First leaked Nikon D600 images

The "cheap" full frame Nikon D600 DSLR camera is real, as those leaked images from show:

You can find the updated Nikon D600 specs here.

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  • Rikard

    How about some rumors for new AF-S primes?!

    • Dover

      OK…..i heard form a guy who heard from a guy that there would be some new AF-S prime lenses coming…..

      • SkintBrit


        • trollingyou

          it’s true

  • Hoover

    I’m also having a huge dilemma with my next camera. I used to own D300s, but got mugged and lost the body + 18-200 VR.

    Now I only own two DX-lenses, the 10,5mm fisheye and the awesome 35mm f/1.8. I also have an ancient version of the Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8, so this would be a good opportunity to go FX.

    Now the problem is that I’m stuck with only a Sony NEX-5 and am craving for a DSLR. But what to do, I absolutely loved the handling of D300S and would by a D700 this instant, if there weren’t the D600 on the horizon…

    D800 is a little too expensive and 4fps is rather slow as I like to shoot wildlife and sports. I also like to have as much manual switches as possible so not to miss any fotos. So I’m more than a little put off by that D7000-style body that the D600 will apparently have.

    So now I’m stuck, can’t decide. To take the full frame with D600 and just live with the not-so-awesome body and be happy with great wide angle lenses, buy the D400 (if there will be one) and be happy without the awesome wides and spectacular low light performance or go to store now and buy the D700 despite the cost and the “outdated” 12MP sensor?

    Oh the horror, maybe writing this down helps.

    (Couldn’t they just put the new sensor in the D700 body? Please? I’ll pay for it…)

    • Edubya

      I’d wait for the D600 to be released and buy a used D700. It’s a fantastic camera and handles like the D300s. You’ll be thrilled with the results and will only worry about the megapixels if you read too many forums. 🙂

      • Les

        +100000000, agree wait for D600 and then buy D700, you will miss the D300s/D700 body if you get the D600.

        • Les

          Sorry Hoover, just read your post again and can see your DSLR was stolen. I would just buy a new D700 right now for about $2K.

          I had a D300s and have also tried the new D800 from work. After comparing all three cameras I purchased a new D700 to replace the D300s. Extremely happy with the camera purchase however the new extra f2.8 lenses did cost me a pretty penny!

    • Sports

      D600 has clearly the best sensor, but how often would a D700 sensor be inadequate? More than 95% of your pictures will be exactly as good.
      The FEEL of the D600 would disappoint you, each and every time you use it.
      What matters most to you? The everyday pleasure of using your camera or some technical advantage that you can hardly see?
      The lo-price option would be to buy a used D300S……

    • Pull the trigger on the D700 today. Luckily for you, its exactly what you are looking for. If you liked your D300s, the D700 will knock your socks off.

  • PeterO

    Note to Nikon: I sure hope you have boat loads of the D600 ready to ship.

    • The d7000 always had a decent supply, since Nikon is making a full frame with consumer quality they might be able to produce these in mass numbers.

      • PeterO

        With everything we’ve heard about Sendai running at full capacity making the D800(e) and D4, I’m thinking the D600 is being made in Thailand, so you may be right about production numbers. Let’s hope.

        • Sahaja4

          At the rumored price, of course it will be made in Thailand.

  • Lee

    Assuming that the D600 is an FX version of the D7000, the price of the D600 has to be $1900, and I think the $1500 estimates are absurd.

    If you, say, make a 2 x 2 table of the 2 dx cameras – D7000 and the D300S – against their more-or-less FX counterparts – the D600 and D700 – with their release prices, $1200, $1700, $unknown, $2700, you’ll see that the price of $1900 hits right on the mark, in two ways.

    The multiplier between the DX lenses is about 1.417 ($1700/$1200), so using that for the FX bodies would give a price of $1905 (i.e. $2700 / 1.417).

    If you use the difference between the similar spec DX/FX bodies of the D300s and D700, the multiplier is 1.588 ($2700/$1700), and multiply $1200 x 1.588 gives $1905, same price.

    Now, allowing for fluctuation, e.g. Nikon might want to underprice or overprice the body – a little – will give a price between $1800 – $2000, but my money’s on $1900 (or $1899.95, to be exact). There’s no way it’ll be below $1800, sorry folks it just doesn’t make sense.

    Still, a great price and looking forward to it’s release!


    • MB

      FX sensor is up to 500$ more than DX sensor so if all else is the same as D7000 (as it is looking at D600 specs) D600 body should be around 1500$.

