This is the Nikon Coolpix P7700 advanced compact camera – the replacement of the P7100

The Nikon Coolpix P7700 advanced compact camera will be the replacement of the P7100. I am still not sure if the P770 will have the same 1" sensor from the Nikon 1 camera. The official announcement should be on or around August 22nd, 2012.

As some of you already noticed, the P7700 does no longer have an optical viewfinder.

Update: On the picture of the front of the camera, you can read the zoom range 6.0 - 42.8mm, this indicates that the sensor size is the same as the P7100.

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  • Joe

    Hey, I’m looking forward to upgrading from P300.

    • Public Service

      Posting here to stop D800 AF trolls using the first post to get attention.

      You’re welcome.

      • Ben

        why did they drop the viewfinder ?

        will they sell this with the nikon one mount.?

        • Zograf

          +1. Indeed, too bad the optical VF is gone. And I was hoping they’ll keep the same articulated screen as in P7100 -:(

        • ras

          i don’t mind that they dropped the optical viewfinder, though i do wish they had eschewed the popup flash and function dial in favor of an EVF and function ring or Q button & menu. they could have fit it in if they raised the top deck a little so it’s flush with the hotshoe and dials.

        • MJr

          ‘caus it’s a useless dark hole and money better put in useful things.

      • CHD

        Hey PublicService…….Styx did a song in the 80’s called ‘Too much time on my hands’. Ring a bell??

        • Public Service

          Is this a case of pot calling the kettle… ?

      • Martin

        Self-made militia?
        Relax, this is not a right post to discuss D800 af system.

        • Public Service

          The clown from the EISA awards thread is back.

          • Martin

            Mistake. I’m not back. I’m still here, like faulty af in a thousands of d800s.

            • Public Service

              ‘course you are, you clown

            • Ronnie Welsh

              Go and rot away in a corner somewhere, together with your AF issue.

            • Martin

              @Public Service
              Militia always have the best knowledge about who is who. Even if it is far from reality.

              @Ronnie Welsh
              Maybe the best place, as service an producer can’t help. Returning is also questionable.

            • Ric

              D R I N K !

      • Ric

        Drink! even if you had good intentions.

      • Mock Kenwell

        The most important thing in a serious compact is how inconspicuously it fits in your pocket. Once that is accomplished, how good an IQ and user experience can you deliver? This thing looks too bulky. But 20omm at f4 is very interesting. If this has a large sensor, small depth, great usability and great IQ, I am definitely interested. It better stack up well against the RX100.

        If you can’t shade an LCD in sunlight, I can’t help you. Get a DSLR. The OVFs in all digital compacts BLOW hard because they’re so tiny and inaccurate, and I would rather reduce bulk and costs and compose on the LCD.

    • Dumbed Down

      It would have been nice to see some of the new new stuff on the D4 and D800 replicated in the Coolpix line.

      Like the Left AF Issue feature.

      BTW what is that?

      • umesh

        At last they are here . These bloody cockroaches are in every thread. If you actually have the af issue you would go to Nikon with it and not irritate fellow photographers. This behaviour proves that you are in actuality a troll and you don’t use nikon. Maybe you don’t use a camera at all.

      • Ric


  • OMR

    Advance compact camera without viewfinder?


    • Indeed. I was thinking of getting this as a replacement for the aging P7000. Not any more.

      • spam

        Exactly, it looked interesting until I discovered the lack of viewfinder. Same lens as the P7100 which probably mean a new 1/1.7 inch 12MP CMOS sensor. Could have been a really nice model if they had included a viewfinder or at least had an optional EVF like Panasonic and Olympus do.

        • agreed. same lens as p7000/7100 so it is the same sensor for sure.

          • Zograf

            BTW, could somebody explain how camera’s front element is protected when it is switched off? — Compared to P7100, G12 and GX1 which all have a squared pupils design aiding the protective curtains. Or, they are going to give a snap on cap, every time switching the camera on you forget to take it off and it falls on the ground…

      • OMR

        P7000 is a very nice camera.

      • Zograf

        Likewise. Too bad the optical VF is gone. And the articulated screen on the old P7100 is much nicer – you can compose and hold low the camera with both hands..

    • indeed… *sigh*

    • Paul


    • Fashion conscious

      Never mind that. I wanted a pink one with a nice purple strap.

    • Mark

      No viewfinder?? Will not replace my P7000 now. On a bright sunny days you simply cannot see the screen display. I consider a viewfinder in an advanced camera a requirement. Maybe will just upgrade to the P7100 when the price drops after the P7700 comes out.

