Pimped up Nikon D4

Just a quick add-on to my weekend post - a pimped up Nikon D4 from pimpyourcam.com (some images on the site are NSFW):

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  • north

    Nice art and finish, but not my style.

    • nuno santacana

      I never thought I would not want a D4…

    • Anonymus Maximus 1st

      Hmmm Style?
      What Style?

      Appropriate for the target group of 14 -16 year olds

      • GoffK

        U G L Y …. definitely not something I would do to my D4 (if i owned one)

    • This is like buying a brand new Mercedes, and putting a pile of bumper stickers all over it. Just because it can be done doesn’t mean it should be…

      I had to laugh at the text on the page “Be Unique – Pimp your cam”

      I’d rather be unique by:

      a) not falling prey to tacky marketing slogans.
      b) creating great images and be known for that instead of my garish camera…

      Being “that guy” or “that girl” is the equivalent of being the one who walks around town with their pet parrot on their shoulder to attract attention to themselves…

    • So… We’re can I order a style camera like this ?

  • D800 troll in 3… 2… 1….

    • Great Minds

      LOL I was thinking exactly the same thing.

    • fjfjjj

      Nikon should be ashamed of themselves! Everyone knows about the D800 Left Floral Decal Problem! The decorations peel off in hot sun!! This is unaccaptable!!! Everyone I know is switching to AWESOME Canon 5DmkXXIV, strongest adhesives and most ostentatious embellishments!

      • Cjkj


  • Super Fashion, but not for me. I want to go unnoticed with this camera. I want to take photos, not anybody taking pics of me.

    • Sahaja

      A D4 is pretty noticeable anyway – a “pimped up” D4 might even be psychologically less intimidating to a subject than having a regular black D4 aimed at them.

      Must say that I prefer some of their other designs to this yellow and black job.

      • Mike

        lol “pimped up” I’ve been looking through the comments to see if I was the only one who noticed that odd sounding slip. :]

    • Aldo #2

      Leica to go unnoticed… any SLR brings attention to you

      • No. Modern Leicas are monsters, just as modern entry-level DSLRs are. Nowadays a Leica will attract more attention as it is rare. A D5000 slung around your neck with a an old prime or a kit zoom (notice I don’t say modern – as those are massive) will get almost no attention. Dime a dozen.

        Leica M9 is bigger than D5000, but skinnier, and gets the eyes of fashion-conscious photographers everywhere.

        You want to go unnocited, get a point and shoot throwaway, or an arm’s-length camera.

        SLR: My FE is smaller than a Leica M9 or an M5, and lighter. The lenses (older lenses) larger, sure, but much more typical than an M anything. This isn’t the 70’s where rangefinders disappeared.

  • CHD

    Ugliest thing I have ever seen.

    • Global

      I like it. Not my personal style — but extremely modern and fashionable. These guys have good tastes and ability (if you look at their other camera paint designs).

      Btw, is there a direct link to their camera pics?? Most of those links are porn………………..

      • Twaddler Belafonte

        Hodgepodges of generic-style vector art wrapped around a camera doesn’t scream good taste nor ability. 😛



  • Michael Fox

    Isnt this the one we’ve seen at kai pfaffenbach (reuters)?

  • Jeremiah

    And I thought that nothing could beat Sigma SD1 “wooden special”….

    This is so ugly it hurt my eyes. So untasteful….

  • G9

    that’s abusive and it should be confiscated and put back to its original condition

    • Global

      To be “pure black”?? You know, people here are photographers — they should appreciate color and light of anything ABOVE pitch black.

      Nikons and Canons are black because its “safe” and “boring”.

      What these guys made is art. You know how you can tell? Some people hate it, while other people pay for it. The models/things you photograph might be weird/gross/odd to some people — but to the artist, they are everything.

      Better to support this kind of artist than just hate/bag on them.

      • Twaddler Belafonte

        This is art, all right. Definitely not a design for a camera though. This might be kind of interesting, the whole scattershot design, but it looks really awful on that camera.

      • "What these guys made is art. You know how you can tell? Some people hate it, while other people pay for it."

        The same could be said about Jersey Shore – Art? I think not.

      • @Global – Nikon and Canon make black bodies because black is less obtrusive. Photojournalists (the primary purchasers of both brands for decades) want to be as unobtrusive as possible. You often don’t want your subject to notice or pay attention to you while you capture the moment.

        Most REAL artists don’t concern themselves with wearing garish clothing, having garish tools, or trying to attract attention to themselves (poseurs care about this kind of thing).

        Real artists care about creating quality work, and gaining their notoriety from what they create…

  • aaron

    Does it really still need illuminated buttons then?

  • Whoever did that to their D4 should have their camera confiscated and given to a more deserving, caring photographer. (like me)

  • Does it…

    Does it come in red?

  • arizonaSteve

    Wow you don’t realize how beautiful the design of the D4 is until someone covers it up.

