More info on the upcoming Nikon 1 products

Some more details on the upcoming Nikon 1 J2 camera, underwater housing and mirrorless lens:

Nikon 1 J2:

  • Estimated retail price is expected to be around 70,000 yen (around $900)

Nikkor 1 11-27.5mm f/3.5-5.6 lens (probably to be used as a new lens kit):

Nikon 1 underwater camera case:

  • Depth rating: 40m
  • Can be used underwater with external flash
  • Price: 77,700 yen (almost $1000).
Expect US prices to be slightly lower.

Via Digicame-info

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  • Plug

    Interesting lens. Probably very small to emphasise the system’s potential as a pocket camera, and differentiate from the competition.

  • RoyL

    If this is accurate I don’t understand where Nikon is going with this. I love the V1 and would like to see an advancement there. But at least give us a good wide-angle prime or a fast portrait lens. I understand the J2 is after a different market, but many of us bought the V1 with hopes for some nice software fixes and a V2 at some point. The V1 is already a really nice camera with a powerfeul AF system, but they could certainly make improvements. Yet here we are hearing about a J2 and a replacement kit lens with the same range basically as the original, which is already an excellent kit lens.

    • you should know better buying your self into new and pricy system, products are not upgraded, but replaced

  • D600=$1499

    $900 for that tiny sensor? When Canon with APSC is for $800 – and within a few months ~$600!!! Incredulous! Rather, ridiculous.

    • Daniel

      Good luck trying to focus with that canon. 1,4 seconds to focus. Pff…

      • karl

        well, that’s enough for shooting brick walls !

    • CL

      Until you use one. (But for a J series, a little steep I agree). I also agree we need at least 2 fast primes and a V1 firmware update. C’mon Nikon!

      Shot entirely with the Nikon V1 and 10mm f/2.8 pancake lens. Canon’s sensor may be bigger, but the V1 has some magic features that NO other camera on the planet has. But all people talk about is the sensor. Funny, when Sony’s RX100 came out with a smaller (but fantastic) sensor, it was called “huge.” What a fickle world. I’ve gone through three mirrorless systems. Why do I love the V1? ONLY because it allows me to get the photo I want. If it did not, to eBay it would go. It’s not about the sensor size for real users, it’s about getting the photo. Photography is not about gear, it’s about getting the photo.

      • Plug

        Absolutely +1

      • Great shots! 🙂

        What lens did you use for the wide angle shots?

        …And btw, you got a few extra at the bottom of your post that have been interpreted as text when you added them in the post input field.

        • CL

          Thanks very much. Just the 10mm pancake on everything.

          Yes, I see the code. Been meaning to fix that, thanks.

      • really awsome little project. you gotta have vision and then abiliy to be getting the shot.
        nevertheless there is something the nikon 1 just cant do: subject separation from the bg. that is why your bw shots are ok but i guess the color versions are just plain flat. you postprocessed tones in order to separate subkects….
        my 2 cents

        • CL

          No, I actually shoot in B&W mode. I don’t have much use for color. The color is actually quite good although seems to go a tad cyan out of camera. There are many great examLes out there on Flickr.
          I try to keep post processing to a minimum really. I try to be as true to a full tonal range print (all of the zone aystem) and traditional B&W as I possibly can. Many times I have to go back to a frame and tweak it later. When working one photo too long, I start become blinded to it. When I revisit it, it’s fresh again and I can more easily see if it’s too flat, to dark in the shadows, etc.

      • Tracht

        Love the sharp to infinity look of many of the photos. Great for showing the ocean setting. Not clear why some folks think the background should always be out if focus.

      • Ronan

        OM-D beats it hands down in every aspect, except maybe size.

        • CL

          …and battery, and completely silent shutter, and autofocus, and frame rate, and maybe even fun factor 😉
          –all the reasons I like the V1. Now I do like the OM-D too, but these cameras are in different categories. Look in your tool box in the garage, do you not have a two different claw hammers, a sledge hammer, a rubber mallet, etc.? I do. Each is for a different purpose they don’t compete against each other.

          • What a great analogy! Other cameras are just a box of hammers!

      • Will Cramer

        No doubt: these shot are a good recommendation for your art and the performance of the camera as well.
        But which agencies, aside from your book project do accept photographs in this sensor size – as most prefer MF?
        And as you’re shooting pro level, don’t you miss the direct access dials and buttons? Well, in a well lit environment like the presented shot are taken in it might be negligible but in low light???

        • CL

          What I like to see changed is the shot appearing on the EVF every time I snap a photo. As far as missing dials, etc. not really. I love the V1 interface. The menus are super easy to navigate and are instant. The only thing I ever change is the aperture an the ISO really. It’s actually much easier and more user friendly than my Nikon DSLRs. I prefer the Nikon 1 menus.

    • iau

      Bigger sensor means bigger lenses. This is a nice compromise between a system camera and size. Sure the Canon sounds interesting, but will it be as small? I bought the J1 because of the size and that I didn’t need a EVF. If you want something bigger – then get a grip or use a DSLR. I do, when I want something bigger.

  • Look ok, but wish Nikon would have released an APS version but along with Canon maybe too late in the game; Sony and Pansonic still got an established base and market in the Mirrorless market can Canon and Nikon still existing customers away and attract new ones ?

  • What the hell? There better be more bells and whistles that we’re missing. For this price, it doesn’t seem like such a steal whatsoever.


    • Stevey

      I think the Sony RX100 is much more tempting as an addition to a dslr than most of the mirrorless cams.

      If I was going to use a mirrorless cam exclusively then it would have to be m43 for the range of lenses.

      Admin – heard anything else about Nikon 1 lenses ? I’m particularly interested in ultra wides (9mm and wider for Nikon 1). If they do a decent 7-14 (19-38) or 8mm prime I’d give it serious consideration.

