Nikon D600 manual now online

The Nikon D600 manual is now available for download at Nikon Europe support website.

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  • Now I just need the camera to go with the manual!

  • Adam Price

    Just noticed Jessops in UK have dropped their price to £1895 and Amazon UK is currently at £1600 so the price is already falling!!

  • james

    Amazon now 1613. I wonder if its misprice

  • TR

    To be fair, £1600 would be about the right price — in relation to the £2150 street price of the the D800 that is. So I would suspect that in the long run that would be where the price would eventually head (unless the D800 goes up massively in price of course). Whether it will stay on that price at I don’t know though. They have in the past often made special deals shortly after cameras where released.

  • timon

    In dxomark the charts to get clicks in screen mode (100% magnified, pixel to pixel), then you can see all the key tested data that in d600 gotten slightly better, like SNR18, TR, DR, Color depth. In screen mode of the dxomark charts, the SNR18 in d600 is 40.6dB/ISO79, TR 8.9bits, DR 13.44EV, very excellent!

    I did not care for what is “overall score”.

    1/8000s max vs. 1/4000s max. For amateur who must get a shutter 1/8000s in camera? In 1996, I had bought SLR camera is shutter 1/8000s max. However, in fact years I have never used speed higher than 1/2000s.

    The d600 flash sync, “X=1/200 s; synchronizes with shutter at 1/250 s or slower (flash range drops at speeds between 1/200 and 1/250 s)”, if you are with a fill-flash mode in outdoors, then the sync 1/250s is actually usable.

    A real difference, D800 is an alloyed mirror box and the alloy base is the body-mount backside. The d600 mirror box is plastics, and the body mount fixed on the plastic base. In Eos5d/5d2/5d3 or Pentax K5/K5II there is also a plastic mirror box, same cases. For an alloyed mirror box in cameras have only Nikon d1-d4/d300/d700/d800 and Canon eos 1d series.

    The real key things do not relate with a polycarbonate shell, that is not a problem. The famed Nikon F4s was a polycarbonate top. A high tenacity of polycarbonate shell is very perdurable, which is not inferior plastics.
    Conversely, an alloyed shell but the inside is a plastic mirror box, it is disadvantage, it merely gained a higher price sales. To cheat eyes of customers. This trick was creating by a forthgoer Canon at 1990s, later Pentax imitated Canon trick, and MZ-S launched at 2001, ( Z1p was Ptentax’s a last top model kept an alloyed mirror box), but the period Nikon F100 was still continuing an alloyed mirror box.
    I am willing to accept the polycarbonate shell, but the mirror box must be alloyed, die-casting and cutting alloys.
    Unlike to a outside shell, the inner mirror box must be better rigidity and anti-deformation, and it should also be favoring to control the mirror upward flipped a slap oscillation could get a better damping, an alloyed would be better. And, the body mount can be fixed on an alloyed base, which is also safer.
    Regrettably, most of people merely noticed the outside shell is with alloy.

    The d600 is favoring with high level amateurs. The d800 more pays attention to professional cameramen.

    • Isis

      I believe every word you say, but I’m not sure I follow… 😉

      • Andrew

        The D600 body is constructed from magnesium alloy and polycarbonate (an extremely durable plastic that has a high impact-resistance property). Polycarbonate is also scratch-resistant and has a high glass transition temperature of 147 °C (i.e. 297 °F). Water boils at 100 °C (but can reach much higher temperatures) and on a very sunny and hot day, a temperature of 100 °F is more than most people can bear. So the polycarbonate body of the D600 can withstand three times the temperature your body can tolerate in a hot sunny day. Likewise, a polycarbonate body can swim in boiling water (up to 147 °C) without being transformed into a sea of plastic. One benefit of polycarbonate’s structural rigidity is in the manufacturing of bullet-proof glass. So with polycarbonate’s durable, high impact-resistant property, who needs a metal shield for protection? In conclusion, polycarbonate is no ordinary plastic!

