Nikon 800mm f/5.6 lens detailed specs and price *updated*

The new Nikon 800mm f/5.6 lens is listed on a Swiss online store with a price of CHF 9937 (around USD 10,200). The site has also some additional specs that were not made official yet:

Lens design 15 elements in 12 groups (including three ED glass lenses, one Nano Crystal Coat element and one meniscus protective glass)
Minimum focusing distance: 600cm
Filter size: 62mm
Focus: AF
Dimensions: 166 x 455mm
Weight: 5060g (178 oz)
Delivery: Lens Hood HK-29, wide belts lens, lens cap, rear lens cap, lens case metal-CF-606, 52 mm filter holder, gelatin filter holder

If those specs are are correct, the new 800mm lens will have a size, weight and price similar the current 600mm f/4G ED VR.

Update: the store contacted and confirmed that they just "guessed" the price and specs of the lens - this rumor is busted.

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  • texasjoe

    So the filter is 62mm but it come with a 52mm filter holder?

    • Global

      Yeah, I don’t get this either. Anyone can explain?

  • So around 6500 GBP. Cheaper than i thought!

    • Toecutter

      Closer to 8000 GBP by the time you add the VAT

      • El Aura

        You have subtract the Swiss VAT (8%) before adding the UK VAT (20%). I end up with 7300 GBP.

        • Toecutter

          Isnt that closer to 8000 than 6500?

          • El Aura

            When you round 7300, you either end up at 7500 or 7000. Sure, 9% too high is closer then 11% too low but the mathematics aren’t really that difficult that getting two significant digits correct isn’t really too much to ask for.

        • Toecutter

          The price Phil uses is the $10,000 USD est.price,not the Swiss price

  • NikoFanboy

    HI Admin,

    Thanks for the update. I guess Swiss guys have just taken the specs of 600mm and edited it a bit based on the previous 800mm f/5.6 AIS specs.

    I cant image this lens being offered at $10,200. This just a gimick to draw internet traffic i suppose.

    Admin do you know when it will be released officially?

    thanks once again.

    • I compared the specs – the dimensions, included accessories and filter size are different.

      • NikoFanboy

        HI Admin,

        Nikon CT-606 is a 600mm case. How can they use the same for the 800mm Glass? Atleast they might use a different naming convention to differentiate the lens?
        Also the minimum focus distance is about 20feet ? Is it what is standard for 800mm?
        Admin, is there any info about the release date for this monster?

        • Maddog

          I have the old manual focus version of this lens and the minimum focus is 27 feet, but of course they could be doing something different here if the specs real….

  • Stefan Somogyi

    This is a typing error in the shop. Check the focal length below that shows 600mm. Focal length on full frame sensors (35mm): 600mm
    Focal length in APS-C/APS-H/DX/FT/Foveon: 900mm

  • That’s considerably less than I was expecting, in fact it’s cheaper than a 600mm VR!

  • OleM Helgesen

    “wide belts lens” should be “wider lens strap”

  • clouddog

    I just checked the Online-shop and the lens isn’t listed anymore.

  • Matrix

    FYI: the store is called Digitec, is located in different cities in Switzerland and is well known for having early access to new gear at affordable pricing. I can vouch for them as the best we have in the country.

    • I believe this page is not linked from their main website – it was found by a reader.

  • RG

    If you check out the 600mm specs, it’s got the same weight and diameter. Only the length is different.
    And since it’s already gone in the shop, I doubt that Digitec has some extra info here.

  • lumelix

    It’s from digitec, one of the bigger online-shops in Switzerland.
    They have sometimes listet articles which are currently not announced or available.
    As you can see, it is the same dimension and weight than the AFS 600mm, the focal length for FX is also 600 mm. This is wrong.
    This is thus a copy of the data of the AFS 600 mm in preparation. The data and the price will probably not be correct.

  • Kim Olsen

    Won’t be surprised if it’s sold for 20.000$ here in norway…

  • Anaderuan

    That price is just ridiculuos, when you can get 378-1080mm f5.6 for a fraction of that price (V1 + ft-1 + 70-200 VR II + TC-20E III) or even cheaper 189-810mm (V1 + ft-1 + 70-300).

    • Ray

      And can you believe Nikon still charge hundreds or even thousands for camera bodies when you get one for free in most phones? You’re right, totally ridiculous!

      • D600=$1499

        Lols, I am not smart enough!

      • Orb Emmel

        I hope he gets sarcasm…

        Now the debate will be:
        800mm f/5.6
        600mm f/4 + TC-14…

        I have no opinion…

  • Maji

    If it really sells for $12,000 or less, I would consider that a good price. Unfortunately, it is not something I can still afford 🙂

  • Dedi

    They have taken down the price (now listed for 1 Mio CHF temporary). It’s just a preorder dummy probably with specs which will get adjusted.

  • Pablo Ricasso

    This is a positive development because it means that everyone with a Swiss bank account can soon preorder one.

  • nikoniko7
  • Gary Irwin

    Because the 800mm is f5.6′ it’s very similar in size, length and weight to the f4 600mm. The Canon 800mm has a similar MFD of 6m.

  • Wilson

    Well I guess it’s time to whore myself out to 102 fat chicks for $100 a pop oorrrr whore myself out to 10.2 REALLLLYYY fat chicks for $1000 a pop

  • I know this shop well, this is where I use to buy most of my photographic equipment and computer stuff because they are quite cheap.

    They mostly use to add new photo products a couple of days after they are announced even if they are then many months unavailable, but this is the first time I saw that they published a not yet announced product!

    Anyway, now they removed it, they surely had a look to Nikonrumors…

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