      • bigeater

        Go into your equipment locker, dig out your dark cloth, attach it to the camera…problem solved.

      • Nikon got it Wrong.

        I don’t think there are any photographers left in Nikon Product Development.

        They all left after the D3s. No that wasn’t perfect, but what we have had since is decent products splattered with crap.

    • Vandyu

      Well, that’s a disappointment that Nikon finally capitulated and got rid of the viewfinder. Sad day for enthusiasts. Guess if you want to hold a camera out in front of you like a tourist, this is the one for you. No longer interested. Maybe they’ll do like Panasonic and offer an EVF that you slide into the hotshoe for an extra $200! Why don’t the designers ask the photographers once in a while?

      • nz

        Agreed . . . As a photographer, I’d be happy to give Nikon my $.02.

        Was holding off on a P7100, waiting to see that the new model would offer. If the spex on this are true (especially no OVF), guess I’m heading back for a P7100.

        • Fritz

          Did you ever look through the P7100 viewfinder? I did, it was useless. Same thing with the G12. But I agree for the OVF like in the nikon 1.
          Will see.

          • Zograf

            ALMOST useless! At least you can see in the general direction you are shooting at, plus noticeably contributing to camera shake reduction.
            Well I was hoping for even a better optical VF looks like it has been a dream.
            Regression in progress with this model 🙁

            • F5 was the one.

              So it is with the D4 & D800.

    • umesh

      Not surprising really. The view finder of D800 is actually useless for focussing and even viewing when camera is turned off. This is one lousy non feature for a pro camera. Compared to this P7700 is a toy. Btw before anyone starts on me let me tell, I own a D800e and am very happy with it(other than this problem and slight focus issue which I am confident nikon will resolve when I take it to them . I don’t need to now as I use mostly centre focus point and manual focus).

      • gsum

        You can’t focus accurately when the D800 is turned off as there’s no split screen or focus indicator but viewing is OK.

    • CHD

      Not sure why the lack of a viewfinder would bother you……if this had one it would be basically useless just like the one on the G12, X10 etc etc. You’re not going to get a decent viewfinder until you step up to a bigger camera like the X100, XPro1, X2, M9 etc.

      I would rather squint in the bright sun to see the LCD screen and have accurate framing than to look through a tiny viewfinder with 60% accuracy. To each their own I guess.

      • Karen G.


      • ShaoLynx

        Yo CHD,
        V1 – nuf said.

      • +1
        I’ve been carrying a G9 around for years as my always with me just in case camera. The optical viewfinder was an early attraction for me, but really it is a poor finder. It’s just fine using the back to compose. And I sure don’t care if I look like a tourist. I sell plenty of images shot with my G9 along with stuff taken with the DSLR’s.

    • askb

      Agree. It needs a 100% optic viewfinder but nothing like the old one.

      Re sensor – the lens looks larger, but I believe it’s the same focal range as the P7100.

  • MikeS

    Given the G1X and the RX100, imo this camera is dead on arrival if it doesn’t have at least a 1-inch sensor.

    • Timo

      Back in the film days Nikon used to be the top dog among the professional camera makers. Back then there were several serious players in the game. Contax is gone, Minolta became Sony and Sony is merely pursuing their SLT line, Olympus and Pentax aren’t doing FF anymore, Fuji waved DSLRs good bye and several second level brands never really got a foot into the DSLR business. Bottom line there are just 2 major players left in the full professional league: Nikon and Canon.
      I really wonder, why it appears so difficult for Nikon to get things right in terms of usability and professionalism. The fact that Nikon came up with the award winning D4 and D800 is no excuse to stop half way in many other products – and the P7700 appears to be a good example here, as it seems to be the camera with the most professional claim in their P&S Line. By now there are more than enough examples in the market, Nikon could have modeled on. As the D4, D800 and the fast AF of the J1/V1 shows, Nikon possess the technology and know how to do better. I bet they could make a better X Pro1, but they don’t do it. The spirit of the analogous times seem to have faded away, in fact Nikon seem to rather look after any percentage they can get out of the market, than giving their customers the best they can.
      Yeah, I’m familiar with the cry out of the ones who want to declare that as normal and as the only possibility of rational behavior. In the short term you may be right, in the long run it has a price ticket on it for the maker. And eventually it changes us too, all striving to become millionaires to afford a Nikon plus a Canon, a V1 plus a Fuji X Pro1 and so on. But this is a dead end road!