      • Lee

        huh? Where did you get the $500 figure from? Unless I’m grossly misinformed, I’ve haven’t seen an FX body for sale from nikon or canon that’s just $500 from it’s DX spec-equivalent-more-or-less counterpart. You can’t look at manufacturing costing. What cameras are you basing your $500 on?


        • MB

          Manufacturing costs depends on quantities so the price difference is somewhere between 350$ to 600$.
          Though this isn’t the only difference (viewfinder is much larger and more expensive, mirror and shutter too) but you should not use existing models as a reference, this is the first plastic consumer FX camera from Nikon and it should be 1500-1600$, my (beer) money’s on $1599.95 😉

          • Lee

            well, to tell you the truth I probably wouldn’t wanna bet against the $1500-$1600 price, purely because I want that to be the price! 😀 But I took the plastic body – along with everything else – into account, when I referred to the comparable-spec-comparison of different models. I just really doubt it’ll be that low, since $1800-$1900 makes a lot more sense, and they’ll still sell-out instantly at that price, so why lower it? That gives them the buffer room for incentives, rebates, etc at a later date. $1500-$1600 is starting at a reduced, rebate-kind-of-price, I just can’t see it happening at all. Here’s hoping though!

            • John

              D7000 has semi-magnesium construction, I thought? Not full metal jacket like pro-bodies, but more than just plastic. Correct?

              Remember, no one thought the D7000 was going to be ‘just’ $1099 at launch. My bet is an aggressive price for this body, maybe even $1399. We are assuming that the sensor is the highest cost for the pro bodies, but maybe it is the actual metal construction/sealing requirements that are cost heavy? Silicon is silicon; manufacturing these sensors in consumer quantities should drive cost down considerably.

            • @John: silicon is silicon, but you get a lot more production errors on larger sensors than on smaller sensors for 2 reasons:
              – if you have 100 sensors on a wafer of a certain size, then 3 errors on it will be at max 3% production loss, if you only have 50 sensors on a wafer, you already have 6% production loss.
              – due to the size of the ASML and Nikon waferscanners/steppers, they can only project a 26x33mm field size. This is too small for an FX sensor (which is 18×35,9mm), thus you need to project one piece on one field, the other part on another field and later glue these together. This is another step that can go wrong…

              You do have a point about manufacturing in consumer quantities, but I’m afraid it isn’t as much as you’d hope.

            • Pablo Ricasso

              Lee, MB, you remember when digital was new that there were plenty of old plastic full frame film cameras with big mirrors and viewfinders selling for less than a couple hundred bucks. Right?
              You also know that if someone makes a (cheap) FX digital then whoever is making the sensor will be making it like they never even thought about doing before. You know that when somebody does the costs tend to drop considerably. The volume and the continued cost drops will negate any current price disparity.
              Also, the change will direct customers to a line of lenses that has been in development for most of a century, with most or all development costs fully amortized. You can see that even Canon wants to play this game.

    • Edubya

      It’s not that your arguments don’t make sense, but you’re failing to take into account unknown changes in sensor manufacturing costs. And, until now, all the FX bodies were built in Japan, but if the D600 is built in China or Thailand, manufacturing costs will be lower than previous models. You also can’t forget the marketing value of offering the first inexpensive digital full frame body. The 5D MKIII may suffer as a result.

  • GTG

    Try the the D700 you will fall in love is the best

    • Jake

      The D700 is a four year old camera. It’s lacking in resolution and features. It was the best camera four years ago, but there are better ones now.

      • What do you need resolution for? 12MP is more than enough unless you’re printing 300DPI billboards.

      • John

        Jake, what lacking features are you talking about? Are you not a real photographer but one of those gadget fans out there?

  • shoreline view

    Not thrilled about the AF sensor on the D600, and also a bit skeptical of them apparently using the D7000 body almost uncooked, which means a rather small and uncomfortable handgrip. Otherwise it looks like an excellent deal. Wonder if they’ll regurgitate the D3x sensor, update it, or use something new?

    • PeterO

      “Not thrilled about the AF sensor on the D600”

      Why, have you used one? Do you think that Nikon hasn’t upgraded the AF module that they used in the D7000. If they have any sense at all, they would have read all the comments on the multiple Nikon forums where every second person mentions how poor focus is in low light. The D3X sensor is history and isn’t being made anymore.

