m not a very picky shooter, but I can not convince me to spend 8grands on a camera that gives severe blur (>10 pixels) with my everyday lens the way I use it…

        • Gary

          So when you were at Photokina and encountered the issue with their D800 and your lens, I presume you mentioned this to the Nikon folk.

          What did they say?

          Ditto, when you found the problem in the German shops, what did they say?

          • Silbern

            At Photokina they first commented that what I test (one shot phaseAF, one contrastAF from same setup onto some text, compare) is not the real thing anyway. So they knew why but took the “don’t be silly”-approach. OK with me, they need to get over their days.

            I could not care less, I would not have started testing if my cams did not show inacceptable performance in the beginning which was obvious. And, no, it’s not a three-times-the-resolution thing, it’s >15 pixels blur, seen in any resolution.

            At shops sales people where uninterested on purpose, so my impression. They looked what I did but asked no questions why, just accepted my “thank you, no sample for me”. Did ask for a second sample at two occasions but they refused to have all their stock preused by me. Understandeable. They would need to ship back to Nikon if they knew there is some issue. So they prefer not to know.

            Finally the assistant at photokina told me in private that he has a D800 and worked the perfect settings for his own, based on side and distance. Not an option for me, it’s perfect on D700 (and a D3 I had for rent once) so I won’t go for a new camera less capable.

            A friend had her D800 sent to some inside senior Nikon service guy in france. I will attach my lens to that one soon and see what happens.

            • Rudi

              You never mentioned which lens you use but if it’s a Nikkor I think it should go to Nikon to be adjusted. It might be fine on your D700 but on D800 it’s a different thing. I had the same between D700 and D4. On D700 OK, on D4 slightliy blurred. Reason: my 70-200 AND my D700 where both adjusted in different ways. After adjusting D700 AND 70-200 it was now tack sharp on my D700 and also on my D4 (I brought it also to NikService).

              At least I can say that I was always highly satisfied with Nikon Service Germany.

            • Silbern

              @rudi: yes, did exactly that as agreed with supplier:

              sent all D800E and my lenses (issue was with 1.4/24Nikkor and 1.4/85 Nikkor most pronounced) to Nikon central service. Report said both where re-calibrated.

              There was improvement, but far from perfect still. So I returned it to supplier. They said >75% of the 800E where returned by customers on the issue. Much less with D800, but still quite some percentage.

              D600 at Photokina worked perfectly with the 1.4/24, so I ordered me a D600 now.

              On my D700 the lens delivered before and after service perfectly, so no major effect there.

  • John Richardson

    I am … at a loss for words on your outstandingly epic firstness.
    Will you double my fries please?

  • Peter Zak

    got d600 already :
    here’s a simple test i did D700 vs D600 (big png files)

  • wade


  • Sim

    Sorry I am a bit confused.
    Is it Nikon D600 vs. D800 or D600 vs D700 ISO comparison?

    • krr

      D700 … objects are smaller in the 100% crop because it has less pixels …

  • Anonymous

    Price for Czech Republic – D600 body only 2660$….grrr

    • grecner

      2100,- USD plus 20% Czech VAT equals 2520,- USD.
      In Slovakia it sells for 1999,- EUR, which includes 20% VAT and equals 2610,- USD as per today (USD/EUR = 1,3, which is really down).
      But the exchange rate is changing so quickly that you can not really compare EUR and USD prices. If the USD goes up to 1,25 again, it will perfectly fit.

  • yousuck too

    what a great contribution to this!

    • Michel

      Wow, you are such a classy guy. And btw forget it, no way

  • Christobella

    ISO performance looks near identical to me with NR off. With NR on, the D600 looks terrible at higher ISOs. Best leave it off I’d say, and sort in post. I was hoping for better, but it’s still pretty good.

    Does anyone here reckon that the baffling inability to change aperture while shooting video could be fixed by a firmware update?

  • BdV

    Slightly better. Kind of like a D700 add.

  • High ISO noise comparison doesn’t make sense. The D600 image is a tighter crop. It should be the other way around because it has more pixels.

    • Ron

      Assuming the D600 is shot using the same focal length/framing as the D700, then the subject should be larger if cropped at 100%, no? More pixels means larger final print at 100% resolution, i.e. subject will be larger in the crops.