      • gsum

        If I had a pound for everyone that has said to me that they would like to get back into photography but that they hate modern cameras with all their useless gimmicks, I’d be rich.

        It seems to me that Nikon’s marketing department does not contain any photographers and that their engineering department is dominated by marketing. Even the mighty D800 has face recognition and 15 ways to do everything along with the attendant clutter – a camera marketed as a professional model.

        Those of us who want fully featured (to be polite) cameras have plenty of choice but where’s the digital FM for those that don’t?

        Nikon need to start producing photographic tools again and leave the toys to other manufacturers. This P7700 seems to be a massive step in the wrong direction and won’t be buying one.

        • Eric

          Where is the digital FM? There isn’t one, but Fuji has made a camera that any purest should love with the XPro-1. I actually stopped using my Nikon FE2 and Pentax LX after getting the XPro1. Now, if you insist that your camera have a Nikon logo painted on it, well, you are out of luck. Nikon doesn’t do simple anymore.

      • inginerul

        ‘ cause nikon has entry level DSLR’s to sell, that’s why !

  • The same sensor as the “1” models is essential in my opinion…

  • Too Bad

    Can’t be a 1″ sensor: look at the focal lens. 6-42,8 mm. On a 1″ that would translate into 16-116 mm. Higly unlikely. On a 1/1,7″ on the other hand, it gives ≈28-200. F/2-4 not bad at all. But not quite what we were all expecting…

  • pointshooter

    5,0-42,8 more like a 5x crop sensor,

  • WoutK89

    highly unlikely, if the focal length is 5.0-42.8mm, the Nikon 1 sensor would give 13.5-115.6mm equivalent. I think it is again a small sensor compact. So assume minimum to be 25-214 equivalent focal length.

    However, f/2.0-4.0 sounds better than the 5.8 or 6.7 of some other cameras.

  • Not a 1″ sensor… look at the focal lengths on the lens: 6.0-42.8mm – looks like a 4x or so crop… 1″ inch sensor is what, 2.7x?

  • Leonard

    It is a must that this camera to be over G1X (sensor size, ISO, speed, photo details). I am waiting this camera more than G1x. If the sensor is small, resolution is poor, that’s it!…G1x

  • Malez


    the world of compact cameras advance much too fast for nikon

  • Dave

    The viewfinder on the P7000 series is so small Nikon might as well just remove them.

  • Snoob

    No OVF/ EVF. looks like I’ll be going with the Canon or the P7100.

    Damn, it does have the screen I was hoping for

    • Just about the time they design a camera that wasn’t born under the ugly tree, they forget leave off a major enthusiast feature.

      Dear Nikon, I’m in Product Management with a successful career in device usability and a passionate photographer. Give me a call.

  • desmondism

    from the photos, the indicated focal length range is the same: 6.0-42.6mm (although max aperture is improved, from 1:2.8-5.6 to 1:2-4). this likely means the p7700 will have the same size sensor as its predecessor. if it were to have a 1-inch sensor, its widest focal length would most likely be in the region of 10-mm.

    the body and controls look improved. the major differences appear to be the loss of the (arguably useless) optical viewfinder, an arguably more useful (depending on personal preference) side-hinged lcd screen, and a redesign of the hand grip and repositioning of the front command dial. the grip/dial redesign, i think, will improve the handling of the camera, if marginally.

    personally, i would have loved if nikon put in a 1-inch sensor into this.

  • Blaž Ferlič

    We all were hoping for a bigger sensor, but from the look of it, nikon disappointed us. The focal length reeds 5- 42,8mm if I see correctly, which means the sensor is pretty much the same (1/1,7”) as n the P7000 an P7100. If it were CX sized, the focal length should be something like 10-72mm. Maybe I’m wrong, and they put a 13.5 – 115,56 mm(35mm equivalent) zoom in it. What do you people think!?

  • nuno santacana

    What a shame if Nikon has only this at Photokina. I hope they will have something else.

    Why is it that we don’t have news about D600? NRadmin, do you still think we will see that one at Photokina?

  • Scott

    For me, this is the step up I’ve been waiting for. I have a Canon A650. I’ve been looking at the Canon G12 or the Nikon P7100 to get a tilting screen and sensor that’s the same size as my old camera. I was waiting for the G13, but got the G1X instead. It costs too much for me and has a smaller zoom range. So this is my best option and it looks nice!