  • Jadekub

    That looks …. weird

  • Dyun

    Some of you are just no fun. This would go great with my purse. 😛
    Seriously though…. it’s wild, it’s crazy, it’s stylish…. maybe meant for a very talented 20 something year old shooting local gigs and hanging with the up and coming pop/street artists. I can see it in my hands, but I can also see how an expensive and professional camera might look very tacky and unprofessional at some gigs. Everything has it’s place and time I guess. I like it and dislike it all at the same time.

    • A talented 20-something would not be slinging $10,000 worth of equipment. 20 years ago I was a talented 20-something shooting street artists, bands, and many subjects. I shot with good equipment, but it was all purchased used.

      Shooting these types of subjects doesn’t really put you in the “I can afford the latest flagship equipment” category.

  • Omitted

    They forgot to say this: the paint used glows in the dark.

  • Looks ok, but I think I like the 1 series designs better.

    • I definitely agree. Either way, can’t say I’d do it to my camera but it’s certainly imaginative and……uh……..unique. 🙂

      • And the V1 series paint jobs were cool-looking, this one, not so much….

  • jason

    Good luck re-selling that yellow thing, when D5 comes out…

  • Bear

    It might be the one that was attacked by the bear.

  • whywhywhywhywhywhy?

    If I won this in a competition I would have to spend a long time getting it back to the original black.

  • MaGo

    The ultimate street-camera 🙂

  • Jason

    wow, we now have a black nipple instead of a shutter release button! 😀

  • Landroval

    Just imagine it with a camouflage style instead – can imagine there are more customers for that (when it’s not a glossy paint job)

    • FrenchGuy

      That’s a tiger camouflage!

      • +1 a very shiny tiger – with a nipple.

  • Dan

    Not my style but still pretty cool! I wouldn’t mind having a little something on my camera just to call my own.

    “this is my D4. there are many like it, but this one is mine…” lol

  • Steffen Hokland

    Words fail me, so WTF will have to suffice.

  • Colin Robinson

    I would take a huge amount reassurance that I wasn’t going to end up with flaking paint dropping from metal and plastic/rubber sections into the works of my precious and very expensive D4 and glass, before I’d consider this.

  • WouterJ

    I think backlit buttons are pimp enough 🙂

  • Twaddler Belafonte

    That is truly hideous. What a disparate mess!

  • Zoot

    That’s the first Nikon camera I’ve seen which makes the Nikon strap look appropriate, subtle, and understated.

    • WouterJ


  • ksp

    wonder what the guys at the Service Point would think if they recieve this “Kit” with some issues 😀

  • MJr

    I bet that material will have worse grip than a condom.

  • pdc

    Weird, just F weird!

  • Zoron

    Silicone dslr skin and this will become a billion dollar industry…..

    -Sent fom iPad

  • Phil

    would look hideous in a few months when it gets bit worn through on it, or would that look better? lol

  • This is just awsome.
    REAL nice and great color.
    Any idea how he did it? i’d love to pimp my d800 likewise !

    • Viktor

      Airbrush paint)

  • Nikonos

    Is that Bruce Lee onbthe mirror? And Amy Whinehouse on the lens hood??

  • Just because you can…. Doesn’t mean you should. I imagine it will look worse once Nikon peels off some rubber to do a service on it. They will only put back the normal black rubber… if they would even touch the camera.

  • Seismo

    Cameras are black for a reason. Same reason most photogs wear dark clothing. It’s all about reflected light… You don’t want any.

    This sort of thing is better suited for a T shirt.

  • Fred

    on the bright side, it’s unlikely to be stolen and even if it was, it would be easily traceable (even spy satelites wouldn’t have a problem finding/identifying it).

  • stepper

    I like it.

  • WYS

    Not my thing but people do play tons of money for custom paint jobs for cars, motorcycles, computer cases, and a lot of other things, so why not cameras?. These guys probably won’t have tons of working pros lining up but they’ll probably get some more consumer oriented gear like the V1.

  • Alan

    Will Nikon Service Center recognize this camera as a Nikon camera when it goes back to fix the left focus issue? Nikon seems to employ people with very poor vision.

  • sd

    ‘How’d you drop your D4?’
    ‘Well, I put this glossy kind of cover on it and …’

  • Damien

    Is it possible to un-see something?

  • Robert

    I just threw up in my mouth a little…

  • Pimped up? Looks more like thrown-up! Yech. But each to their own….

  • Cute, but not functional.

    • ron scuberdriver

      I think it’s more like… functional, but not cute.

      You find that cute? Blech. Good luck reselling that crap. He’ll lose $10,000 right off the bat.

  • EAJ

    Hello Kitty, hello Nikon D4?

    • You gave me the greatest image of a bright pink Hello Kitty pimped out D4 now. The hilarity of this thought has made my morning. Thank you.

  • rich in tx

    still not nearly as bad or wince inducing as Kai fingerpainting an M9 pink.

    • MyLord

      Very creepy!

  • Rusty

    Ugly and a very good target for thieves.

    On the Website I found nothing about these cameras (pics and prices). I believe it is a fake to visit pimpyourcam.

    Anyway…the photo should be exciting and not the skin of the camera.

  • Kitbit

    Really fantastic to get eye cancer.

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