The current Nikon US instant rebate program will expire on August 25th

The current Nikon instant rebates will expire this Saturday (August 25th, 2012). You can get up to $450 savings on DSLR + lens combo purchases. The new D3200, D800/E and D4 cameras are also included:

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  • don

    So the 24-70/2.8 now has VRII? Interesting. I must have missed the VRI version too when it came out.

    (Somebody please update this misleading ad.)

    • Not Surprised

      Sorry, but the VR-III version of the 24-70 is coming out next month, so they have to dump the VR-IIs fast! 😉 Can’t resist. 🙂

      • Iris Chrome

        I wonder how many bought the lens then called in to B&H to complain when they “discovered” there was no VR.

  • JC

    First was a really bad quarterly report, and now they stop the discount. What will be next? Even more price controll still?

  • Clapp

    You didn’t get the memo on 24-70mm VRI?

  • Martin

    Why is it matter to you? You never owned either one!

    • don

      It is matter to many person because if VR is exist on Nikkor 24-70/2.8, then many peoples will want to have one own. Either one or two.


      • Zaphod

        Totally agree. The ones with VR dont is not good from the optical point of view. But the 2.8 is optically good. But in lack the VR. Money can help you in this case. You cant have both at the same time.

        • Jønam

          I am not the understand you say. Like the cow with the teats that give milk to the supermarket. Please be make current sea.

  • Mixed Up

    So the DX cameras have discounts with FX lenses and the FX cameras with DX lenses? Awesome!

    • Rob

      FX lenses work with DX bodies, so they offer the rebates with some of them. You do not get DX rebates with the FX bodies, as they aren’t intended to be purchased together.

  • snarfy

    Are the D800 trolls asleep? Where’s the crazy religious zealot screaming at everyone to repent their lecherous Nikon sinning and join the worldwide coven of Canon, where there is Truth, Light, and Crisp air free of the heretical AF issues? I love that guy.

    • don

      The trolls are firing up their pyres and sharpening their spits.

      Give ’em time.

    • Martin

      Why Canon?
      Sony uses much better sensors. And the Nikon’s tricks makes them even more valuable.
      I love this IQ from my d800.
      But my love isn’t blind 🙂

    • Ric


  • All about us

    Good. Us who live in the rest of the world won’t have to see posts about US rebates anymore.

    • Martin

      I’d rather welcome info about rebates in my country…

  • Yck

    Do you guys think they will extend the D800 + lens rebate? 200 Dollars could really help and I plan on buying mid-september…

  • So how much better is the VR II than the VR I and when is the VR III going to be announced?

  • Nikonhead

    I would love to pick up the D7000 for $1,099, but I would rather wait for the new cameras which should be announced the middle of Sept. I’m praying for a D400 with better specs than the D7000 and 8-10 fps. 16MP’s is enough for me. Please keep the same body as the D300s. And of course improved video wouldn’t hurt.

  • Tom2k

    Wonder if they will offer a rebate or bigger discount on the old J1’s after this rebate expires. I would have thought it would have started already!

  • John U.

    What is the use of these Nikon US Rebates if the stores doesn’t have stock on D800/D800E’s and D4’s. They’re useless!

  • BOBO

    My local stores have the D4 and D800 in stock. Now the D800E that’s a different story. Also if they don’t have the d800 or d4, you can put money down. And the’ll have iti in within a week or two. Sometimes it pays to shop at your local shops

  • Anonymous Maximus

    I think they should have included the 24-85mm VR too.

  • Fantas

    That VR II looks exactly the same as my non VR 24-70. Interesting! How did they manage that?

  • Francisco

    How come that B&H or Nikon US is advertising 24-70 VRII and nikon rumors has no clue about it?

    I guess it is very plausible now that the competitors have the 24-70VC/VR/whatever, Nikon will produce a new 24-70 obviously with VRII (they newest vr, is about the vr system that it has a II not because of the lens version).

    But why I’ve reading this blog for such a long time if when it really affects me nobody has a clue! I’m expecting my 800E with a 24-70 (non VR)… WHEN is this lens coming out? Will it rise the PRICE in 1000$? 500$? Will it be OPTICALLY worse? Should I wait?


  • kovai

    I noticed that Amazon has the offer extended till Sept 29, 2012..

    pasting what I saw in Amazon below..
    Buy a Qualifying Nikon Digital Camera and Save $100 or More on Select NIKKOR Lenses
    For a limited time, save $100 or more on select NIKKOR lenses with the purchase of a qualifying Nikon interchangeable lens digital camera from See details below to take advantage of this offer.

    Offer valid through September 29, 2012, or while supplies last. Applies only to purchases of products sold by, and does not apply to products sold by third-party merchants and other sellers through the site. To receive any of the discounts above, all qualifying items must be purchased and shipped together with the qualifying camera in the same order to a single address using the same ship option. reserves the right to modify or end this promotion at any time. See full terms and conditions.

    • Dyydd

      I love you!!! No homo

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