  • JC

    This camera needs an app to tell them how to take a photo, and an app to show them how to turn on the camera.

  • Michael

    Seriously, I’ve used the viewfinders of those compact cameras and they’re awful! Might as well remove it.

    • Pablo Ricasso

      There doesn’t look to be a whole lot of room for a viewfinder. What price point is thing?

  • FlashPoint

    Don’t think sensor will be enlarged…the wide end of the lens is still 6.0mm

  • FDF

    Fugliest. Nikon. Ever?

    • Allen W.

      Personally I like the look better than most in the category.

      No viewfinder however is IMO nuts at the P7xxx level. Dealbreaker.

  • Jim

    I;ll pass.

    • fjfjjj

      I;ll learn to ty;pe

  • Hits every important point in the segment except viewfinder. DOA.


  • CRB

    make smuch more sense in this camera than in the 1 series (sensor)..its time for nikon to upgrade the 1 series sensor, at least on par with the RX100

  • Z


  • neversink

    Just get a Canon G1x or one of the fuji xPro cameras then. I use the Canon P&S when I am not lugging my D4 and D800 around…. Not bad for a P&S. I would love to get one of the Fuji XPro cameras but they still feel very flimsy and plastic to me.

    • E

      Really? I own both a fuji xpro 1 x100 and d800 and i wouldnt call the fujis flinsy at all. Light yes….but def solid. Great cameras. Use them more than my dslrs an film cameras unless its event photography.

      Love using my xpro 1 with nikon f glass and canon fd mount glass:)

  • Can’t really get excited about this. My P7000 still serves me well but looks to be more of the same and I am not happy that the Nikon is turning their advanced P&S to more Canon ergonomics.

    The lack of viewfinder was a surprise but to be honest I hardly ever use it since it’s kind of useless since it’s not 100% coverage, has weird distortion and unless I am shooting in auto I can’t see what my settings are at without looking at the back LCD anyways.

  • Phil

    There is something not clear to me. The diameter of the front lens is much bigger than in P7100. Also the depth of the fixed part around the lens is much higher. By me it is impossible that the sensor size is the same like the one in P7100. Could not be possible that what written on the lens is fake?
    I approve very much with Nikon to remove the terrible viewfinder of P7000/7100 in case they replace it with an high-quality external one like Olympus mirroless.

  • MB

    Same sensor as P7100 (maybe 12Mpix CMOS and Full HD video), same zoom (slightly faster though), no viewfinder (not that one on P7100 was any good), too large for pocket …
    Nikon missing the point again …
    Oh well the good thing is we have all the others that make good compacts (Canon, Olympus, Sony, Panasonic, even Samsung has more interesting and more usable camera) …

  • an onymous

    EVF here EVF there…

    it’s an outdated habit to glue your head together with a black box, one have to think why SLR were designed in the first place, not because you should keep your eye glued together with the camera, it was merely a limitation of the old days!
    Once upon a time when the camera engineer found a way to let the photographer to see exactly what the lens captured there were no other ways to solve it, but today with the digital era and LCD’s people have come to not be able let an old habit go, eg. glue ones eye together with a viewfinder, how absurd.

    There is nothing wrong taking picture by viewing the main LCD on the backside of the camera, but something that have left me wondering is, why on earth doesn’t camera makers put on a high quality bright OLED displays on cameras, how come something so vital haven’t found its home on cameras but instead can be found on nearly any new smart phone these days??

    The future isn’t EVF, but OLED and other new display technologies allowing for a bright, colour correct and contrast rich images under virtually ANY light conditions, high time to bury an old habit all you above posters complaining about the new Coolpix not having EVF.

    • Nawab

      A photographer traditionally uses his optical viewfinder no matter how advanced his LCD screen be (and rub the screen with his nose). Without the OVF, he feels handicapped and especially under bright light. In essence he always relies on his optical vision to frame a picture at eye level and not the often compromised image on the LCD. The LCD is mostly used only to study the captured picture, and here we may have a choice for the superior OLED.
      i would always prefer the OVF and consider it a must, as most would agree. Whether or not the camera companies offer one is their discretion, and like always we live in their mercy.

    • 伝統主義者

      Optical viewfinder with eye-cup is not absurd. Photographer observes true light-rays of subject in the universe. Everything outside the frame disappears, as in the final picture. Poetry is revealed.

    • umesh

      It also gives you a more stable stance and a steady picture. Also an artificial screen image doesn’t give you correct idea of actual scene .