        • timon

          People ought to notice the Nikon d1-d4/d300/d700/d800 and Canon eos 1d series, they taken an alloyed mirror box, not plastic.

          why is the d4/d800 holding an alloyed mirror box? Could a plastic mirror box be as better as one? a heavy lens mounted at a plastic base with screws connected into plastic, Could it be a better one?

          The d600 is a half alloyed body, well then, that being the case, why is the alloyed material built a shell for d600, but is not a mirror box? Why the polycarbonate is not a shell in the d600?

          an alloyed shell but the inside is a plastic mirror box, which merely gained a higher price selling. To cheat eyes of customers. This trick as an original inventor does not relate to Nikon, but now Nikon also learned a follower.

          about the costs:
          an alloyed mirror box + a polycarbonate shell = the same costs = an alloyed shell + a plastic mirror box.

          which one is better?

          • timon

            In a polycarbonate shell, for EMC and EMI here is not a problem, the now Nikon fully has ability to process it.

            You can look in a disassembled Nikon d5100 that the plastic shell coated with thick copper-layer internal side, that is the correct way to process EMC and EMI in a plastic shell. The internal side copper-layer is large area (large-size) grounded connection (body).

            watch the image left side,

            watch the top cover internal side,

          • timon

            1. a flipping mirror upward movement can bring up a slap damping oscillation.
            for the mechanical kinetic energy will be transformed to the heat, in an alloyed mirror box the heat could faster be exhausted.

            2. Also, an alloyed mirror box has holding a mass density in higher, a same accelerated energy will get less swing, which compared to a plastic mirror box.

            3. an alloyed mirror box will better shield the external electric field interference at front of the image sensor. The image sensor is an analog element semiconductor working for small signal system, and is not a digital element, which is easily affected by EMI (electromagnetic interference).

            • LeadWrist

              Seriously, the way you guys are going on n on sounds like there is a bunch of baffoons working at Nikon. My god how did they ever produce a DSLR with all those monkeys not understanding anything about kinetic engery and inertia. I wonder if they accounted for the earths roration and the gravitation pull of the Moon and Sun and Jupiter.

          • timon

            no fell down, no collision.
            It merely placed in a camera bag, a heavy Nikon 200mm/f2.8 zoom mounted, and then gets home in this city the time less than one hour. When he held body-grip and taking out the camera from the bag, but awful thing gets showing out. The lens abruptly fell away from the body, a swoop to kiss floor board, the body mount is broken. A plastic mirror box is within Nikon d70 body. (lastly it gotten the free fix up in Nikon service. However, Could you be willing like the case?)
            To watch here

            broken Nikon d100 mount (a plastic mirror bos)

            broken Nikon d80 mount (a plastic mirror box)

            broken Nikon d7000 mount (a plastic mirror box)
            When my cat knocked my Nikon D7000 attached to my 300mm f2.8 Nikkor lens off my desk, I quietly accepted the facts as I didn’t quite know them yet. But when I learned from my Nikon repair guy — who has yet to repair any of my Nikons, but he’s always given great advice — that only the camera was damaged, I was greatly relieved.
            To watch here

            I also knew other several instances, thereinto a Nikon d300 fell off from desk and is meeting with floor board. A mounted 17-55f2.8 its lens mount is broken away from itself, but the crashed lens the mount still be tightly mounted on the d300 body mount, there is an alloyed mirror box at Nikon d300.
            To watch here

            The d7000 is now a price less than 1000 USD, maybe the d7000 buyers fewer bought and using a heavy lens.
            However, the d600 is now at lowest price $2100 in US market, and the more d600 body buyers would likely buy and use a heavy lens.

            The d600 is a higher pricing than d300,
            why the d600 is no alloyed mirror box?

            I hope a future d610 will have an alloyed mirror box.

