Confirmed: Nikon has a fix for the D800/D800E left focusing issue

Ming Thein reported on his blog that his D800E left focusing problem was fixed by NPS:

"Just got my D800E back from NPS. Apparently, the cause of the focusing problem in all cases is some inaccurate calibration data entered during the alignment/ calibration process. I was told it’s basically a case of hooking the camera up to the laser calibration jig, and letting a piece of software run a calibration routine point by point – there are no physical or mechanical adjustments made to the camera. The software then writes this somewhere in the camera’s ROM for future use."

There are several videos and reports online that illustrate in details the D800/D800E asymmetric focusing issue. There is no official fix yet, but my guess is that it will be released soon since NPS was already able to resolve the problem.

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  • oJoe

    …and until this “issue” (AKA: ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM) is corrected/no longer discussed/goes away/resolved –

    I will keep the money I have for a new camera safe and sound in my pocket. Perhaps by then the price of a new D4 or D800 will have come down a bit…

    • Matpix

      Nikon D800 looks strange! 😉

    • Geoff_K

      I too am holding onto my money until this problem is resolved pre sale. I am not going to buy a camera that needs to be sent out for repair the day it arrives (and hope they can fix it). When I decide to take the plunge and it shows a problem it will go right back to the seller.

      For $3k I expect things to work correctly out of the box.

      • Twinky

        are you also expecting your twinky to be sweet right out of the box for a dollar right?

        • Geoff_K

          Have you ever gotten one that was not ? Though for $1 I do not have a high expectation of perfection.

          • oJoe

            I have owned at least 6 different Nikon DSLRs. Of those 6, none were D800s and none of them had any focus issues – they all worked perfectly out of the box and did not need to be sent back to Nikon for any repairs.

            I too, much like Geoff_K don’t believe it is too much to expect anything less of any new Nikon bodies and as a result I’ll continue to shoot with the bodies that I own and as previously stated won’t consider purchasing a new D800 until the focus issue is resolved.

            IMHO, Nikon has a history of engineering and producing excellent cameras and lenses. Taken a step further, one of the specific things that (IMHO) makes Nikon cameras great is their excellent Auto Focus… Given that, this issue is truly a shame as the D800 looks to be a wonderful camera and would be a welcome addition to my lineup of other Nikon gear.

            • Alwyn

              I agree. If I as a customer am going to spend quite a bit of money on a new body it bloody well better be without issues. I am not Nikon or Canon’s fkn crash test dummy. Don’t manufacturers do quality control any more? No! because it’s easier to just have the customer do the testing on their behalf isn’t it? But now days ppl accept mediocrity and pay top dollar for incompetence and piss poor service. It’s almost like it’s the norm to accept this kind of nonsense. And best of all is how ppl defend this kind of crap from manufacturers.

        • Pablo Ricasso

          All the girls love my twinky!

      • Mark V

        So if it’s a certain amount of money, that means it must be perfect? Hope you never intend on building/buying a house… Are you in for a letdown…

        • Geoff_K

          Yes at a certain point it needs to work correctly. I own a house and was not disappointed. Maybe you bought a bad house.

          A FOCUS ISSUE is a FAULT in the camera and not something I would tolerate. I guess many others have a lower expectation, or less sense.

          • Geoff_K

            * NOT tolerate … darn typos ..

  • TG

    Does anyone know if all D800/D800E cameras in the field already need to be shipped back to Nikon to be repaired for the fix for the left focusing issue, or is there a firmware update that can fix this?

  • Stuart

    I have sent my D800 to Nikon for left focus issue repair. It currently shows a status of “in shop” on their website in the “order status” field on the Imaging Service Status Check page of their website . In the “Cat” field which refers to the category of repair based on its seriousness it is classified as “B1” which is defined as “moderate repair: minor parts replaced”. This is in contrast to the “A” category which is defined as “minor adj/checking”. To me this means that they are making hardware changes as well as software in the camera. Now they may just slap a “B1” label on a lot of things as a catchall but I am taking it literally at this point. Hope this is helpful to those who are trying to understand the issue.