      • MB

        I have D7000 and AF works as well as the older D300 low light or not. The problem some people have (including myself) is poor QC, but after repair (tuning) at Nikon service center AF works flawlessly. Unfortunately same problem has been seen on D800 so Nikon should really improve on final assembly inspection and I am sure they will do that.

  • karel

    B.G. I have a D90 and a D7000 and I use them alot, I too am looking into the new D600 but waiting for some feed back and field testing. Patience is the name of the game in this buisness, but if you feel the need to upgrade the D7000 is a good choice and all your lenes will work.

  • TR

    It’s sad to see that Nikon has apparently saved on the number of buttons. I have had high hopes for a higher ISO replacement for my D300, but concerning the handling the D600 seems not to be an alternative. So I will have to wait until something like a D700 replacement comes.

    It’s good that the D600 still has an AF motor. The bulky AF-S lenses may be nice to impress your friends, but not they are not very convenient for taking pictures (not to mention the painfully slow autofocus of the 1.4/50 AF-S).

  • PeterO

    Here are some very positive first impressions of the new 24-85 that will most likely be the kit lens with the D600:

  • Evan

    I wonder if ken ‘best in the world’ rockwell already pre-ordered it and so will clearly be the 1st in the universe to use it. Though since it is more than .5 MP and doesn’t use film which must be developed at a ridiculous fucking cost I don’t know why the hell he’d even bother.

    • Sahaja

      There is a mode dial with a green Auto setting. He will love it.

    • Be nice!

      Not touching an item has never been a barrier to Ken’s ability to review it.

  • poizen22

    NOOOOOOOOOOOO there is a wheel lock on the mode dial. i hope thats not in the final version.

    • Sahaja4

      Why – you don’t have a finger to press it?

      Others moan about the mode dial on the D7000 turning by itself.

      • Phill

        The mode dial on my d7000 was ALWAYS getting knocked to a different mode. It drove me insane!

  • JZ

    Very disappointed with the Mode wheel, rather see buttons like D4, D800, D700, D300s. White Balance and ISO changes are so much quicker with buttons rather than menu selection. Guess it is all up to the D400 now to produce a pro level D300 replacement. Nikon please make the D400 a mini D800 with the same button layout!

    • Yoan

      I have a D90 which has a similar button layout to the D7000 and there ARE buttons for changing WB and ISO.

      • JZ

        ah, I hadn’t noticed that they double up the buttons. It would just be teaching an old dog new tricks to move from a D300 to this new button layout.

  • Flo

    As a d7000 user, I would be ecstatic if the body is the same and it uses the same battery/grip!

    Little bummed if it is the same AF sensor, the d7000 sensor while good is not “great” compared to “pro” nikons.

    Everything else about the d7000 I love. Just give me some sweet FF action and some better video (and audio controls) and this camera is mine!!

    Not sure if I sell the 7000 or keep as a backup…

    • Sahaja

      It looks like it is essentially an updated D7000 with an FX sensor, mirror assembly and prism. They may have put a better AF module in as well.

      I thinlk those who like the D7000 will love this camera

    • Sparkplug


      I own a D7000 with the MB-D11. It would be fantastic, if I could reuse it.

      My wishes for the D600:

      – Better Autofocus
      – Better noise @ ISO1600
      – Magnesium Body (partially or fully)
      – A dial wheel like D300s, D700, D800, D4, etc. It’s just great to have something like that.
      – Obviously the FF-Sensor

      • Z

        For the upcoming D600, I wish only 2 things from different from D800:

        – Model badge changed from D800 to D600
        – Price label changed from $3000 to $1500

        Pleeaaseee Nikon, let it become true.

        I can almost hear the above. Ha, ha, ha 🙂

  • Simon

    Looks cheap! No to that mode wheel..

    • jorg

      it is a cheap camera!
      it is not a new D700 or D300

  • Anonymous Maximus

    Can anyone please explain why smaller FX body is so exciting, while the lenses still remain bulky even in comparison with a D700 or D800?

    For those who are planning to buy a D600,

    * Are you going to use it only with the smallest primes like 50mm f/1.8?
    * Or will you like to have more of a monocular appearance, say with a 70-200mm rather than the classic camera T-profiled shape?
    * Have you thought how badly it will point downwards when on your neck or while holding from its strap even attached a medium sized lens, lacking the weight to counter-balance?
    * Have you thought adding a battery grip will only increase the camera’s height but not the width which is essential for ergonomics?

    • Flo

      I like the compact body of the d7000…

      I use plenty of full frame “bulky” lenses with it.