    • Land

      Yeah, I never understood why Nikon fixes a metal mount to plastic. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link and that link is plastic. Timon is right that the half metal shell is about selling cameras. The main place that needs metal in a camera is the mirror box and the mount and where it screws into. That’s where a camera needs to be the strongest and yet on the non-pro cameras that’s where it’s the weakest. Just have to be extra careful with heavy lenses.

      • flarp

        The idea that the polycarb shell is weak is BS. Polycarb keeps its shape better than metal, it doesn’t dent, it bounces back. What exactly are you doing with your camera that requires a full magnesium shell? Maybe if you’re a PJ and the camera takes a bullet for you.

        • Land

          Yes, a PJ.

          The fact that the plastic flexes is good for bangs and dents but long time use of that plastic flexing around the mount will eventually take its toll. I prefer metal that is more rigid and does not flex but just strong enough to take an impact and not crack like plastics. It’s just more durable.

          • Arkasai

            We’ve been putting plastics into firearms for decades (at least the 1950’s) I know the M-16 has plastic parts and the Glock is almost entirely plastic. If implemented correctly plastics can be some of the strongest materials known to man – good enough for NASA.

            I don’t imagine you’d be interested in this body if you’re a photo journalist you’re already using a recent pro camera. So why are you trippin? lol

            • Land

              I don’t think I’ve ever said the word ‘trippin’ but I agree with what you’re saying. :O)

            • Rainer

              typical error. An urban Legend since Die Hard 2. A Clock ist mostly Steel in a Plastic body. Around 60 % of the gun is metal.


        • EastOfGratiot

          Not sure what any of this has to do with the original topic (D600 manual now relesed) BUT seriously, if I thought that I was going to be so rough on my camera that I might break the mirror box or lens mount I’d be using a more cost-effective disposable camera like a D5100 or a rugged relic like a D200. I’ve had dozens of Nikon bodies (film/digital, pro/amature) and have never broken or cracked any of them. Both metal and polycarbonate have their advantags and disadvantages. I think these dabates are mostly subjective. The D600 was optimized for its price point and intended use. It and the D7000 are at the midpoint of the lineup and have midpoint construction and cost. Seems perfectly sensible.

    • Slv


    • Mate Juric

      Did you just type that in another language then used Google translator to translate into English?

      Either way, it’s a real mission to read. Sorry 🙁

  • Gosh this is so nice.

    I want to be a woman and wear a hat with a veil covering my eyes.

    • Albert

      Have you been hanging around market places in turkey and smoking funny stuff out of water pipes again?

    • BartyL

      You go girl!

  • tnt

    buffer depth is very impressive!

    • Moskvich Joe

      depth ?

  • Anonymous

    I’m used to Nikon camera with P/A/S/M controls. What does AUTO do, and how does it compare to ‘P’? The manual really doesn’t describe AUTO very well.

  • Nikon Shooter

    A D600 manual is available online?

    Wow. This changes everything.

    • This is very important for the people who are still thinking about buying this camera.

      • IrisChrome

        Exactly! Thanks Admin : )

      • SDiggity

        +1! Thanks NR!

  • Henry Jouse

    I LOVE THIS CAMERA….I am really impressed with it….Great Job Nikon!

    • Me

      Good job loving something that can’t love you back.

      • Nikon Shooter

        Project your marital problems much?

        • twoomy


  • EnPassant

    Thanks! Got it!
    Noticed also the manual already is translated to other languages as well.
    Just exchange the country code in the address, en for de and one will get the german “Benutzerhandbuch” instead and so on for other languages. Or just visit the Nikon page for the country, language you prefer and find the manuals on the support page.

  • Jabs

    Some details about the D600 as compared to the AF module of the D7000: (from dpreview interviewing the Nikon European Rep)

    The AF system is taken from the D7000 – have you made any changes?