    • TG

      I just sent my D800 in for service, please let us know when you get your D800 and if it has fixed the problem (I will do the same)…

  • Xavi

    What will the haters and trolls do if this is a fix??!! It’s amazing to me that this is such an issue with some. If there is a problem send it to Nikon. I’ve done this twice for my D700 and both times it was fixed perfectly. What a lot of folks are forgetting is Nikon’s shop in Thailand was completely ruined and a lot of poeple in Thailand los their. I personally think it’s pretty remarkable how fast Nikon was able to get up and running again. I have a D800 and love it. Sure there are things that aren’t perfect, but then again what camera is.

    • Ronan

      Because it sucks, its a waste of time and people expect better from a company like Nikon.

      This isn’t some $150 toy camera, and even if it is… i’d expect it to work properly.

      • Geoff_K

        … agreed … for $3k I should not have to send it in to get it fixed the day it arrives. We are not talking chump change of $100 here.

        • Scurvy hesh

          Is this going to be your first digital camera? I can’t remember a single dslr that didn’t require adjustment or at least a firmware patch. It’s annoying yes. But they are complex devices.

          Sorry shooters but Thats the tax for being an early adopter. Yes you get to brag to the guys using last years camera and post all the Unboxing videos first. But you also get the honor of doing the manufacturers last field testing for them.

          Same goes for a lot of electronic devices.

          • Geoff_K

            nope, 3rd …. and something you have to SEND the camera in for to get repaired it not a minor issue. A firmware patch is understandable.

  • ZZZ

    Somehow I’ve never noticed a problem with the left focus of my D800, even with my 24 1.4 and 35 1.4 wide open. The only lens where I’ve noticed a slight inaccuracy is the 24-70. The focusing seems on par with the D300 which I’ve shot with for 4 years.

    Am I the only D800 owner who feels this way? =S

    • pma

      Same for me and my D800, either we are the lucky ones or there are just a few cameras with issues that have very vocal owners.

      • Dustin

        I hope it’s few problems with vocal owners. I was quiet about the issue my camera had, patiently waiting for an easy fix. A month and a half later and still no fix with $66 in shipping fees to El Segundo and hours on the phone with them…I am now very vocal about the problem!

    • You are not the only one. I’ve tested the 50mm and the 24-70.
      50mm is ok even at f/1.8
      24-70mm misses in the left

  • Anonee

    Any fix for the yellow-green LCD cast too?

  • Dustin

    Mine was at El Segundo for three weeks with a status of B2 and they didn’t replace a single hardware item.

    Also, their customer service is just atrocious! I don’t think they could be less helpful if they tried.

    Anyways, I ‘m launching a new blog and will be updating with blurry pictures until Nikon fixes my camera.

    I was frustrated back in May when I received the camera with the problem, now I’m all out Mad as they haven’t fixed and they just don’t seem to care.

    • UA

      Outsourced service is not “Nikon”. Complain directly to Nikon through their webpages and see what happens then. Your local service is clearly not up to the Nikon standards.

      Even Apple has some pretty miserable outsource services..

      • Dustin

        I’ve been complaining through Nikon’s webpage for a month and a half. Their customer service is terrible.

      • michel

        “Even Apple has some pretty miserable outsource services..” LOL I like that, even apple… like it is some sort of magical company. My dealings with Apple include 1. a failed dvd drive (replaced by a third party ) 2.Installation of Lion wiping out the partition and wiping out the installed windows on the other side of partition (installed by Apple store) 3. Smug response in Australia by Apple rep in Apple store in Perth saying there are no Apple stores in Thailand, only Apple resellers (With full Apple signage, sample equipment, blue shirted sales personnel, selling and installing Apple software, including the partition destroying Lion) 4.A failed hardrive after 6 months use and refusal to replace it as it was purchased from a “reseller”. My dealings with Nikon here have been most helpful in Australia… so, “even Apple….” hahahahaha Sorry, just dislike Apple intensely, Its a rubbish and overpriced company that promises lots and does not give good customer service in my experiences with them

    • The temp fix is funny 🙂

      • Dustin

        Glad you liked it! So far it’s been the only consistant way to focus on the left side.