      With the battery grip it hangs quite well with heavy glass, I have used the 24-70, 70-200, 105DC, ect with no problems.

      Will they balance better on a D4? Sure. But I don’t think many people looking at the 600 own the most exotic heavy full frame glass.

      They are more than likely to have the lightweight variable aperture lenses.

      • Anonymous Maximus


        Imo, D700 has been in the optimum size for FX. D3 & D4 are unnecessarily bulky, and D600 will feel too small unless cw. the smallest primes (eg. 50mm f/1.8 or 24mm f/2.8).

        I’m afraid even the new 24-85mm VR will be at the edge regarding lens/body size issue. YMMV though…

        • jorg

          i do not think the D600 will be as tiny as people fear. D800 weighs only 50 grams more, not a lot.

          • exactly


            People are worrying about the size. It will probably fall in between D7000 and D800 as the rumored weight suggests.

    • Big J

      Gonna be using a 50mm 1.4 on it and a 105mm with my Lowepro 102 AW and if walking about an RS-7 (and not a neckstrap). And I held the D800 (for long periods of time) already with an old Nikkor 24-70mm and it’s not heavy. And this will be a good camera in my opinion for street photography because of it’s small size and less likely to scare/surprise people when it’s pulled out in public. If you got a problem with weight or ergonomics, get a grip on it and if it too heavy use a mono/tripod with it. Or you can just grow some muscle if less than 1.5 kgs/3.3lbs (overall) bothers you that much.

  • Les

    Is this the beginning of the end of DX, for example will the D3300 have a FX sensor?
    RIP DX??????

    • Z

      No, because in a few months, 24mp D400 (in the exact shape of D300s) will resurrect the impression of DX !

      D200 -> D300 -> D400.

      Pro DX will live forever…

      • HansD

        … yes, and that is the probably the one DX with mirror type that will last. We might see a D5200 as well but it will mark the end of a serie.

    • HansD

      … may be (see my post below). Nikon is not going to through away the DX line up of lenses. My reasoning would be that Nikon is making its money in the consumer/amateur mass market. To be succesfull they increasingly have to:
      – focus on smaller size, less weight, ease of use, etc.
      – fancy (marketing) features
      – upgrade customers from compact to DX P&S to FX amateur
      – lower prices (lower cost)

      One why to tackle this is to introduce series of lower price/cost mirrorless DX bodies and a lower price/cost FX bodies, all F mount.

      We have a few indicators to support this idea:
      – lower cost FX lenses and bodies are on the way
      -newer FX bodies have improved support for DX-lenses
      – Nikon 1 is not the answer to m4/3 and other mirrorless offerings
      – Nikon 1 proves that the IQ is almost there
      – Pentax is taking this route and also Sony in a way
      – Canon is probably undergoing the same struggle
      – C

      • HansD

        … forgot to mention:

        – little or no progess in pro-type DX lenses.

  • HansD

    This doesn’t look like having the traditonal huge FX viewvinder. In fact the whole body looks rather small. So either this is a picture of a DX camera (D7000/D300 replacement?) or Nikon managed to squeeze an FX camera in a DX body.

    That would be very nice and could indicate the end of DX-DSLR (may be continuing one enthousisast model) and the upcoming of a series of Nikon DX-mirrorless amateur/enthousiast mass market F mount bodies.

    And why wouldn’t we like and want an FX mirrorless camera?

    What do you think ?

    • Z

      FX mirrorless is welcome, only if it may enable smaller lenses than that of today’s.

      • HansD

        It don’t think Nikon (nor Canon) would or could affort to introduce a new mount. DX and FX mirrorless is for mass market amateurs who buy one big zoom (and may be one wide angle) lens. The DX F-mount 18-200 isn’t much bulkier than the m4/3 or even Nikon 1 equivalent. So I don’t think there is a real need to introduce a new mount just to have a slightly lens bulky lens and camera.

        • Z

          I didn’t mean new mount, yet same F mount but smaller lenses designated for mirrorless FX.

          Difference can be mostly seen in wide to normal angle, that previously camera mirror wouldn’t allow any protrusion into the box. Leica M vs. R, or Mamiya 7 vs. RZ lens size are some example.

      • Les

        Given the cheap plastic 70- 300mm f/4-5.6G non VR is fine for FX, Nikon just need to make a cheap plastic 24-70 lens for FX. Just include these as a kit lenses for the D3300 and kiss goodbye to DX. Canon then will need to follow and drop crop sensors.

        • +1000 !