    Yes it’s the same module, but there have been refinements, especially in terms of the sensitivity. With this camera you can focus at a combined aperture of F8, which isn’t possible with the D7000.
    Is that because the AF array occupies a smaller area of the image circle in the D600? So there’s no light drop-off towards the edges than there might be in the D7000?

    No, it’s really the internal technology itself, which has been changed. This is something new that has been developed for the D600. Thirty three out of thirty nine focus points can offer AF down to F8. This is incredibly good for an enthusiast camera.

  • desmo

    I took the D600 out for a shoot yesterday afternoon love the camera, image quality is outstanding, color depth, dynamic range , hi iso low noise(6400 iso). However when loading images into Nikon transfer the RAW files were only 1632 x 1080.The jpeg s were 24mp as expected. I shot raw +fine Large. Today going thru all the settings I can’t seem to get uncompressed raw or any raw file bigger than 1632 x 1080 anyone else experience this or know what I am missing.

    • Chimphappyhour

      Unfortunately, contrary to Nikon USA and what a lot of sites have posted, there is no uncompressed NEF.

    • Tom

      If I understand what you’re saying this seems like an serious limitation. The raw files are less than 2 megapixels (if I’m doing my math right)?

      • Tom

        I just looked at the manual. It says NEF images are the same size (resolution) as Large jpegs, which is full res.

        Also in the manual: yes, NEFs are compressed but it says that the lossless option for NEF compression is reversible, so it sounds like it’s a bit like zipping and unzipping a file. I imagine the provided software can undo the compression.

    • blubbeli

      That size sounds just about right for the JPEG preview that is embedded in the NEF file.

      Are you sure you are using Nikon’s program to display the file? Because at the moment, AFAIK, this is the only one that can read the D600 NEF files.

    • blubbeli

      btw, NEF compression only refers to a tonal compression. Basically only using 12 bits or so, but keeping the 14 bits up in the shadows. Therefore, highlights may have less detail, but impossible to notice without a computer program that analyzes the data.

      No size compression currently possible for RAW in any camera out there AFAIK.

  • LeadWrist

    Manual also mentions HDR when I search through it. Awesome!

  • FDF

    Great, just downloading it to my smartphone so I can access it out there in the open. No need to carry that 300+ page paper manual around anymore.

  • Amazon finally shipped mine today and it’s all the way in Indianapolis, Indiana.

    • Anonymous

      I keep hearing the UPS truck going up and down my block. I have to keep reminding myself that delivery is not scheduled for today 🙁

  • desmo

    I am using ViewNX2 it says its the latest copy, the jpeg is at approx 17% to fit my computer screen and the same NEF file is approx 64% to fit screen. If I select 1.0 (100% crop) when i switch between jpeg and NEF of same image the NEF shrinks.
    I believe this confirms the 1632 x 1080 size.


  • desmo

    The NEF raw file sizes are between 27 and 31 megapixels if this helps. i am wondering if this is my camera or ViewNx2 ‘s raw converter

  • John

    My D600 arrived from Amazon this morning via UPS. First thing I did was check to see if there was a green tint to the rear LCD. There is not. Contrary to Nikon USA and the specs published by several retailers, there is no tiff file. Just NEF and various degrees of jpeg. The Auto Focus is so quiet I had to watch the lens to determine if it was working. Picture quality is just drop dead gorgeous. I’m very pleased. IMO, Nikon hit a home run with this camera.

  • Landscape Photo

    I’ve checked from the manual whether D600 allows center (ok) button for review customization like D200, D300 & D700 did, but D7000 did NOT.

    Unfortunately D600 lacks the ability to show the 100% view by one simple click. This is one real show stopper (at least for me). Yes you can do it by clicking several times to + button, but it’s a problem. The eye gets accustomed to judging critical image sharpness by looking at a certain magnification. 100% is the best, while %50 may give an idea. %200 is pixelated & useless. If I’m not wrong, each time you must press + button 5 times and then – buttton 5 times to come back where you’ve started, same number always for best results, avoiding any arbitrary magnification.