      • Sky

        Well said. If it’d like something compact and portable – I’d go for RX100 or perhaps even G1X over most of mirrorless, especially Nikon 1 which got same sized sensor, only worse lens, especially for low-light shooting and is by far less portable (I guess you can easily fit two RX100 inside random Nikon 1 body, lol).
        Meanwhile if I’d like just a smaller camera – NEX is far better option if you love image quality and manual focusing. Or m4/3 if you like ready-made solutions with wide range of lenses to choose from.
        In either way – there’s no point in picking Nikon 1. I’m sorry for those who went this path, but my best bet is that Nikon 1 will extinct in next 3-4 years. And will be replaced by some decent system based on bigger sensor then in point & shoots.

  • Daniel

    What i find odd is that those who complain about the N1 are mostly those who didn´t shoot with one. The camera is fantastic. The focus is the best i´ve ever seen in a mirrorless. I love mine. If they can manage to get better image in high iso´s, i´m sold.

    Canon just made the same thing sony did. Large sensor, large lens. I´d much prefer to shoot a dslr.

    • Plug


    • jamez

      But, the Nikon 1 is so bulky/fat, and still horrible to grip.
      I much prefer Nex and Samsung NX camera handling over n1…
      I’ve tried to like it, and almost bought one several times – but they need to make it smaller and better to hold before I buy one!

    • karl

      nah, who needs ISO 1600+ with Nikon 1 ? That’s what we have our DSLRs for.

      What we really need are FAST f1.4 Nikon 1 primes !!!

    • Nah

      I disagree. I would rather have a dx sized sensor in a mirror less camera. I dont care about larger lenses either. Nikon mirrorless is embarrassing, and a complete let down in my opinion

      • Chris

        Well, lets see how far they can strip down the bulk of the D3300 once EVF is considered cheap and reliable enough to replace optical viewfinders. That is where we will see DX EVF! It’s the only way you can keep the sensor size and the F mount which everyone here seems to keep asking for.

        • Sahaja

          No mirrorless camera will have the F-mount – except via an adapter.

  • There are underwater housings on EBAY for far less. Perhaps if Nikon want to position this as a Nikonos alternative, that might work, but without a fast lens I don’t expect the autofocus to work well anyplace other than a pool.

    My understanding is that the J1 sells in far greater numbers, so it does make financial sense to release a J2 prior to a V1. The problem I see in the Nikon 1 strategy is that it is supposed to be about the lenses, yet here we are almost a year later, and those other lenses are still unreleased.

    I wouldn’t normally post my work in an equipment focused website, but this shows some of the flash capability of the V1 in a tough environment. This was a little project for friends of mine, on the last day of this restaurant. It was an informal gathering, but great fun to shoot with the V1. I also had along one of my usual medium format cameras, and while I do like those shots (not shown in link) better, I was pleasantly surprised at the capabilities of the V1 with the SB-5N Speedlight. Now if Nikon, or some third party company, would just make a hotshoe adapter for my Poverty Wizard, I would be even happier with it.

  • Jabs

    I hate to get nostalgic here BUT – what a difference a year makes? Last year all those disasters and ruined plans by Nikon and look now. Problems still but at least revolutionary products released and blowing us away. Can’t wait to get a V1, a D800E and whatever next Nikon releases.

    Bravo Nikon!

  • D


  • papatole

    Poor Nikon. Anything it introduces is wrong. The fact that they are still thriving in digital camera industry makes me wonder though, whether it is Nikon who is wrong, or most commentators here who are wrong.
    I can’t wait to see what J2 offers.
    As for wide angle lenses, well… a long time ago in analog time, most of us had a Pentax K1000 and a 50mm. And nobody whined.
    Pardon my english.

  • One More Thought

    I agree that the Nikon 1 series is far better than some people give it credit for, and indeed, represent a fun and useful camera series.

    That being said, I almost cannot believe the price point rumor. The current J1 can be had for about $500 US dollars, with lens…and even the V1 can be had for about $750 with lens…even for about 850 us dollar with 2 lenses…

    So why in the world would Nikon release a J2 at such a higher price point, esp. if the rumors are true that it will represent only an incremental upgrade?

    Unless the J2 is a huge leap forward I cannot see this 900 US dollar rumor being true or even close to its price…otherwise, Nikon will find itself pricing the unit out of the market.

  • EnPassant

    Just overheard a talk by members of the Nikon board:

    – How can we increase the profit from the Nikon 1 products?
    – We could produce a J2 and as it got a higher number we can increase its price.
    – Very good suggestion! Our market investigation suggest consumers are more willing to pay more for new products if they have a higher model number than the previous model. Higher numbers in specification is also very important for consumers as that is almost the only difference they do understand!

    – We could also produce another kitlens that is smaller and use cheaper glass and still sell it for same price.
    – Brilliant! Consumers who bought the J1 won’t complain about buying the J2 with kit-len as they now get another lens that is a pancake-zoom! They will be overjoyed! And we can continue selling the same cheap products to them again and again and make good profit every time. This is what commercialism is all about!

    – Any more suggestions?
    – It’s a pity real underwater cameras can not be produced with a profit. But what if we made a cheap plastic underwater housing for Nikon 1 and sell it for the same price as a camera? Even if we don’t sell many the profit for every housing would be very high.
    – A great idea! This was really an inspiring meeting. We should really go to this place more often! But now let’s go and visit the ladies! :p

    I’m too ashamed to say what kind of place it was, but definitely not an ordinary restaurant! 😉

    • Brilliant

      This is actually probably fairly accurate. I mean: 2 > 1, can’t argue with the facts 🙂

  • Chris

    How can it be a Nikon 1 when it’s a 2???

    • Pablo Ricasso

      Nikon won too.

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