        • Phill

          you mean the new 24-85?

    • Sahaja

      DX bodies already have a mount originally designed for FX (35mm film), so it is really not all that difficult to squeeze an FX sensor into a DX size body.

  • bionic liver

    nikon has to keep enthusiasm up for dslrs, especially as mirrorless cameras are creeping towards FF’d sensors themselves, and taking market share to boot. …and as nikon has decided not to offer a large-sensored mirrorless product.

    a 1500USD FF nikon-quality camera would generate quite a bit of that needed consumer excitement. gravity on planet nikon will have been upped a G or so if the D600 materializes.

    • HansD

      … has Nikon decided not to offer a large-sensor mirroless product? Did I missed an offical statement from Nikon?

      • schwing

        please point us to one then, hans.

  • Astroholic

    I f new am glad the D600 is not the size of a d800 or D700. I don’t have ginormous hands, and I struggle with reaching the EL/FL button on my D90.

    My point being: ergonomics are different for different people and something that is too small and cramped for you, fits someone else like a glove.

    I believe that it does indeed have a prism. When compared to my D90, the lens mount has been moved further down on the camera, almost flush with the bottom edge. This leaves more room for a prism without having to raise the viewfinder/flash bump. Also, you can see the focus screen is pretty much flush with the lens contact pads whereas on the D90, it is recessed. Lastly, I think they did raise the viewfinder bump because when I hold the d90 at the same angle, the viewfinder/flash bump looks flatter and shorter.

    Perfect camera for me to upgrade to from the D90. Almost identical control layout and same form factor, at half he price of theD800.

  • i just wanna see the back. this is the camera that saved me from going canon

  • catinhat

    Hey lucky D800 owners who also have used D7000. Could you tell me please if D800 renders skin tones similarly to D7000. Thanks.

  • Proff

    Looks like the D600 is missing the Flash sync terminal cover.

    • MB

      That is because D600 does not have PC sync terminal.

      • Proff

        Good job Sherlock. In other words its not a good choice for pros. Go back to deliverance.

        • MB

          It isn’t intended for pros my dear Watson. And I don’t play banjo but violin 😉

          • Big J

            What are the marks on the plastic flaps on the side. I see a “Headphone” on the top one (I think) and there’s 2 more I see, one that has an L-shape of sorts and a smaller flap to it just adjacent. Can’t in that small part of the L-shaped flap have a flash sync port there? And what do you see as the marks on all 3 may I ask?

            • malchick743

              Same here, except one thing. Nikon has never parted the PC sync and N8 remote terminals on its previous models. So while it is OK for NIkon to follow the Canon style (ie. to incorporate PC terminal somewhere behind those side flaps) it would be the first to bundle the PC terminal with say an N10 remote terminal instead of the usual N8 type. Not a bad thing though, nevertheless.

        • Nick

          Not a choice for pros? Ever heard of a radio transmitter? Sorted.

          • Big J

            Just remembered that. Also maybe the PC sync with be with the “Eye-Fi” that it’ll feature (or using the WU-1a).

    • Daf

      Nor shutter release port.
      BUT – there does seem to be an IR window just above the D600 badge – so possibly going back to IR trigger of the D70.

      Not the best. (since I’ve bought a radio trigger that plugs into said port)

      • malchick743

        There will in fact be a shutter release port but not in the N8 (10-pin) terminal as pros would prefer. Most likely the N10 terminal (same as in D7000) would be featured. This also means you’ll have to resort to third-party remote options (eg. Photix) if you prefer something like an MC-36.


    I have a hunch about why we’re not being shown the screen…

    It will be an articulating screen. Simple as that.

    Setting the lineup up as follows:

    D4 – flagship.
    D800/E – high mp super camera.
    D800s – D700 replacement.
    D600 – entry level FX, articulating screen

    D7100 – D300s replacement, with body similar to D800
    D5200 – same as D600, but with DX sensor
    D3200 – entry level DSLR

    • jorg

      i like that!!

  • Rodolfo

    The body looks very similar to the D7000. Would be nice if it did not have the “dial” knob to switch from M A S P modes. Or if they do go with this version, please have some lock mechanism to prevent the dial from switching over to a different mode. I carry two bodies over my shoulders and it is very frustrating to have this knob switch over to a different mode when running around at weddings.

  • Cody

    Will the d600 have a round eye piece like the d800 and d4?

