Weekly Nikon news flash #174

  • The latest issue of the Italian Nikon Magazine has an ad from a local retailer that includes a Nikon D600 camera - probably just a cheap marketing trick: the pictured camera is a D800 which looks nothing like the already leaked D600.

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  • texasjoe

    That Nikon 1 looks like a toy camera that would come in a GI Joe toy or a cheap toy camera the army give to kids in school.

    • silly comparison between IQ160 and D800, once you see such “wiseguys”, you always start doubting what value their meaning have, when they can pull out such nonsense.

      1st) using adobe camera raw? LOL
      2nd) 24-70 is ok, but for IQ comparison?
      3rd) that schneider lens is fine, but it is “kit lens”. I understand that still many people who buy them into the system, stick with kit lens forever, but yea. If you cannot afford good glass (it can be even cheaper if you look to older lenses) you should have not get the DBack in first place. It is like shooting with 50G
      4th) understand limitations in DOF when shooting with MF system. it will delight you.

  • Who knows what happens with D800e pre-orders wait time for B&H.com

    • Samer Momani

      Hi. I placed my order minutes after it was open on Feb 7th, and got my D800e shipping confirmation on June 26th and got it July 2nd. Wonderful camera but a bit an underperformer for all the reviews and attention it got. You will get noise with ISO over 1600, Active D-Lighting is okay at best, HDR requires a tripod, white balance occasionally is a bit off, but it is true that you will astonished with its high resolution. You will have to be careful how you use the camera and lenses to get sharp images. Overall I am happy with this “fat” camera.

      • Some people

        Sounds like too much camera for your skill level.

      • umesh

        I wonder what you are comparing it with to call it an underperformer?
        Which camera doesn’t give you comparable noise above 1600 iso?
        But the best one is- Hdr requires a tripod. WOW!!!!

      • Thank you! i did pre-order on april 12.

  • I’ve personally had the luxury of using the Phase One IQ180 on several occasions (it doesn’t hurt to know the Phase One rep in the area either). It’s a fantastic system, and while I think that the comparison with the D800 is interesting, concluding that a two-frame “pano” helps the D800 nearly match the resolution, the IQ180 shines in the fact that the native 16bit RAW files are just so damn good… Like blow my mind good. Then again, that’s what you get for about $50,000 or so. Sure, my personal comparison with it was with an “old” D300, the Phase One does stand out as an amazing system, assuming you’re willing to carry around something more valuable than most peoples car.

    Here’s my take on the IQ180 from about a year ago:

    My verdict on the IQ180 still stands, though I have yet to get my poor broke hands on a D800 or D800E yet, which may sway my thoughts after having a few days or more with either of those. (Hi Nikon, care to send me a free one? Didn’t think so…)

    • Funduro

      Phase1 is a studio camera. $50k Vs $3k . ISO performance in D800 is X’s better.

      • I won’t disagree that. Then again, who said you couldn’t use a D800 in a studio? Or a Phase One in the field? I enjoy landscape photography, somewhere that dynamic range, bit depth, sharpness and resolution all make for a better image as much as any “studio” capture needs. The right tool for any photography job is the one you have. If I had a Phase One, I’d be using it everywhere when light permitted.

        The D800 does have it’s pluses versus a ‘studio’ camera like the Phase One in that it has usable ISO well beyond what you would need in a studio typically, not to mention size and weight and cost. In the real world, I would generally always go with the D800 to purchase, with the exception of the possibility of coming into a huge amount of money that I had to spend in 24 hours or less… 😉

  • Lee

    Indeed, the Phase One very clearly resolves better than the D800.

    However, the resolution difference does not come remotely sort of even a little bit close to justifying the price difference. And that’s with the D800 using a far inferior lens. Let’s rerun the comparison with an 85 1.4 on a D800E and ask Phase One to explain those results / justify their prices.

    • thomas
    • Raven

      Right. Optically complicated zoom lens against fast prime. Crazy. But not a 85 mm, 50 mm lens has the same view angle like MF on the FX sensor. Hope, D4x will have 16 bit AD converter and no stupid video buttons.

  • nuno santacana

    Last big Nikon announcement in August was on the 23rd. I wander how we still have no rumors about the announcement of D600 (or even D400).

  • Alberto Fornito

    the italian nikon magazine just states (as written, on top “PREVENDITA”= pre-order) that is possibile to make the preorders of the camera, not a commercial trick.
    For sure, as there are not yet photos available, the camera pictured is another one :-).

    • How can they take pre-orders for a non-existing product? Are they taking pre-orders just because NikonRumors posted that this camera will be released?

  • Andre

    I find it rather strange that the link for the Sigma lenses in Nikon mount and added to the rebate program goes straight to the B&H page for Canon mount lenses ——

  • Michael

    The comparison of D800 to Phase One is really unfair. Lenses are different type. Equivalent depth of field is different. Etc…

    • Boing Wronkwell

      And lets not forget the something like $33,000 plus price difference between the 160 back and the much more affordable D800 body.

      Makes it such an easy choice for mere mortals or those who don’t have Phase One size budgets…

  • I couldn’t resist and bought the 32GB 1000X CF Card! I’ve been meaning to buy another to compliment my D800 as even the 32GB 400x CF card can sometimes chug a bit, so a spectacular deal on my end, thanks Admin!

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