    • Roger

      In early June I sent my early production D800 in to Nikon to fix a bent pin issue caused by a second insertion of a high end recommended Compact Flash card. As first they wanted to charge me over $ 200 for the repair on a camera only a month old. I finally got the attention by calling Nikon headquarters and they not only repaired for free but expedited the return. When I sent the camera in to Nikon I also requested that they check the camera for any known issues. The repair slip indicated that the checked focus.

  • Bill Me Later

    So far, I have not seen an issue with my D800. I will check left focus on all my lenses.

    As for one person saying years ago, Nikon was more detailed to perfection of the cameras hitting the streets, I received my F3 with the lightmeter one full stop overexposed from the factory.

    Now, let us get back to the first posts about the good looking Russian girls, I placed an order for two at B&H, but they are back ordered. Russia hopes to make more available, but since the short supply of Vodka, less pretty women are being made. I will just wait like the rest of you waiting for D800’s.

    • mally

      No issues with my D800. Shot pictures with 24-70/2.8 and 50/1.4 of focus charts – 3 of them on wall. Triopd mounted. Camera purchased last week of June from a local dealer. Serial # 3024xxx.

    • mally


  • mally

    No issues with my D800. Shot pictures with 24-70/2.8 and 50/1.4 of focus charts – 3 of them on wall. Triopd mounted. Camera purchased last week of June from a local dealer. Serial # 3024xxx.


  • Danny Brown

    I was told by Nikon today that the newer batches are fixed.
    I was also told a firmware fixed the green lcd screen.
    So i suggest you all to buy the latest batches of D800.

    • kevin

      @ Danny Brown

      Did you hear about the AF fix from nikon rep or service center? Do you know when will nikon release firmware? Your statement give me alittle relief. My 2nd d800 body arrive tmr. I will report about the AF as soon i get it! I already have the star test on my wall ( thats why i returned the first one).

      • Danny Brown

        I called Nikon and the lady I spoke to staid the new bathes of the d800 are fixed and also the latest firmware fixed the LCD screen.

        Maybe she doesn’t know what she’s talking about but I have also heard from other camera stores with new batches that Nikon has fixed the issue.

        It wasn’t a Nikon service rep. I think she just picks the phone or something.

        Another lady from Nikon in Dominican republic said she’s never heard of an autofocus issue. Lol.
        Obviously she’s protecting Nikon.

        Maybe one if you should order a new batch and let us know if it works perfectly.

        • Danny Brown

          There is no way for me to talk to a service rep. They don’t even have their phone numbers in the contact list.

          • Danny Brown



            I’m definitely not spending my $3000 on this crap.

            F** You NIKON.

            • Dustin

              I’ve been told the same many times.

              “No problems with the focus, you’re camera is just fine”.

              Then why are the pictures all blurry when I use certain AF points!

    • qing

      Hey Danny Brown. Did you hear about the AF fix from a rep or somewhere??????

  • I stand corrected about the laser alignment process – the camera is hooked up to a jig, but there’s no laser involved.

    • kotknackaren

      Sounded much cooler if they did! 🙂

  • Landscape Photo

    If the sensor is not fully parallel to focal plane, you can’t avert the problem by some software calibration. A single focus point may be forced to be accurate, but at the expense of further error on the opposite side. This solution may work for portraits, but not for landscape photography with perceived shallow DoF and diffraction limitation of D800.

    Btw, what happened to the green LCD issue? Any fix? I suggest Nikon to add a LCD color customization option on the setup menu for a definite solution.

    Though it’s my dream-camera, I’d avoid buying a D800 for a couple of months more, until muddy waters clear and until street prices settle down.

  • Dear Nikon Rumors,
    Since the comment is closed on previous entries on the nikon lens 18-300mm f/3.5-5.6G, I post on this entry I issued related to this new nikon lens.