  • I’ll be holding on to my D700 for the time being, trying not to be enticed 😀

  • Adrian

    I’m in the same boat as several users here, looking for a D90 upgrade. The D90 is great and I plan to keep it but I often shoot events and catwalk in less than ideal light that frequently pushes the D90 to ISO 3,200. Even then the shutter speed drops to unacceptably low levels. This is with 2.8 zooms. So, I need a second, and which will become the main, body.

    I considered a D7000. Much better low-light and a great camera. BUT. I would also like:

    1) Improved DOF qualities
    2) Very good colour rendition and quality
    3) 100% VF

    I have no need for video at all.

    The D800 is brilliant I’m sure. Just a lot more than I need I think. I’m still pondering though. The 36MP sensor file sizes are a real turn off though, but it’s mainly paying for lots I don’t need.

    The D700 fits the bill very well I think. But it’s 4 years old now. That doesn’t make it bad in any way and if I had one, I very much doubt I’d change. BUT, I’m looking to buy now. In 5 years time the camera will be 9 years old and that is the length of time at least that I try to hold on to ‘tech’ for. Be it laptops or cameras etc.

    The D600 seems like it might be what I need. Things that do concern me about though are potentially:

    a) Inferior build quality over the 700
    b) Dropping of many ‘direct access’ buttons to menus
    c) What AF they use on it

    It’s one of those infernal questions that no-one will know the answers to until this camera arrives. Im sure it will also be a great camera but will it be a 700 replacement or a further stepping stone into FX? Given the price points of the Nikon range and with the D600 (maybe $2,000 with a lens?) I still have a feeling it leaves room for a $2,000 – $2,200 ‘body only’ slot for a D700 replacement. But there is no sign of that yet and while I’m not desperate I can’t wait another year or two.

    Common sense says wait and see what the D600 brings. Impatience says go out and buy the D700 now that I can get for $1,800 (Malaysia). It’s a dilemma really. I’d hate to buy the D700 and find that the D600 is actually better in many ways, equally I’d hate to wait for the 600 only to find that it doesn’t fit what I need and miss out on the 700 (bargain price now), they are disappearing fast. And of course there is the 800…………

    Round and round in never ending circles I go 🙁

    • Adrian

      Couple of points I forgot that also frustrate the buying decision:

      Firstly, many will say that at under $2,000 the 700 is a great buy compared to its price when released. On the other hand, advances in technology often mean that more is available for less now compared to several years ago. The lower price of the 600 compared to 700 may not actually therefore equate to inferior technical capability. One of the arguments I’ve seen against waiting for the 600.

      What I really would like is the D700 replacement. I am just not sure the 800 or even the 600 is it.

    • burgerman

      >>>The D800 is brilliant I’m sure. Just a lot more than I need I think. I’m still pondering though. The 36MP sensor file sizes are a real turn off though, but it’s mainly paying for lots I don’t need.

      If you dont want the big files, extra quality etc, just shoot at 20mp… And gain in lower noise, better sharpness than any native 20mp image due to the interpolation negating the low pass and bayer array pattern. Win win…

      And the rubbish about smaller raws is just that. You use raws because you want the best quality possible! Why work with a shrunken one? Shrink the output file, and delete the raw afterwards for best quality. And with 14.4 stops of DR you dont really need raw anyway. Just turn down exposure and contrast, sharpness and colour a little and use and edit the jpgs…

  • C. Norris

    another useless FX body! geez Nikon, give us more DX please and more available colors.. not just red and black. Pink, green and yellow would be awesome! also more 18~ DX zooms please!

    • Mr T

      + 1

  • Adrian

    I suppose on the one hand you could think that the 600 will replace the 700 given that it’s perhaps not unreasonable to assume, with advances is technology, that a camera costing approx $1,700 could produce images as good as if not better than a camera costing $1,000 4-5 years before.

    Equally, if Nikon (rather than users) don’t announce the 600 as a 700 replacement you have to wonder in what ways the 600 will be inferior to the 700, otherwise it would seem difficult for Nikon to expect sales of the 700 until it is replaced if the 600 is as good in every way.

    So many ‘what ifs’ 🙁

    • PeterO

      Adrian, I think the “what if’s” are going to continue because Nikon seems to be using a different strategy which has paid off well. Where Canon and the others are continuing to bring modest progressive upgrades to market, Nikon seems to be leapfrogging around with game changers like the D800. This makes them unpredictable – which is a good thing. So instead of giving us a D700s, they’re giving us a D800 and D600. The demand is obvious from all the preorder lists and traffic on various forums. I’m not saying this is good or bad, but just the way it is and we the customers have to decide which models fit our needs best. There will never be a single camera that will satisfy each individual’s needs. Nikon knows this and takes advantage of it. How else would they continue to make money if none of us ever upgraded?

