Nikon Coolpix S800c Android based camera in white

Nikon Coolpix 800c Android camera

This is the white version of the Nikon Coolpix S800c Android based camera:

Nikon Coolpix 800c camera in white

Nikon Coolpix 800c Android camera in white

The pricing of the Coolpix P7700 is expected to be around ¥60,000 (around $750). The Coolpix S800c will be priced at ¥50,000 (around $630) in Japan. As usual, the US pricing will probably be lower (the P7100 currently sells for around $360).


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  • PeterO

    Hmmmm, these don’t seem like rumours anymore but deliberate leaks. I get the feeling that admin is being fed all this by “Deep Aperture” who is controlled by Nikon head office. Where’s the fun in that? Personally I don’t understand the surprise factor that they try to generate into these product launches. The Oly president just gave a forecast of the pro body they’ll be developing and this makes sense to me. These are tools that we use, not shiny pink tricycles with tassles our kids ooh and aah over at Christmas. No disrespect Admin, but I think that unknowingly you have now become part of Nikon’s marketing strategy.

    • scurvy hesh

      Yeah. And Obama is a Muslim. /Sarcasm

      • Chimphappyhour

        It’s true! I heard Hank Williams Jr say it and everyone knows he’s on the cutting edge of politics. :p


        Doubtful bro. If anything he is a closet Atheist.

        Now for camera conspiracy. I’m pretty sure Nikon is tapping my phones because I have been discussing the likelihood of an android based camera with my friends and colleagues ever since it came out. Lately there has been a white van with two Asian looking men sitting in front of house. They might be operatives!

        But in all seriousness I still think Nikon will make a phone. They have a lot of great proprietary technology and could buy up an ailing company like Nokia. They would be a real player.

        I’m willing to bet money on it.

        • I live in Hong Kong

          He spent a lot of time in Indonesia. Indonesian people “know” he’s actually a muslim.

          My muslim Indonesian maid told me so.

    • Klaus

      … part of Nikons marketing strategy. Yeah, I feel the same when I see such “rumours”.
      Same as when I saw that “Nikon has a fix for the D800 left AF issue”. Nothing like a fix is available. They try to adjust faulty units to their best, which is behind a non faulty unit as they cannot fix the issue 100%. Production and all shipments to dealers stopped until a fix becomes available. Anytime soon?

      • Af issue anti-troll

        And YOU are obviously part of a Canon controlled smear.campaign.

        The “AF-issue” has long been fixed and was only present on a small percentage of early produced cameras. AND Nikon will fix it for free if you have the problem.

        Because of that and since you obviously DON’T own a camera, nor have you ever, your post is of no meaning at all.

        Go back to your couch and dream on.

        • trolley

          who takes the time reading all this crap?

    • A french reader

      I hope Nikon does leak many pics to the admin in a roundabout way. That makes the news more reliable. Do you read canonrumours ?

  • nuno santacana

    please, please… a pink version too!!

    • shawn

      Yep– no pink = epic fail.

      • Scurvyhesh

        WHAT NO PINK? Switching to Canon.

        • Sony

          Imma switch to Sony. MOAR PSP VITA!

  • Chimphappyhour

    Oh no! It isn’t the D600 or D400 or Dwhatever! Therefore, it must be a fail and we must all hate it! 😛 (Thought I’d get to it before the actual ninnies do.)

  • It was only a matter of time, really. I’m surprised Canon doesn’t already have this in one of their lowest-end DSLRs they like to replace every 2 months. Not sure if I’ll like it, as a concept, or not yet, though.


  • PeterO

    Man, how does something like this evolve into a political/religious/D800AF issue/trolling forum? I was just commenting because the Android phone pictures look like an announcement instead of a rumour. The D600 quasi spy photos looked like something on a rumours site, but these look right out of a brochure.

    I think admin does a great job sifting through fact and fiction, unlike the other rumours sites. My favourite has to be SAR where he writes up everything. I’m just waiting for the: “latest Sony super sensor made from recycled legos” rumour.

  • Ben

    will the camera have wi-fi ?
    is there a plan for 4.0 or 4.1 os?

  • WouterJ

    Seriously, I would love to have a smartphone with a built in Coolpix.

  • What about just create a Nikon Phone…
    What about just create a Nikon Phone…
    What about just create a Nikon Phone…

    • PeterO

      Duh, too simple an idea….

  • Era of camera having decent features of cellphone not far 😀

  • Maybe Nikon should add a phone to it…?

  • Dear Nikon

    Nikon… please just add a phone to this and make it a product people will actually want.

    That and a media player.

  • want_d3s

    This is eventually the way all point and shoot digital cameras (and probably eventually DSLRs) will be made – using off-the-shelf operating systems that have been modified by their respective manufacturers. It’s what happened to computers, cell phones and tablets. Cameras are next, followed by cars, TVs, and medical equipment.

  • DreadWatch

    Will it crash every time I take a snap?

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