    Nikon seems to have adopted D7000’s software like its physical look, and this feature is no exception. This may be a non-issue to some photographers, but may become a reason to opt for a D800 instead.

  • MB

    I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to try the D600 for a couple of days.
    First impressions … it is an improved D7000 with a full frame sensor as we all suspected I presume and that is actually a good thing.
    How well does it compare to D7000? This is how I see it:
    What I like?
    Size, it is incredibly small for a full frame DSLR, only slightly larger than D7000 and a bit different in shape but it actually sits better in my hands, somehow it is a better fit at least for me, and improved rubber surface helps too.
    Image quality is fantastic though I didn’t realize that after the first shot. It was low light and the picture seemed good but nothing special, but then I realized that Auto ISO was on and it was at 4000! After some testing I must say that low light performance is great, about 4 times better than D7000 and on the same level as more expensive Nikon full frame cameras.
    Nikon finally added a way to switch Auto ISO on and off without menu by using a front dial. Also Auto ISO now use lens length as a parameter for minimum shutter speed though it seems it does not account for VR and I would really like if the front dial was enabled to set the minimum shutter speed by hand.
    D7000 AF sensor is very much improved in sensitivity. In low light it is very responsive and very accurate.
    Mode dial now has a lock that prevents accidental turning.
    Added movie button is actually useful this time because you could take a still picture by pressing the shutter button while in movie mode; on the other hand that negates the need for a separate live view modes in my opinion.
    You can save and restore your camera settings from SD card that may be useful in some situations.
    Memory cards door now has kind of clicking action to open so it is a bit less likely to open by accident.
    Video supports full HD 1080p at 25 fps and that is important for people in Europe.
    Full frame viewfinder is as good as it gets nowadays.
    What I don’t like?
    Buttons and dials are more on a consumer level and not much better (if any) than D7000, new multi selector is similar to D800 but is kind of clunky and not precise enough.
    AF is an improved D7000 one but it is the same size as before and too small for a full frame, also it is as stupid as before and it too often chooses a random point to focus on and that is really annoying so you will be better off by setting it by hand.
    Movie mode AF is nowhere near the one in Panasonic cameras, full time AF does not work at all.
    We now have separate Retouch button in preview mode but center multi selector OK button has the same function and it cannot be reassigned to instant zoom and that is one thing I really hate about D7000.
    Nikon allows only 3 shots EV bracketing for consumer level cameras, why is it so hard to enable at least 5 bits me, it is after all a firmware feature as is the assignment of OK button.
    LCD is negligibly larger but is the same thing as the one used on D3 years ago, it is good but not on the same level as Canon or Samsung for example.
    The bottom line it is good, very good as D7000 upgrade or as the lighter and smaller second body for someone who has D800, but it seems a bit overpriced in Europe right now so I will pass for now.

    • Thanks, MB. Nice details in that brief write up.

    • Andrew

      I will pass on this review!

      • Mock Kenwell

        You feel a little unloved today Andy…? Come to daddy…

        • Andrew

          Yeah I know, it is OK to be bruised from time to time. But you know, so long as we do not allow it to change who we are. We have to love (the unlovable – i.e. people) unconditionally! And in the case of the D600, I am gradually starting to love it though I was mighty disappointed with a few feature choices.

      • Andrew

        Can’t you disagree without becoming disagreeable old man? You have just disgraced yourself by your insults, though I doubt you understand what the word (disgrace) means. I am not deterred by your allusion to most people though I am certain you will find like minded souls. At least I now know what lurks behind the “Pablo Ricasso” name!

    • Pablo Ricasso

      Pretty much my thoughts MB, cheers.

  • jas

    I have found the D600 body for 1881 euros today. Its the lowest price i could find in Slovakia. Ordered mine immediately.

  • desmo

    hit the drive button and it will return to 100% on the pic your looking at.