  • kmhb

    1 zoll sensor + optionalen EVF (1,4MP) = die perfekte kamera* in konkurrenz zur sony RX 100**. (big-kompakt* / little-kompakt**)
    gruß kmhb

  • Nawab

    But we all waited for the p7200 and not the so ADVANCED COMPACT camera without a basic VF. They ought to have fitted some android and phone features instead (and maybe Angry birds and facebook!)

  • Flo

    I don’t get this at all. Why have the dials on this camera with a crappy zoom. Why not give the J1/V1 some external controls? OR use the CX sensor/mount in this cam?

  • EnPassant

    As usual Nikon take two steps forward (Screen articulating to the side instead of just flipping up or down and a full stop faster, 2-4 instead of 2.8-5.6 with the same 28-200 mm fullframe equivalent lens.) and on big step backward by excluding the viewfinder.

    Sensorsize is the same. Didn’t anybody inform Nikon small sensor in advanced compact is such yesterday, and was it already in 2011? At least Canon understood that and released the G1X.

    What if Nikon built a camera similar to P7100 but instead used a 1″ sensor, preferably the 20 MP Sony use in RX100 and the EVF from V1 instead of the optical finder plus the improvements from this P7700 camera like articulating screen and better grip etc. That would be a really awesome camera! It would trump the G1X with smaller size and RX100 with better ergonomics and control and both with an EVF!

    Oh well, maybe next year? Or maybe not…
    At least we can hope the price will be lower with no viewfinder. But maybe higher as well with faster lens and better screen…

    • Jote

      The 20MP sensor in RX100 is the stupidest move ever. They should’ve kept it at 12MP to compete with G1x IQ.

      • EnPassant

        You think so?
        Have you seen photos taken with Sony RX100?
        At base ISO it show a lot more details than the Nikon 1 10MP sensor.
        And at higher ISO it is not bad at all. Google some reviews and images and you will see!

        • Jote

          Yes, I think so. I have seen the photos and just because it’s better than Nikon 1 it doesn’t mean it’s that great. Compare RX100 against G1x IQ. G1x is a clear winner.

          • EnPassant

            Well, I am not sure 1″ sensor would compete much better with G1X if it had 12MP instead of 20MP. With same level of technology the bigger sensor would always be better.

            Advantage of a smaller 1″ sensor as in the camera I described is it could be made smaller than the clunky G1X.

            Also it is a question of which 1″sensors are available. Nikon developed a 10MP and Sony a 20MP. A 12MP 1″ sensor is not known to exist.

  • ras

    i like the controls. sort of like a ricoh gr mixed with the sony nex-f3 with a swing-out lcd thrown in.

    and do i see a filter thread on that lens? nice.

    • Booyah

      There are better controls on this than the D800!

  • Bernard

    An 80% OVF is better than no OVF at all !
    Has everyone at Nikon gone nuts ???… Sorry but I shall stick to my P7000 !

  • Nawab

    Hello administrator!
    is Nikon D7700 listed under “Categories” a typo?

  • Danny

    Thank goodness Nikon got rid of the viewfinder!

    • fjfjjj

      Yes, and too bad they added a real handgrip! I would prefer a slippery, shallow, narrow vertical protrusion molded into the body. Engraved Nikon logo is also disappointing. Prefer silkscreen.

  • Jote

    So long, OVF. Good riddance. A “fake” viewfinder defeats the purpose in my opinion. EVF – that’s another story.

    Anyhow – P7700 appears to have slightly larger lens (both in diameter and protrusion). I’m really really curious to see the specs and most of all – what features are missing compared to P7100 🙂

  • OleM Helgesen

    And what’s point of being able to hide the LCD against the body?? Just for protection?
    So you can’t use the camera until you have turned the screen again??
    Or will they provide an external viewfinder (EVF or optical)?
    Nothing seems to support that either, apart from the flash hot shoe.

    Disappointed about the sensor, f2.0 will help, but bigger sensor would have been sweeter…

  • Al Corkins

    The P7000/P7100 were one of the few compact cameras that were worthy – and part of that reason was the optical viewfinder. And if it did not have 100% coverage no big deal. Outside on a bright day, the typical compact camera with a LCD screen is all but worthless due to being washed out by the sun.

    Now if the camera has a daylight viewable lcd screen, that would be a different story. But otherwise, there is no underestimating the usefulness of a optical viewfinder.

