Weekly Nikon news flash #171

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  • BartyL

    “Intel agreed to buy a steak in the chipmaker ASML”?

    I’ve certainly bought a steak in a place that also made chips, but I suspect you meant stake.

    Mmmm, steak’n’chips….with gravy.

    • He meant steak and chips. I am feeling hungry.

    • MmmMmm

  • preston

    The “samples” link is for 18-300 images, not 24-85. The 2 “here” links are correct though.

    • sorry, fixed

      • Xander

        and, it’s “Photojojo” not Potojojo!

        Apart from that, thanks for the updates admin! 😀

  • So that’s why there is no updated enthusiast telephotos like 300/4 or 80-400 for ten years. They’ve been engineering binoculars :/

    • Calibrator

      And also spotting scopes…

  • Kev

    Hey Guys,
    The Sigma 180/2,8 is surely a great lens but not for us. The Sigma Website says that it is not available for Nikon Cameras:

  • Spy Black

    I must say I don’t really understand how Intels’ investment in ASML affects Nikon’s stock value. Not that I understand much of the stock market, but what is the relationship of these three companies?

    • Herbie

      Nikon is a major supplier of semiconductor manufacturing equipment (wafer steppers for lithography), as is ASML. So if ASML gets significant money from Intel, that may affect the business of Nikon.

  • I have the original lens bracelets from Photojojo and I really like them, even though they aren’t branded, they have a very Canon-like look. BUT, unlike the new Nikon bracelets, they aren’t hideous.

    Seriously, that place has some neat stuff, but they have a serious Canon fetish.

    • Geoff_K

      I would snicker at anyone wearing one of these bracelets unless it was a child.

      • I’m pretty young and hip if I do say so myself. I shoot mostly seniors and live music. I get a lot of interest from everyone I work with. My girlfriend and I are partners and we each have one.

        So snicker away, old man.

        • Snickerer

          I’m snickering too. I can’t think I’ve ever seen anything more pathetic than those bracelets.

          • Sports

            You haven’t seen the Coolpix version, then …..

          • LOL

            Bought one for my girlfriend, but it was too big for her wrist, I was about to throw it away when Dr Ruthie told me how to use it!


            Thanks Photojojo and Dr. Ruthie for my Nikon …. ring!
            Now, even when I use the smallest aperture with a lower speed, things never get blurry!

            • Pablo Ricasso

              50 mm WAAAAY too small.

            • Touché

              en garde…

              Sorry, never meant to make you scream.
              Shhh, just bite your canvas (with envy)!
              With luck, you’ll get half a Pollock… to the cleaners!

      • Scurvy Hesh

        Whaaaaat? Those bands are fun. Ignore the snickering curmudgeons Sean. They don’t know what cool is. To them cool is Walking about theme parks/zoos in Hawaiian shirts with d3s bouncing off their huge bellies. Such a waste of beautiful equipment.

        • Chino

          What’s not cool is that the gold on those bracelets turns green after a little while.

  • Unrelated (but I want to throw it out here anyway)
    ATTN: D4 owners…anyone have dislikes with the D4 Custom Settings > Controls > f5, f6, and f14? Do you get the feeling that it was only half thought out? I would like to hear your take on it. Basically I see the directional pad and the joysticks (directional) as only being able to be configured to do the exact same thing, regardless of their settings in the menu. i.e. You can only move the focus point in shooting mode, or make it have the same function as the directional pad, which is to move the focus point in shooting mode. I find it crazy that three directional input devices do the same thing in shooting mode. Additionally, I want to assign the horizontal joystick button press to AE-L and the vertical joystick button to FV-L, but it seems their is a custom settings option missing for the vertical button press.

  • Zerg

    Dat zoom! DO WANT!

  • Anon

    Boring… Any news on D600 & D400?

    • Calibrator

      Your comment is also very boring.
      And utterly predictable.

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