  • John Cordileone

    If the D800 and the D600 aren’t the intended replacements for the D700. What does anyone think will? Perhaps D700x or s ????? And, when?

  • sei

    Various camera brands have discover that stupid users tend to spend $$$ only to have a new number on their camera.
    The wise users instead tend to buy an new old camera at half price.
    I read people bought Nikon d800 and changed to canon because they don’t feel it :-0.
    And other people changing the canon mark II for the mark III that has the same(maybe worst) raw and jpeg quality.
    I repeat, there are crazy people in the world and Reflex producer know it.

  • Adrian

    Peter: I think your’e right, problem for me is I can’t decide if the D800 is actually what I need given that what I really want is an updated D700. I don’t think the 800 is it. Neither do I think the 600 will be. I’d be happy to upgrade, but to what? Original D700, wait for the D600, D800?? I’d hate to opt for any and then find in 6 months the updated 700 DOES get released. I still think there is a gap there.

    • Antti

      My sentiments exactly. I, for one, will be buying a second hand D700, they are quite cheap right now and should keep me happy for some time. Besides the somewhat limited resolution it’s perfect for me otherwise.

  • gorgonzola

    I think many of us are stuck in this no mans land limbo. I am for one …I have the D300 ….the ONLY real issue I have with this camera is the Noise at higher ISO that is an issue at weddings when there is no real good light and using flash is just not applicable.

    I am fearing I will never see this replacement or the upgrade to FX at this moment in time is either too expensive or risky D600. I am hoping I will score a cheap D700 second hand but that means changing my glass …


  • Dominique Dierick

    Weird, a brand new FX camera with an older AF-D lens.

    • Antti Kasanen

      They just want to show that the camera has AF motor as it’s still under some speculation.

  • I myself would love to see them use the D7000 body for a D600. That would make my 7000 a backup to the 600 and the layout being the same would be a bonus too us D7000 users.

  • Adrian

    On quite a few forums you will see people say “if you can afford it get the 800” when talking about a 700 upgrade. For some, that might be right. But the ONLY thing I’m really interested in upgrading from the D90 for is low-light performance. The other positives will mostly come by default when switching to an FX (DOF and colour rendition, IQ etc etc).

    The more I think, I realise the crux of the matter for me is that there is a price difference of $1,100 here between the 800 and 700 and for me the 800 doesn’t deliver $1,100 worth of low-light improvement. From what I read it seems the 800 is either the same or marginally better in terms of low-light unless cropping really hard, and I rarely do. I would only spend the extra $1,100 on a significant, not marginal performance in low-light over the 700. The low-light users are still waiting for their model I believe.

    I suppose the 600 COULD be it, with 24MP and a better sensor. The issue there would perhaps be how much will it cost and how many corners they may have to cut if it is to come in at $1,500 for body only. If it’s $2,000 ‘body only’ it might carry enough features perhaps not to be too ‘entry’ level compared to the 700.

    I’m still sorely tempted to go for a 700 now. I have a feeling that despite being old tech it will still be a class camera, esp next to the 600. For me the 600 would be a contender again ONLY if low-light performance was significantly better than the 700 AND it wasn’t to cut back functionality and quality wise. At the price being aimed at I’m not sure it can be. A few weeks back the 700 was still a $2,700 camera ‘body only’. Is it possible the 600 can compete at $1,500 today, even with technology advances?

    I suppose that it still makes sense to wait, maybe the 700 will drop further if the 600 gets close to it performance wise. Then again, the 700 might then be very hard to get.

    • Drazen B.

      I’m in exactly the same boat as you…and believe me there would be hundreds if not thousands of others sharing the similar conundrum.

      There are not many hard D600 specs confirmed so far, most of them are speculations and guesswork. It may come with some wonderful features but one thig’s for sure – it won’t have the same or even near pro-level AF system quality as D700, which inherited its AF from its older siblings D3/D3S. The body is unlikely to be of the same high-end quality, of which the look and feel and handling in general is unlikely to be of the D700 body.

      Sure, D700 lacks HD video capabilities D600 is likely to come with, but D700 is for taking photos, and was never intended for video. I use my Panasonic HD camcorder for videos anyway. Also, 24MP is more than 12MP yes, but I’d rather have a top of the line proven and trusted performer at 12MP than new boy on the block with 24MP.