  • Steven

    So if the sensor size is the same as the P7100, whats the point? Realistically it could just be the P7150.


  • Nikonhead

    I think Ill keep my P7100. If I were in the market for this type of camera I would easily get the Fuji X10 over this.

  • Hector

    For a owner of oher Nikon cameras(DSLR), the p7XXX makes total sense if you want to go ultralight, no lenses to carry arround…
    If they had used the 1” sensor most probably the lens would be bulky, (have anyone of you seen the 10x lens for nikon one???) so, the only way to stay inside phisical size limits is making sensor/lens small.
    they have though improved the lens to F/2.0 and phisicaly this is evident, can uou imagine what size will have the lens if the sensor is one inch???
    will that be utralight???

    if you want BULK then go out with a DSLR or get a viewfinder for the LCD, I use one on my p7000 but only for video recording.

    • EnPassant

      Have you at all seen the Sony RX100? Its 28-100 equivalent only have a 3.5x zoom ratio compared to the 7x of this Nikon camera. But I am sure they could make the camera with a 1″ sensor almost the same size only adding a bit to the length of the lens.

      One really can’t compare a compact camera having a collapsing lens construction with a system camera using mounted lenses that can’t be collapsed inside the body.It’s like comparing pumkins to oranges!

      The Nikon 1 10-100 lens is an especially bad comparision as it got a built in motorzoom and is a 10x lens with a mount versus 7x compact lens. And I am sure most would be happy with a 5x lens if the camera had a 1″ sensor.

      • hector

        you’re right about that EnPassant, i put the nikon 1 lens just to compare on something from the same manufacturer, the technology is changing quickly and each day neu ways to make things are discovered and new materials to be used so there’s nothing wrong in expecting more but at the end if they can give to us something we buy is what matter to them. I personally think I would buy the 7700 even thought it may not be the best of the best but it offers me some points (compatibility of accesories, batteries, flash, mic, etc, and same operating ways) i can take advantage of since i’m a nikon guy.
        the question is, since it does not have ovf anymore, would I buy a nikon 1 with the pancake lens and have the opportunity to use my nikon lenses later intead of the p7700???

  • syd

    I predict an EVF attachable to the flash shoe which plugs into a socket located under the P7700 panel top left of the top view of the camera.

    Just a guess.

    • syd

      stupid guess as it turns out to be the pop up flash.

  • freakout

    It says “WIDE” on the lens. So the 6mm equivalent should be 24mm. So we have crop-factor = 4 – this is the Fuji X10 2/3 sensor. Size is in between G12/P7x00 and CX(V1). Another sensor size for Nikon?

    • Metten

      One thing is for certain: it’s a 7,1x zoom lens. Either 24-170mm (2/3″) or 28-200mm (1/1,7″). The latter sounds more plausible to me, that’s the same range as the P7100 currently has.

      The lens does have a larger aperture throughout the range, which is actually just as good as having a larger sensor.

      • Metten

        The aperture range is F2-4 compared to F2.8-5.6 on the P7100, which equates to a sensor with double the surface area. The P7100’s sensor is 7,6*5,7=43mm^2. The image quality would be the same as with a 1/1,2″ sensor with a 8,4-60mm F2.8-5.6 lens.

        • freakout

          the aperture range has nothing to do with sensor size – image quality has nothing to do with focal length and aperture. these are all unrelated together

  • Nick

    If indeed the same size as the P7100, Fail.

  • Inars

    Sooo many buttons. 16 maybe. This is camera for photo schools. Easy demonstrate all functions of camera.

  • Jon Kayaker

    Too bad the OVF is gone … The P5000/P6000/P7000 with the relatively durable magnesium body components were good P&S ski cameras due to the viewfinder – the LCDs on my OVF and non-OVF P&S cameras tend to wash out too much with all of the reflected light from the snow on sunny days. Yeah, I take a DSLR with a Lowepro Toploader w/chest harness out on the slopes when skiing with my beginner and intermediate skier friends. However, when skiing at higher speeds over less forgiving terrain with my more hardcore pals, the OVF P&S is preferred for safety and other reasons.

    If the P7700 has a LCD display that doesn’t washout in sunlight, it may have a good future

  • curtis

    I’m glad the got rid of the veiwfinder, it looked so lame and early 2000s

  • Pete

    Maybe being 67 years old and a dedicated Nikon user for 30+ years makes me out of touch. But, composing a picture at arms length ain’t for me. NIKON, are you aware of the Fujix100? !!!! .

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