Nikon D800 + Nikon D7000 = Nikon D600

The German magazine Fotomagazin has a special Photokina report that includes also a new front view image of the Nikon D600. The picture is probably photoshopped, but it's a very close representation of how the real D600 will look. You can see the entire article here (in German) - the text is just a repetition of what I have been reporting in the past few months.

The upcoming Nikon D600 DSLR camera will probably be a mix of D800 and D7000:

Nikon D600 compared to the Nikon D7000

The D600 seems to have a dedicated video recording button and headphones jack like the D800.

Here is a Nikon D800 and D600 size comparison sent by a reader - it's not the best in terms of proportions due to the angle of the leaked D600 images:

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  • oldtimer

    What camera have all those folks complaining about D600 small size been using in the film era? Cameras were small – did you whine this much back then?
    Get a D4 or D800 at least if you’re so PRO and most importantly get a grip!! Jeez

    • Joe

      The Nikon F5 is a pretty formittable beast.

      • Yes but the Nikon FA and FM2 (for example) were positively minuscule compared to anything except the D3000/D5000.

        I’d love Nikon to release a “Nikon FA with digital sensor” (manual focus would be fine).

        • Vandyu

          +1 on the FA digital version.

        • gsum

          The FA was fantastic and it would be great to see a digital version but I’d go for a digital FM. The problems is that Nikon would not be able to keep up with the demand for such a camera. Pity their marketing dept doesn’t seem to realise this.

    • Vandyu

      If Nikon gave us a D600 that’s basically the size of the D7000, they’ve got my attention. One thing I really enjoyed about using my Nikon FA film SLR with the MD15 motordrive, and later the D70s and D80, was the size plus feature-packed body at a price I could afford. I’m an enthusiast, not a pro, but I’d really like to see what the D600 will offer as an entry into full-format digital photography.

  • Choong

    The leaked d600 front view is shoot with wide angle so the body cap look bigger. The actual size is expected similar to d7000.

  • Pablo

    I Flipo with comments so the old Ed d700, d600 is the enhanced 7dk, apparently you seem most professional sports photographers. The cameras are to fulfill a social function and heal your landlord does not give the order. What does a monkey with a d4 or d700 or balls that you please at a wedding. Personally do not change my 7dk with the 70-200vr ii by any market innovation and sales. Nikon Adorno, perp mad love what I do with them

  • Pablo Ricasso

    You tell em, bro!

    • Pablo Ricasso harder


  • Dweeb

    Wonder if it takes the same 400 dollar grip, 200 dollar release, and 300 dollar GPS?

    • Josh

      My guess is it will either take the same grip as the D7000 or have its own for around $250-$300. The D600 is too small to take the D800 grip.

  • d40shooter

    D600 the size of D7000? too bad, the D40 size is perfect!

    • Anonymous Maximus

      Yes, only to use with a 50mm f/1.8 🙂

  • D

    Our local page from slovenia is starting preorders, I got d800 from them at the end of march and they are reputable. The cost is 1799 euros. This will be for europe, that is 2 235.6 U.S. dollars.

    • Flo

      my guess is right under $2000 in the US.


  • feignphoto

    I seriously hope it doesn’t have the low-end mode dial… I’m rooting for a D800 with lower resolution, higher FPS. That’s all… A mode button will do just fine.

    • Josh

      Didn’t you look at the pictures? It has the same mode dial as the D7000.

  • Frank

    Hmmm, actually I tried to buy a D700 but there are stock problems in the German market. The body of the D600 looks like plastic, not like a Pro Cam. And I’m missing the left top panel to adjust ISO etc. (like D200/D300/D700…). D800 is far to expensive for my budget. Why there is no real sucessor of the D700?

    Little disappointed about this.

    • Josh

      Here is why the D800 is what is. Canon’s 5D MarkII almost completely took over the pro wedding/portrait/event business and out sold the D700 by a significant margin. The D700 was better than the 5D mark II in almost every way but one. It had significantly less resolution. In fact Canon is just catching up to the D700 now with it’s 5D III.

      Nikon realized people were willing to trade more advanced AF, better Dynamic rage and a whole host of advanced features for more resolution. So Nikon decide they would give people the highest resolution in any DSLR to date while keeping and improving the other advanced features as well. Then they did something really surprising. They priced the camera at a mere $3000, $1000 less than was expected. As could easily be predicted this combo has D800’s selling so fast Nikon can’t make enough of them to keep the camera in stock at retailers. The D800 is the camera that most Nikon shooters using D700’s have been waiting for since the 5D mark II’s release.

      Most people don’t need anything over 4 or 5 fps and are much better served with higher resolution than with more FPS and indeed most people will sacrifice a great deal of other features including fps to get higher resolution. Nikon has realized this and that is why the D3200 is 24 megapixels and why it is likely the rest of the DX line will be as well.

      BTW if the D800 was a spiritual successor to the D700 with say 16 mega pixels and 8 FPS it still would probably be about the same price as the D800 and out of your budget anyway.

  • Ben Rogan

    Looking at the pictues here i can’t see why Nikon’s 3rd highest current camera would have a basic mode select dial like the D7000. Even the “suposed” D400 has the more profesional one.

    • Josh

      Because the whole point of the D600 is that it will be first truly affordable FX camera. In order to achieve this Nikon is basically just putting a FX sensor in a D7000 body. It is going to sell for less than $2000. Probably around $1500 or $16oo. It is not supposed to be a pro camera. It is an entry level full frame.

      • Frank

        … so I’m glad that a found a retailer who sells me a D700 for approx. 1,800 EUR ( 2,200 USD). From my perspective the better choice (I don’t really need the pixels).

        • Izzy

          Hey Frank,
          I’m also in Germany and have been looking for a d700 with the same problems as you. Could you let me know the retailer you found?

          Thank you!

          • Frank

            I bought this cam at recoon (1850 EUR). They are also out of stock now.

  • lucretius

    I wish Nikon would come out with a homage of the FM3A but with a FF digital back.

  • Really pulling for this one to be a winner. I dropped my D7000 in the ocean a couple of weeks ago while shooting in Mexico and am SO bummed about it, but would love to have something like this to save up for.

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