      D700 is a pro-level camera, D600 is aimed at enthusiast and will come with bells and whistles to fit that particular market specifically, but IMO it won’t be at D700 level…simple as that 🙂

    • Big J

      The price of the D700 being $2700 is all about supply and demand. I found a few months ago several D700s going for <$2200 brand new body only. When there's less, the price on It goes up. And there is a chance it will compete in technology because as we all know technology advances and things are cheaper to make overtime with newer machinery that best uses the materials it has in order to save while increasing profit. Pretty sure people had the same thinking with older models that were surpassed by newer models. Plus, the price is speculated, although several features have been confirmed about it already.

      @Drazen B.: Even though it'll be new, all things start somewhere at some time.There's nothing wrong with the D700 in it's capabilities, but it reaches a point where something better (or in its particular specs) of a D-SLR that will appeal to certain people more. For example chances are it won't have a full magnesium-alloy body like the D700. But for me that's fine, not gonna go to rugged areas with it thus I'll be saving lots of money that in turn could be spent on buying accesories for it like glass or flashes. Stick with what you feel most comfortable with I say, but doesn't hurt to try the new stuff either to keep learning new and more interesting things as technology advances.

      • Drazen B.

        Big J…this was kinda my point, yes.

        It all comes down to personal prefs and what makes you tick.

    • Joopey

      I am in the same boat as you. I want to buy a D700 but I’m waiting to see what the D600 has to offer first. Personally, I would love to have a D700s that performs as well as the current D700 but is 16.2mp and adds video. I don’t shoot video but it seems to be a standard feature these days. In fact keep the same body, just upgrade the sensor and i think for most of us that would be all the upgrade we desire. Price it at $2,499.00 and I think it will sell well.

  • Dr Motmot

    If this was in a D300 sized body I would have been tempted but not a D7000 body – the grip is seriously uncomfortable when using heavy lenses.

  • jen

    hate the dial on top!

    • Drazen B.

      It’s not that bad. I own D7000 and the top-bottom dial combo actually works very well. It takes some time getting used to but once you get ‘into’ it it’s great.

      I still prefer the D7000/D600 dual-dial combo over an entry level single multipurpose dial like the one found of D3x00/D5x00 consumer cameras.

      The new D600 will most likely slot into budget-level FX lineup, so the fact it doesn’t inherit some of the features from its pro-level line is understandable.

  • Coer

    Looks nice and cant see any problem using big lenses on this body depending how small/big your hands are.

    Using a d5100 with afs 24-70 2.8 and afs 70-300 with no problem bigger linses then that then its tripod time.

    So a d7000 body would work for me 🙂

    • RRRoger

      A d7000 body would work for me too 🙂

      Where are the pictures for the back of the D600?

  • Athonline

    I was planning for a D800 at the end of the year, but with this camera coming I will go the cheap route and get this instead.
    In the photo, I can see an AF-motor like in my D90 (that little “screwdriver”)…maybe it will have AF for non AF-S lenses…

    A cousin of mine, is the regional head of Nikon service, as far as he knows from some technical reports, Nikon is testing a camera which is in a near-production stage…he didn’t share anything else with me regarding the specs of the camera.

  • Big J

    Disappointed so far that there hasn’t been any official announcement on pre-orders although it was mentioned to occur (well rumored anyway) at the end of June and start of July. Let’s hope that this month it’ll happen or at least hear something from Nikon about it. Already Canon posted about their “rival” to the D600 already (naturally). Just want Nikon to at least give out some concrete info about it already like accesories, batteries, grips, memory cards for it.

  • Evan Richardson

    This probably isn’t the place to ask, but I’ll do it anyway. The last body I owned was a D200. I shoot portrait and glamour work occasionally as well as landscape. I haven’t shot for a few years as I was in the military deployed and then working full time. I am looking to buy a new camera, and at first wanted the D800, but for the amount I shoot, it was too expensive. I’m seriously considering the d600 as the price point seems right for me, but I’m wondering the following:

    Will the body be the same size as the d800/d700/d4 (obviously not as tall as the d4 unless you use a grip.) I don’t want something tiny like a d40 or what not. I’ve got pretty big hands, and can’t handle tiny cameras, and while I plan on getting the grip either way, I can’t really tell the size in the images if it’s going to be similar or not.

    Also, how likely is this to compare to the D800 in terms of IQ? of course it won’t be 36MP but I don’t need that many.. 24 is fine for the work I do.


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