    FOCUSING ISSUE: NIKON 18-300mm f/3.5-5.6G

    Thanks in advance for answering me… and I appreciate any comments from all of your readers
    Yesterday I bought the nikon lens 18-300. At night I tried to take some panoramics shots and realized that most of the shots was rather blur. Hence, I decided to test the lens. (live view test)
    To do so, I followed CAREFULLY ALL the steps Nasim mention on his blog
    This is the result. Please see the photos here (RAW converted to JPG without any retouch):
    My conclusion:
    I think the lens I bought is damaged, or do you think this is a typical problem of this kind of lens. Please I want your opinion. I only have one week to return this product, after that I cannot change it but fix it.
    As you can see in the picture almost 70% (on live view) FAIL, my D90 mounted on the nikon lens 18-300 cannot focus, WHILE at the same distance and same camera settings the camera can focus as using the 18-55 and 55-200mm lens.

    FOCUS CHART 45cm away from camera
    Lens 18-300mm Lens 18-55
    18mm focus 18mm focus
    28mm focus 24mm focus
    50mm FAIL 45mm focus
    105mm FAIL 55mm focus
    20Omm FAIL
    300mm FAIL

    FOCUS CHART 80cm away from camera
    Lens 18-300mm Lens 18-55
    18mm focus (a bit slow) 18mm focus
    28mm focus 24mm focus
    50mm focus too slow 35mm focus
    105mm FAIL 45mm focus
    200mm FAIL(extra bit sound) 55mm focus
    300mm FAIL extra bit s.

    FOCUS CHART 1.2meters away from camera
    Lens 18-300mm lens 55-200
    18mm focus not sharp 55mm focus
    28mm focus 70mm focus (very fast)
    50mm focus 85mm focus
    105mm focus: took too long 105mm FAIL
    to focus 4 times I pressed 135mm focus
    the shutter to focus 200mm FAIL
    200mm FAIL (7 times I pressed the shuter to focus)
    300mm FAIL Extra bit sound .


  • Rui

    I already recieved my D800e, in Portugal, Lisbon, i do not have any issues in left focus, or in the bateries, i guess that is already fixed. Also my box had the capture nx license key


    • Danny Brown

      Hey Rui,

      Do you mind writing the first 3 or 4 digits to your serial number ?

  • kevin

    I just received another d800 body. serial 300323xx I just confirmed my left auto focus issue! i do not believe this issue is fixed from nikon !!!!!!! I dont know what to do anymore. depressed!

    • Dustin

      I share your pain, this seems to be an ongoing issue that Nikon cannot get a handle on. I understand not doing a recall or anything but they need to start sending out replacement cameras to those that have issues. The constant run around and lack of acknowledgement of the problem is very concerning.

      My new way to cope with my depression:

      • kevin

        Hi Dustin! I do not believe only some cameras are effected. I tested a few d800s and they all got the same problem with fast wide angel lens. And I think there is only one focus point that is soft ( the center extreme left focus point ) . I think nikon really should adjust that focus point for me.

        • Dustin

          No doubt they should fix that point. I wish they’d fix mine. Unfortunately when they tried it just came back worse and the process started all over again. Not only are the cameras broken but Nikon has the worst customer service and no procedures in place to get the cameras fixed.

    • reneh

      I just got another D800 from Best buy (3030xxx) and it has the left focus issue. This one is going right back to the store. My other one is in the shop with Nikon in NY now, getting fixed (left focus issue) which i got the day it came out. I will return this one too and get a D7000 if it doesn’t get fixed. No matter how good the sensor is if the photos come out blurry it’s useless.

