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Is the new D800 “free maintenance service initiative” just another Nikon recall?

Today Nikon sent out letters to selected D800 camera owners to participate in a free “Nikon Maintenance Service Initiative”. I am not sure if this is just another phrase for a recall or Nikon simply wants to test a large number of D800 units in order to determine if a certain issue is present. My guess is that […]

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Update on the Nikon D800 left focusing issue

Nikon D800 MultiCAM 3500FX AF module

Falk Lume met with Nikon representatives at Photiokina and discussed the D800 left focusing issue. Portion of his recap is included, read the rest here:

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Rumor: Nikon to announce a repair advisory for the D800 left focusing issue

This is the latest rumor I received on the D800 focusing issue: Nikon is close to sending a repair advisory about the D800 left focusing issue. It is a quick fix in the repair center but they are monitoring the amount of cases reported through the European Support Office. Well worth contacting Nikon if your […]

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Confirmed: Nikon has a fix for the D800/D800E left focusing issue

Ming Thein reported on his blog that his D800E left focusing problem was fixed by NPS: “Just got my D800E back from NPS. Apparently, the cause of the focusing problem in all cases is some inaccurate calibration data entered during the alignment/ calibration process. I was told it’s basically a case of hooking the camera up […]

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Nikon has a fix for the D800/D800E asymmetric focusing issue

Ming Thein mentioned on his blog that Nikon already has an internal fix for the D800/D800E asymmetric left focusing issue: “Was told by NPS this morning that an internal fix for the D800/ D800E asymmetric focusing issue has been issued. I’ll be sending my cameras in next week after a job; apparently it’s both hardware and software […]

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