Photokina day 1

Just a quick update with few images and videos of the Nikon booth from the first day of Photokina:

There were several presentations at the Nikon booth. The first was the keynote delivered by Adobe evangelist Jason Levine.

The other presentation, which drew an enormous crowd was delivered by Sandro Miller, accompanied by Tony Ardent. Mr. Miller is the photographer and film maker who produced the short film "Joy Ride", which launched the Nikon D800.

Images credit: Alaa Esmaiel

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  • AM

    So basically nothing new at Photokina from Nikon.

    • Yet. *fingers crossed*


      • Nikon Videocam

        I hope with Adobe coming there etc. they announce a Hybrid camera that is geared strongly towards videography. With peaking, zebras, waveform monitors, XLR inputs, built in ND filters, phase detect AF in video, built in shoulder mount etc.

        Not gonna happen I guess, but I can dream.

        • You forgot RAW DNG.

        • ATM

          You are talking about a videocamera?

  • B

    Where is the Samyang 24mm f/3.5 Tilt-Shift that was supposed to be announced 9/18? Is it coming tonight or a later date?

  • When do you think Nikon will discontinue the D7000? I’m currently saving up for a new one and don’t plan on buying used. Hopefully not anytime soon.

    Thanks in advance guys

      • Mark V

        That seemed to be a mistake between D700 and D7000.

        As of right now, the D7000 has not been discontinued. That being said, according to the way Nikon usually refreshes those cameras it would be considered “about due”. I think some folks were speculating either late this year or February of next year for the next DX camera, unless they come out with a shocker at photokina.

        Amazon in the USA currently has the camera (body only) at 996.00 on sale, the lowest price it has ever been new (that I am aware of) plus it comes with a few extras like a 16gb memory card and bag, and it is eligible for lens rebates as well. Not a bad deal for a good camera.

        • Simone

          And not just any old class 4 16gb card but a SanDisk 16 GB SDHC Extreme Pro class 10 UHS-I. A $40 card for free. Pretty good deal indeed.

          Excuse my post below this one as it was meant for this spot. So here it is again.

    • The d7000 has the least pressure for an update. You don’t see d7000 owners clamoring for an update (Nikon hit gold with that camera, just like they did with its predecessor, the d90). They might refresh it before the d5100 or d300, but it would be a mistake. Quite frankly, I don’t expect much from its successor. DR is fantastic (still in the top 5 of APS-C cameras), 16 megapixels are pretty good, everything is right with that camera.

      I own one, and much of the work you see on my website was done with the d7000. I’m buying the d800 for more serious architecture/interiour/landscape work, but I think I’ll keep the d7k for at least 2-3 more years. This is the a camera that you can’t go wrong with, even if they launch a d7200 tomorrow.

      • Simone

        And not just any old class 4 16gb card but a SanDisk 16 GB SDHC Extreme Pro class 10 UHS-I. A $40 card for free. Pretty good deal indead. But you have to choose between either a SDHC card or the bag at B&H.

        • Simone

          Opps wrong spot. please excuse my mistake.

  • Rebel

    about D600 I’ve found this in-depth review (use google translate)

  • steve

    I love that last guys muttun chops… really funny. hard to take him seriously when he is talking

    • Foolishcfo

      He looks like a cartoon character. I guess Adobe doesn’t pay enough to allow him to buy a razor (or mirror!)

  • porkchop

    How about a speedlight that can take aa batteries or one EN-EL15 lion!

    • karl

      4x Eneloop XX 2500 mAh: $17.37
      EN-EL15: $62.98

      does that answer your question ?

      Hint: never, it’s ridiculous.

  • Lars S


  • Tom

    What about the Nikkor 20mm 1.8 FX lens? I was hoping to see the announcement on the Photokina :/

    • Michael

      This. A million times.

      Really any new FX glass is what I’m dying to hear about, but more news about that 18/20mm 1.8 is all I need. I’ve had money set aside just for this lens for months, if I don’t hear more soon I’m pulling the trigger on the 20mm 2.8D which is decent, but 1.8 would be incredibly useful.

      • Tom

        I really hope for the 20mm 1.8 announcement. There always is the Sigma 20mm 1.8 but after i have bought the 70-200 2.8 from Sigma I don’t want to have any more Sigma lenses.

        • Dr Motmot

          Has anyone got anything good to say about Sigma lenses, or is the general consensus that the quality control is poor and that something is likely to go wrong shortly after buying it?

          • I had a 10-20 once and it’s been quite nice. Not very sharp at f/4 but a bit stopped down not bad. A Tokina 11-16/2.8 was sharper, but the Sigma had less problems with flares.
            The Nikon 14-24 is prone to flares too, but that’s normal given the shape of its front element.

            • Dr Motmot

              OK, so the 10-20mm is generally accepted to be a good lens, and I’ve heard the 150mm macro is also supposed to quite good (albeit with build quality issues). Are there any other Sigma lenses that are to be recommended?

          • anon

            I had the 120-300 os for about a week.. I actually really liked it. I thought it felt steady to use and i noticed LESS camera shake using it rather than the 70-300 vr nikon even know the 70-300 is much lighter. I shot sharp pictures at 1/30 sec at 300mm. The reason it was returned is because my wife has small hands couldn’t get easily turn the zoom ring and when hand-held. zoom and focus rings are stiffer than others. I had absolutely no issue with image or construction quality at all. It in fact felt much better built than any of the nikon lenses i have… Will the sigma hold up against a nikkor 300mm 2.8.. no, probably not, but it’s 1/2 the price and it’s a zoom. I don’t think anyone should expect it to match the nikkor, but i believe it does provide a very very good alternative. Being that the new one has a metal hood and focus limiter. it may be worth looking into again… that is if they still keep it around 3200-3300. One thing i wish they would do is make them match the same operation of the mount brand. Zoom was opposite nikon’s.. didn’t like that so much.

            Unfortunately i think there are lots of snobs out there that really slam sigma. They may have more issues than other companies.. however.. a lot of these comments around the net tend to make consumers think that every single lens that comes out of sigma’s factory will have a problem.. that’s just not the case. 120-300 os for nikon on b&h has 18 reviews with a 4.5/5 rating. that’s pretty good. I think people need to give them more of a chance before passing judgment. Probably this new Sigma-Global site is a way to try to break that low-quality image they have. If they close some of the QC gaps, it might work.

            • Dr Motmot

              Thanks Anon, so thats another good Sigma lens to be recommended. Sigma seems to have quite a few of these long zooms (120-400mm f4.5-5.6) (150-500mm f5-6.3) (50-500mm f4.5-6.3) Are any of these any good? (not including the Bigma and 70-300mm lenses).

  • Shaun

    Was there anything about the Samyang tilt-shift lens?

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