    • Thierry

      I’m depressed too. Waited 5 months to get a camera that is not able to focus with AF-S as soon as you leave the central vertical… Amazing… I loved the brand Nikon, now I’m considering a divorce…

  • Thierry

    Hum, I’ve just received my D800 bought at B&H after 5 months, though I ordered it on day 2… and I was of course hoping that they had corrected the focus problem on my camera. What a surprise, a very basic test shows the problem is there with the 24-70 mm. I never subscribed to the NPS as I always have 2 cameras ready to avoid depending on anyone when a problem arises. Now I’m in France and I call Nikon, and they tell me I need to send the camera, then I should wait 3 weeks to get my camera repaired. What kind of service is that…? What are they waiting for to call back all the D800? And do a compensation? This looks like a suicide…
    May be they are waiting for the confirmation that 90% of the D800 users have confirmed the problem. A true shame.

  • vesilvio

    hey, Nikon !?!?

    admitting the error of quality control/design of the D800 is NOT a shame!
    The real shame is what you’re now doing, that is NOTHING!

    Instead of focusing on the launch of new models, look for a solution to the D800.
    People have spent thousands of dollars / euros / etc. in a revolutionary and promising
    pro-body and many are suffering from problems with its autofocus.
    Please, have the dignity to admit it publicly, have the courtesy to apologize, to promise
    a solution, in short…. DO SOMETHING! Instead of hiding in silence and denial !!

  • Michel

    I just ran some tests with my very recently purchased D800 using this video guide to run the tests

    I found that the live view shots were all sharper than the viewfinder focus point photos by a significant amount. All live view shots were perfectly sharp and focussed while all the corresponding viewfinder shots were less focussed. The left viewfinder shot was the most out of focus, demonstrating to me that my camera (S No. 8001xxx) has the left focus point focus issue :-((
    I rang the local Nikon service centre. The young woman I spoke with understood very well the problem and told me I could ship or bring the camera in and it would be calibrated in the Nikon repair facility she works at. She told me the turn around period was 5 days.
    That so many of the Nikon D800 seem to be suffering this problem surely is disappointing.
    It actually appears to me that when shooting and focussing via the viewfinder that the middle focus point is least out of focus, the right focus point is slightly more out of focus, and the left focus point is most out of focus.
    Its a nuisance not having the camera for a week while it is being repaired, or as the very helpful Nikon person told be being “recalibrated” but if it works properly then… We will see, and when I get the camera back I will run the same tests again
    Incidentally I shot the test with the 50mm 1.8 D af lens wide open at about 1.5m and 100ISO

  • Wendy

    I’ve had my camera for a month. The more I photograph my new D800 the more issues I’m finding. Not only has my yellow/green LCD issue not been resolved, but now I’m finding that my camera is locking up as well as not focusing! When I’m trying to review my images my screen will go black. I’ll press the play button and still no response from the camera. I have to turn off the camera and turn it back on in order to press play and view anything again. I’ve also been having a terrible time focusing! While in the studio it will not focus on eyes! It seems to only focus on noses if it’ll focus at all. I’m finding myself spending more time trying to get the camera to focus and allow me to take a picture than actually taking pictures! I also photographed a wedding and attempted to take pictures of the wedding rings with my 24-70 mm lens. For the life of me I could not get a clear photo of the rings. I never had this issue with my D300 and 17-55 lens. Nikon is just giving me the run around and not answering my questions… saying they’ve never heard of the issues before.

    • gsum

      You either have a faulty camera or you’ve accidentally set nose recognition. I have none of these problems.

      • Markus

        LOL…you should have said, I don’t have that camera

  • BryanL

    Just was wondering if I get a D800 tomorrow…(my local BestBuy ) has them…is this focusing problem in that batch??? No way to tell…?? Or give it one more month ..(hell..,,I have waited this long)…Or is safe to say all D800’s leaving Japan (now).. Are fixed??

  • Stu

    Had mine for a week- the focus is furiously fast- compared to my d700 which is no slacker either and all the points work great. the screen is fine- but we have alot of green stuff here in the tropics so maybe i just don’t notice. maybe you guys have purchased “monday” or “friday” cameras- the ones manufactured on those days- too hung over on the monday and can’t wait for the drinks on friday. you gotta get the Wednesday cameras guys! 🙂

  • No issues with my D800.

  • Ido

    Does this problem exist in D4 as well ????

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