Is this the top LCD screen of the Nikon D600?

Could this be the top LCD screen of the Nikon D600?

  • SD card slot
  • Wi-Fi support
  • GPS support
  • HDR
  • 51 focus point (previous rumors indicated 39 AF points)
  • Full frame camera because it has vignet control and DX crop mode

The image was found on the Facebook page of a photographer in Thailand.

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  • trialcritic

    This will be a great camera at $2000. I have a D800 and would love this camera, as my camera does not have wifi. Curious that they have it in D4 and now in D600.

  • masterac

    maybe its because d800 has 36.3 mega pixel and would put too much stress to send it by wifi

  • Jack

    According to his latest comment in facebook, that top lcd screen is from D800E. BTW, 3 cameras will be announced in September and one of them is DSLR, however he didn’t mention about the detail. Nothing more.

    • Rob

      It’s not the top LCD of any camera. It’s the Info screen of the D800/E. Check the manual for yourself: pages 10-12.

      • Hernik

        I don’t think you are quite right. When look at the ones in there is one difference between those shown there and the one above:
        The FX vs. the DX icon left of the exposure compensation indicator.

        • Rob

          No, that’s the same too. When you are in DX mode it will say DX. That image happens to show it displaying FX, but since it is not a passive matrix lcd, it can display both in the same spot. I checked on mine and the DX graphic is exactly identical to the one in this image.

          Every icon in this image is identical in appearance and location to those on the info screen of the D800. It’s just been shopped to look like a passive matrix.

  • lefantome

    The top control panel cannot show things like 2fps and picturecontrol profile “SD” in such a font. It’s clearly something on a rear LCD screen rather than the top control panel.

    And how can it have no P/A/S/M mode displayed?

  • Cesar

    The D700 will be rendered useless the moment this camera is released…

    • bob d

      The new camera may have more modern features and people may prefer to buy it over the D700, but I am pretty sure that most, if not all, D700 cameras will still be able to take photos after whatever new camera is released.

      • If and only if: it has the CAM3500, has at least 8fps continuous in full frame, has at least 1080p/24, and it matches/bests the D700 for ISO.

        If it doesn’t at least hit these point, it will not fully replace the D700. At least for me.

        Oh, and the grip needs to take the D4 battery, whatever they’re calling it these days. I can get a full day of shooting out of the EN-EL4, and two smaller batteries is not an adequate substitute.

    • Pablo Ricasso

      Gosh. Just think what that will do to my film cameras…

    • Drazen B.

      Not even close. D700 is a pro-level camera, D600 isn’t.
      Just on merits of the pro A/F and metering on D700 amongst other features.

  • polyconsoler

    Fake. the DX crop logo has way to thin lines. Doesn’t compare to the rest of the screen resolution.

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