    I have the D600 sitting next to me D300s they are very close in size and weight,
    i would ‘ve thought the D300s to be larger

    • Landscape Photo

      Could you elaborate, does it toggle from normal screen size to 100% pixel view just by hitting the drive button, or just returning back?

      All I understand is that Nikon artificially crippled the ok button functionality, saving for pro models.

    • MB

      I didn’t have a D300 to compare the size with but D600 felt smaller and it is definitely much lower than D700 or D800. On the other hand small size comes with a price because full frame lenses are big enough to block AF-assist Illuminator so it is useless, but D600 is not too small as some people that obviously didn’t try it state, it is very handy size in my opinion.

      On the other hand it seems to me that some people misunderstood me.
      I actually think that D600 is great camera, it is the best (and only) consumer grade full frame camera on the market and (after a glimpse at Canon 6d announcement) it seems it will be stay the best for a year to come.
      The things I criticized are actually small things that could be easily improved and I somehow expected them all to be improved, well maybe all except video AF performance. So Panasonic GH2 does have better video AF that it is sometimes useful but D600 has immensely better image quality and from what I saw is perfectly capable of producing broadcasting quality HD video and for video you should use manual focus anyways.
      As for LCD screen it was really a break thru at the time and way ahead of what Canon had, but today the screen used on 5D3 is better and so is Samsung Amoled so Nikon should do something about that.
      Nikon would not be a company it is today if they didn’t work on improving their products and I am Nikon user for over 30 years so I come to expect them to get better and better every time and maybe I do expect too much sometimes, on the other hand I don’t think that closing eyes and repeating mantra “Nikon is the best, hate all the rest” is good thing to do and that will make taking pictures very difficult.
      So the bottom line is that I do like D600 with all shortcomings it has but at the time of writing the announced price in Europe was very close to 3000$ (without taxes) and I was expecting something around 2000$, I could live with up to 2300$ but this is just too much for a consumer grade camera and is too close to D800 (10% price difference) that it does not make sense for me. I see today that prices had been revised so I may just reconsider my passing by.

    • MB

      A thing about OK button.
      You are missing the point here, center button on better cameras (but not on D90 or D7000 or D600) can be customized to zoom in and out and that is extremely useful for checking picture and on D600 it just doubles retouch button and I never use camera for image editing so it is useless and annoying for me.

  • desmo

    On earlier post on file size I meant 27 to 31 MB not mpixels .
    the problem may be in viewnx2 when i ask it to convert the raw file i get message unable due to new NEF/NRW file that cannot be edited by viewnx2

  • CanonUser

    I WANT!!!

    • Andrew


      OK, you make my day!

  • Arrogant Barsteward

    The ergonomics of D600 is sadly behind its IQ. It’s too small for most FX lenses and some of its functions are disabled on purpose.

    I wish the same sensor on D800 body with D800 software, but still around D600 price.

    • LeadWrist

      While we at it. I wish I can have a d4 software and sensors and features and buttons but in the D3200 price.


  • desmo

    Landscape I missed your point my answer was to return from using the magnify tool. I looked on the d600 menu, the OK button is not programmable as per your concern

  • desmo

    The problem with the RAW NEF files was not D600 but it appears they were corrupted by nikon transfer2, my copy of viewnx wasup to date, but apparrantly transfer2 was not. I shot more test images today. When I inseted the card in pc transfer 2 went online for update these files transfered correctly and are recognized by viewnx2 and display correctly as 24mp raw files.

    So if you just got your D600 and shoot RAW not only check for updates on viewnx 2 but transfer 2 as well.

  • Morg

    Exposure bracketing 2 to 3 frames in steps of 1/3, 1/2, 2/3, 1, 2 or 3 EV

    My D200 gets up to 9 shots.I like HDR I would like the choice of 5-9 shots?

  • I’m vary happy that Nikon and Canon (I’m talking about EOS 6D) finally produces that cheap full-frame cameras! Looks like big sensors getting cheaper?

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