  • rhlpetrus

    Better comparison, v D800, RAWs, nornmalized, show D600 = D800, so better than D700 (all same sizes):

    Also, DR measurements, same as D800 for ISOs done so far:

    Conclusion, this sensor is just same tech as D800’s, just less resolution (still plenty, IMO).

  • JS

    The D600 image looks good for a consumer camera.

    When are we getting the D400?

  • Michael S

    Could you please delete these offensive comments?

    Thanks for ALL the hard work you do. It is NOT your fault people have to act like children. I don’t want my children reading these comments as that is NOT how we “should” talk.



    • Michel

      I second that. Admin usually deletes all these juvenile first comments that do not add to the discussion and offensive, threatening, abusive or derogatory attack should also be deleted

      • LesM

        I couldn’t agree more!

        I could never understand people who think it clever to write that sort of stuff on toilet walls. Likewise these idiots.

        They clearly have problems and are in need of psychological help, but can’t someone clean up their public mess so that this website retains some credibility?

        • Pablo Ricasso

          This display of pent up sexual emotion explains why so many of the whiny trolls who throw mud on Nikon cameras sound just like Pewee Herman did in his role in Cheech and Chong’s Next Movie.

      • already deleted most of them – I had too much to cover in the past few days and did not have enough time for moderation

        • neversnk

          Thanks Admin…..

  • mo

    D600 has more chroma noise at the same high ISOs than the D700. I doubt downsampling would remove chroma noise.

  • Jay

    Arggh..yet another improperly attached strap on that D600. That’s it, I’m switching to Cinch..

  • Chris Zeller

    Awesome. This guy is cool. The best review I have heard yet. Does he do any other products?

  • Grant

    The Agfa Film looks orange in the D600 shot, and surprisingly looks a proper shade of red in the D700.

    One of my few issues with the D700 is the reds aren’t as vibrant as my old 5D’s. The D600 looks like it might be even worse in that regard – based on a single crop from a single picture, however, so who the f$%^ knows.

  • Agoracritus

    I pre-ordered the D600 about 30 minutes after the announcement late Wednesday night (technically Thurs morn) through B&H (thanks to the nikonrumors link). This morning B&H just listed the D600 as “In Stock”. However, my order status online said “Backordered” so I called B&H customer service for an explanation. I was informed that my camera will ship tomorrow since I selected free shipping. After I got off the phone with B&H, my status changed to “In stock, order sent to warehouse”.

    • LeadWrist

      Ordered through BH Photo as well, selected free shipping as well. I have a tracking number as of this morning, yay!

      As for all you nay sayers, BH Photo is yet to let me down. Thumbs up BH.

  • Land

    Wow, this whole post started out on the wrong foot.

  • Banana

    Have you guys checked the hands-on-field test of the d600? here’s the link:
    I don’t know whether it is repost or not, but it’s a nice review of this new ff.

  • Torben

    Bought a D800 today, was a whole whopping €132 more than the D600 here in denmark, weird pricing Nikon have here.

  • desmo

    Just unboxed my D600
    Waiting for battery to charge— tekes longer than boiling water in a watched pot!!

  • ashwins

    Hey [NR] ADMIN,

    Could you please clean this thread a bit? There’s just too many pubertal comments here.

    Even by removing comments including words “moron”, “idiot” and “suck” would make this thread much more decent. Thanks.

  • Anders

    Slight price drop in Germany,
    It is now available for 1959.- in a lot of places

  • With the DxO test results now available, I think that we can conclude that the D600 is great at low light ISO – second only to the D4.
    Unfortunate it is a bit too ama for its price point…

  • Correct. Second only to the D3S

  • For some funny reason, these testosterone laden comments seam to replicate like rabbit sperm. Glad I won’t have to deal with it…
    Good luck, NR Admin!

  • Joby

    Just got to touch a D600 at the Best Buy in the Buckhead Atlanta Store (thanks Steve). You have to know they have them, because it was not on display. I now know there is at least one there if you want it now.

    It feels very different than the D800, especially the grip. Is it worth buying it to try, to compare to D800 side by side? I am really interested in low light, both action and still. Has anyone done a head to head real life comparison?

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